May 31, 2016

Kundalini in a nutshell, Some More Thoughts on Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, Mantra, Shaktipati, Kriyas, Chakras, Kundalini DNA


Spirituality is about the SPIRIT (spiritual body/mind/consciousness), our inner Reality, or the real knower (Jnaata/Kshetrajna). Meditation is the means to get an insight into this inner Reality.

Kundalini is the mechanism/the power that is responsible for our breathing during waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states and also spiritual awakening. Kundalini has two phases or states, sleeping (downward-looking) and waking (upward-looking).

Sleeping Kundalini State:
Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala (nerves/channels connected to our left and right nostrils).
When Kundalini is sleeping or looking downward, we have control over our body and perform physical and mental activities at will. We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama, or do other physical activities.

Waking/Awakened Kundalini State:
“Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” can also mean Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala.
We have no control over our body and we cannot perform physical activities at will. As for mental activities, we can just be silent witness to the activities performed by Kundalini. Such activities during Kundalini awakening are called Swabhavika Kriyas (natural Kriyas). These activities are also called involuntary/spontaneous Kriyas, i.e., performing activities without our effort/will.

All the experiences of the following post are the Swabhavika Kriyas of Kundalini:

Modern-day meditation and spiritual practices are exactly the opposite of real/ancient meditation and spiritual practices.

Books on Kundalini are filled with many fundas and mumbo-jumbos, which are really not true—all figments of someone’s imagination. Whatever little truth is in them, you will never understand it unless you have had Kundalini experiences.

To know about Kundalini and the myths surrounding it, click:

To awaken Kundalini, if you want to practice any mudras, mahamudras, bandhas, pranayama, kriyas, etc., seriously for a prolonged duration of time, take for guaranteed that you will irreparably damage your body and mind. THESE ARE DANGEROUS.


Because these are not the causes of Samadhi/Kundalini/spiritual awakening. These are the results of Samadhi/Kundalini/spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is nothing but Kundalini awakening. The ancient Indian Yogis and Seers told what happens during deep meditation, Samadhi, or Kundalini awakening. They told that when Kundalini awakens, breathing alters-body position changes- involuntary body movements take place-gaze gets fixed (Kriyas), body starts twisting itself in certain positions (Asanas), hands and fingers/eyes/tongue start gesturing or positioning themselves in different ways (Mudras, Mahamudras), different types of speech is produced, breathing starts changing and breath starts getting locked in various parts of the lungs-breathlessness happens (Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas), eyes start rolling upward/backward/gaze gets fixed as happens when a person is dead (Trataka), etc. The ignorant followers of the Yogis and Seers, without direct experience of Samadhi/Kundalini Awakening would have taken such effects of Kundalini as the causes to awaken Kundalini and attain Self-realization. They may have manipulated also.

All the above activities are the natural activities (Swabahavika Kriya) of Kundalini. These happen when the mind becomes silent during mediation. These are the real meditation experiences. These are the real Kriyas performed by Kundalini.

Modern-day ignorant Gurus make a combination of Pranayama, Asana, Mudra, Trataka, etc., and give a unique name to such activities as XYZ Kriya. They popularize their unique Kriya to awaken Kundalini.  Pain in the Ajna Chakra, twirling/swirling sensations in Chakra locations, spinning, vibrations, pulsations, ringing/buzzing in the ears, etc., which are the side effects of such Kriyas are termed as meditation/Kundalini awakening experiences.  If a person experiences pain in the forehead during such Kriya meditation, they will say that the pain is due to Kundalini blockage and their Kriya is clearing the blockage or Naadi Shodhana/Shuddhi (purification/cleansing of Naadis/nerves) process has started. In reality, pain in the forehead means headache, and if you continue with such Kriyas, you may develop chronic headaches, migraines, or end up having dizziness, giddiness, syncope, loss of consciousness, vision problems, or other nervous disorders. If a person experiences ringing/buzzing/whooshing sounds or pulsations and vibrations during and after meditation, the Gurus will say that your Kundalini has awakened, is working, or is purifying/cleansing your nerves, clearing your Chakra blockages, or you are hearing divine sounds. These are signs/symptoms of tinnitus, vertigo, and other ear/nervous disorders. Give up all Kriyas to awaken Kundalini.

When Kundalini awakens, only ancient Yogic Kriyas happen. Fake Pranayama or Kriyas that have been discovered or invented by modern gurus never happen. Do not practice these. These are dangerous.

This is a very dangerous meditation technique. People will have increased BP, Hypertension, Stroke, and Cardiovascular disorders if practiced for a prolonged period of time or practiced intensely or seriously.

Mantra meditation is a tiresome mental activity. Can repeating a mantra continuously (mental activity) give any mental calmness? Mantra meditation is a hindrance in achieving SILENCE. Without SILENCE, take for granted that you will not have Kundalini/spiritual awakening. People start imagining about the form of the deity of the Mantra, which in the long run if practiced seriously to have a vision of the deity, will lead to problems.

The following are the stages of Mantra meditation:
You loudly utter a mantra, others can hear you.
You quietly utter a mantra, others can’t hear you, only you can hear.
You close your mouth and utter the mantra with your tongue.
You close your mouth, mentally recite/think the mantra.
You have closed your mouth, you are not reciting it. The mind starts reciting, and you cannot stop it—This is AJAPA (involuntary mantra recitation). Your head becomes heavy. This is dangerous if you do not know what to do.

Last Stage: All the above Mantra uttering stops--you will experience the following:

There is MAHAJAPA or ANANTA JAPA (The Great Eternal Recitation) of the MAHAMANTRA (The Great Grand Mantra) happening not only in you but in the entire cosmos. This is the mother of all mantras. This is the Supreme Vibration/Sound, the Supreme Word, the Creator of the universe. This is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the cosmos. To know what this Mahamantra is, click the following:

"In Silence, the Supreme Sound is Heard." "Be Still, and Know That I am God!"

Silence leads to deep meditation, spiritual experience, and transcendence. Uttering a Mantra is an activity hence a hindrance in deep meditation. If you cannot really do away with a Mantra, then utter it for 10 minutes and then keep silent.  Start practicing SILENCE.

Shaktipat is a trap.  Shaktipat--guru arousing Kundalini of a new initiate through sight, touch, sex (to some lecherous people), etc.

The disciple does not know what Shakti (Kundalini) is, the Guru doesn’t know what Shakti is, but he will arouse Kundalini in the disciple. Is it possible?

Some Gurus will just ask a new initiate to meditate on Ajna Chakra, etc., and when the initiate has meditated for sometime, the guru will forcefully close the disciple's ears with his thumbs/fingers and press the Ajna Chakra with his fingers/thumbs. Due to the pressure, the disciple will see some brightness, which the guru will call as Kundalini awakening. The guru may use other techniques also.

You can ask your friend or somebody to use the same technique on you--the effect of Kundalini awakening will be the same!

Flashing a torch would be more effective. When a new initiate is meditating, flash a torch on his closed eyes, he will see more brightness. This is an advanced way of raising someone's Kundalini.

As for looking into someone's eyes and raising Kundalini or transferring power/energy, it is just an act of perversion. In such eye-to-eye transfer of energy or Shakti, the usual participants will be a man and a woman.

Shaktipat through sex is a BIG hoax. Do not fall for it.

To know if sex can lead to super-consciousness or Self--realization, click the link below:


Do not believe in Chakra Balancing or Chakra Healing. It is a hoax. Chakras are related to our spiritual body. These are useful only for people who have Kundalini awakenings. None of the balancers (like bouncers) and know anything about Kundalini, Chakra, or anything related to spirituality. These people will use some crystals, some massage, some weird stuffs and practices. Strange people. All bogus. These are Kundalini superstitions.

These are meditation experiences and not meditation techniques as taught by family-oriented, worldly, business people. Do not practice them. For more details, click:

Dhyan is an Indian name for meditation, which became Chen in China and later Zen in Japan; Dhyana became Jhana in Buddhism--all these are due to pronunciation issues.

Dhyan/Dhyana is a pure spiritual practice, which was practiced to know the reality about oneself and the entire Cosmos (pinda and brahmanda), Nirvana, Kaivalya, Self-realization, Self-knowledge, Yoga, etc.

All the above are mental activities. These won't help in having a spiritual/Kundalini awakening experience.

Say "I don't know anything apart from what I have read, heard, or thought about" and practice meditation on Silence.

Advaita, advaya, or advitiya means one, one without a second, or nondual. It refers to the nondual PRINCIPLE of sub-sub....subatomic particles of vibration/sound, which is the Cosmic Reality. Knowledge of Advaita does not make you a God (Aham Brahmasmi), a miracle man/woman, or a Super human being. Advaita means everything (yourself and the cosmos) is made up of a God particle/Consciousness hence the same.
There are 100s, if not 1000s, of meditation techniques discussed in Tantra. All these techniques should lead to silence because silence is a stage (however brief it is) one has to go through in deep meditation for Kundalini/spiritual awakening experiences. Any mental/physical activity as a form of meditation will not yield any spiritual result apart from the reactivity of your body and mind to such activity. Avoid practicing Tantric techniques if you have any physical/mental problems (more often than not, you will have problems).

I have seen some people having Kundalini awakening during religious festivities, religious processions, temple visits, devotional singing, Kumbh, and other Melas. These people had convulsions and seizure-like activities and some dropped to the ground as they had been standing. People around them would think that either a God/Goddess or an evil spirit has possessed them. Based on how the public took it, they were either revered as being godly or referred to a fake Tantrik to get rid of the evil spirit. These people were either villagers or very simple people from humble backgrounds. Such people were spiritually evolved. These people did not know anything about Kundalini awakening. (I am not talking about people who fake as if they have been possessed by a God/Goddess and start dancing to some filmy music.)

Yoga means union or merger of the individual self/consciousness with the cosmic Self/Consciousness. It also means you coming face-to-face with your inner reality--spiritual self. It means Self-realization or enlightenment.

In the following Yogas, the first word is an adjective describing a method through which Yoga (union, Self-realization) is achieved:  Patanjali Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Shiva-Shakti Yoga, Shava (corpse) Yoga, Nidra (sleep) Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Sandhi Yoga, etc. Remove all the adjectives and read the above meaning of Yoga.

Whatever Yoga method you follow, Silence (however brief) is a stage you have to go through in meditation. Therefore practice Silence or meditate/concentrate/focus on Silence.

Give Mouna Yoga (Yoga of Silence, Silence Yoga during meditation) a try.

Viyoga (separation) of Chit (spiritual body/mind/consciousness) from Jada (physical body) is also called Yoga.

Many people live and die without knowing what Yoga or spirituality is.

All are mental activities influencing one's physical activities. Like a child for whom such words have no use, stop thinking about ISMs and practice meditation in a playful manner to know if there is anything in you that is beyond the body-mind complex.

Experiencing is believing! Otherwise, all your spirituality and divinity stuff is going to be a second-hand knowledge (read, heard, thought about) and a mere belief. Your mind will keep raising doubts about spirituality and divinity until death, and maybe during death you will experience something which will shatter all your beliefs to pieces. 

Meditation is the route to Self-realization. Meditation is not bad, but wrong meditation techniques and spiritual practices are:

To know about the process through which Kundalini awakening/spiritual/meditation experiences can be had, click:

To know about the obstacles and obstructions in achieving Samadhi, click:

For some instructions, guidelines, do's and don'ts in meditation and spirituality, click:
WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Ian Boon Cheong said...

Hello Idam,

Thank you for your insights about what spirituality is all about.
Now I know that Silence meditation is the key to it.


Annie Lapik said...


I have had an experience of complete silence of the mind when practicing viapassana meditation during a retreat. Then I started doing something wrong and concentrating too much on my head. Since then I have been experiencing pressure in my head, often without meditation. I stopped all the spiritual practices for around 5 months. I started doing mindfulness of breath meditation again. I feel like I am really not in touch with my body and too much in my head. I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga recently and yesterday I went to Kundalini yoga. I was wondering what your view is on yoga as it's not very clear from you blog?

Do you not accept that problems with chakras are psychosomatic manifestations of inner contradictions that can manifest as physical illness's? It's what I have been experiencing? Is there no way to balance those contradictions out through any type of yoga/meditation? If we are all energy then it seems to me that it is possible to have an imbalance in energy?

How can you practice spiritual practices safely if you end goal is not necessarily to awaken kundalini, but to be a good person that can be more of service to others?

I hope you can help me out! Thank you.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Annie,
Read all my posts slowly.... You will get all answers. You will know what to do and what not to do. Then get back to me.

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Andre Pangestu said...

Happy new year!
It's been a long holiday for me, thus I skipped my meditation for a day or two since my last comment.
Today I'd like to ask about celibacy practice. I've been absent from any sexual activity for the past month and last night was the end of it for I could not resisted the urge to masturbate and I knew right after I've done a bad thing towards my spiritual life. Any tips or tricks to avoid the same mistake?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
The whole world is glorifying sex. It seems all the celebrities, media, movies, internet, leaders of the world, famous and ordinary, etc., etc., are living for wealth, wine, food, and sex (mantra for happiness) and they are influencing others to imitate/follow their lifestyle/mantra. No wonder kids as young as 12 are exposed to sex/sexual activities. Blame it on parents?

If you have developed the habit of masturbation, then it's normal that you get an urge to masturbate. Most of our physical and mental activities are due to habits. People with sexual habits should develop the habit of continence. It takes time to develop a habit, but if the mind is impressed with a particular activity, the mind immediately develops that activity into a habit. So you need to impress your mind with the advantages of continence to make continence a habit.

Google - RW Bernard continence part 1 – read all the parts to impress your mind with the advantages of continence. You can also do internet research to know the importance of celibacy/continence in spirituality.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, nonveg, oily foods, too spicy foods, porn, sexual thoughts, touching your genital organ when not urinating. When you get the urge for sexual activity, pour cold water below the waist or take a cold water shower. Do "ardha sarvangasana" or "sarvangasana" for 10-15 minutes every other day. You can take the support of a wall or use two pillows for low back support. During this exercise, breathe in, hold your breath and tighten your perineum and anus for 1-3 seconds, breathe out and simultaneously relax your perineum/anus. Do this for 15-20 times. This should be done after a gap of 3-5 hours of eating anything. This asana+pranayama will help you get rid of night pollution and get some control over your sexual organ. You can do the tightening and relaxing exercise while sitting also. Do this 2-3 times (15-20 repetitions) a day while sitting. You can also do it without holding your breath or without matching it with your breathing. You can just tighten your groin area and then relax it after a couple of seconds or simply do tightening and relaxing. I am not sure if this is same as Kegel exercise.

If you are having Kundalini experiences frequently, then you will think less of sexual activities.


Tell yourself that you can have sexual activities anytime, you can get married and raise children anytime, but Kundalini experiences are now or never. You will not know what spirituality is without Kundalini experiences, and SEXUAL ACTIVITIES lessen the chances of Kundalini awakenings and Kundalini experiences.

Sexual activity is natural, but continence/celibacy/sexual abstinence is SUPERNATURAL.
Sleeping Kundalini is natural, but awakened Kundalini is SUPERNATURAL.

It's up to you what you want.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Google - Brohit abstinence
This guy seems to be the only person who became famous for practicing celibacy. Media always covers people with wanton sexual acts, multiple partners, multiple marriages, playboys, LGBT, etc. Media usually promotes crazy, unnatural, dirty sex tips, sexual acts.

reena singh said...

Achintya ji Namaste !!

Recently I went for a 10 days Vipassana course, and there I had these strange experiences. I felt like my Kundalini was getting awakened, I felt a very strong and deep pull right from the tip of my nose, to the centre of eyebrows, to the whole skull and a very very strong pull in the centre of skull(top most chakra), as if something was trying to pull open from inside. It was too much for me to handle , I got very scared bcoz I started feeling the sensations even when I was awake, and not meditating. I had many more such spiritual experiences there. It all seemed like a kundalini awakening but I suppressed it.I am not meditating anymore bcoz I m scared. I have an 8 year old daughter to take care of.
My question is-- can I still perform my wordly duties as I am doing today or will it hamper my normal day today life ? I am scared that once my Kundalini awakens, I will shun my worldly duties and run away from them. Please help me, I need your valuable guidance .Please enlighten me on this path.

Aapka Mangal Ho !!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Reena,
Check this link to see how people will damage themselves due to a 10-day vipassana course. My answer/advice has been downvoted.

Read all my posts to know that your experiences are not related to Kundalini awakening, but they are the classic signs/symptoms people get due to practicing wrong and dangerous meditation techniques. If you continue with Vipassana, you will damage your body and mind irreparably.

Your experiences are not strange. These are very common experiences of intense and dangerous Tratak, Vipassana, over-concentrating/over-focusing on the forehead/nose/top of the head/ears. If you concentrate anywhere in the head intensely for a couple of days, you will start having these experiences. Continuous thinking, repetitive and incessant mental activities, frying the brain with nonstop thinking/observing type of meditations will also result in such signs and symptoms which may lead to dangerous physical and mental health disorders/illnesses/diseases in the long run.

Give up Vipassana. Give up all meditation techniques that involve continuous and repetitive physical and mental activities. Stop meditating for a couple of months. Don't practice any form of meditation until all your abnormal sensations have gone. Tell everyone about the dangers of Vipassana and other such meditation practices and advise all people not to practice them.
Can you believe that people waste their money, time, and energy to get physical and mental health problems?

To know about real vipassana and the corrupted/manipulated/dangerous modern-day vipassana meditation technique:

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

reena singh said...

Dear Achintya ji,

Thanks for your valuable insight !
So, do u mean I should completely stop meditating henceforth, and never in my life should I do any kind of meditation ?? I have gone through most of the posts on your site. I understand that u recommend meditating on silence, but how do I silence the mind, because it constantly chatters and is only silenced when it is made to focus onto something. Please share the link, if I have missed any post where you explained this in detail. My question is how do u silence the mind ??
Thanks again !!

Aapka Mangal ho !!

Achintya Idam said...

Vipassana has disturbed your body, nerves, and mind. First get back to what you were before doing vipassana and experiencing abnormal sensations due to Vipassana. Get normal first.
Relax for 2 months. After 2 months, when you don't have any abnormal sensations, you can meditate casually. You try to silence the mind, think nothing, be silent during meditation. Don't be in a hurry. Meditation happens on its own, and Silence during meditation comes on its own.

Read all my blogposts once a week for 2 months to understand meditation/spirituality correctly. When you can spend 24 hrs x 10 days to get physical problems, you should not hesitate to spend a couple of hours a week in reading and trying to understand meditation/spirituality as they really are, dangers involved in wrong meditation practices, real meditation experiences, what to do and what not to do in meditation/spirituality, etc. The knowledge contained in my blog takes more than a lifetime to practically realize it. So at least theoretically understand it and read more of what is beneficial to you.

"it (mind) is only silenced when it is made to focus onto something" Is this your universal truth?

If you had not come to my blog but instead asked your Vipassana teacher about your sensations and if he/she had encouraged you to do more Vipassana meditation--you would have ended up in the hospital. In that link budddhism.stackexchange, the vipassana practitioner suffered more and more with continued vipassana. Do you also want to suffer more by practicing Vipassana or concentration meditation again? You suffered because Vipassana and concentration techniques are not suitable for anyone and especially it is not suitable for you.

With bad luck and wrong notions, you got into Vipassana and started having abnormal sensations which you wrongly thought were due to Kundalini awakening. With good luck, you came to my blog, shared your experience, asked your question, and got an answer. Now you know your experiences are not due to Kundalini awakening or some special spiritual energy. Now you know your experiences are dangerous physical signs and symptoms due to modern-day Vipassana which is a 100% dangerous practice. If you realize this truth, then it's your little realization in the path of spirituality. In spirituality, first you should realize what to do and what not to do.

Keep reading my blog because you never know what little benefits/realizations you may get just by reading it. Maybe one fine day you will realize how to silence the mind during meditation and have real meditation experiences.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

reena singh said...

Dear Achintya ji ,
Namaste !!

Thank you so much firstly for spending your valuable time and answering my queries. Thanks again for enlightening me with ur insights on this path.
I am very grateful to you, Sir !
I will try and do what you have advised me to do. As of now, I stopped meditating after I came back from the course. It's been more than a fortnight but I still can't sleep well bcoz the topmost part of my head becomes very heavy as soon as I lie down. Hope I became normal​ soon. Please do pray for me. Thanks again !

Aapka Mangal ho !!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Reena,
Check your BP.
Apply camphor oil or coconut oil + camphor (making camphor oil) to your scalp. Google.
If you have burning sensations in your body, apply coconut oil to your feet.

Torturous mental activities overheat the brain. The head/brain is connected to the whole of your nervous system. Any damage there will result in dangerous physical, nervous, and mental disorders. Vipassana courses and intense/repetitive focusing/concentration/ observation/awareness types of meditations make you brain get overheated/fried/overactive/over-reactive. . Never practice such meditations. PROTECT YOUR BRAIN AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM NERVOUS DAMAGE.
I will reproduce the words of that person in who experienced classic signs and symptoms of dangerous Vipassana meditation:
"..a feeling of light-headedness, like I was flying...focus went to forehead and head which was feeling extremely high sensations..head was spinning, very high sensations, and flying high…sensations wouldn't stop…tried to sleep, but as soon as I closed eyes, head was extremely dizzy..strong sensations..maddening..head oscillating back and forth and sideways... fell asleep very late, when the body was so damn tired… the night was spent sitting… was not able to close eyes…moment I would close, the spinning and flying sensation would start and was unbearable for me." Head feels heavy due to over-activity/reactivity/overheating of the brain. You lose sleep with such kinds of brain frying meditations. Lack of sleep leads to many physical and mental problems.
"After returning home...still feel little dizzy all 24 even loud talking hurts my ears and head badly...The first time I drove car after Vipassana..the reverse movement spinned my head so badly if there was a car behind me, I would have hit it. It's difficult to focus on one thing, like a book, screen, one car ahead close to you, someone talking to you standing close, etc. This is going on with me all the time. I am not reacting, letting it go..Magnetic force starts running around me again…I am not gonna leave it being scared..What's happening to me?...What should I do with meditation practice?"

Wrong advice given by ignorant gurus/disciples/followers/internet advisors and experts to her queries:
"When energy stored in lowest chakra starts rising, you experience jerks. Vipassna has unleashed the stored energy…your past has created lot of bottlenecks for the energy to rise upwards…technique of removing bottlenecks which Buddha taught..scan all parts of..body slowly with eyes closed. Whenever on some part, there is some sensation (twitching, pain etc), center your attention for sometime till the sensation subsides."
"its a classic detox method taught by many masters including Gurdjieff. Energy blocks can be removed by massage, accupunture etc… yogis..used pranic body for detox."
"When you do meditation you stop creating new Sankhara…past Sankhara surfaces and gives minute results and pass away. When this happens you get positive or negative out of the ordinary experiences. Best is not to give importance to them. These experiences can stay for a long time but eventually will pass off. Do not make yourself unstable by worrying about them. An analogy is opening a soda bottle. It initially fizzers and then settles after the gas is gone."
"..Start your meditation with..Paying Homage to Buddha, Learn..Loving Kindness Meditation and practice it..can be done on the go and does not require you to sit down..can help you with any other realm disturbance and..gain good Karma"
"..see a good teacher. Maybe something..wrong with your posture, it can lead to many discomforts. Pick a position that is good for your Body Weight."

Reaction of the ignorant Vipassana Practitioner: "yes.. it's a very reasonable advice - to change the meditation method altogether, start doing samatha or metta meditation"



reena singh said...

Thank you Achintyaji !!
I will surely try applying camphor oil.

Aapka Mangal ho !!

Achintya Idam said...

You're welcome! No need for JI. Shubhamstu = Let Good Happen To You!

People suffer due to following or being in the company of wrong people.
sufi kills 20 in pakistan
social media teen death groups

Many secret/not secret cults, organizations, religious and spiritual gurus, social media groups, internet sites, forums, etc., brainwash/delude their disciples/followers. They make people donate everything to their organization, become beggars, commit sins, harm/hurt/ injure/kill themselves and others, commit suicide, etc. What is terrorism? A purely religious propaganda for religious supremacy. What is religious conversion? The same.

Have people lost common sense? The sufi of Pakistan was mentally ill/insane (or had wrong religious/spiritual/healing notions/beliefs) and he used to burn people in the name of healing; people believed his healing crap!?! The above dead people could have avoided death had they just used common sense or discussed the matter with other wise/sane people. But No! Brainwashing is Brainwashing. Beliefs are beliefs. Their wrong beliefs took them to their graves! Their wrong notions/ brainwashing lead them to their deaths.

When this is the case with worldly matters, the good or bad aspects of which can easily be ascertained but people still don't get it due to brainwashing/wrong beliefs/lack of common sense and commit blunders and pay for their ignorance, what would happen in meditation and spiritual matters?

Meditation and spirituality are those stuffs which nobody knows anything about. All people, the great, famous, brilliant, intelligent, highly educated, etc., must believe the teachings of one or the other guru. ALL PEOPLE HAVE WRONG NOTIONS about these two, including all living gurus. If you follow gurus with wrong notions, where do you think you will end up?

An ignorant guru (guru with wrong notions) is one who:
-teaches activity based meditation
-doesn't know and doesn't talk about dangers involved in activity based meditations
-talks about instant enlightenment without different Kundalini/spiritual experiences
-doesn't talk about 1000s of Kundalini/meditation experiences and need for the separation of the spiritual body/senses/mind/consciousness for enlightenment
-doesn't talk about spiritual body/senses/mind/consciousness being your real state, reality, BE state, BEING
-doesn't say that enlightened people don't go around the globe to teach spirituality

You must be a fool to believe/follow such an ignorant guru.

Nobody teaches silence as a form of meditation. Even if they say that silence is required during meditation, they still teach their activity based meditation to silence the mind. If anybody taught silence as a form of meditation, who will go to that guru, and how can that guru make money without disciples/followers/donations/fees?

Question: There are so many famous gurus who don't teach silence but they have a very large following. So are they all spiritually ignorant and money-minded clever people? Are the millions of meditators/disciples/followers ignorant?
Answer: Yes! This is a believe it or not stuff. All gurus have more money than needed for their basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. All this money came from teaching wrong stuffs to wrong people (or right people having wrong notions about meditation).

There were many enlightened people in the past, but all their teachings have been corrupted/manipulated, and you will not know which teaching is a manipulation/corruption and which is not. If you follow wrong/ignorant gurus or befriend disciples/followers/people that follow such gurus, you will suffer.

Advice: Understand meditation and spirituality through direct meditation experiences. If at all you want to have some beliefs, believe only what is good. DON'T BECOME A FANATIC or brainwashed/ignorant disciple/follower and harm/hurt yourself or others.

Caution: People who say Shaktipat results in spontaneous/involuntary Yogasana/Pranayama/Kriyas are shrewd/smart/dangerous people. AVOID THEM.

Abhi said...

Hello Sir,
I really want to meditate to improve my quality of life.
Please guide me as to how do I proceed and what do I do to meditate.
Thanks in advance

Pavan said...

My friend, during his sleep , sometimes he talks. His words are not clear and no meaning. He says that he doesn't know he is speaking in sleep.
I thought he is feeling stressed or disturbed...
Is there anything related to spirituality.(you mentioned , it will happen during meditation....)
Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Pavan,
No, nothing spiritual about it. It's called somniloquy – sleep talking.
In sleep, some people shout or scream out of anger, fear, etc., sing songs, cry, laugh, use expletives, talk vulgar/sexual, mumble, moan, groan, beg for mercy, etc. Some people will lift/move their hands, feet, head, body in slow/fast motion. Some people punch, kick, block and do various martial arts/yoga movements. Some even get up and start walking – some go around the house or outside the house by unbolting the locked door, roam for a few minutes, and come back to the bed to continue their sleep. When these sleep talkers/sleep walkers wake up or when they are woken up, they don't remember anything.

All these actions during sleep are due the subconscious mind awakening and not Kundalini/spiritual awakening.

A person who is being greatly affected by something may do sleep talking. A person who suppresses his/her intense feelings, a person who lacks an emotional outlet, a person who cannot express, get over, come to terms with something which is greatly affecting him/her may do these activities during sleep. If you notice somebody doing these activities in sleep, you should know that the person is too impressed, depressed, worried, afraid of, has great expectation, anxious, stressed, disturbed, etc., about something/somebody.

Dreams and nightmares are also due to subconscious mind awakening.

Many gurus/people who have not had meditation experiences but who have only theoretical knowledge (read scriptures or learnt from their/others' gurus) may end up saying that the above-mentioned sleep activities have meditation/Kundalini/spiritual meanings. Know such people to be fake/ignoramus.

There are/were dream interpreters, dream analysts and what not who consider/ed dreams as supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention and that only people with spiritual powers/priests/special people could interpret the dreams correctly.

People believed and still believe that an enlightened person/brahmajnani behaves/acts like a lunatic or a mad person. No wonder many people think that mad people are spiritual people with supernatural vision/hearing and other powers - they can see and communicate with God! Cashing on the stupidity of people, some babas/gurus/people pretend to be mad and enlightened at the same time. Many idiots worship such pretentious pagla babas (mad babas) as enlightened persons, avatars, etc.

Since your understanding of meditation and meditation experiences is zero, don't re-read about meditation/Kundalini awakening experiences for the time being. If you are meditating or planning to meditate, don't meditate now. First practice celibacy, eat healthy food, avoid bad habits, do physical exercises, running/jogging, have 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep during the night and make your body/mind healthier/stronger. Do this for 5 months. Then if you want to meditate, simply sit, relax, breathe easy for 15 minutes.

Since the sleep talker you mentioned is not happily laughing or singing in sleep, he and his family should get to the root cause of the problem – THE THING/STUFF THAT'S GREATLY AFFECTING/BOTHERING the person – and find a solution for the problem.
Too much is too bad. Too much of anything is bad for a person's physical/mental health.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Aravind Kajam said...

Hi Achintyaji,


I am finding many of your viewpoints interesting and thought provoking.

You are saying silence is the meditation that one should be practicing, and other practices should be avoided as the will harmful.
At the same time "one size fits all" is wrong also.
I understand your point that ultimately one has to reach silence, but before that different ppl may have to practice different techniques based on individual disposition?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Arvind,
I publish only this comment of yours, out of many. Don't expect me to publish and answer all of your comments/questions.

Except for silence, all other activity based meditations will lead to dangerous physical/mental side effects, sooner or later. It's better not to meditate than end up with harmful/dangerous meditation-related side effects (some maybe life long).

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Aravind Kajam said...

Thank you Achintyaji for answering.

May be I have to spend more time going through and thinking over certain aspects.


Asmita said...

Namaste Achintya,
I want to thank you for your unconditional guidance on spirituality. I am a mom of two children. One of them is disable. So most of the time I help her in doing everything. This whole thing made me have hypertension at the age of 34.I started meditation ...just sitting silently in dark without any mantra or any guidance. In first couple of days I felt the jerks or sudden falling sensation...was very sleepy after. I tried my best to do it everyday...but due to my responsibilities few days I couldn't. Then after couple of months I went to a yoga class for beginners. After few simple poses like warrior pose.... I felt something terrible , I was breathing heavily but in a pattern I saw bright golden sun in the middle of my vision and the the surrounding ..even when my eyes were open I could see it with the surrounding view. I felt I was numb in my lower body had to walk out of class ..I was walking like a drunk person...I sat and rested. That vision was there for maybe 10 minutes. After that when I meditated I felt something coming up from under my bottom...eyes rolled neck hanging backwards...feel like magnets in my fingers it makes it do dhyanmudra...after that I was having so many kriyas for 5 months during meditation and sleep...and now it seemed to calm down I feel my whole body stiff and tight in meditation and do some do I know if I am progressing and go to the next stage....? I saw bright green ring in my meditation wth some fractal pattern...what does it mean?
I am suffering emotionally due to my daughter and kundalini...why ? I never tried to awaken the kundalini ...I was a spiritual person but not a religious now I feel I have no direction in life ....nothing makes sense...I am lost...I loved reading spiritual books and reciting Sanskrit stotra all my younger it due to that...I do not feel attached to my familiy though I love them very much...I am miserable....please help.i am out of India and do not believe in gurus...I find there is no spiritual solace here...and cannot leave my daughter...feel very stuck generally and spiritually....
Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Asmita,
Nobody suffers due to Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening doesn't cause any suffering.

Wrong spiritual knowledge/belief/ideas/ methods/activities/meditations/lifestyle/techniques, etc., to awaken Kundalini cause suffering and misery. Wrong expectations/unmet expectations cause a lot of worry, misery, and suffering.

"how do I know if I am progressing and go to the next stage....?"
Don't bother about stages. Take a break from meditation and spirituality for a month or two. Meditate only when you feel an intense urge to do so. Don't meditate in public or when people are around.
Wrong expectations/unmet expectations cause a lot of worry, misery, and suffering.

".. I feel I have no direction in life ....nothing makes sense...I am lost... .. feel very stuck generally and spiritually.."
The goal of everyone's life is self-realization. Except for self-realization, all the directions that people choose in their lives are ordinary and commonplace. People according to their age, personality, living conditions choose their lives' directions differently which they think is right and correct. Based on material achievements/gains/losses/success/failures/pains/pleasures/happiness/unhappiness/pairs of opposites, people either feel their life is going in the right direction, wrong direction, or stuck in a limbo. That's normal human thinking.
Wrong expectations/unmet expectations cause a lot of worry, misery, and suffering.

Life is about action and reaction. Sometimes inaction is better than the two.

I am sure you are wise enough to come to terms with reality, take care of your duties and responsibilities, take some time for leisure and recreation, and (most importantly) build a good support system (social/community/family/personal/emotional). Nuclear families have drawbacks.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Asmita said...

Thank you Achintya...if I take a break of couple of days of meditation I get nightmares of snakes and lizards and they are so real....I don't sleep well...I am not scared but curious about this...and is 1 hour time good enough to does one be sure....why kundalini gets awakened without a guru or without even trying??? I cannot stop doing meditation cause my urge to know the Paramsatya is growing stronger...I believe in Nirakara and I cannot stop thinking about the God ....although I do all my responsibilities honestly...I think about God...whenever I read I reAd spiritual books...whatever I watch is also is like the only thing I really enjoy or feel I belong....there is a constant thirst of knowing....there is no one I could share this with....I am not doing this intentionally...I am just going with the flow...but sometimes I get confused with all my belief and feel lost and unmotivated.....thank you....speaking to you made me feel better...
Who is your guru...when did you start this do you know so much about kundalini and you believe in Saakar or nirgun Nirakara? Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

You are welcome Asmita!
Read all the posts (27) of this blog again and again to get rid of the false spiritual knowledge that is known/taught world over.

Experience spirituality directly through real meditation/Kundalini experiences:

Other answers related to your queries can be found in the following posts:
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Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!