September 26, 2016

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This is a continuation of Questions and Answers Part III, II, I:

Question: Does meditation help me develop six-packs and grow hairs on my bald head? Can you help? People have been promising the moon with their meditation classes. So want to know if meditation can give me six-packs and hairs?
Answer: I can't help you. However, I did ask some fake gurus, and their answers are as follows:
Fake Guru #1 (Kriya and Pranayama guru): Definitely YES! If you breathe as I say, you can lose your hairs and regrow them at will. It’s as simple as that!
Fake Guru #2: How did you know?!!! (surprised). I thought nobody knew the secret, except me. Hmm! Good sensations! I will tell you some more secrets. Join my Vipassana classes.
Fake Guru #3 (sex Tantra guru/Tantrik): Only 6-packs and hairs?!!!! (couldn't believe himself). That's just the tip of an iceberg! Meditation makes you attract the opposite sex like a magnet, and the whole nigh…. Oh! I just revealed a secret. I will reveal no more until you become my disciple and join my night meditation sessions.
Fake Guru #4 (Bhakti Yogi/Religious Guru): (Gives a tender look and smiles benignly) In this play of my Lord xxxxxx, anything and everything is possible! By the grace of my Lord, the One and the Only xxxxxxx, even a miracle is but a trifle. If you pray as I say to my Lord xxxxxx 3 or 5 times a day, all your wishes will be fulfilled. May the grace of my Lord xxxxxx be upon you!
Fake Guru #5 (Kundalini, Chakra, Aura, Reiki, Psychic, ..... Guru): First the basics, you have 7-colored Chakras, 7 colored-lotuses, 7 colored-auras that affect your physical and mental well-being. When you clean, balance, and heal these, why only 6, you may get 8 packs and a thick mane on your bald head. You never know how powerful my therapies are! I will give you many options: crystals, stones, Tantric massage, aura cleansing, aura healing, Chakra cleansing, Chakra balancing, etc. Here is the price list for balancing one chakra, 2 chakras, and all of them. If you want holistic healing, balancing and opening of all Chakras with or without meditation, opening your lotuses with or without meditation, aura cleansing including Ayurvedic massage, then you will get a discount of 30%.
Fake Guru #6 (bald guru): Those are cheats who say meditation can grow hairs. They know nothing! I lost my hairs (strokes his bald head) because of a powerful meditation experience and a Buddha awakening in me. I have become a Buddha now.
Hope these answers help you!

Question: Does meditation help me fly? Does meditation make me a miracle man/woman? Does meditation help me in astral travel/astral projection, clairvoyance/clairaudience, out of body experiences or gain superpowers so that I can know everything about everybody's past, present, and future; roam the world for free; know everybody's secrets; bash the bad guys, save the world, rule the world?
Question: Does meditation help me become a healer, Reiki expert, aura expert/healer, hypnotist, black magician, vashikaran specialist, sammohini specialist, psychic invader, psychic healer, pranic healer, Tantrik……?
Answer: In the first question and answer above, change "six-packs and hairs" with flying or the other activity/power that you expect from meditation and imagine the answer.

Of course, there are out of body meditation experiences, but definitely, you can never fly with your physical body. There are Laws/Rules for both the physical body and the spiritual body. OBE and astral projection/travel are definitely not as many gurus/people of the past and the present have claimed/are claiming or have faked/are faking. People have no clue about OBEs.

Sadhu: "If you desire to gain the yogic superpower of flying and if you don't get it in this life, then perhaps you will be born as a pigeon in the next life to do the flying. The more unfulfilled desires you have, the more problems you are lined up with."

Truth: (1) The number of desires and how strong such desires are can reveal if you will progress in spirituality/meditation or not. (2) The types of sensual desires you had been enjoying and you are craving for will tell you if you will progress in meditation or not. (3) Due to unknown reasons (maybe past karma), you will have one or some real Kundalini experiences on your own without the help of a real guru, but progressing from there depends on right efforts and your present Vasanas/desires.

Question: Did you have any out of body experiences (OBE) or astral traveling or astral projection(AP)? Are out of body experiences just lucid dreaming or are they real?
Answer: My OBE experiences:
1) I saw a spiritual body floating up in a cloudy sky. I heard some dogs howl. I woke up. The dogs were howling. I realized I had been sleep-meditating. I rushed outside my room. The dogs were howling looking toward the building I was staying at. They stopped howling when they saw me. I looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and exactly the same as I had just seen! My room was in the first floor of a 3-storey lodge.
2) I saw my spiritual, ethereal, or astral body (Sukshma or Ativahika Sharira) sitting and meditating. This body is entirely different than anyone has ever read or imagined.
3) I witnessed a brightness or whiteness everywhere, I turned in all directions, and it was the same everywhere. There was nothing apart from this brightness – no objects, no body (not even any spiritual body).
4) From a distance, I saw my physical body lying down, sleeping, and snoring.
5) I saw places which I had never seen before and never saw them again. I had no body (not even the ethereal body) when I had this experience.

These experiences were much intense/clearer than what you experience when you are wide awake. All these experiences happened during Silent Meditation or sleep-meditation, without my will. It never happened to me when I wished to get out of my body.

Out of body experiences happen due to spiritual/Kundalini awakening. It is not dreaming or lucid dreaming. If you can do it at will, going to places that you like, seeing your relatives and TALKING to them, seeing or talking to dead persons, or doing whatever you want to do with astral projection/travel or OBE, then either you are hallucinating, imagining, or simply dreaming, may be lucidly. OBE or AP is due to your spiritual body, mind, and consciousness awakening. You cannot do any extra miracles with OBE.

Caution: People should be smart/intelligent enough to differentiate between real meditation experiences, imagination, dreaming, and hallucination. If you have had direct meditation experiences, then knowing which is real and which is fake becomes easy. When you know which is real, then you will know the fake experiences of so many famous gurus/people of the past and the present.

Question: I hear screams and baby voices during my astral projections!  Has anyone ever experienced this before?
Answer: If you are having the same experiences again and again, stop whatever you are doing to have such experiences. Do some physical exercises and get good undisturbed, dreamless sleep of 7 hours.

Question: Which meditation technique or Yoga helps me have out of body experiences? Which is the best Yoga to become immortal? Can I become deathless with Kriya or Vipassana/Pranayama or Bhakti/Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga/Tantra or Mantra Yoga/Raja Yoga or Karma Yoga....?
Question: Can we get Ashta siddhis (8 miraculous Yogic powers) through meditation? Can we get other mini miraculous powers mentioned in some scriptures through Bhakti or Yoga? Can we get superpowers through meditation?
Question: What are the superpowers that one gains by practicing meditation or by awakening one's Kundalini?
Question: Which religion helps me become immortal?
Question: Does a Yogi drink ambrosia or nectar (Amrit, Amruta) which is stored in Sahasrara resulting in deathlessness and immortality?
Question: Does a Yogi practice Khechri Mudra/Khechari Mudra so that he can push Kundalini up the Sahasrara and drink Amrit, Amrut (nectar, ambrosia)? Does Shambhavi Mudra help me become deathless?
Question: Can one raise Kundalini and become deathless by taking the mythological drug Soma, a magic potion, or any other Himalayan drugs?
Question: If I find Soma in the Himalayas and dink it, can I awaken my Kundalini? With an ever-awakened Kundalini, can I become the lord of the universe?
Question: Can I do Ghor Tapasya (intense penance) and obtain Amrit from God XXXXX to drink it and become immortal and gain superpowers?

Meaning of Siddhi:
Accomplishment, attainment, fulfillment, success, perfection, enlightenment, complete understanding or complete knowledge.
A paranormal power, supernormal power, superpower, psychic power, supernatural power.
Magical powers, psychic powers, or superpowers to control others or the forces of nature.

The meaning and context in which the word Siddhi is used is as follows:
Siddhi: Meaning #1:
Accomplishment, attainment, fulfillment of a task. Success in a task.
Kanchanam Karya Siddhi = money can get work done. With money, you can get even the difficult or the impossible task/job/work (Karya) done.

Siddhi: Meaning #2:
A paranormal power, supernormal power, superpower, psychic power, supernatural power, spiritual power.
Magical powers, psychic powers, or superpowers that can be used for the benefit of oneself or others, to control or change others, or to control or change the forces of nature.

According to our Yoga Shastras and Puranas, Siddhis or powers can be obtained through genetics (birth, naturally), by consuming/applying medicine/herbs/magic potion, by reciting a secret mantra or through Japa for a specified number of times in a particular  manner and by following some rules or performing some rituals, with the help of a Yantra (a plate containing some diagrams and Beej/Bija mantras, a magical code, a magical object), by doing Tapasya (great penance, conquering senses, controlling breath and mind, austerities, self-discipline, rigorous yogic practices), or Samadhi (samyama, absorbed in deep meditation, spiritual maturity).

By the way, Tapasya means conditioning your body and mind with rigorous sadhana to overcome or to feel indifferent to the Trayatapa or Tapatraya. Tapatraya/Trayatapa means Adhyatmika, Adibhautika, and Adidaivika Tapas (troubles/miseries/sufferings caused by your body and mind, other animate/inanimate objects, and nature).

Following is a list of Siddhis (do not bother about nomenclature, Internet is filled with miracles/miraculous powers of Kundalini, Yoga, Gurus, Masters, Mythological Gods and Goddesses, Religious Personalities, etc):

Yogic Ashta Siddhis:
Anima: (Anima, anu means atom, paramanu means subatomic particle) Ability to become as small as one wants, reducing one's body even to the size of an atom, becoming smaller than the smallest, the power of making a big material into a small one.
Mahima: Ability to be as big or gigantic as one may desire, expanding one's body to an infinitely large size, becoming larger than the largest, the power of making a small object into a big one.
Laghima: Ability to become light in weight to any degree, becoming almost weightless, the power of making heavy objects into lighter objects.
Garima: Ability to become as heavy in weight as desired, becoming infinitely heavy, the power of making light objects into heavy objects.
Prapti: Easy grasping by hand of any object however far it may be; ability to touch the moon, stars, sun, galaxy are any other object which are far; conquering space limit; the power of wandering everywhere without any obstacle, having unrestricted access to all places.
Prakamya: To get any object as soon as one desires it, the power of getting desired appearance, realizing any object one desires,
Eeshatvam/Ishatva (Isha meaning lord): Power to create and control things, possessing absolute lordship over the forces of nature, the power of handling 5 things: creation, protection, destruction, concealment, and showing grace.
Vasithvam/ Vashitva: The power to subjugate everyone and everything; the power of hypnotizing, mesmerizing, vashikaran, sammohini of celestials, humans, demons, animals, birds, reptiles, and trees.

Siddhis mentioned in Puranas, Yoga, Buddhism, and Other Scriptures:
Some of these powers can be included in the above Ashta Siddhis.
Parakaya Pravesha: Entering another person's body, entering the bodies of other. Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life.
Haadi Vidya: Conquering hunger or thirst, being without eating food or drinking water for several days with being as healthy and fit as before, neither feels hungry or thirsty for years, unaffected by hunger and thirst.
Kaadi Vidya or Advandva: Conquering the pairs of opposites/dualities of heat/ cold, pain/ pleasure, sweet/ bitter, good/ bad; ability to tolerance heat/cold and other pairs of opposites.
Vayu Gaman Siddhi: Ability to fly in the skies and travel from one place to another in the air.
Madalasa Vidya: Ability of increasing or decreasing the size of his/her body according to his wish.
Kanakdhara Siddhi: One can acquire immense and unlimited wealth through this Siddhi, can cause gold to shower/rain from the skies, can produce gold through thin air.
Prakhya Siddhi: Ability to take birth from an infertile woman, make an infertile woman pregnant/fertile.
Surya Vijnan/Vigyan: Ability to transform one substance into another through solar power, transforming one material into another by the use of sun rays.
Mrit Sanjeevini Vidya: Ability to bring back a dead person into life.
Anurmi-mattva: Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily disturbances, other body generated cravings.
Adarsha siddhi, Divya siddhi, Doora-darshana: Clairvoyance, seeing things/events happening very far
Shravana siddhi, Divyashravana, Doora-shravana: Clairaudience, hearing things/events happening very far.
Pratibha siddhi: Divination, divine qualities.
Vedana siddhi: Divine or super feeling.
Asvadana siddhi: Divine or super taste,
Varta siddhi: Divine, super smell.
Manah-javah: Moving the body wherever thought goes, moving physical body wherever one wants
Kaama-roopam: Assuming any form desired, attaining/assuming desired form.
Sva-Chanda Mrutyuh, Iccha Mrityu: Ability to only when one wishes, dying when one desires.
Devaanaam saha kreeda anudarshanam: Witnessing and participating in the pastimes of the Apsaras, celestial nymphs; witnessing the pastimes of demi-gods (or witnessing the events of 3 worlds as pastimes like god does)
Yatha sankalpa samsiddhi: Ability to accomplish whatever one wishes; achieving as one wants.
Aajnaa apratihataa gati: Orders or commands being unimpeded, one's commands unstopped
Trikaalajnana: Knowing the past, present, and future of self or others;
Parachitta Aadi Abhijnaata: Knowing of others' minds, knowing the minds of others and so on;
Agni arka ambu visha aadeenaam pratistambha: Conquering the influence of fire, sun, water, poison, and so on; having fire, sun, water, poison in control and stopping their effect.
Aparaajaya: Remaining unconquered by others; becoming unconquerable.

Other Siddhis/Superpowers:
Some of these powers can be included in the above 2 categories.
  • Access to memories from past lives, self or others
  • Levitation, Flying through the air, travel through the skies, walking through solid obstructions, diving into the ground, to penetrate through the ground and appear somewhere else
  • Bi-location/multi-location, taking multiple forms
  • Materialization, ability to manifest any object one desires from thin air
  • Control over natural phenomenon like raining, sunrise/ sunset; cause to rain whenever one wants and stop rain whenever one wants, cause the sun rise whenever one wants and cause the sun to set whenever one wants
  • Bringing a dead body to life by entering in it or by bringing back the soul of the dead person and injecting it into the dead body
  • Ability to make infertile woman give birth to either a boy or a girl depending on one's wish or the wishes of the parent/s, make a woman pregnant without having sex,
  • Walking/sitting/sleeping on water, fire, thorns without drowning, getting burnt, or being pierced by the thorns
  • Drying wet clothes by body heat under -30 degree temperature deep inside the Himalayas in winter or doing the reverse, i.e., burning clothes with one's body heat
  • To boil cold water or turn hot water into ice with one's body temperature
  • To produce fire/ice from one's hands
  • Power to become invisible, to cause things/others to become invisible or disappear,
  • Ability to know the time of death of self and others,
  • Getting the strength of 1000 elephants or becoming the strongest person on earth
  • Seeing auras and knowing the character of a person, changing/healing the auras
  • Reading the minds of people, mind communication, telepathy
  • Teleportation, moving the body wherever thought goes, moving objects with mental power without touching them
  • Reading information from Akasha/sky, knowing the events that happened in the past or will happen in the future by accessing information from the skies because like a computer program this cosmos has been programmed and all the codes are stored in the storage device called Akasha, understanding Akashvani (Akashvani is nothing but experiencing Ahm/Ham/Om reverberating in the cosmos)
  • Healing people of ailments (physical or mental)
  • Knowing the secrets of objects, persons, human anatomy, laws of nature, cosmic arrangement
  • Conquering sleep, not sleeping for as long as one wishes,
  • Knowledge of hidden treasure (Nidhi Shastra), astrology (Jyotisyha), astronomy (Nakshatra Vidya), Vaastu, Ayurveda, Asana Vidya, Pranayama Vidya, Prana Vidya, and other Vidyas or Shastraas. (Recently a Siddha or a Baba fooled Archaeological Survey of India and Indian politicians/lawmakers to dig for buried golden treasure making Indians a laughing stock) 
  • Ability to conquer enemies or make enemies turn friends or followers, to make wild animals docile and obey one's command
  • Mesmerizing or hypnotizing people (Sammohini, Vashikaran) to make them behave/do what one wishes, ability to turn friends into enemies and enemies into friends, loving couples into fighting and fighting couples into loving couples, etc
  • Changing one element such as earth, into another element, such as air
  • Prophesy, soothsaying, predictions,
  • Night vision, X-ray vision, Laser qualities, etc.
  • Many other Siddhis.......
Siddha: A person who has Siddhi/s.

TV, mobile, radio, computer, plane, submarine, x-ray, ultrasound, laser, medicine, and other scientific gadgets, instruments, etc., are all Siddhis of the common man, for the common man, by the common man. In a sense, a common man has also become a Siddha with such miraculous gadgets.

Siddhi: Meaning #3:
Enlightenment or accomplishment/attainment of Self-Knowledge/Self-Realization, which is nothing but Enlightenment.
Success in gaining Enlightenment/Self-Knowledge/Self-Realization.
Gaining Enlightenment or getting Perfect Knowledge/Self-Realization or Self-Knowledge.
Complete Knowledge of Reality is called Siddhi.

From a spiritual point of view, Siddhi means Attaining/Attainment of Self-Knowledge or Pure/Suprme/Perfect Consciousness (Chit). A Siddha (Siddhar or Chittar in Tamil) is one who has attained Self-Knowledge, Chit, or Self-realization and is in fact called a Yoga Siddha (one who has attained union with the Supreme Self). A Self-realized or Enlightened person is also called a Siddha.

Without bothering about Siddhi (attaining Enlightenment), we should meditate in silence to know/realize the Siddha (the ever-attained, ever-Enlightened Atma) in us—This is Siddha Yoga.

Autopsy of Siddhis:

The Knowledge and Wisdom which the Seers gained through Dhyana Samadhi (Realization in deep meditation) have been grossly misunderstood or misinterpreted. The ancient Seers said Brahm (Cosmic Consciousness) is the Creator of this cosmos and resides in everything and everyone in the form of Atma (Individual Consciousness). Everyone and everything in the cosmos has an inner most essence which they called Atma, and this Atma is our true Self.

"Ayam Atma Brahma" means "My Atma is Brahm." Atma is the individual Consciousness and Brahm is the Cosmic Consciousness--both are Consciousness hence ONE principle. From the minutest of sub…subatomic particles to the gigantic cosmos, including you and me —everything is verily the same principle of Consciousness—this is Advaita principle/philosophy.The knower of this Atma/Brahm principle is called an Atmajnani or a Brahmajnani (Seer). This Atma or Brahm principle can only be known/realized in Samadhi because our 5 senses are limited; we cannot see, hear, touch, smell, taste the way other animals can.

To know what Brahm is, click:

The Seers found that this Atma/Brahm is a miracle of miracles. They said that this is the lord/creator of the entire cosmos (Ishatva quality), hence everything and everyone or everything that has a name and a form is governed and controlled by it (Vashitva quality). There is no place in this cosmos which Atma cannot access or is not present (Prapti) and there is nothing in this universe that cannot be realized/attained by this Atma (Prakamya). The essence of all the names and forms of this entire cosmos is Atma, i.e., Atma has manifest itself as different living/nonliving, moving/nonmoving, big/small, heavy/light, animate/inanimate objects. So it has taken all the smallest of the small forms (Anima) as well as huge/gigantic forms (Mahima). It can be found in lighter (Laghima) living/nonliving objects as well as heavier (Garima) living/nonliving objects. Atma seems to keep changing its names and forms (similar to subatomic particles, seemingly dying and being reborn in different names and forms), getting all its wishes fulfilled and doing many things (Prapti, Prakamya), etc.

Thus, Ashta Siddhis are the qualities of the Atma. The 8 qualities of Atma have been misunderstood as 8 Yogic Siddhis/powers that a person gets through Yoga. The Ashta Siddhis as well as other Siddhis (excluding the fake miracles) seem to be extraordinary powers but they are basically the innate qualities of Atma. 

People also think Siddha medicine means the medicinal herbs that were revealed to the Yogis in their Samadhi.

Can the body perform miracles such as flying?
Samkhya Shastra or Samkhya Darshana (oldest and the most practical, scientific scripture explaining metaphysics) makes it clear that matter (Jada, physical bodyfollows the laws of Prakriti (24 Tattvas/principles which this cosmos is made up of) and the spirit (Chit, spiritual body) follows the laws of Purusha (the spiritual body, mind, consciousness). Prakriti and Purusha (matter and spirit) are governed by Eternal Laws (Ritam, Rutam, Sanatana Dharma), which cannot be broken/changed. 

Samkhya's Tat Tvam or Tattvam = That You Are. Vedanta's Tattvamasi or Tat Tvam Asi = That You Are. Sankhya's 25 Tattvas are the 24 principles of Prakriti and 1 principle Purusha, Tat Tvam = you are both the 24 principles of Prakriti (matter, Jada) as well as the 1 principle of Purusha (spirit, Chit). Knowledge of all the 25 principles through direct experiences in meditation is Tattvajnana (Self-Realization). Separation of Purusha from Prakriti is also Tattvajnana.

Note: I have mentioned Samkhya for those who have been reading a lot of scriptures. Others can ignore the last 2 paragraphs.

Siddhis explained through Direct meditation Experiences:
When a person awakens his/her spiritual body/mind/consciousness through meditation and has a direct meditation experience, he/she will know the reality about Siddhis/miraculous powers. Some of the Yogic Siddhis listed in this post are in fact out-of-body experiences in meditation. It is only the spiritual body that can fly anywhere without being obstructed by any object. In my case, it was a 3-story building. Truth bout levitation is that when Kundalini awakens, the physical body jumps up a little. All Siddhis (excluding the fake miracles) seem to have been over-exaggerated beyond limits. You cannot perform them with the physical body and the mind.

Almost all Yogic Siddhis are meditation experiences, except for the fake miracles such making an infertile woman fertile, curing diseases, materializing gold from thin air, etc. All the Yogic Siddhis are of the spiritual body/mind/consciousness.

See if you can spot some Siddhis in the following post:


DO NOT FALL FOR FAKE MIRACLES PERFORMED BY OTHERS' PHYSICAL BODIES, eg., curing infertility, treating of cancer and other terminal or chronic diseases, making a wheelchair-bound paralytic man get up and start dancing, materializing gold from thin air, etc., --ALL ARE FAKE.


Many Guinness record holders have extraordinary powers that either came naturally or through physical practice. They don't claim to be Yogis.

Many famous Babas have done simple magic tricks to fool people and many fakes are doing it. Some people use some liquid or gases to produce fire from their hands, some use concealed heater to heat/boil water and claim they boiled it with their hands/bodies, etc. Materializing gold from thin air, miraculous cancer cure after meeting and speaking to GOD, fake polio cures (a person with crutches will throw the crutches and start running when touched by a miracle man, godman, faith healer, evangelist, etc.)...., etc., etc. Many funny things can be written here:)

Food for thought: Doctors cure thousands of medical conditions of the body and mind of billions of people, but they don't claim to possess any miraculous powers. People attribute such cures to medical science or advancement in technology. If some doctor cures many cancer patients and gives them new lives, he will not be considered a miracle man, but if some fake religious healer, fake spiritual person falsely claims to have cured one or two persons of cancer, then he would become a miracle man, a Siddha. Isn't this pure nonsense or delusion? Guinness record holders who eat steal, attract metals like a magnet, can touch live electricity wires of more than 4000 volts do not claim to be Yogis or have miraculous powers. People give some scientific reason for such miraculous abilities, but when somebody falsely claims to have the ability to convert water into oil, people become mad with devotion for that person and upgrade him from an ordinary liar to a miracle man or even to an incarnation of God. People become irrational when it comes to age-old delusional beliefs in religion, spirituality, meditation, miracles, miraculous superpowers, and Siddhis. 

DANGER: Those who have WEIRD ideas and concepts about meditation, Yoga, spirituality, religion, Kundalini, Siddhis and take to serious meditation will end up either in a general hospital or a mental hospital; people who want to attain superpowers are the first ones to get admitted.

Truth: Only those people who have fulfilled all their desires, who have no unfulfilled desires, and who do not want to do anything selfish after Enlightenment become Jnanis (Knowers) so that they just witness the cosmos and the cosmic changes without desiring to change or actually changing anything. People who have unfulfilled desires and want to fulfill them through meditation, spirituality, Kundalini Awakening, and Yoga Siddhis (powers) or who want to do something selfish after Self-Realization or Self-Knowledge will not get anywhere near to Enlightenment. This is a rule of spirituality and Kundalini.

Deathless/Deathlessness, Immortal/Immortality, Amaratva/Amritatava, Immortality Drink/Elixir/Ambrosia, Amrit/Amrut

The Atmajnanis found that this Atma (our individual Self) is immortal or deathless; it never dies but gets into a new form. No human beings die; they just change their bodies, names, and forms— similar to subatomic particles. This is an Indian thought. The scientific truth of subatomic particles, which just change their names and forms, was known to all Indians thousands of years ago. There may be many reasons why it was not extensively used scientifically.

Amrit or Amrut does not mean an immortality drink, nectar, or ambrosia. No one can become immortal by drinking Amrit or Amrut because Amrit or Amrut means deathless or immortal and Amritattva or Amrutattva means deathlessness or immortality. The Atma/Soul/Consciousness/Spirit is immortal. Like Siddhis, immortality or deathlessness is the quality of Atma which the Brahmajnanis taught and people misunderstood/misinterpreted Amrit as an Immortality drink. Maybe Amrit is an allegory.

People have wrongly misunderstood that they can become deathless or immortal by drinking Amrit or Amrut. Some people think that Amrit can be obtained from some God. They think that God gives Amrit to only those devotees who have great devotion toward Him, do great penance to please Him, and serve Him. This penance may last more than 12 years of standing on one leg, not sleeping, eating only once in a day, etc. Some people say that mortal human beings can never become immortal by drinking Amrit because even during the mythological period, no God had given Amrit to any human being and no God had ever blessed any human being to be immortal because that's against Laws of Nature.

Some Yogis have said that Amrit/Amrut or the Immortality drink/elixir/nectar/ambrosia is stored up in the Sahasrara. Any yogi who raises his/her Kundalini through Pranayama and Khechri Mudra/Khechari Mudra (pronounced as Khechadi) and sends Kundalini up the Sahasrara will obtain Amrit from Sahasrara. After drinking it, that yogi will become immortal, hence the need for Khechari Mudra, Tratak, Pranayama, Tapasya, Yoga, etc. Some medical experts who attest some form of meditation technique or Pranayama as the best feel that this Amrit may be CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), which is very powerful. When a yogi, through Khechari Mudra and Pranayama, pushes Prana up the Sahasrara, Amrit flows down from the thousand petalled lotus and the Yogi drinks it with his tongue. This is Samadhi and the yogi becomes enlightened or becomes immortal.

People think that by drinking a mythological drink Soma (another drink), they can raise their Kundalini and become immortal too. Some people say Soma was found in the Himalayas but is extinct now.

Everyone thinks meditation is practiced for:
  • physical and psychological benefits, strong fit attractive body, mental calmness, peace, happiness, bliss, relief from stress
  • living in the present
  • gaining miraculous powers, psychic powers, or superpowers, Siddhis
  • immortality, deathlessness,
  • going to heaven, avoiding hell
  • getting miraculous healing powers, etc.
  • becoming a guru
  • hypnotizing, mesmerizing, brainwashing others and getting their selfish needs fulfilled, etc.
The truth is meditation is a spiritual practice to know the reality about oneself. As for miracles and powers, EVERY SINGLE SUB…SUBATOMIC PARTICLE IS A MIRACLE; it is psychic, conscious, and the most powerful, so do not hanker after some EXTRA miracles or superpowers.

DANGER: If you seriously practice Khechari Mudra (pronounced as KHECHADI), advanced version of Tratak and Shambhavi Mudra, you will end up in the hospital within a very short period of time. If you try to send Prana/breath up the Sahasrara through pranayama or intensely focusing on it for a very long time, you will end up having serious physical and mental problems. These are dangerous techniques. Khechari Mudra with Prnayama to send breath up the sahasrara is the most dangerous. It is The Most Dangerous Meditation Technique. Serious meditators may end up having brain hemorrhage, brain damange, TIA, CVA, stroke, paralysis, or even death. If you google "Khechari Mudra" you will see so many websites singing the praises of this type of Mudra for meditation.

ADVICE: Whichever meaning of the words Siddhi or Amrit you believe in, make the goal of meditation and spirituality: "To have one real meditation experience in this life."

TRUTH: Physically speaking, we are the body-mind complex, and spiritually speaking, we are the spiritual body/mind/consciousness. Self-realized Seers used to access the unlimited cosmic consciousness by upgrading their individual consciousness to know anything and everything. This is Brahmajnana. Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati: Knower of Brahm becomes Brahm himself/herself/itself.

Question: Is this how our spiritual leaders realized the illusory nature of reality long before the scientific method, having no opportunities to use microscopes or computer.
Question: Is this how a select few humans become confident about everyday life being an illusion when science required years of hard work to begin pondering the same
Answer: Yes! Not some but many spiritual leaders realized so many cosmic truths through deep contemplation, Samadhi, Dhyana (Meditation). Whatever progress has science made, most of it finds a mention in ancient Indian scriptures. Even the Hollywood mutants find a mention. Even today, SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SPIRITUAL BODIES!

In meditation, you can also know so many secrets (natural laws/principles, Ritam, Rutam, Sanatana Dharma of Pinda and Brahmanda, Maya) which are beyond the reach of science-- that's what the Brahmajnanis said.

Food For Thought: Who are these brainy scientists anyway? Ordinary individuals with high IQ who discover/find out tangible natural laws/principles that can be quantified or measured. You ask the greatest of the great scientists if they believe in religion and they would say yes; naysayers may not believe until middle age due to many worldly and brainy activities but will definitely turn to religion in old age when there is nothing else to do but just wait for death. What is religion? Teachings based on a scripture. What does the scripture contain? Misinterpreted knowledge of Brahmajnanis. Will scientists ever know the right interpretation? Will IQ help here? Don't you think they are also as deluded as others about religion and spirituality?

Question: So Atma is the answer for Who am I, the Real I, or the spiritual I?
Answer: Yes, Indian Seers and Yogis realized the existence of a supersensory or a spiritual body, mind, and consciousness. This they called this Atma (inner Self, spirit, soul), Chaitanya (Consciousness/Awareness/Mindfulness), Drashta (Seer), Jnaata or Kshetrajna (Knower), Witness (Saakshi), and many other names. They said that this is the real I. We cannot comprehend this supernormal principle with our physical senses and the thinking mind because they are limited. You should know that we cannot see, hear, feel, or sense how/what other animals can. This Self can only be known only through the development of special spiritual senses, spiritual mind, and spiritual consciousness. In other words, only when wee get into the spiritual body, mind, consciousness through Samadhi (this is the meaning of YOGA) we will realize the real I and its qualities.

It is all a believe it or not stuff!

To know how Who am I? is misunderstood as a meditation technique, click:

DANGER: Those who have WEIRD ideas, concepts, or understanding of the Self, Who am I? That I am, I am That, I am who I am, I am, Am I? will end up having physical and mental problems.

Question: Is it normal sometimes to experience tears pouring out while doing Meditation?
Answer: Imagination/Hallucination: When crying, laughing, or other emotional outbursts, you will become unstoppable. You will recollect as many cryable (!) or laughable incidents or repeatedly come back to the same memories to cry or laugh more. These activities keep on repeating.
Meditation/Kundalini: As soon as you know you are either crying or laughing, you will wake up from meditation. You may have a faint recollection of your actions. Continuous or repetitive crying or laughing does not happen in meditation.
Of course, those who are meditating but are thinking about some sad or hilarious situation can cry or laugh like people normally do.

WARNING: You will hallucinate with drugs. It doesn’t mean you have awakened your Kundalini. It means you need to stop taking drugs. Some Westerners, Ganja Yogis (marijuana smokers) and drug addicts, have written books, websites, and blogs on Kundalini detailing their pot/drug-related hallucinations as Kundalini experiences. If people believe in such drug addicts' experiences to be real meditation experiences and expect the same experiences in meditation, then we don't have to tell them that the mental hospital gates are wide open!

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life. You will suffer due to believing in age-old delusional and WEIRD teachings and practices of meditation, religion, spirituality, Kundalini, Self-realization, Yoga, etc.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!