May 02, 2016

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All the above mean the real meditation experiences listed in this post.

Meditation is practiced to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness to experience the higher reality about oneself. We have dual realities--one is physical (lower) and the other one is spiritual (higher). The idea/concept of a higher reality, the means to attain it, and the words describing such ideas, means, methods, and practices all came from our ancestors. We all, accurately or inaccurately, use the words coined by our ancestors but are ignorant or negate the ideas/concepts which the words refer to.

Q: What does meditation experience mean?

A: Meditation experience means a mystical or spiritual experience during meditation. In other words, a meditation experience means experiencing a heightened level of spiritual awareness during meditation. Meditation experiences are not the ordinary experiences that are apparent to the senses and obvious to the intelligence. Transcending such apparent/ordinary experiences during meditation and having an extraordinary/supernormal/spiritual experience is a true meditation experience.

Peace, joy, peace of mind, mental calmness, happiness, "living in the present," not thinking about the past and the future, JUST BE, crying, laughing, and any other mental or physical activities/states without Kundalini or spiritual awakening are not mediation experiences. Children have all these states and do these activities without meditation, and we have all been children in the past. Did we realize anything spiritual about ourselves with such activities or states? Any experience without meditation is not a meditation experience. Any experience without Kundalini/spiritual awakening is not a spiritual/meditation experience.

Q:  What is Kundalini?

A: It is a name given by Indian Yogis and Seers for the mechanism in our body which is responsible not only for our breathing but also for our spiritual awakening. This is a higher/spiritual power/energy in us which gives Samadhi/deep meditative states and real meditation experiences. To have a general idea about Kundalini and its relation to DNA, click:

Q:  What do I experience during meditation?
A: The first real meditation experience is always going to be experiencing death, feeling that you are going to die, losing control of your body and/or breath, inability to move the body, trance (to mean sleep-like state/profound absorption) or semi-conscious state with jerks and body shakes, or an intense experience (mostly scary, frightening) in which you feel something, someone, or some powerful force has seized you from the inside and/or the outside. In all these experiences, you will realize your utter helplessness. This is how Kundalini, the higher power in you, reveals its existence.

For my first meditation experience, click:

When the higher Power (Kundalini) in you awakens and there is a consequent experience. You may get immersed in that experience and may not be aware of your body and the surroundings (Nirvikalpa Samadhi/Jnana Samadhi).  In some experiences, you may be aware of your body and your surroundings in a semi-conscious state (Savikalpa Samadhi/Kriya Samadhi).  The experiences will be very intense.  These experiences may last for a couple of seconds, minutes, or hours.


  • Happen ONLY during deep meditation/Samadhi or Intense Experience stage of the following link: 
  • Not happen after you have stopped and gotten up from meditation
  • Never happen when you are wide awake, fully conscious, and have full control of your body
  • Never happen when you are actively involved in physical and mental activities
  • Never happen if you don't achieve a momentary natural/involuntary silence
  • Never result in flight of ideas/racing thoughts
The following list is not exhaustive but indicative of what one may experience during meditation (for ease of discussion later, the meditation experiences are clubbed into various categories; the individual experiences, however, can be listed under different categories):
VISION:  You will see:
  • Lights of different colors.  These may be moving, circling, still and invariably all of them will be shining as bright as the sun in the afternoon but without straining your eyes. After sometime, they will vanish and you will regain your body consciousness and realize that you had been meditating. YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME VISIONS AGAIN. If you are fully aware of your body and seeing colors, lights, etc., WITH YOUR NAKED/OPEN EYES, then it's not a meditation experience and may lead to problems.
  • A brightness or whiteness everywhere, you turn in all directions, it is the same everywhere.  There is nothing apart from this brightness – no objects, no you.
  • Pitch darkness everywhere.  You may feel that you are unable to move your body and unable to stop seeing this darkness.  You may get frightened at this experience.  This will linger on for some time and then you will be able to move your body.
  • All the colors of the prism at the same time.  These may be circling on one another, like that of a shooting target sheet.  The center of these circling lights will be of a pure white color.  The outer colorful circles will start fading and the center color, i.e., the pure white starts growing and becoming bigger and bigger until you see nothing but pure whiteness or brightness everywhere.
  • A very small white light or bright light against a clear background.  Its size will be that of a small grain of fine sand.
  • Lotuses of various colors with few petals or innumerable petals.  The lotus will be seen either as a bud or as fully blossomed.  The fully blossomed lotus will not be facing upward but facing you.  Most prominent would be a huge dark pink lotus with innumerable petals.
  • God, Goddess, Divine Form of various sizes, usually huge.  The vision will be so intense that you would feel light itself has taken the form of a God or Goddess. 
  • The face/head without the torso of a God/Goddess/Deity or Divine Form – usually huge.
  • Very queer, strange-looking, terrible and frightening forms of human-like beings.
  • All the planets aligned in a line.

  • Objects, people or places you have never seen before and may never see again.  You will have a crystal clear vision of all of them.  You will be unable to see yourself – left, right, up and down – the place exists but not you.
REVELATIONS:  You will experience the following:
  • The surroundings in which you are meditating have dissolved into a void and only whiteness remains.
  • You will see water everywhere; to the right, left, up and down; and you will see yourself right in the middle of deeper water and drowning/going still deeper.  The meditators may feel that they are unable to breathe and would definitely die and they get frightened.  As soon as such thoughts arise, the meditation is disturbed and they wake up from their meditative absorption.  However, if they persist in observing such phenomenon as if it is happening to someone else, they will see themselves going deep down to the bottom of the water body and see some wonder happening there and would realize that they are deathless.
  • You will see your spiritual, ethereal, or astral body (Suksha or Ativahika Sharira) sitting and meditating.  This body is entirely different than anyone has ever read or imagined about.
  • You will experience that either you are aware of or have become all the objects surrounding you, to the left, right, up, down, front, back.  If you are meditating inside a room, then you experience that you have become the chair, table, cot, pillow, floor, wall, clock, and all the objects that are in your surrounding.  If you are meditating outside in the open, you experience that you have become the trees, shrubs, grass, houses, stones, sand, space, and all the objects that are in your surrounding.
  • You will experience that you have all the emotions and thoughts (the pairs of opposites like good and bad, happiness and unhappiness, love and hatred, merit and demerit, etc.), and there is nothing for you to seek or nothing for you to give up.  You experience that you are complete (Purna), i.e., you have everything or everything is yours, you are everything and everything is in you; and then there is the resultant indescribable peace.
  • You have become an object or aware of the in and out of an object.  For example, you have become the car and then you start experiencing that all the parts, the body of the car, tires, seats, wheel, axle, steering, gear, gear box, hood, engine, and the parts inside the engine, the petrol, knowledge of the mechanism with which the engine works, etc.  This may be any object.
  • You experience you are overtaken by extreme happiness or bliss, as if you have been intoxicated with happiness.
  • You will experience indescribable peace.  You will experience that your body has become very light.
  • You will experience that you have no body and that you are unborn.
  • Without your will or intention, you will start crying, laughing, smiling, speaking unintelligibly and start exhibiting other emotions during meditation.  You will not be fully aware of such acts, but if you become aware of such acts, then you will wake up from your meditation. Sometimes, you may or may not have recollection of such actions.
  • Against a dark backdrop, you will see many tiny light wave particles like streaks of tiny light waves vibrating and vanishing.
BODY TEMPERATURE:  You will experience:
  • Your body has become unbearably hot, having a burning sensation.
  • The body has become too cold to bear and you cannot move your body or utter anything.
  • There is cool sensation under your eyes, in your lips or in your breath.
  • The body has become breathless, motionless, and cold.

BODY MOVEMENTS:  You will experience the following:
  • Sudden jerks or intermittent jerks of arms, legs, neck, trunk, or the whole body.
  • Sudden jolts in any part of the body or the whole body as if you have touched a live electric wire.
  • Brief shaking of the extremities or the whole body later progressing into violent shaking, convulsions, or seizure-like activities.
  • Your upper body or trunk oscillating, moving like a pendulum sideways or forward and backward.
  • Sudden jolt that propels you up from your position giving you a little jump.  This little jump has been exaggerated by people as levitating.
  • Swaying of the trunk in circular or semicircular fashion.
  • You will start making some ordinary and extraordinary gestures with your hands, tongue, eyes, lips, face, and other parts of the body which you have been doing usually and also which you have done never before.
  • Rhythmic movements of the body or extremities.  Dance-like movements of the body.
  • The body starts performing various postures or starts twisting itself in various positions.  You have no control over your body and cannot stop but just perform them.
  • At the end of your meditation, you will realize that you have changed your body posture or moved to a different place without your knowledge.
  • Some shaking around your perineum (Mooladhara). The shaking may give you a little jump, and then you wake up from your meditation.
  • Muscular movements in your buttocks while you are sitting and meditating as if something is moving or crawling under your seat.
  • Sudden surge of energy from the perineum to the top of your head making the body to suddenly straighten itself and shake.
  • Slow movement of air in the spinal column, as if a small air bubble is passing through your spinal column, from the perineum to the middle of your chest and then suddenly the whole body shaking violently.
  • You will experience as if a small wheel is rotating very fast around your belly button and you will feel generation of some heat in that place.
  • You will start hissing like a snake  (glossolalia) and start crawling like it.  You will start roaring like a lion or a tiger (glossolalia) and may start gesturing with your open hands like the tiger or lion when it attacks its prey with its claws. You will also gesture like an elephant, fish, bird, etc.
  • You will speak unintelligible sounds, words, etc., (glossolalia) which you may or may not recollect.
  • You will hear sounds that are very sudden, very short but very loud like the blast or explosion of a great magnitude, bursting of an electric bulb, etc. (The difference between such REAL meditation experiences and signs of tinnitus/vertigo/Meniere's Disease is very thin. These can be distinguished if you are having such experiences repeatedly, when not meditating, without entering into Samadhi, without having other Samadhi experiences, etc. Check the comment section of this link:
  • You will experience smelling or tasting of different objects, both good and bad. (YOU WILL NEVER SMELL/TASTE WITH YOUR NOSE/TONGUE. After the experience, you will realize that you had been meditating.) 
BODY SENSATIONS:  You will experience:
  • Your body is made up of air or water waves or is being touched by such waves or the whole of your body is floating or you may experience ticklish sensations throughout your body.  Though it's difficult to explain such sensations; however, the end result is that it gives you immense pleasure and happiness.
  • You have become breathless and you are gasping to take a breath but are unable to do so and you are unable to move the body, breathe, cry, shout, speak or do anything.  You will wake up after sometime to find that you have been meditating.
  • You will start breathing in different ways – very slow, very fast, very short, very long, etc.
  • You will experience that your breath is being locked in different parts of your lungs for different time duration. You will experience brief breathlessness states.
  • You will experience that you are involuntarily breathing in air from one nostril and breathing out air from the opposite nostril without closing any nostrils with your fingers. 
  • You will experience breathlessness accompanied with many frightening experiences.

Such involuntary, spontaneous breathing/locking of breath is called Swabhavika Pranayama or Kriya of Kundalini. When such Pranayamas and Kriyas happen to you, you will realize the ignorance/delusions surrounding the practice of Pranayama or Kriya to awaken Kundalini.

  • You will experience that you are exiting from the top of your head, i.e., anterior fontanelle through a white thread, like that of a lotus stem or an umbilical cord and going up and above into the sky branching into a thousand "you" and you realize that if one or hundreds of "you" were to die or get killed, you still live on with several other bodies, hence you are deathless.
  • You will experience that you are exiting from the belly button and are going up and above into the sky yet connected to your body through the same white thread-like cord.
  • You will experience you are coming back and entering your body slowly, slowly.  You will start feeling your body as if you are feeling someone else's body, inch by inch.  Then you will come back to your senses and realize that you have been meditating.
  • While meditating, you will experience that you have risen out of your body and you are looking at your body from a distance.
  • You are moving into the sky and going to distant places.
Q: I have heard that the experiences in meditation are useless, should not be paid any attention to, and one should go beyond all such experiences to know the indescribable Real nature of oneself, is it true?
A: No. These experiences are never useless but are very, very important in the path of Self-realization. Without meditation/spiritual experiences, how will you know what spirituality is or what being SPIRITual really means? How will you know whether you are meditating or simply sitting and thinking? If Self-realization/spiritual awakening is doing some physical and mental exercises by sitting in an asana, breathing differently, shaking your head or other body part, observing/focusing on some body part/body sensations/mental sensations or thinking differently, then the whole world is doing it but why is nobody having any spiritual experience? How will you know your spiritual/meditation progress without spiritual/meditation experiences?

What is Self-realization after all? It is a direct experiential knowledge (Aparoksha Anubhuti) of your higher Reality. If not through experience, how else can one have Self-realization? By thinking? By pretending to be Self-realized? By faking, imagining, hallucinating?

Without direct meditation/spiritual experiences, all the spiritual knowledge in the world is borrowed and second-hand, either heard, read, or thought about.

The spirit, spiritual body or sukshma sharira, is inside and outside of our physical body, much like a magnetic field. Meditation is all about awakening this spirit or being the spirit. Knowledge of one's real Self can only be known through this spiritual body. This sukshma sharira experiences the cosmic reality THROUGH DIRECT EXPERIENCES. Spiritual body does not require words and language for cognition. Words and language have no meaning to the spiritual body.

Spiritual self, Real self, true Self, higher Self, inner Self, inner Reality, inner Being, higher Reality, true Nature, higher Nature, Buddha nature, spirit, spiritual body, ethereal body, ativahika sharira, sookshma/sukshma sharira, astral body, airy body, etc., all mean one and the same.

Q: What do these experiences signify?
A: All these experiences will be new and extraordinary, and they are a MUST to get an insight, Vipassana, into your inner Self or spiritual nature of your existence. These experiences convince you about the existence of a higher Reality and encourage you to tread the spiritual path. These experiences mean that the Self-realization process has started. They signify that you are on the right path in your Sadhana (spiritual practice); the higher Power in you is pleased with your efforts; and your worldly Vasanas* and Samskaras** are thinning out or getting powerless one by one.

*Vasanas - worldly knowledge, desires, tendencies, inclinations. 
**Samskaras - past impressions; conditioning or formation of your personality due to past actions of the body, speech, and mind.

Note: I have used some Sanskrit words for better understanding of some important and highly talked about spiritual ideas and concepts. I don’t know Sanskrit and if you find that I have not given an English meaning for a Sanskrit word, then Google it (that's what I have done and that's what I do). Words and language have no meaning to the spiritual body or spiritual consciousness, which is our higher Self or Reality.

Some of the above meditation experiences are due to Re-Living your past Vasanas and Samskaras which will result in Relieving them one by one. This is called Re-Living and Relieving Stage/Process.

Anything which has been experienced/thought about is stored up in the mind. The mind is a storeroom of all ordinary and extraordinary/both good and bad bodily actions/speech/thought, frightening experiences, near-death experiences, catastrophes, heartbreaks, great embarrassments or insults, disastrous performances, unforgettable bad experiences, unspeakable dejection and rejections, insatiable sexual desires/Vasana and indescribable sexual acts, fear, divinity, love, hatred, jealousy, feeling of worthlessness, inferior complex, great expectations, inexpressible emotions, secrets, sins, crimes, scheming, lying, terrible and horrible experiences, etc. These experiences and thoughts keep resurfacing time and again, either when you are awake or during your sleep in your dreams. The bad ones/memories keep troubling  you throughout your life.

The bad/negative experiences, thoughts, feelings, and unfulfilled desires/Vasanas would have formed stronger impressions (Samskaras) than the good/positive ones or fulfilled desires. This is because the good ones are easier to forget and the bad ones are difficult to forget making us think about them time and again.

This is the reason when people achieve a bit of concentration during meditation, all such stored up bad/negative past experiences, thoughts, feelings, Vasanas come to the fore first. These will torment/disturb them. These won't allow people to achieve silence and without silence, nobody can have a spiritual experience.

Believe it or not: A past intense experience, speech, or feeling forms a strong Samskara (impression) or an ethereal knot in the spiritual heart. The bad/negative experience, speech, feeling or unfilled desire forms a stronger knot than the good one. These memories/knots can only be loosened or gotten rid of by Kundalini awakening and passage of spiritual currents to the spiritual heart. Spirituality is about loosening all the knots of the spiritual heart.

Reliving and Relieving Process:
1. When Kundalini awakens, you will experience, speak, or feel something which you had experienced, spoken, or felt in the past, but with much more intensity. (Glossolalia during meditation is due to Savikalpa/Kriya Samadhi.) During such intense spiritual experience/Samadhi, you will not know that you are meditating but you would feel that you are really experiencing, speaking, or feeling something. This is called Re-living.

2. When the spiritual nerve currents pass due to Kundalini awakening and you experience a shock, jolt, or body movement, an ethereal knot (past experience which had formed a samskara/knot) will get loosened. This is called Relieving. People can call this healing also. You are healed of your past bad memory. The next time when you think about this particular past experience , you will not get much affected by its memory. If you were in such a speaking Samadhi and someone were to hear you, he/she would say that you were speaking unintelligibly (glossolalia) during meditation.

This whole process (1 and 2) is called Re-living and Reliving Process/Stage.

Food for thought: In some experiences, people roar like lions or tigers, gesture like elephants or snakes, etc. Can you guess what these experiences mean?

After loosening such knots, you will not be affected by the past impressions (Samskara) even in your dreams because you would have Re-lived and Relieved such past experiences, speech, feelings, and Vasanas. Those who have not Relieved their past through Kundalini awakening will get troubled time and again in their life during waking as well as during dream states--they just relive their past, time and again (people reliving their bad past will suffer time and again even in dreams).

Self-realized people who have relived and relieved all their past will be indifferent to the pairs of opposites, good and bad, past or present, etc., because they would have loosened all the knots of their spiritual hearts through Kundalini awakenings. Completing the Re-living and Relieving Process/Stage is a must for everyone, including the Seers, Brahmajnanis, Self-realized people. Only people who have finished this stage can experience Nirbhaya Shanti (fearless permanent peace; this type of peace is real bliss/happiness).

The reason why the wise say "be good and do good" "as you sow, so you reap" "you are responsible for yourself" "karma is real" is because the bad karma/activities/thoughts/experiences/memories trouble us a lot.

Re-living and Reliving process can also mean burning of your past karma through meditation, progressing to a state where no past karma (actions)/experiences/emotions will affect you now. It can also mean that you are getting rid of the limited worldly knowledge you acquired in the past.

One has to deal with divinity and fear during meditation because fear is a natural survival instinct and divinity is the age-old belief stored up in the mind right from childhood – both would have been thought over repeatedly throughout one's life. These things will be projected as intense fear of death or intense vision of divine forms during meditation. I have listed some divine visions that I had. This is also a part of the Reliving and Relieving process. If you start losing your sleep over/thinking day and night about fear and divinity, you will have problems.

Note: If the Re-living and Relieving Process/Stage is not clear to you or you did not understand it well, then don't bother about it. You will realize it when you start having real meditation/Kundalini/spiritual experiences.

The meditation experiences signify that the wrong perception that you are only a physical body (dehatmabuddhi) is changing into you are something more higher and divine with a supernormal existence.

The experiences of Visions, Smell and Taste, Sounds, Body Temperature and Body Sensations signify that without your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, or skin coming into to contact with any object or external environment, you have the capacity to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel or sense. This will give a hint about your spiritual Self.

The experiences under Body Movements reveal the neural path in which the spiritual current passes. These experiences signify that the spiritual nerves and nerve channels (Sushumna and its tributaries) which were dormant in you have started getting activated, awakened, and the spiritual current has started flowing in these nerves and nerve channels. This process is called Chakra activation, Third Eye Opening, Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) Entering Sushumna, Kundalini Awakening, Naadi Shodhana (Purification of Spiritual Nerves), Great Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, etc.

The Supreme Sound you experience is the reality about oneself and the cosmos. This is the sound that is reverberating in oneself and the whole cosmos all the time. It is the subatomic vibration or energy of modern-day science. It is the yet-to-be found God Particle which is mentioned in all the religions of the world, eg., Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.
The experiences under Revelations and Out Of Body Experiences give a glimpse into your true potential and existence of a Supreme Being in you. These reveal that you are formless, deathless, not limited by the body, and that you have an eternal existence though the body may die by becoming breathless. The experiences in which you realize you are deathless signify that you are eternal. They reveal that you have two realities--form and formless, body and spirit, matter and consciousness, death and deathless, breathing and breathless, etc.

The experiences listed under Visions and Revelations vary from person to person depending on his past and present conditioning (Samskara), belief, upbringing, etc. 
These experiences should happen during meditation, in a semi-conscious state. If such experiences happen when you are wide awake and you are seeing forms with your naked eye, hearing voices with your ears, and experiencing with your physical senses, then you are hallucinating.

Breathlessness happens on its own as the thoughts vanish and you will start breathing as soon as thoughts arise, so no need to be afraid. Such experiences do not mean the fancy named ego-death and consequent Self-realization but such experiences definitely give a glimpse of your real breathless/deathless Self which cannot be understood by your brain/intellect/thinking mind.

Every experience has a significance of its own and can be interpreted in several ways but invariably all mean that the higher Power in you has awakened and it is for real. 

Most of the experiences will not repeat. Only the experiences listed under Body Movements will keep on recurring, and the Supreme Sound also will be experienced at regular intervals.

All the above experiences mean that you are experiencing through YOUR spiritual body and mind. It is an indication that your consciousness is expanding from body-mind consciousness to spiritual consciousness.

The experiences signify that Kundalini has awakened.

The experiences mean that your supersensory spiritual body/mind/consciousness (real you) has born and like a newborn baby, it has started looking, hearing, sensing, feeling, witnessing, experiencing, etc., itself and the whole cosmos. It simply means your spiritual body is awakening!

MOST IMPORTANT: The above meditation experiences signify that real Kundalini awakening experiences are different than pseudo-mental states, body sensations, imaginations, visualizations, and hallucinations.

Warning: You should be able to distinguish between Hallucinations and Meditation Experiences.

To know the dangers involved in wrong meditation techniques and practices, click:

Q:  I have heard that people describe meditation, its practices and methods, experiences and their interpretations differently.  People say Kundalini experiences are subjective and Self-realization is described differently, is it so?
A:  Is the digestion process different in different individuals?
No, but the food eaten and digested and the ability to digest certain foods may be different in different people.
Do all people breathe through their noses or through their ears?
All people breathe through their noses, but different people may have different breathing patterns.
Is the basic awareness of one's existence different in different people?

Kundalini is the power that is responsible for our breathing and also for spiritual awakening. Kundalini awakens our spiritual body/mind/consciousness. The awakening process is the same but the causes of the awakening may be different. People will interpret and understand such Kundalini awakening experiences differently based on their current state of mind or conditioning (Samskaras), beliefs, upbringing, knowledge of Kundalini/spirituality, etc.

The experiences listed under Body Movements would be the same. However, there will be some minor variances here and there as far as vision, smell and taste, and revelations are concerned. If a person who knows and believes in God A, he/she will have the vision of God A and not God B since the person does not know or does not believe in God B. This is a part of Reliving and Relieving Process/Stage because the experiences in this stage are different for different people.

The duration of the intense Kundalini experience may also vary from seconds, minutes, to hours.

In all these different experiences (manifestations), the underlying condition is the same, which is Kundalini Awakening. It is similar to an underlying medical condition manifesting as different signs and symptoms. For example, the underlying condition malaria manifesting with many signs and symptoms of high fever, diarrhea, joint pains, headache, body aches and pains, dehydration, lack of appetite, etc.

We have two realities – lower and higher, physical nature (physical body) and spiritual nature (spiritual body). Our spiritual nature can only be known through Kundalini awakening. Ignorant people who have never had any real meditation/Kundalini experience say meditation, meditation practices, spirituality, Kundalini, spiritual experiences, Self-realization, Self-Knowledge, Soul, Atma, Enlightenment, Spiritual/Ultimate Reality, etc., etc., are all different or have different meanings.

Note: All the experiences listed in this post are mine, except for a couple. If you have had any meditation experiences or if you want me to explain any particular experience, you need to ask me by commenting on this post.


A person who has had Kundalini experiences will easily come to know that so many past/present famous Pranayama/Kriya gurus, Sex Tantra gurus, and other types of gurus were/are all fake. Such gurus/persons just had theoretical knowledge and never had real Kundalini experiences but they succeeded in making fools out of so many disciples/followers/people, and these befooled disciples/followers/people are making fools out of others/the masses.

Your Goal of Meditation and Spirituality Should Be: One Real Kundalini/Spiritual/Meditation/Awakening Experience in this life.

Note: If you have had Kundalini experiences, you can verify somebody's false claim of awakened Kundalini by asking probing questions. Since I am not interested in probing people who comment on my posts, I take their experiences as real and answer their queries accordingly. Readers should use their discretion.

Warning: Those who fake Kundalini experiences will never have their Kundalini awakened in their whole lives: there are some Kundalini Rules/Spiritual Rules.

To know gurus, Inner guru, how to differentiate between a fake and a real guru, and how to become a guru (real/fake), click:

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WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen to You!


Kaushal said...

Hi Achintya,
I like reading your experiences and this entire blog. I am doing meditation from last nearly 40 days now ...from last 10 days, as you mentioned the experiences, my body starts vibrating, hand goes up and very strange body movements as you explained in the blogs...i also believe that patience is the key...but I m curious to know whether I should take any advise from any experienced Guru..or I should continue the meditation/breathing what I am doing regularly...
Please guide me..

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kaushal,
Happy to hear that you are having some meditation experiences. Are these experiences due to the guidance of any experienced Guru or is it because your Inner Guru is happy with your efforts? No Guru is as great as your Inner Guru. Have utmost respect for your Inner Guru.
If you know anyone whose knowledge about meditation and spirituality is similar to the knowledge contained in my posts, you can take advise from that person.
Continue whatever you are doing making sure that you don't harm yourself physically and psychologically in any way.

Shubhamastu-Let Good Happen To You!

Jeff Coudert said...

Hi Achintya,

It's been really interesting reading you .I'm french and been meditating very regularly for more than ten years. For the past four months I've experienced powerful kriyas , crazy body movements , jerks , tongue stretched out and mouth wide open (reeeaallly opened), arms and legs rising on their own and strongly hitting the mattress on which i lay down while my head moves side to side with force ( it's kind of like what a very angry child would do , battering in anger so to speak) other kriyas too...

Even though It's been really impressive and physical at times i've never been afraid to surrender to the phenomena and let it happen, run it's course...

It has evolved, and now when I lay down to let it work(that's the way I've been meditating since the kriyas showed up, to let them happen safely) , I feel the energy rising in a what seems to me, much more fluid way with very few to no movements but a sensation of a continuous flow along the spine , maybe even stronger but "wiser" it seems.
My eyes are often rolling up by themselves, my tongue does too and my breath stops for a while , it is quite soothing actually , not fierce like it used to be. I can hear the "sound" of the energy inside coursing up and it's kind of like what one would hear in a good car progressing on a soft , clean road that woooosh soothing sound/sensation... I feel gentle pressure at the top of my head. Heat around some chakras at times, and my head slowly lifts up and stays that way for a while and then slowly comes down on

My questions to you are : do you think this is a good evolution, should I go about it in the same way? Is this a stage before something more spiritual manifests as I haven't had so far any mental manifestations ( so to speak)although the state I'm at during that meditation time is quite blissful...

is this pranotthana which could lead to kundalini awakening ? Is it kundalini itself , unfolding gradually ? Sorry for all those questions but I feel this could be a major event in my quest and I need guidance . You seem to know a lot and I hope you will be able to help me and maybe give me a few directions. I thank you in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jeff,
Happy to hear that you are having very good meditation experiences. All these are Kundalini awakening experiences. You will have 100s of awakenings. I am also happy that you have found the correct way of meditating, just letting Kundalini perform Kriyas rather than you performing kriyas to awaken Kundalini. Performing kriyas to awaken Kundalini is dangerous.

Sound, vibration, sensations--these are all normal once Kundalini awakens.

It is a very good evolution. Do whatever you are doing. Now you know that your knowledge during the first 10 years of meditation was theory and you have gained practical meditation knowledge only from the last 4 months. As you keep progressing through direct experiences, your knowledge of meditation will improve and it will become the real and the best knowledge.

Do not bother about mental manifestations.

Pranotthana, urdwareta, urdwagamana, Kundalini rise, Kundalini awakening, Sushumna opening, Swabhavika Kriya, etc., etc., all mean real meditation/spiritual experiences. Such real experiences will gradually lead to the awakening of your spiritual body/mind/consciousness. Over a period of time, knots of the heart would start getting loosened:

You have found out your way, on your own, due to your Inner Guru's grace. If it was the grace of your external guru, it would have happened a long time back, may be 10 years ago.

Continue whatever you are doing, making sure not to harm yourself physically or mentally. Get rid of all second-hand knowledge about meditation, spirituality, and spiritual jargon, nomenclature, and mumbo-jumbos. Understand meditation and spirituality through your direct experiences.

Shubhamastu-Let Good Happen To You!

Jeff Coudert said...

Hello Achintya,

just wanted to let you know that I send you a thank you email after receiving your answer but since it doesn't appear here I'm thinking maybe you didn't get it ...
So, just know that I'm grateful for your consideration and the time you took to answer me regarding this important experience in my life right now. Very kind.

Many blessings,

greetings from paris!


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jeff,
You are welcome! I did not receive any mail. Communicate only through comments; it helps other genuine spiritual aspirants. Gratitude is a virtue which you have and which other fake disciples of fake gurus who comment on my posts do not. I have the option not to publish the comments of such funny fake people, who do propaganda for their fake and useless gurus, organizations, books, websites, meditation and pranayama courses, etc.

Shubhamastu=Let Good Happen To You!

Preethi said...

Hi Achintya,
Thank you for your blog post and your sharing of experiences. I am here because I want to start meditating and I do not know where to begin. I can confidently say that I am spiritually inclined and the rest is just speculation and rehashing of experiences which may/ may not be spiritual.
1st experience: After I delivered my first child naturally in 2004 I started experiencing a few things.
- I did not sleep for 8 days straight after delivery. Not a wink. I must've technically gone insane but I was abundantly clear in my head. Alert. No tiredness. Absolutely none. But I was very very scared and did not understand why I wouldn't sleep. During this time I had strange sensation through out my body. As if small pins were poking me everywhere. It was happening for 24 hrs. It was very annoying. My feet and hand is where i felt it the most. Rubbing it vigorously helped but only a little.
- After day 7, i was completely stressed out and contacted a Pranic Healer. She healed me for 4-5 days and my sleep improved.
I asked her what happened to me? She said, 'Your Kundalini awakened mostly due to stress during the delivery! I was shocked and I immediately told her that I did't want it awakened. For which she laughed and said, 'Well, it is not really your choice but I have gently put her back to sleep'. That's all. That was my biggest experience.

2 nd Experience: Fast fwd 10+ years I was in a yoga studio, after vigorous yoga poses (nothing spiritual) we went to Shavasana. I did. I could still hear him walking around and he very minutely fixed my leg position and suddenly a rush of sensation filled me. Very gentle. I was completely aware where I was but I did not feel my body. As in I had absolutely no physical sensation. I could not feel my back touching the floor at all. It was as if i was floating. I was so happy. Then I felt there was something running through me. It was very gentle and felt buzzy. Almost as if something was going round and round like a circle. I did not see this. Just felt like something was running through me. But alas we had to wake up and I went and thanked the yogi

3rd---- I was home, few months ago and decided to do Pranayam one morning. I did it. It was pretty intense. I was sincere. But when I opened my eyes after OM kara my vision was different. I saw a semi circle in my field of vision. A big C. Everything inside and around the C area was clear. Everything outside of it was hazy. I freaked out. I thought I somehow damaged my eyes. I suffer from BP and this was supposed to calm me down. Instead my vision had changed. I do not know whether this particular experience was physiological or spiritual but it gradually went away. I did not see the C when my eyes were closed but only when I opened it.

Lately past 2 weeks or so, even if I think about the mid-eye area I get a strange buzzy feeling there. As if there is a tickling almost. Again if I physically rub the area it subsides. When I close my eyes and breathe, the sensation grows but that's all. It is very subtle. I like it.

Now I have not had a Guru. I have done A O Living at one point and left after 3-4 months because my heart couldn't be placed there. I am searching for some guidance since the Longing in me has grown a lot. I feel like I must be doing something and I am not.

My Questions:
Are these experiences spiritual?
Where do I start?
Who do I trust?

Thank you.
Deeply grateful for having given me the opportunity to write them down for the first time in my life.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Preethi,
Good to know that you want to meditate. Where to begin? Begin by reading my posts.
Reasons for you experiences:
1st experience: Google – pins and needles after pregnancy, child labour pins needles sleeplessness, pregnancy risks pins needles sleeplessness, etc. Do internet research to know what your experience was and its causes.
So your misunderstanding of postpartum physiological symptoms to do something with prana, wrong belief in pranic healing and pranic healers, visiting a fake pranic healer for a cure, both you and the fake pranic healer thinking it was Kundalini--all this is a result of sheer ignorance about Kundalini and Prana, hence you need to read all my posts once in 7 days for the next 6 months.
2nd experience: Over-exhaustion and hormones. Your thinking of your yoga instructor as a yogi is another reason why you should read my posts every 7 days for 6 months.
3rd experience: Certain pranayamas raise BP, result in dizziness, vertigo, vision/hearing problems, etc. Your OM experience and the buzzy feeling or tickling in Ajna Chakra location is a sign you should stop your wrong pranayama and meditation technique immediately.

Compulsion to do something spiritual (usually yoga, pranayama, meditation), searching for a real guru/guidance, fearing of being duped by fake gurus, etc., are the reasons why you should read all my posts every 7 days for the next 6 months. Re-reading helps you understand the contents of my posts better, helps you get rid of the age-old religious, spiritual, meditation, Kundalini delusions and saves you from physical and psychological harm.
Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Ramakrishna N V said...


I have been doing meditation for the past one year and hatha yoga for the past 10 years,

I have just crossed Jerks and jolts while doing meditation and continuing now, i would like to clarify my small doubt that there is one small black spot object is moving in front my eyes if i see that continuously this is taking around my face and coming in front of me again, is there any specific reason or it is only my illusion.


Achintya Idam said...

Hatha Yoga=Physical exercises/activities.
Kriya Yoga=Breathing exercises/activities, dangerous.
Dhyana/Kundalini/Akriya Yoga or meditation =Inactivity/Silence leading to spiritual experiences.
Google - seeing colors with closed eyes - and understand rods and cones, phosphenes, biophotons, floaters, etc.
When you close your eyes, usually you should first see some brightness/colors and then darkness, but if you are seeing a moving super black spot (like the black hole) in this darkness, then do the following:
1. Open your eyes when you see the black spot. Look left, right, up, down for 2 minutes and then meditate. Repeat this until you see no more special dark spot.
2. When there is darkness outside, make your meditation place pitch dark. Open (half/full) your eyes and concentrate on the darkness. You may start seeing some light spot (white/yellow). Concentrate on this also. Move your eyes, left, right, up, down and keep concentrating on the dark/light spot as the case may be. Do this until your eyes get tired. When you realize watching a dark/black or light spot is a tiresome activity, close your eyes and meditate on silence without bothering about what you see—darkness or light/brightness.
Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Kenneth Brent said...

Hey brother, thanks for your work here. I must say you truly saved me from a nightmare I was pushing straight into.... the third eye (ajna) overload with intense concentration on that area...

I had all those symptoms of the nervous system being shaken to its core then when I read your explanation of the SILENCE meditation I was a bit disheartened because of yet another change I was in need of making. . mind you I've constantly transformed belief systems and practices so change comes easy to me..

Now I had had deep inner realizations of the true self in the last month which convinced me I was doing something right with the third eye focus but then recently it just became unbearable and I was physically too pained to have any inward sensitivity.

Regarding the SILENCE, I was astonished at how gentle and relaxing it is, on top of that I was still able to stay in close contact with the true self (the "indweller" as described by Puntajali), and it felt like I was entering sleep, the twilight as you call it, while maintaining the awareness of the soul (indweller), the silent God within that never changes and never speaks or thinks.

I had a question regarding the Kundalini you describe, as I'm understanding the Kundalini is really our consciousness transforming (to self-realization) and so it's more about ridding the self of ego control and allowing the Ultimate Consciousness to step in..

I began rocking/swaying very gently and comfortably but without my own volition. And I had the sense that it was exactly what was described as literal Kundalini. Is that such a physical occurrence?

Thanks again for all your work here. I must say, I've read your posts about the sexualization of spirit and I had to laugh. I see it all over youtube people trying to make it out like tantra sex (prolonging until orgasm, which defeats the purpose altogether, wasting the energy on orgasm..) is the true way to have sex and all the people are doing is trying to LUST and heighten their sensual pleasure...

very amusing lol.

Celibacy is the key from what I can already see.

But the question again, can the swaying/gyration/rocking be Kundalini??

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kenneth,
Involuntary swaying/gyration/rocking is due to Kundalini awakening.

"just became unbearable and I was physically too pained to have any inward sensitivity" – This has been the result of your reading different books, practicing different types of meditation, and following different gurus. Luckily, you did not end up in the hospital. Therefore give up everything that you did in the past. Spend a month or two in unlearning or forgetting the past.

Don't think too much about "deep inner realizations of the true self" "indweller" "maintaining the awareness of the soul (indweller), the silent God within that never changes and never speaks or thinks" " consciousness transforming (to self-realization)" "ridding the self of ego control and allowing the Ultimate Consciousness to step in."

Discard all books and never read any books again. LEARN TO UNLEARN.


Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...


WARMTH/HEAT IN MOOLADHARA/PERINEUM DOES NOT LEAD TO KUNDALINI AWAKENING—it leads to sexual organ awakening. Concentration on mooladhara/sex organ/perineum leads to rushing of blood to that area heating it up leading to sexual thoughts/arousal/orgasm. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE KUNDALINI AWAKENING WHEN YOU GET SEXUAL THOUGHTS/AROUSAL/ORGASM. If you are having problems with sexual organ arousal during meditation, then press your sexual organ with one of your heels and meditate on silence.

YOU WILL HAVE A COOL SENSATION IN MOOLADHARA JUST BEFORE KUNDALINI AWAKENING—this results in cessation of sexual thoughts and a withdrawal of the sexual organ. You will know this secret when you have many Kundalini awakenings.


Any guru/book/scripture that teaches Tantric sex, heating up the mooladhara, or pranayama to heat up the mooladhara and awaken Kundalini is fake. Such dangerous and sadistic teachings are spread by deluded or shrewd/lecherous people (gurus!)to delude others for personal benefits. THIS IS A MULTI-MILLENNIAL DELUSION. GET RID OF ALL SUCH DELUSIONS OF THE MILLENNIUMS.

For sex tantra practitioners, sexologists pretending to be sex tantra gurus, Kama


With a real Kundalini experience, you can get rid of/get freedom from thousands of heard/read religious, meditation and spiritual ideas/concepts/teachings/ thoughts and millions of words/jargon/nomenclature/mumbo-jumbo from your mind. A mind that has enough space to take in true spiritual/meditation ideas is fit for and will progress in meditation/spirituality. If your mind is already full, then you need to empty it.

I have discussed many other multi-millennial delusions in my blog. Freedom from such lies, deceit, and delusions in itself is the result of a great Sadhana.

Many ashrams, organizations, and gurus of all religions (famous/not famous) in India are money launderers, converters of black money into white money, illegal foreign currency exchangers, political/social perception molders/fronts, involved in other immoral/illegal activities, etc. NGOs and politicians are the worst - in the name of service to the society, they loot and corrupt the society.

Google - India today spiritual leaders laundering money

Only very few gurus get exposed. If you are the one that is following such gurus or organizations, then your spiritual life is doomed. Wake Up! Don't listen to what a guru says (because whatever they say is already in the scriptures, you can also become such a guru by reading those scriptures and with a good marketing team) but investigate what he/she does and see what kind of a life he/she is living--solitary spiritual or totally worldly.

If you can't recognize the wrong spiritual gurus/practices, then it is not your problem--it's the problem of your Karma and the science/philosophy of "like meets/attracts like" (law of attraction).

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Reason for experiencing cold or heat during meditation: When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Ida (Moon) Nadi connected to left nostril, you experience coolness, cold, shiver. Moon signifies coolness. When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Pingala (Sun) Nadi connected to right nostril, you experience heat or burning sensation. Sun signifies heat.

Real Pranayama (prana means air/breath and yama means rein/control/self control): When Kundalini awakens, Kundalini takes control of your body and breathing, pushes Prana/air/breath/vital energy/spiritual current into the Sushumna Nadi resulting in Prana moving in Ida+Pingala+Sushumna, and when this happens, you will experience a more energetic/stronger/altered breathing (heavy, slow, fast, deep, etc., even breathlessness). This is real Pranayama, which means "breath control by Kundalini/a higher inner power."
Truth/Secret: Pranayama (you doing) does not result in Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening results in pranayama. Kumbhaka or natural cessation of breath for a moment or a second is the most common pranayama/bandha of Kundalini. So never practice pranayama as a spiritual practice to awaken Kundalini because pranayama cannot awaken Kundalini.

Truth/Secret: Nadi Shodhana (misinterpreted as purification of nerves) means "passing of Prana/breath into and energizing/strengthening/repairing of Nadis/nerves by Kundalini". Only Kundalini can do Nadi Shodhana. You cannot do Nadi Shodhana. Whoever teaches pranayama and nadi shodhanna for Kundalini awakening is fake.

Secret: Nadis are not impure; they are just weak and spiritual nerves are like deflated balloons that cannot rise, hence useless. Kundalini is like an air pump, and when Kundalini awakens, she pumps air/breath/prana/energy into these nerves and activates them and makes them strong, powerful, and useful. Strengthening of spiritual nerves is for the purpose of awakening our spiritual body. When air is filled into a balloon, it rises and flies; similarly, when Kundalini fills Prana into our spiritual nerves, our spiritual body can rise above our physical body. It's a believe it or not stuff.

Secret Kundalini rule: Kundalini helps a spiritual person to become more spiritual (by awakening) and a worldly person to become worldlier (by never awakening).

Secret: Becoming blank, I-don’t-know-anything feeling, emptying the mind, and silence are all the same. If a person can do this during meditation, then that person is spiritually evolved and can easily have the initial/first Kundalini awakening. The first Kundalini awakening is always difficult. People who have had the initial Kundalini awakening can have some Kundalini experiences even without meditating, while relaxing, or before going to sleep. Any time they achieve a momentary silence, they will have a Kundalini experience.

Danger: Many gurus of the past/ present have passed on the effects of WRONG meditation techniques as spiritual experiences, eg., ringing/buzzing in the ears, pain in Ajna Chakra, swirling/twirling sensations in Chakra locations, seeing/hearing divine visions/sounds/voices with physical eyes/ears, etc.

Truth: Only spiritual people can have real meditation experiences; others will take their imagination/hallucination as meditation experiences. Meditation is about direct experience, not THINKING/IMAGINING.

Lies: Samadhi happening for hours, days, months, years is a lie. Self-realization with one single spiritual awakening/experience is a lie. Self-realization is not epiphany, where you suddenly remember that you are cosmic consciousness, soul, atma, brahma, god, etc., etc., and proclaim to the world that you are a self-realized or god-realized person. God-realized are fakes and must not be paid attention to.

There is storm (1000s of Kundalini awakenings) before the calm (Self-realization).

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen go You!

Daniel Patrick Friel said...

Hi, I thought I'd post this again here to double-notify you! Thanks!

I have a few questions.

1) We must approach mental silence. It is not something that happens easily. I do agree it is human beings natural state, however, our attention must be somewhere. This must be on the reality of what is happening in your experience RIGHT NOW. In my experience, this is in your body and breath. How do you actually practice this 'silence?' Do you centre your awareness on breath or bodily sensations?
2) I agree that it is possible somewhat to damage your body through Vipassana meditation. And when you have lost the balance of your mind - when meditation is lost - there is no longer any sense on continuing. But have you attended a course yourself? Vipassana is quite slow, however it brings you to this state of silence by focusing your awareness on the sensations of the body. In this state, there is no longer any need to focus in such rigidity, but rather explore the framework of your own experience (body). There is no other way.
3) What of Yoga? Why do you not mention anything of physical movement or unlocking the body's ability (physical or not)? I understand if you say, 'you should only do what action is required of you. If that involves strenuous movement etc. it is natural. Only nature and what it naturally brings.' Yet now, we enter a field of volition and intention. We must operate in this world, and there must be communication and transmittance - much like your writing - and there are bound to be miscommunications. Why do you say it is harmful to practice yoga? It is the forced states of consciousness? Is it the focused, 'unnatural' state of our body and breath? Can we not perform any activity in the same pure observation of the present (if we are so grounded in this state)?
Is it not possible to practice yoga, which I believe as a 'way to align your energies with higher states of being', therefore making such states of mental SILENCE easier to attain; and also to sustain them for longer periods of time. Why have many yogis of the past practiced yoga, or is it as you say, that when they attained kundalini, their bodies began to move in this way, and such the teachings were passed on. Do you not think that this would have been a VERY key point to make. That the practicing of these postures etc. have no meaning whatsoever? They are but a consequence of meditation?

Please reply.

Thank you!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Daniel,
Tomorrow, get up early say at 5 am, do walking for 3 km, do your normal activities, again do walking for another 3 km at 7 pm, sleep at 11 pm or when you feel very sleepy after 9 pm. Wherever your attention is just before you fall asleep (this can be remembered only when you wake up the next day), that's the route to silence for you.

You are going to be a victim of energy trap, imaginative thinking, and hyperbolic views so read all my posts once in 4 days for the next 5 months to get rid of age-old meditation/spirituality delusions and dangerous meditation practices. During this period, meditate on silence only when you get a strong urge to meditate (like when you feel very sleepy).

These days, people know only popular meditation techniques, which may number 4 or 5, and all of them will not result in any SPIRITual experiences. Chances are people will end up having unnecessary physical and mental health issues.

Follow the same instructions as I have given to Edouard here:

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING!
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one experience listed in this post, then know for sure you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Some More Truth:
1. People (gurus, mini-gurus, teachers, trainers, organizational heads, etc) who have made a syllabus/course/career out of meditation and spirituality are deluding others; therefore, they will not have any REAL meditation experiences in their lives (they may be famous, surrounded by millions of disciples/followers/general public. Even Hitler was famous and great leader.). That's Karama--if you delude others, you will remain in delusion.
2. People (disciples/followers/practitioners) who follow No.1 people and their teachings will also not have any REAL meditation experiences. That's Karma--delusion begets delusion. Delusion results in delusion, if not more delusion.
3. If people want to have real meditation experiences, they should give up the hope of getting grace/benefiting from all external gurus, teachings, meditation/spiritual practices and say "I and the greatest Brahmajnani/Buddha are equals. The difference is that I don't respect my Inner Guru and seek grace from within. I can't silence my mind to truly respect and get grace from my Inner Guru" and practice silence. "Be still and know that I am (AHAM) God."
4. Anyone who follows or gets influenced by No.1 or No.2 people, even after reading this blog, is a deluded person, hence he/she should abstain from visiting this blog again—-We have no use of such deluded or brainwashed persons here. Such deluded persons can visit this blog again once they realize their mistakes when they suffer due to following No.1 and their teachings.

We need only critical thinking people (thinking critically about this blog's info as well as the info they believe in), people with spirit of enquiry, who also have the capability to silence their minds at will or at least during meditation. Critical thinking doesn't mean checking my sentences for English grammar, spelling mistakes, sentence construction errors, verb tense, s-v agreement, poor written English, etc. Ungrammatical sentences are natural to me (English is not my first language and I don't bother to improve my English). I enjoy my ungrammatical English. My English errors also help me identify spiritual imposters, spiritual time passers, and spiritual bad apples. Majority of the English educated/foreign educated Indians have the mentality that if your English is not good, you are no good! I appreciate people who give importance to content and not the package.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Kriya/Pranayama (done by an individual) and nonveg are a dangerous combination, especially chicken. Don't eat nonveg during meditation and spiritual practices.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi T as,
Some people fake Kundalini experiences. Some people comment here saying that they have had similar Kundalini experiences as listed in this post. They attribute their experiences to practicing their own harmful methods/their fake guru's methods/methods mentioned in useless books, etc. These people seem to have no other better work than do some silly propaganda here.

Common fakes: Devotees/disciples of fake gurus start dancing rhythmically as if in a trance in front of a fake guru to delude other people into believing that the guru's presence/touch/glance is so potent that it can raise a person's Kundalini (Shaktipat). Some do snake dance also, some simply swirl like a snake and then lose consciousness after the guru calms them down by his/her touch. Some people start shaking violently and calm down only after a guru's touch. The guru will tell that without his/her touch, the shaker would have exploded into pieces or would have died because Kundalini is so powerful.

Christian preachers, Christian missionaries, converters, televangelists and evangelists also do this fake power transmission (Shaktipat). They touch a person and he/she gets unconscious. They touch a cripple and he/she starts dancing or jumping/running around with excitement. They may also do some fake miracles like converting water into wine and other fake miracles as listed here:

During festivals in Indian Shakti temples (temples of powerful goddesses), many devotees start dancing rhythmically to music or drumbeat as if in a trance and start shaking violently when the music becomes very fast, loud or reaches its climax. This trance dance is performed to show that the dancer is possessed by the goddess. A group of general public always gathers around the trance dancer. After such performance, the assistants/group members of the dancer beg/collect money. Sometimes, a bigger crowd gathers to watch the trance dancer and sometimes the trance dancer chooses the entrance of the temple for his/her show, which blocks the normal movement of other devotees into the temple. To disperse such a gathering in front of the temple and avoid inconvenience to general public, cops drive the trance dancer away by threatening to cane the dancer but since the dancer is in a trance or possessed by the Goddess, he/she can't help but dance.
The cops get angry and they mildly cane the dancer. Sensing trouble, the trance dancer moves to another place trance dancing! That is, when the dancer who is in a trance is moving to another place, he/she moves without stopping the dance to prove that he/she indeed is under a trance/possession by the Goddess! Some trance dancer may run. These trance dancers can be a male, female, both male and female, or a group (all getting tranced/possessed by Goddess together).

To people who are creating new blogger accounts just to comment their fake experiences here:

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

India today sp bsp ncp sting demonetization
Money laundering IRF India
FCRA License ashram diocese NGOs India

Achintya Idam said...

Difference between epilepsy, convulsions, seizures, shaking fits, and other medical conditions and convulsion-like, seizure-like, rolling, whole-body shaking Kundalini experiences:
Medical conditions are for life. Kundalini experiences are temporary; they will stop after a certain period.
Medications are required for medical conditions, otherwise they will increase in intensity over a period of time. NO medications for Kundalini experiences. They will decrease and totally stop after a couple of expereinces.
Medical conditions will have the same pattern. Kundalini experiences will vary, happen in different ways.
People with medical conditions will not experience other types of mild shakes/jerks. Their whole body will shake whenever they have an attack. People with Kundalini experiences will have mild jerks, shakes, jolt; just a little jerk of a finger, head, hand, feet, etc., now and then.
People with medical conditions will get fatigued, tired, lose energy, and may bite their tongues or have altered mental status. After the Kundalini experience, people get more relaxed, feel energetic and stronger, no tongue biting or altered mental status. Perfect awareness/consciousness after the experience.
Medical conditions are due to weak nervous system. Kundalini experiences are due to strong nervous system.
Medical conditions are due to deteriorating central nervous system. Kundalini experiences are due to activation and strengthening of SPIRITUAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
People are unfortunate to have such medical conditions or unfortunate people will have such medical conditions and the family/friends/caretakers are also unfortunate. It's a fortune to have such Kundalini experiences. Only fortunate people will have them, and their family/friends are also equally fortunate to have such Kundalini awakened people among them.
We should sympathize and help people with medical conditions. We should always respect, praise, follow people with Kundalini awakenings and always seek their help and guidance.
We should always avoid the medical conditions. We should always strive to have Kundalini experiences.
Can go on.... but this much is sufficient for your general knowledge.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Whether you like it or not/whether you know it or not/whether you believe it or not:

Without blood running in your body, without the heart pumping blood, without the respiratory system converting deoxygenated blood into oxygenated blood, you will not survive. Nobody can eat and chew their food with their ears.

Similarly without your breathing mechanism Kundalini (which breathes for you even when you are asleep), you will not survive. (Kundalini is just a name given by Indian Jnanis/Yogis for our breathing mechanism which is responsible for our breathing/survival/physical and mental functioning as well as for spiritual awakening/meditation experience - You can call it by any name.)

Similarly again, without Kundalini awakening/reversal/looking upward, you will never know what a real meditation experience is, the purpose of meditation, the reality about spirituality, and the meaning of Enlightenment, Self-realization, Self knowledge, Spiritual body/mind/consciousness, Pure Awareness or Consciousness, Soul, Superconsciousness, Atma, Higher Being, BEING, Nirvana, Kaivalya, Brahma Jnana, Liberation, Mukti, Moksha, Freedom, Buddha Nature, God, etc.

Without Direct Experiential Knowledge due to Kundalini Awakening/Samadhi/Deep Meditation, all your meditation/spiritual/enlightenment/Self-realization knowledge will be second hand (heard, read, or thought about), which is USELESS for you as well as others.

Achintya Idam said...

EVERYONE HAS KUNDALINI: Whether you want it or not, Kundalini is in you :) and Kundalini has its own rules. Kundalini awakening is the purpose of life!

As soon as a person achieves a little concentration/silence during meditation, the mind goes into a kind of a subconscious/semi-dream/semi-sleep state. In this state, you cannot control or direct your thought processes—the mind takes control of your discretionary/reasoning power/intelligence. Just like in dream, the mind becomes free and directionless to think/imagine/dream whatever it wants. This is when all your stored up feelings/emotions/fears/anxieties/desires/expectations/prejudices/imaginations/memories/secrets…. all thoughts (including divinity, religion, God, etc) which you have experienced/thought over and over again, which have greatly affected your life, or which have made up your personality will be brought up by your mind and projected in an audio/visual form (like in dream). This is due to your mind accessing your subconscious which is the storehouse/storage device (like your hard drive/memory card) where all your life's actions performed and reactions experienced are stored up. This is the reason you will start seeing things and hearing voices which others can't/which are physically not present. We can call this phenomenon as subconscious mind awakening.

Ignorant people start giving too much importance to such visions/voices, thinking these are special/supernormal/divine/godly/paranormal experiences. They think they are having God/Divine realization, God is trying to communicate with them, hearing god's voices/seeing god's visions, they are special/the chosen ones, etc. They begin to think/recollect/visualize their experiences again and again, wish/expect repetition to the point of losing sleep over them. As soon as a person starts over-imagining/visualizing or losing sleep, the mind gets into a heated/over-functioning/stressed-out mode and the subconscious mind becomes more active, and the person starts experiencing more such visions/voices. Repetition of such experiences, in the long run, will lead to seeing/hearing things which others can't even when the person is wide awake and not meditating. This will lead to hallucinations, and continuous hallucinations will lead to psychiatric problems and ultimately the person becomes mad/crazy.

The subconscious mind doesn't need sleep; it's the dreaming mind. That's the reason when we are asleep, the subconscious mind is still at work dreaming. Flight of ideas, directionless/discretion-less/reasoning-less/intelligence-less/aimless hyper imagination/mental activities are the characteristics of the subconscious mind. As the mind takes over the person's conscious/discretionary/reasoning/intellectual mind, the person will start thinking/living through the subconscious mind during waking state resulting in directionless/discretion-less/reasoning-less/intelligence-less/aimless hyper physical activities. The actions/speech/thoughts of crazy/mad people will be heavily influenced by their past experiences/imaginations because it's the subconscious mind that's functioning. All the deeper/hidden/suppressed past feeling/emotions/thoughts, etc., open up during madness. Visit psychiatric hospitals to see how subconscious mind really works.

Subconscious mind awakening is not Kundalini awakening. Subconscious mind's visions are not Kundalini awakening visions.


Achintya Idam said...

Some examples of subconscious mind awakening due to dangerous meditations:

Real Meditation Experience = RME = meditation, spiritual, Kundalini, Consciousness, Samadhi, zen, jhana,... experiences listed in this post.

Kundalini Awakening (KA) results in RME. KA = RME = KA.

Secret/Sacred Truth: Kundalini Yoga is not a different kind of Yoga or a meditation practice. Kundalini is not something foreign or external to you; it's your inner physical+spiritual mechanism. Everybody has Kundalini and a spirit. Kundalini/spirit/spirituality has its own rules.
a) the mind becomes quiet/still/silent momentarily, or
b) the breath becomes equanimous momentarily, or
c) the body achieves a momentary kumbhaka (cessation of breath)."

Deep meditation = a) b) or c).

You can have KA/RME even without meditating; without wanting/willing KA/RME; without knowing anything about meditation, Kundalini, religion, spirituality, consciousness (surprise!) provided you are spiritual and achieve a) b) or c).

People mistake their KA/RME as the result of practicing their dangerous meditations. This is ignorance! This ignorance will lead them to practicing more and more of their dangerous meditation resulting in subconscious mind awakening or other dangerous physical/mental signs/symptoms/illnesses as mentioned in this blog.

Many people, without having a single KA/RME, end up harming themselves due to dangerous meditation techniques.

WARNING: Anybody (spiritual/non-spiritual, spiritually evolved/not spiritually evolved, who has had/who has not had KAs/RMEs), in the long run, will harm himself/herself due to dangerous meditation practices and misconceptions about meditation/religion/ spirituality/ Kundalini.
Pouring boiling water on your skin burns it—that's natural. If you don't eat for a day, you will experience hunger—that's natural. Whether you have had KA/RME/Enlightenment/Self-Realization/Nirvana or not is insignificant.

Misconceptions and dangerous meditations lead to dangers—This is the reason I ask people to read my blog repeatedly and practice silence, silent meditation, or concentration/focus on silence.
Silence is an easy method, no guru/teaching/learning is required, will not give any side effects, it's your natural state, you will experience it in meditation, and it's a stage you have to cross to gain spiritual knowledge.

If anybody says natural silence during meditation gives side effects, take that person as an idiot or a fake.

Myth: I do deep meditation but never had any KA/RME/Samadhi because I don't believe/don't want it. I have experiences of living in the present, BE, BEING, I am, bliss, peace, happiness, unlimited/super/pure/choiceless/xyz/abc consciousness, I am the universe/one with the cosmos, unlimited love, detachment from the world, One Reality, and other such super/great/enlightened states. I call these as RMEs and spiritual awakening, enlightenment, realization, etc., because my experiences tally with Enlightened Buddha's/Guru's/Prophet's/Saint's/Being's Enlightenment/Awakening/Realization.

Truth: It simply means you don't know what deep meditation is or you believe "altered thinking" is deep meditation/RME. Anybody can think like you. No meditation is required for your states and your type of enlightenment/realization. Such states can be thought about anytime, every 5 minutes, whether you are meditating or not, for many times, for as long as you want, whenever you want as per your will/wish, every day, and throughout your life.
Ask anybody to think the way you are thinking; within a minute, he/she can also feel/say "Ah, this is bliss, peace, I am the universe…" Ask a person to achieve the real deep meditation of a) b) or c). He/she may not achieve it in his/her lifetime. He/she may end up sleeping and calling it deep meditation.

Achintya Idam said...

You tell a baby "I am in peace, bliss, I am one with the universe," the baby will babble "i..pee, pee i..o..u." The baby also got enlightened instantly with your type of experiences :)

KA/RME are not in your hands—these cannot be thought over/imagined by you.
KA/RME are not like your usual, ordinary daily experiences or thinking activities.
KAs/RMEs are direct experiences where your mental activity is restricted ONLY to experiencing your present/LIVE experience or reacting to your present/LIVE experience.

Warning: Avoid your kind of enlightenment/meditation-induced states/thinking/imagination because you may get into a limbo and lose touch with reality. Beware! The mind is cunning and plays tricks on you! Though these states may make you feel good initially, they are actually ego boosters/puffers/swellers/massagers. This results in vanity/self-conceit. You will get disillusioned with such states from time to time because they are not real/permanent.

DOUBLE WARNING: Reading written material, following someone's views, etc., and getting impressed to the point of living someone else's thoughts is dangerous. Your may end up living a hollow/superficial/worthless life. Repetitive altered thinking, imagination, visualization, hyperbolic views, or taking pseudo-mental states as real may lead to subconscious mind awakening, delusions, and other dangers.

Delusion about BE/BEING:

In fever, body temperature rises—you can't help it. Similarly in deep meditation, Kundalini rises. When Kundalini rises/awakens, you will have RMEs. You cannot do anything but witness/experience its activities. The maximum you can do is try to stop its activities or gain/regain/get back your control over your body. In sleep paralysis, you can't do anything (comment section):

KA/Samadhi/RME is as natural as your stomach/intestines digesting food and rectum/anus excreting it. Your liking/disliking and wanting/not wanting has no value.

About Samadhi:

Auto-focusing, auto-concentration, auto-contemplation, auto-attention, one-pointedness not by you but by the mind itself is called meditation, which should lead either to a) b) c) or the mind coming back to its normal state of processing myriad of thoughts; otherwise, it is going to create a problem.

People say that they can sit silently for hours and can hold/stop their breath for 3-4 minutes, so what's the big deal about momentary silence/stoppage of breath?
It's a big deal! As long as you know you are silent or as long as you can stop your breath and know that your breath has stopped, you will not have any deep meditation/samadhi/KA/RME. Momentary silence and cessation of breath should happen naturally. That's why these are called Swabhavika Kumbhaka/Mouna (natural, involuntary cessation breath/ silence).

One can't have RME without knowing about spirituality, religion, meditation, etc.
One can't have KA/RME without meditation or wanting/meditating to awaken Kundalini.
One can have RME only by meditating, deep thinking, intellectual reasoning, contemplating on abc/xyz bookish/scriptural truths, becoming a disciple/follower of abc/xyz guru and practicing his/her teachings, or xyz/abc meditation/concentration/focusing technique.
Xyz/Abc meditation is the best and is the only meditation that can give RME.
All people will have RME if they meditate for X number of hours, meditate for longer duration, or meditate for N number of days/months/years?

Truth: Only those who are spiritual will have RME when they achieve a) b) or c). People who have been meditating daily for 50+ years will not have Samadhi/KA/RME if they don't achieve momentary Swabhavika Kumbhaka/Mouna during meditation. Isn't it strange?

histerija said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Hiserja,
Just like yogasana and pranayama, Tai chi and qi gong are not meditation/spiritual practices. Fake gurus always make a cocktail of asana, exercises/postures, pranayama, breathing, dhyana, meditation, Shakti, energy, etc., and sell them as meditation and spiritual practices. Fake Kriya gurus usually sell such cocktails as meditations. It is understandable if one says exercises give physical benefits, but saying they result in meditation or give miraculous or electromagnetic or other special powers/energy is nonsense.
Don't follow such gurus and their dangerous meditation techniques. If you do, you will become a victim of energy trap and suffer.

The problem with the present generation is that they don't know what real meditation experiences are. They have a lot of misconceptions about meditation and spirituality. Such misconceptions are not their fault. It is the fault of fake/ignorant/money-minded people who call themselves gurus/teachers/trainers, who are selling meditation/spirituality for a fee/price. These ignorant gurus teach all sorts of nonsense as meditations and call the resultant dangerous effects as meditation experiences. Ultimately, it's the meditator who pays a price for having paid the fake gurus.

It's no surprise that fake disciples/followers of fake gurus are fake. Karma! Fake guru, fake disciple, fake identity, fake spirituality, fake life, fake thoughts, fake experiences……FAKE!
Shun disciples/followers of fake gurus because they are all brainwashed into believing energy stuffs.

Don't follow youtube and other guided meditations.

"i felt some sort of energy one the crown… felt like my head was open (in a good way) and i could draw a line where exactly it was open."
This is the result of a dangerous meditation practice.

You have overdone your special breathing/energy practice, so without your willing, your mind is concentrating/running around throughout your body like in Mindfulness/Vipassana.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

histerija said...

thank you for your reply. hmm.. the tai chi i'm doing is not really about learning meditation. it's just about moving your body, balancing it (physically) and stuff like that, like a regular excercise. we never talked about enlightment or spirituality much. and the short meditations we did were usually in silence. i didn't do any breathing techniques, when that weird stuff happened to me. mostly just silence and observations about some feelings in my body. but ok, the youtube meditations were a lot of talking and focusing on those thoughts. so i'm not going to do them anymore. i'll try to make a break. maybe i went to fast and should have started it slower. like 5 minutes a days or something. :/

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Histerija,
I have a black belt in martial arts. I was a national gold medalist. We used to pay for participating in the championships, travelling expenses, boarding and lodging, for food, and winners used to pay extra money for the medals and certificates!!! Bad condition of sports in India. No wonder 1.25 billion people end up getting 1 or 2 bronze medals in the Olympics. Even these 1 or 2 medals is a great achievement for us because we never got medals for many years.

I used to kick the hell out of Kung Fu guyz. Kung Fu and Tai Chi are similar, one is fast and the other is slow, though Tai Chi people would like to prove Tai Chi's uniqueness. I have sparred with different types of martial artists. I was as flexible as rubber. I used to do chair splits and sit for 10 minutes stretching my legs between two chairs like Van Damme in the movie Bloodsport :) Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Shotokan, Shaolin Wushu, gymnastics, aerobics, yogasana, kallari, judo, wrestling, etc., etc., as well as Tai Chi, are just different names given for different styles/practices involving the body and body movements. All martial arts are about defeating another person with your body and body movements.

Hmm... so you are teaching me what tai chi is. You are telling me about balancing. What balancing? Body? Energy? So without Tai Chi, everyone on earth lives with an unbalanced body? So without Tai Chi, yogasana, pranayama, or other xyz technique, everyone on earth lives with unbalanced energy? After jumping around like a monkey or swirling like a snake, i.e., after exercises, the body must be relaxed/cooled. People should end their yogasana practices with Shavasana (corpse posture). Tai chi people may end their exercises with short meditations to give Tai Chi a holistic/spiritual nature. These days all physical exercises/practices are considered spiritual/holistic if they include 5 minutes of mediation.

Everything is/has energy. This whole cosmos is a ball/egg of energy. Brahmanda means this cosmic egg (whole cosmos) is the self-generated divine sound/vibration/energy/God particle.

People do some abc-named xyz-styled exercises and say they are balancing their body's energies. Nonsense. Modern day meditators and spiritual aspirants are obsessed with energy stuffs. No wonder many become victims of energy practices.

"silence and observations about some feelings in my body" Silence and observation? Are they same? Body has no feelings. It's only the mind that feels. Your heart can be taken out and transplanted with someone else's heart under anesthesia without your body feeling anything.

Silence of the mind means no feelings.

Think practically and consider all practices involving your body as physical exercises for physical fitness and burning of calories.

Yea take a break. Don't be in a hurry. Slow and steady wins the race. The first rule in mediation/spirituality is "Never hurt yourself physically or mentally!" As soon as you experience physical/mental problems, you should give up your practice because it may not be suitable/right practice for your body, mind, temperament, genes. Everyone is unique with unique physical and mental characteristics. Your mind (like others) is definitely not suitable for dangerous meditations involving observation/concentration/focus on body parts. Give it up. Don't learn or practice 100s of useless meditation techniques because all meditations should lead to a) b) or c) as discussed in my above comments; only then it becomes the right meditation, deep meditation.

Avoid alcohol, nonveg, sexual activities, exposure to unnecessary audio/visual content. Take long walks if you are free and have nothing to do. Don't simply sit inside the house, browse the internet, think unnecessarily but go out in the open, socialize with people, crack some jokes, laugh heartily. Laughter is the best physical and mental exercise.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Zen, Zazen, and Deluszen:
Zen/Zazen is a delusional (deluZENal) form of meditation/spiritual practice because their masters don't know what ZEN is, what meditation experiences are, why/when/how/to whom meditation experiences happen, and the types/significance of meditation experiences.

Due to mispronunciation, Indian term "Dhyan" became "Ch'an/Chan" in China, "Son" in Korea, and "Zen" in Japan, "Thien" in Vietnam.

The real meaning of dhyan/chan/Zen is transcending/silencing the active/thinking mind to experience our real/higher/inner/spiritual/Buddha nature.

The deluded Zen masters teach Tratak (gazing/observing some object usually a white wall, breath, thoughts, etc., with open eyes, some may teach eyes partly/fully closed). Depending on the master, the reason for not allowing the mind to become silent is either due to the fear of Makyo or to induce Makyo.

Makyo means "demon's/devil's cave." It means illusions, delusions, and hallucinations during meditation that leads one to demonic state/region (craziness/madness). Makyo came from Chinese 'Mo-Jing' meaning demon, which came from Pali 'Mara' meaning the evil one. Mara came from Sanskrit 'Maya' which means evil, ignorance, illusions, hallucinations, delusions. One will experience Maya/Mara/Mo-Jing/Makyo due to wrong meditation practices. The meditator should "be careful/watchful/fully aware" of the tricks of the mind; otherwise, he/she will start hallucinating and end up in the cave of ignorance, i.e., become mad/crazy and on the mental hospital bed.

Ignorant ancient Zen/Zazen teachers took this "being careful/watchful/fully aware" instruction as not closing the eyes and being fully aware of one's body and surroundings (Tao). They took the allegorical meaning of Maya/Mara/Mo-Jing/Makyo literally. They were scared to close their eyes during meditation because they believed that if they closed their eyes, a demon/devil will take them to his cave :) They also did not practice deep meditative states (silence/Samadhi) because they felt that if they lost their awareness of the body, mind, thoughts, surroundings, Makyo/the demon will take them to his cave :) No wonder Zen masters don't experience any Samadhi or have any real meditation experiences.

Others Zen masters induce Makyo (hallucinations) to prove to the students that they are prophetic, hence great masters. They teach brain-frying, hallucinogenic meditations so that the student starts having hallucinations within days and will be dumbstruck with the predictions/prophecy/profundity/wisdom/enlightenment of the master.

[per internet] Makyo according to Roshi Philip Kapleau, the disciple of Hakuun Yasutani and the author of “Three Pillars of Zen,” who is considered as one of the founding fathers of American Zen:
"Makyo are the phenomena--visions, hallucinations, fantasies, revelations, illusory sensations--which one practicing zazen is apt to experience at a particular stage in his sitting."
"If you attend a sesshin of from five to seven days' duration and apply yourself assiduously, on the third day you are likely to experience makyo of varying degrees of intensity."

So people can start experiencing Makyo (visions/revelations which in fact are hallucinations) from day three! If you don't eat for 2 days, drink only water, keep running, don't sleep - you will have great Makyos without meditation/Zen/Zazen.

"the number of makyo which can appear are in fact unlimited ..."

Real meditation experiences can at least be grouped and have certain pattern, but hallucinations really are unlimited.

"Broadly speaking, the entire life of the ordinary person is nothing but a makyo."

So for Zen/Zazen people, all normal experiences, hallucinations, real meditation experiences are the same — Makyo. Generalizing every experience as Makyo is a safe and sure way to become a great Zen master without having a real meditation experience.

Achintya Idam said...

For Zen masters, even Enlightenment is a Makyo; they are beyond Buddha :)

As soon as a person starts hallucinating, the master will say "Don't worry, it's a Makyo, continue your meditation." Some sadistic/deluded masters may say, "Ok, now meditate on the Makyo." The student will take his Makyo as spiritual advancement because Makyos (hallucinations) are normal spiritual/meditation experiences per the master! Makyo is a spiritual hallucination :) The student will meditate more on his Makyo i.e., he will hallucinate more, and ultimately end up in the mental hospital.

Zen/Zazen masters don't know the difference between real meditation experiences, hallucinations, and ordinary experiences, they will always give one standard answer for all the questions of all of disciples, for all their varied experiences:

1. You are meditating, you experience a hypnic jerk, a sleep twitch
Zen Master: "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

2. You are meditating and somebody drops a glass near you, breaking it making a loud noise, which startles you (you will have sudden jump/jerk)
Zen Master: "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

(Let's abbreviate this sentence as ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.)

3. You are traveling in a train, you fall asleep, your friend calls your name loudly in your ears, you wake up startled with some jerks
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

4. You have fallen asleep during meditation. You have a nightmare where your master is chasing you to kill, he takes out a dagger and lifts his hand to strike your Ajna Chakra. With all your might, you try to block his hand, you get jolted awake from your sleep with a little jerk
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

5. You have hurt your leg very badly and there's an excruciating pain and due to the pain the leg starts jerking/shaking.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

6. You are meditating in the night, suddenly you feel there's somebody around, you are scared as hell that it's a real Makyo (devil/spirit/demon). You have shivers, jerks, shakes out of fear.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

7. You are doing Zen in the Himalayas in winter. Due to the severe cold, your whole body starts shivering and jerking heavily.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

8. You have a real Kundalini awakening and jerks.
Zen Master: "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

By sheer luck, you would have had a natural cessation of breath/silence/equanimity of breath and a Kundalini awakening, but since your Zen master said it was a Makyo, you continue with his dangerous/overactive/brain heating/brain frying/constant observation meditation.

9. You have high fever, shivering, jerking.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

10. You have diarrhea for a week. You don't eat much for a week. You become weak and start having jerks.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

11. You are overdoing Zen/Zazen and developing neurological signs and start having tremors/jerking.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

12. You have overdone Zen, most of the time you are bedridden, you have slipped/ruptured discs, vision problems, hearing problems, neurological disorders, psychiatric problems, amnesia, insomnia, hypertension, Bipolar Disorder, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimers, etc., and having tremors/jerks most of the time.
ZM: Wyew Makyo, iwp, cm.

13. You are on your death bed. The Zen master is sitting next to you calm, serene, blissful, in Nirvana. You look at him and jerk for the last time and you are dead.
Zen master: "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

Avoid such NIRVANIC nonsensical masters. Many masters pretend to be meditating because that's their profession. If you take their time pass meditation and practice seriously, you may end up having whatever illnesses/disorders I have mentioned above. I am not joking about this.

Achintya Idam said...

Masters/gurus will never get affected much because they very well know that it's their profession and pretension. It's only serious enlightenment/peace/happiness/Nirvana seekers that get adversely affected because of their over-enthusiasm, over-expectation, plain stupidity, or ignorance.

Most meditators mistake the hallucinations caused by meditation/concentration/focusing (and sleeplessness due to such meditation practices) as spiritual experiences because they don’t know what real meditation experiences are or what real Dhyan/Zen/Jhana is.

Continuing with our Zen master:
If a person were to get really enlightened, really become aware of his Buddha nature, really realized his true nature, and were to tell the Zen master about it:
Zen master: "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

Let's suppose one day, out of pity for the Zen master's deep-rooted ignorance, the real/ancient/the first Buddha (on whom all Buddhist schools/scriptures/different types of Zens/Zazens are based upon) decides to enlighten the Zen master. The master is watching TV in a deep meditative state. Buddha appears in front of him.

Buddha: Hey Makyo master, I am Buddha.
The Zen master looks up at Buddha.
Zen master: How did you get inside? Isn't the door closed? How did you come here without an appointment?

Buddha: I am Buddha. I can go and come anywhere. No door, wall, or roof can stop me. I have come here to enlighten you.
Zen master: This is the master. This must teach you. Whatever you can do is Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation.

Buddha: I don't need to meditate. I am enlightened, and I have come here to enlighten you about your true nature. I know your true nature from the inside and the outside.
Zen master: "This will take that stick and This will beat you with that stick." He gets up, takes the stick, beats the Buddha, and says, "Whatever you experienced was Makyo, it will pass, continue meditation."

Buddha: You are a Wacko!
Zen master: You are a Makyo.

Buddha disappears. Zen master to himself, "Hmm… That was my Makyo." The great Zen master/abbot takes the remote, changes the channel to fTV, and goes into Nirvana.

Warning: Never try to understand Zen terms because they all will give you misunderstood/misinterpreted/manipulated/delusional meanings and definitions and examples. Never try to understand Pali terms either because they all look up to Sanskrit for meaning and then manipulate them just to be different than Sanskrit to prove their uniqueness.

TRUTH: Silence is supreme. Achieve silence during meditation, and then you will know what a real meditation experience is and what a wacko makyo is. Book learning will not help.

Enlightened/Spiritual people call the mind as evil, demon, a devil because it is responsible for desires, hence sufferings. They call bad qualities/ignorance as demonic. Ignorant people take such metaphors literally. "Simona Rich" went crazy thinking that demons were entering into her head. She maybe doing propaganda to denounce Hinduism and Indian meditation/spiritual practices.

It is aptly said that Zen minus Buddhism (whatever little exists in ZEN) = Tao.

Tao is childish CONFUSION-ism, babbling something about nature's way. No wonder Buddhism trampled on all religious/philosophical thoughts that existed in China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, etc. Many countries started practicing Buddhism not because somebody forcefully converted them by the sword or bribe/sops or promising a berth in heaven like other religions did. Buddhism was easy to understand and practice.

Zen masters get enlightened without freeing a single knot of the heart:

Comparing the wisdom of Indian Dhyan with Japanese Zen is like comparing the wisdom of a great grandfather (Dhyan) with the wisdom of his babbling great grand child (Zen/Zazen/).

Achintya Idam said...

[per internet] "During a sesshin, I once observed the floor moving around me, and later while sitting at the airport I heard an enormously large door slam, almost to the point that I thought there was an explosion. I jumped in my seat, but when I looked around everyone else was sitting still as though nothing had happened."

People will end up having tinnitus, vertigo, hearing/vision problems, hallucinations, and other physical/neurological/mental problems due to an over-heated/over-concentrated/over-focused/overworked/overactive brain/mind. You need not necessarily concentrate on your ears to get tinnitus. Exposure to loud noise also results in tinnitus. AVOID TOO MUCH EXPOSURE TO AUDIO/VIDEO/MUSIC/INTERNET/TV/MOBILE CONTENTS.

TRUTH: Silence leads to Samadhi and real meditation experiences. Once a meditation experience is over, you will feel relaxed/energized/recharged/rejuvenated/calm/peaceful just like when you wake up from a good sleep.

Sleep (rest) is necessary for the mind/brain. What is sleep? Mind becoming silent or losing its worldly awareness or wakeful state. A mind that doesn't sleep will get hyperactive, hallucinate, breakdown. ALL MENTAL PATIENTS WILL HAVE HALLUCINATIONS BECAUSE THEY DON'T SLEEP!

If being fully awake/aware of your thoughts all the time is good, then why should Zen people sleep at all? Don't sleep!

The whole world is fully aware/awake, so what's the point of meditating and observing/being aware? (It's just a normal mental activity).

Zen teaching is "meditate but don't meditate!" or "meditate not to meditate!" That's a good Koan! Koan is equal to Koham (who am I? in Sanskrit). Koham is a world famous Koan.


It resulted in Swabhavika/natural a) silence, b) equanimity of breath, or c) cessation of breath and Kundalini awakening/Samadhi/Sambodhi. In Samadhi, you will EXPERIENCE Enlightenment/Revelation of your true nature/Self which buddhists call Buddha nature.

samadhi=sambodhi (buddhists downgrade samadhi to something trifle). Buddha was an ordinary prince, having sex with many of his concubines. He became great only when he had Samadhi/Kundalini awakening resulting in Enlightenment.

Brahmajnani: A person who merges his Buddhi (Mind/Intellect) with Bodhi (Chit/Pure Awareness/Consciousness) is a Buddha.

This happens in Samadhi. If just observing the breath leads to enlightenment, then the whole world should have been enlightened by now.

Secret/Sacred Truth: In Natural/Absolute Silence, the thinking/active/worldly/physical mind/consciousness MERGES into Bodhi/Chit/Pure Consciousness/Awareness/Fourth Mind/Turiya/Super Mind/Ever-Awakened/Ever-Enlightened Spiritual Mind and EXPERIENCES its true/real/Buddha nature or Self.


Zen is just the opposite of Buddhism; it's reverse Buddhism. ZEN IS ABOUT AWAKENING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND which results in Makyo. Zen guyz say Samadhi experiences are Makyo. Nonsense!

They say meditate on Makyo/hallucinations! Meditate on hallucinations!! You are already hallucinating and the master will ask you to hallucinate more!! It is like asking all Makyo/hallucinating mental patients to observe their Makyo and not seek medical attention. Prolonged Makyo will lead to dangerous consequences. Don’t sleep for a week — you will get all Zen revelations.

How to get Zen, Zazen, DeluZen Makyo within an hour?
"Makyo are the phenomena -- visions, hallucinations, fantasies, revelations, illusory sensations -- which one practicing zazen is apt to experience."
Do drugs, marijuana, or drink a lot more than you can handle. Within an hour, you will get 100s of Zen/Zazen Makyo, Makkyo, Maiko.

Zen Masters have gone horribly wrong and mixed up real meditation experiences with ordinary experiences and hallucinations. No wonder all drug addicts/pot smokers think they are enlightened!

Dileepa Inlk said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Dileep,
Now you are telling me that you experience body postures with silence (and not Maithri/Vipassana bhawana as you wrote before). That makes sense.

I have updated the following post to include Buddha's and buddhist teachings, self vs non-self, buddhism vs vedic religion, reverse buddhist swastika, Buddha's spiritual practice and enlightenment, vipassana, Prajna/Panna, etc., because there's too much delusion about meditation, spirituality, meditation experiences, enlightenment, Buddha, buddhist concepts, etc:

Numerous body postures? Giving a lot of pains? 1-1/2 hrs long per process?
Body postures due to Kundalini awakening do not happen as you are explaining. They also do not happen exactly the same way as yogasana postures as taught by Yoga and Kriya gurus.

Try stopping your body postures and get back to meditating on silence. Meditate only once every other day and not daily.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

sunil tyagi said...

hi Achintya,
I am experiencing many of symptoms you mentioned like , involuntary yog asanas, diffefent breathing like bhastrika, taking out the tongue. yesterday after sensation in my body during office hours, my stomach started to do nauli like kriya, like I can control my intestine and rotate it in any direction I want . A urge comes from within to rotate my stomach in all directions.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sunil (and Dileepa),
Symptom usually means "subjective evidence of disease/physical disturbance: something that indicates the presence of bodily disorder." Kundalini experiences are not symptoms.
Kundalini awakening results in enlightenment, and only fools will think that Kundalini experience/enlightenment is a symptom.
The problem with all yogasana and Kriya practitioners is that they think these are meditation/spiritual practices, which is 100% NONSENSE.
As long as you have an urge to do something in meditation, it is not meditation.
Read all my posts once in 5 days for 2 months to understand meditation/spirituality correctly.


Hope people don't claim that:
..they started doing very difficult/complex yoga postures (Yoganidrasana, Gandha Bherundasana, Taraksvasana..) and started experiencing pain due to Kundalini awakening :)
..their powerful Kundalini awakening resulted in doing sirsasana (+ some special pranayama/Kriya) in the middle of the road while crossing it :)
..they started doing gymnastics due to Kundalini awakening :)

You can come across people who will say that THEY SURVIVED KUNDALINI AWAKENING! lol :)
Some people will say they went mad due to Kundalini, some will say they became psychic :)

Some people will say that without any REAL meditation/Kundalini experience,
they came to know who they are :)
they became Buddhas one fine day :)
they had BE/JUST BE-type of enlightenment :)
they had choiceless consciousness-type enlightenment :)
they experienced superconsciousness through sex/Tantric sex :)
they realized their gods/goddesses through mantra, Japa, prayer :)
they came to know about a special/new Kriya/Pranayama which gives enlightenment :)

Some will say that with only 1 spiritual experience mentioned in this post (which they fake), they became enlightened :)

Some suggestions for fake energy/pranic/chakra/religious/Kundalini/all types of healers/gurus who come across people that are suffering due to wrong meditation/spiritual practices or for imagining to be spiritual/enlightened:

1. Ask their physical and mental signs/symptoms, their belief about meditation/spirituality, their meditation technique/spiritual practice, their idea of meditation/spiritual experiences.
2. Know for sure that all their problems will be due to wrong meditation technique, panic/anxiety/stress/overthinking/weak body and mind, lack of good sleep, and weird ideas about meditation/spirituality/paranormal/supernormal/religious stuffs.
3. Tell them to give up their meditation/spiritual practice and beliefs for a couple of months or a year depending on how severe their symptoms are. Make sure they get good sleep during the night. Sleeping pills can also be prescribed depending on how sleepless the person is, on a case by case basis.
4. If people avoid their bad and dangerous meditation/spiritual practices, have less sexual activities, have good food and sleep, do some physical exercises, and make little lifestyle/thinking changes, they will become alright.
5. Since weak-minded people need a healer to do some healing, you pretend to do some healing stuff (placebo), just to take more money from them. PEOPLE THINK IF YOU ARE NOT CHARGING MONEY, YOU ARE NOT A HEALER. Some think the more money you charge, the better healer you are! Modern day mentality is that if you are not charging for meditation/spiritual course/teaching/advice, you are not good or you are not a guru! Whoever charges more money for mantra/meditation/physical and mental exercise is the best! SO CHARGE MORE MONEY!
6. Enjoy your fruit of labor but make sure you save them from treading their dangerous meditation/spiritual paths.

To know about physical signs/symptoms of wrong meditation/spiritual practices, which with continued practice are going to turn into dangerous or life-long physical/mental medical condition/disease/disorder/illness, read the following posts:

Anonymous said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Common Sense is rare.
Sufi kills 20 in Pakistan
Social media teen death groups Russia

These are the classic cases of suffering due to wrong notions/brainwashing/irrational beliefs. What's the difference between the above people and those who believe meditation/Kriya/spirituality cures or alleviates their physical ailments, chronic medical conditions, autism, etc?

Some fake gurus/ Kriya/Reiki/pranic/religious healers claim to have cures for cancer and other debilitating/chronic/life-threatening diseases/disorders, but they don't have any remedies for simple viral fevers.

Take for granted all such fakes will die in the hospital, on allopathic medicines, and/or under the care of MBBS/MD doctors.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Modern-day kriya, prana, yoga, kundalini, chakra, reiki, healing, etc., gurus/healers hide their diabetes, hypertension and other chronic health conditions. All such people are on allopathic medicines and insulin. As I have mentioned elsewhere, 90% sadhus/monks/gurus over age 40 of a famous spiritual organization in India that has the most number of English-speaking sadhus/monks in India are diabetics.

Many gurus dye their hairs, beards, and wear dentures. Gurus spend a lot of money on makeup.

Poor Sadhu: "The per-month cost of the modern day gurus'makeup and beauty products is equal to the cost of the monthly food and other expenditures of 10 sadhus like me."


I had a kidney stone with severe colic and was passing bloody urine and blood clots now and then.

I passed this submarine-like 1.5 cm (!) stone that was stuck at the UV junction. It was first in the left ureter and after aggressive IV hydration and diuretics in the hospital, it came down and got stuck at the UV junction. I was scheduled for ESWL, but luckily I remembered and followed the advice of a lawyer and an Ayurveda doctor that helped in passage of the stone without medical intervention.

My method: I cut a banana plant that was in front of my house and removed the layers of the banana stem until the stem became brittle and could be broken like a stick. I cut this innermost part of the stem into pieces and put them in a mixie, added a little ginger, garlic, and salt for taste and made a glass of juice. Closed my nose and drank the whole stuff in the night (you can say I swallowed it because it was so thick). The next morning, I woke up at 5 a.m. feeling an urge to urinate, went to the toilet, and had to force myself to urinate. Clink! The stone was in the toilet bowl!

You can do away with ginger, garlic, and salt. This is an ancient and the most effective Indian Ayurveda treatment for kidney stones. If you know anyone who is suffering from kidney stones, you can ask them to try this treatment.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!