December 28, 2016

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In Varanasi/Kashi/Banaras, everyday I used to find at least 2 unconscious men near the railway station, pavements, river ghats, etc. Cops would ask people to pour buckets of water on them, but they wouldn't wake up even after buckets of water were poured on them (during winter also). After many hours, they would gain a little consciousness and mumble that they drank tea from a mobile tea vendor (a tea seller walking with a kettle) and lost consciousness. All such people would find themselves looted/robbed of their money and valuables. This was a common sight in Varanasi. It's not only Varanasi, this happens in many railway stations and inside trains also. Unsuspecting tourists/travelers are robbed this way.

By the way, let me tell you one dark secret of how to delude/loot innocent and unsuspecting disciples/followers/people. Some gurus spike juices/beverages/Prasad/laddu/food with Bhaang/marijuana leaf juice, poisonous plant juices/seeds, mind-altering drugs/substances, hallucinogenic substances or drugs, etc., due to which the disciple/follower loses his/her mind immediately (get stunned/dumb/amnesic/sleep) or gradually over a period of time. The guru can control, delude, or take advantage of such people very easily. I was also offered a drug-laced sleep-inducing piece of small laddu/peda (a sweet edible stuff) by 2 babas in the midnight on the verandah of Kedarnath temple in the Himalayas.

My Kedarnath Yatra Story: A couple of years ago, I started my Char Dham Yatra (may be on May 1st or 1st week of May)I reached Kedarnath temple at 11:30 pm, alone. I walked a couple of kilometers up the mountain all alone, no other devotees or locals could be seen anywhere. There was snow all around the place, on the pavements near the temple. The temple was covered with a similar amount of snow as in the picture above.

I had only 1 shawl, 1 pair of woolen hand gloves, 1 sweater, 1 jacket, a woolen monkey cap, shoes, and 2 pairs of thick cotton socks. There were only 8 babas outside the temple, all covering themselves with 2-3 woolen blankets each and sitting in front of a small mobile dhuni/fire. They were burning small wooden pieces in a square tin box/can/metal container. Some babas come to Kedarnath even before the Yatra officially begins so that they can occupy the best begging spot. It was very cold so I asked the babas if any extra blankets were available. They directed me to a place just outside the temple where I found 2 woolen blankets but both of them were wet. These blankets were of another baba who had built a shanty-like structure with plastic sheets for begging. This baba used to sleep inside a house. I came back to these babas and told them the condition of the blankets. I asked  the 2 babas, who had lit a bigger fire compared to the others, to allow me to sit in front of their mobile dhuni/fire and pass the night. They welcomed me. It was 00.30 am.

After a little chat, one of the babas offered me Prasad (offering of God). It was a small piece of laddu/peda (can't remember what it was). I refused it. They said it was Lord Bholenath/Shiva's offering, that I should not refuse it, etc. I didn't take it. I said I have a Vrat (taken a vow) that I will not eat anything in the night and I will not eat until I have had the Darshan (vision) of Kedarnath Shivling.
 They tried convincing me, one baba was saying under his breath "he knows." I refused and I asked them to have it themselves. After 5 minutes of convincing, they gave up and said that if you don't take it, let this dog have it. There was a dog sitting next to us which had been running around here and there, barking at other dogs, getting into a barking fight once in a while with other dogs (there are vegetarian shepherd dog breeds in the Himalayas. They never eat nonveg, even when forced). The baba gave that small piece of laddu/peda to the dog. The dog ate it and within 2 minutes, it went into a Samadhi, deep sleep :)

The babas, who were wearing thick kambals (woolen blankets) extinguished the fire saying that they have very little firewood and need to preserve whatever they have for another month until the chilly weather improves. I left their place, went and sat near the steps of the temple entrance.  (In the picture above, the red arrow points to the place where I sat, and the blue arrow points to the place where the 2 babas were sitting). I wore whatever wearble was in my bag. I spread a plastic sheet, sat on it cross legged, kept the empty bag on my lap, covered myself with the shawl and spent the night thus. I also slept for 2 hours.


If the thoughts/experiences/secrets/facts revealed in this blog were to be written in poetical, grammatically super Sanksrit verses and compiled as a book, then that book can also become a Kundalini Sutra (a treatise on Kundalini), Kundalini Yoga Shastra, Kundalini Tantra Vidya, or Kundalini Upanishad. It can be named as Kundalini Rahasyopanishad, Kundalni Rahasya Sutra or Shastra,  Kundalini Tantra Yoga/Shastra, Kunadalini Yoga Sutra, Rahasyopaanishad, Rahasya Yoga, etc. It may become very famous when translated into English by well-established authors with good Sanskrit-English vocabulary/translation skills and flowery/literary language skills.

With the information of this blog/ancient scriptures, you can create many new Yogas with catchy names:
Ekanga Yoga, Nirvichara Yoga, Nirakara Yoga, Nireeham Yoga, Akinchan Yoga, Shabdashabda Yoga, Stabhdha Yoga, Ativahika Yoga, Turiya Yoga, Moola Tantra Yoga, BrahmaPita Yoga, BrahmaMata Yoga, Ekaakshari Yoga, Amathra Yoga, Mantramukta Yoga, Tantramukta Yoga, Pinda-Brahmanda Yoga, Mughda Yoga, Daivaviheena Yoga, Bala Yoga, Rani Bhramari Yoga, Vedanta Shiromani Yoga, Akhanda Keerti Yoga, Shreshta Yoga, Vishishta Yoga, Niryatna Yoga, Antar Gurudeeksha Yoga, Swasiddha Yoga, Vaitarani Yoga, Samsara Vinaasha Yoga, Ateeta Yoga, Mrityu Sankalpa Yoga, Janma Vikalpa Yoga, Nishyabdha Yoga, Nirvana Yoga, Akaala Yoga, Vijnana Yoga, Shodasha Kala Yoga, Santushta Yoga, Sakalaatma Bhava Yoga, Abhava Yoga, Sarvavichaara Shoonya Yoga, Shriya or Shreya Yoga,  Kalarathri Yoga, Hridgranthi Bhedana Yoga, Amrita Nadi Yoga, Brahma Nadi Yoga, Chit-Jada Granthi Bhedana Yoga, Hritpundareeka Yoga, Niraayasa Yoga, Mouna Siddha Yoga, Nirdwanda Yoga, Brahmini Yoga, Swatantra Yoga, Veetaraga Yoga…………………. It can be endless.

There are many ways in which latest writings on palm leaves/bark of trees or latest/modern books/idols/sculptures/artifacts/materials can be made to look ancient, may be 3000 BC old stuff.  (Some Indians were masters in this art. Many religions/people around the world seem to have copied/learnt so many things from Indians.) People, including archaeologists, can mysteriously dig up/excavate/find such stuffs in an ancient-looking chest/box hidden deep beneath the ground. On examination/dating analysis of such stuffs, they can be found to very ancient (fake).
Some real ancient stuffs which are found by digging/excavation are either wrongly dated or never reported. Gold, diamonds, jewelry are usually not found during archaeological excavations.

Believe it or not: There is "ALLOPANISHAD" Allah's Upanishad, Upanishad of Allah. In this Upanishad, instead of AUM/OM/Brahm/Brahma, the reality and creator of the cosmos is called Allah. This Upanishad was also appended to one of the Vedas and referred to as Vedanta. This was done during Moghul period by Sanskrit Pundits/scholars. Mogul is mispronounced word for Mongol. Mongols were from Mongolia who settled in many West Asian countries (Persia, Middle East, etc) during the period of Temujin, Taimur, Tamerlane, Timur, Genghis Khan.

Food For Thought: If Allopanishad can be written in Moghul period and appended to Vedas by Sanskrit pundits/scholars, many Upanishads before Moghul period could also have been written and appended to Vedas.

Truth/Secret: This blog contains a mother lode of pure, raw, true, and secret meditation/spiritual information. I have revealed many secrets (Rahasya). Since people have not heard or read such secrets before, they would obviously doubt them and would want to debate/argue with me. Everybody would want to quote one or the other scripture to prove his/her point. What's the point of argument/debate with a person who just has such bookish knowledge and no direct experiential knowledge? By the way, I am just writing about new discoveries of old truths. I am not creating any new knowledge, I am just revealing the ancient truths which were discovered by many people in the past but were just lost, hidden, or forgotten or deliberately erased from the minds of people or made to be forgotten.

Sat + Dhana = Sat means true/real and Dhana means wealth.
Sadhana means true/real/spiritual wealth.

Physical wealth = physical characteristics/appearance, mental reasoning/logic/intelligence, ego pride/pleasure, money/gold/wealth.

Spiritual Wealth = Kundalini awakening, Atma Jnana, Self-realization, Self-knowledge, etc.

Sadhana is a practice that helps you get rid of your unreal/untrue/false physical wealth and gain real spiritual wealth/knowledge/realization. In other words, Sadhana means giving up Attachment to your untrue/unreal physical wealth voluntarily as a practice for accomplishing/gaining it's opposite true/real spiritual wealth (Self/SPIRITual-realization/knowledge).

Thus, anything practiced to get rid of the attachment to physical wealth in order to gain/acquire/accomplish spiritual wealth is real Sadhana. It is ATTACHMENT OF THE MIND that you should get rid of.

Warning: Fake gurus will tell their disciples/followers to serve the guru with Tan, Man, Dhan (body/mind/WEALTH). Seva (service) to the guru should be done by toiling in the guru's ashram/organization, making the guru famous by spreading his/her teachings and marketing/using brains to bring in more followers/money/donations/offerings, and donating/offering all the disciple's/follower's WEALTH at the lotus feet of the fake guru. Some shameless gurus ask for a percentage of a person's wealth to be donated at his/her lotus feet. This is all the fake gurus are bothered about. You will become a physical, mental, financial, spiritual beggar if you follow such fake gurus.

Vipareeta Bhavana (thinking/doing the opposite) is also a Sadhana. For example, if you are egoistic, shed your ego by begging.

Warning: It doesn't mean you donate everything and become a real beggar. Donating to fake gurus is bad karma. A real guru will never take anything from you other than required for his/her basic needs (the guru takes from you only after he/she finds you to be a good human being). There's a lot of free food, clothes, money, train travel to Sadhus in India. German circumstantial baba (previously hippy, circumstances forced him to become a baba) in Rishikesh told me that there is so much free food in India that he calls all his compatriots to come to India to live a carefree Sadhu's life. When people offered money to babas, Indian babas would get 10 or 20 bucks whereas this German baba would get 100 bucks. Another Indian sadhu told me that he does FREE train travel worth Rs. 50000-75000 per year. He spends more time in trains than on land :) This sadhu can be called a Train baba/Rail baba.

Cravings to look after the body can be overcome by treating the body as a mobile bag of excreta. If you take pride in your beauty, then you should become careless about it by avoiding to look good. Sadhus grow beards, Jata, nails, etc., for this reason. All these grow on their own. It's only that a Sadhu is not bothered to cut/trim them, showing his carelessness to his physical appearance.  Surprisingly, nowadays, Jata has become a fashion statement! Sadhus flaunt their jatas and decorate them. Some people believe that the longest jata/beard a sadhu has, the more enlightened the sadhu is. Modern-day Sadhus have ponytails to prove they have got modern enlightenment.

Egoistic Mind is our #1 enemy. All Sadhanas are to crush this enemy.

Physical/mental cravings/desires are our #2 enemies. All Sadhanas are to kill such cravings/desires.

Fear is our #3 enemy. All Sadhanas are to overcome fear, fear of death being the most common (during sleep apnea/transient cessation of respiration during sleep, the first thought that comes to the mind is fear of death). Nirbhaya Shanti (fearless peace) is the result of Self-realization because an enlightened person knows that there's nothing called death because he/she (his/her SPIRIT/Spiritual Self) is immortal.

There are 1000s of spiritual Sadhanas. I finished my begging Sadhana during Kumbh Mela :)

I finished my pond-river-waterfall Sadhana, Cave Sadhana, Forest/Jungle Sadhana, and building a kutir (hermitage) and doing Kutir Sadhana, Mountain Sadhana, Open Air Sadhana, Naked Sadhana, Ekanta (Solitude) Sadhana, etc., here:
I had mosquitoes, rats, bats, scorpions, a viper for company inside and near the cave; monkeys, Langurs, hyenas, wild cats, foxes, King cobras, deer, etc., outside the cave and in the jungle; and fish, crabs, water snakes in the pond the waterfall had created. I was down for 15 days with malaria during the Cave Sadhana. I never lived in that cave, or any other cave for that matter, after the malarial attack.

There are many other hidden Sadhanas in my blog posts. That's the reason why you should read all my blog posts once in a while. All Sadhanas help in purifying your body/mind/ego and testing your spiritual worth/inclination. All Sadhanas are aimed at purifying your thoughts and ego and making you ready for Kundalini awakening. If you have had Kundalini awakening effortlessly, then you are really lucky and are a SPIRITual person and should consciously make efforts to progress in spirituality.


There is not much in spirituality apart from the spiritual/meditation/Kundalini experiences which give direct ( first-hand) experiential spiritual knowledge.

Silence is the easiest, best, and the most effective method/meditation to gain spiritual knowledge/wealth.

Without a Momentary Cessation of Thoughts or a Momentary Natural Cessation of Breath, You Cannot Have Yoga or Kundalini Awakening (Samadhi) or A Spiritual/Meditation/Supernatural Experience.

Why are you wasting your time doing nonsense meditations and practicing unnecessary Sadhanas?

(I know people who read my blog are not fit to do the Sadhanas that Indian Babas/Sadhus/Sadhaks do, but I am giving the above information for their general knowledge. For the present-generation Internet-reading meditation/spiritual practitioners, physical/psychological benefit-giving (presumed) Kriya/Pranayama/Vipassana/Mantra Japa in an air-conditioned place seems to be a Sadhana. To some, even such time-pass practices are difficult!!!)

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WARNING: Never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional, who will bind you more, who will trap you in the name of ENERGY). If you do, you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

November 01, 2016

Swastika, Svastika; Indus Valley Civilization; Druid and Dravid; Triskelion, Triquetra, Druids and Celts; Aryan Race; Cosmic Art, Culture, Science, Metaphysics in an Indian's Daily Life; Cosmic Rangoli, Cosmic Kolam; Spirituality in Dance; Dinosaur Egg, Australian Aboriginals, Pangaea, Baiga Tribe, Indian Vimana, Pushpaka Vimana, Ahura Mazda, Jain, Spirit Cooking, Aghoris, Occultism, Illuminati, Zion

The purpose of this post is to help you get rid of your superiority/inferiority complex/ego in relation to other fellow human beings and remind you to be grateful to your mother earth/nature. Inflated/deflated ego and lack of gratitude adversely affects one's progress in meditation/spirituality.

Bitter Truth: The earth doesn't need human beings! Human beings' contribution to the earth/world/nature is ZERO. Human beings are filth-producing machines or filth generators who are enjoying/exploiting the earth and its natural resources. Given human beings' filth generating status, what is the use of miracles and miraculous powers:

Read the following post as such a human being without attaching race, nationality, religion, caste, class, status, ethnicity, IQ, intelligence, sex, physical strength/beauty/quality, education, and other variables to your true identity. I am no historian or a scientist; the content of this post is copied from the internet. I have summed up things in a couple of sentences or a paragraph. If you want more details on any of the content of this post, you need to do some internet research.

Before I go further, let me remind you that we have a spiritual body and our spiritual body does not take anything from the earth/universe and does not generate any filth, so practice meditation and spirituality to realize your filth-free true nature:

(The aforementioned thoughts are to make you get rid of your useless ego and become spiritual. They are not meant to offend you, depress you, or hate yourself.)

Bhimbetka World Heritage Site, Madhya Pradesh, India. (290,000-700,000 BCE)
The oldest known prehistoric art is the series of petroglyphs (a carving or an inscription on a rock) discovered in two ancient quartzite caves in India: the Auditorium Cave at Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan Rock Shelter, near the Narmada River (some 40 km north of the Narmada hominid site).  
This cave art consists of numerous cupules (non-utilitarian hemispherical cup-shaped depressions - hammered out of the rock surface). Geological investigations have established that this rock art pre-dates the Acheulian culture of the Lower Paleolithic era, and must therefore date from at least 290,000 BCE. However, once more advanced dating methods become available, it is conceivable that these petroglyphs will turn out to be much older - perhaps originating as early as 700,000 BCE.

In the general scheme of Indian dating (considering Bori and other Maharashtra sites and Attirampakkam, Tamil Nadu) the Later (and Middle) Acheulian dates back to ca. 500000-700000 BP and the Final Acheulian ca. 200000 BP, and thus the Bhimbetka petroglyphs would fall within this range. The rock shelters and caves of Bhimbetka have a large number of paintings depicting daily life of the people, domestic and wild animals, childbirth, war scenes with people mounted on horses and elephants, etc. The oldest paintings are considered to be 30,000 years old. The drawings and paintings can be classified under seven different periods. Period I - (Upper Paleoli thic), Period II - (Mesolithic), Period III - (Chalcolithic), Period IV & V - (Early historic): Period VI & VII - (Medieval). "At least some of the shelters were inhabited by Homo erectus more than 100,000 years ago."
Food for thought: Homo erectus? Scientists will make a monkey out of you and the ancient human beings to prove Darwin's theory of evolution as correct: Monkey to Man. Let people who think their ancestors were monkeys be happy with their monkey genetics, DNA, and upgraded monkey status. Perhaps Darwin and many scientists died thinking that their ancestors (or they themselves) were monkeys. Interestingly, a Japanese monkey named Ikea Monkey is also called Darwin Monkey.
Google to see the petroglyphs and cave art/paintings of Bhimbetka and also the story about the Darwin Monkey. 

Food for Thought: To make cupules, you need sharp objects, like a nail or a chisel. To make a nail or a chisel, you need to melt iron ore. To melt iron ore, you need fire. The need for fire arose to cook food; later on, it was used for other purposes including melting iron ores. For cooking, you need food grains. Food grains come through cultivating fields, i.e., agriculture. To do agriculture, you need the knowledge of seeds, seasons, rain, pesticides, etc., and to store the harvested food grains, you need storage utensils and storehouses. Even to build a hut as a storehouse, you need the knowledge of building materials like wood/mud/stones, a little knowledge of architecture, designs, etc. We can go on linking science, art, and technology to each and every ancient human activity essential for survival.

Thus, pottery, agriculture, meteorology, soil science, architecture, animal husbandry, cooking, metallurgy, storage, medicine, child birth and neonatal care, architecture, etc., were known to Bhimbetka people. If a group of people (community/society) has such knowledge/technical know-how and lives life comfortably (dancing included in the paintings), how could one call these people cavemen/primitive and say that civilization is only about high level of cultural and technological development?

Culture is a relative term, thought differently by different people, and technology is ever-evolving/changing. By this definition of civilization, 10th century people were primitive because they had no electricity, vehicles, mobile, internet, etc. Maybe in 4000 AD, due to technological advancement, people of the future will call us primitive. 

If civilization is about a stage when writing was developed and written records were maintained, then we should look at history from the viewpoint of scripts. Wherever a script originated, there was a civilization and whichever is the oldest script, people of that place had the oldest civilization. Which is the oldest script? Any script that can be decipherable must be a new script, recently developed. How old are Greek, Roman, Latin, Egyptian, and other scripts when compared to Indus Valley script? Who made the written record as a criteria for civilization and how justified this person is? There are many ideas, thoughts, concepts in the world which are pure nonsense.

According to me, civilization is very very old, and ancient Bhimbetka people were not cavemen. Caves were the holy sites/temples of the ancient people. By the way, even today Indian caves are holy places of worship and there are annual fairs, festivals, and gatherings held at such caves. There are innumerable caves in tribal (Adivasi/aboriginal) areas of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharastra, Odisha, etc., which are deep inside the forests. Adivasis go to these caves once in a year. I have seen the adivasis of Chattisgarh pay their respects to the cupules. Caves in India are a kind of a library, museum, temple, or historical monument of the ancient people.

Tribes around Narmada river and its tributaries, rivers originating from Vindhyachal Mountains:
Vindhyachal mountain ranges are older than the Himalayas. There are many tribes around many rivers (Narmada, Mahanadi, Godavari, Tapti, Son, etc.,) that originate from Vindhyachal mountains (Maikal-Satpura included). I will write only about two tribes, Baiga and Gond, residing around Narmada in Madhya Pradesh. The Baiga is the National Human (Rashtriya Manava) of India. Peacock is the National Bird of India.

Per Internet: The mitochondrial DNA sequencing of the Baiga and Gond tribes of the Central Gondwana Region (CGR) proved relatedness to the Australian aboriginals. Hence Baigas and Gonds have been living in India for at least 60,000 years because it was then that the ancestors of Australian tribal stock, the splinter group of Baigas and the Gonds took the "southern route" from India to Australia. Within the region where the Baigas reside falls the Ghughua Paleobotanical and Paleozoological park of the Eocene period which is about 60 million years old. This park has fossils of ostrich eggs, eucalyptus stems and many such flora and fauna that do not occur in India but are common to Australia suggesting that Central Gondwana Region (India) and Australia were once part of the same vicinity and were of the same continent.

Per me: There was no African migration throughout the world. It was the movement of of the earth's plates that separated one people. People already existed before continents split.
Gondwana in the first and second picture above split and people got separated. In the fourth picture, India became an Island, so it was called Jambu Dweepa (Island). In the last picture, Himalayas formed, so Ganges, Yamuna, Saraswati, Indus, etc., rivers started flowing where Indus civilization developed. People in India know that Ganga was brought down from heaven by a saint named Bhagirath, which means Indians knew Pangaea!!!

Indians Vs Australian Aboriginals


People say Whites are albinos, suffering from lack of melanin due to disease, genetic disorder, inbreeding, low quality of sperms and eggs due to lack of celibacy/food habits/lifestyle, climatic conditions, etc. Google "African Albinos" and also find from google the origin of whites, albinism, problems with albinism, etc.

Continuing with the tribes around Narmada... The Ghughua Fossil National Park is the largest Fossil park in Asia and the second largest in the world. Most of the plant and animal fossils found here have no living relatives, but some have living relatives which can be found in the Western Ghats, Northeast India, Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. This park contains wood fossils, leaf impressions, fruit fossils, etc. Some fossilized plants include ancient forms of date, palm, banana, Rudraksh, jackfruit, jamun, etc. Also, you can find one dinosaur egg here.

By the way, you could have gotten a dinosaur egg for Rs. 500 ($10). Google "Dinosaur egg Rs 500" "Dinosaur eggs tamil nadu." Also Google to know more about Ghughua Fossil Park.  
Bhimbetka, Ghugha Fossil National Park, Indian National Human Baiga's forest dwellings, Dinosaur Breeding Place, place of Ostrich fossilized egg, etc., are all near to the river Narmada. There is a legend in India that River Narmada was older than river Ganga. Most people residing near and around Narmada know this. Our scriptures also speak of Ganga being brought down from heaven. What does it mean?

It means Indians knew about Pangaea (before Western scientists heard, copied, and patented this knowledge), i.e., they knew that Ganga was formed later due to the movement of earth's plates resulting in the formation of the Himalayas. Ancient people should have witnessed earth's plates moving, drifting away of lands, people getting separated, continents being formed, the Himalayas being formed, and Ganges flowing and meeting river Son (Son originates 200 meters away from where Narmada river originates).

Ancient people living around Narmada and Son would have witnessed this new river Ganga meeting the old river Son. Over a period of time, people would have started settling upstream of the Ganges, then around other newly formed Himalayan rivers like Yamuna, Saraswati, Indus (due to population growth or other reasons). It seems this is how Indus Valley got civilized.

I have seen tribals residing around/nearby/far from Narmada river and its tributaries wearing silver necklaces, other ornaments, and tattoos that are similar to some indecipherable ancient scripts (Indus or older than Indus scripts). When I was roaming around these jungles, an educated outsider (non-tribal), who had encroached upon the tribal lands and somehow legalized his encroachment, told me that the Baigas were Muslims. His logic was that the scripts/designs on the silver necklaces of the Baigas were Urdu/Arabic scripts.
I have seen many NGOs, doctors, scientists, foreigners, etc., coming to these tribal settlements and collecting blood samples of the Baiga tribes. These outsiders give them one packet of food (Rs 20) and Rs. 200 cash in return for their blood samples. These Baigas wait from morning until evening for Rs. 200 in return of their blood. The blood collectors tell them that they are collecting their blood in order to check if the Baigas have any diseases. These outsiders don't return after collecting their blood. After a couple of months, another group comes and collects the blood again for Rs. 200 and Rs. 20 food. They also say the same thing, that they are checking if the Baigas have any diseases and then vanish after collecting the blood.

It is said that the Baigas are masters in medicines. These forest dwellers have been surviving malaria from ancient times. Many people/NGOs/foreigners come here to learn (steal) their medicinal knowledge also. Such ancient people's knowledge of medicines, architecture, eco-friendly science and technology was collected, compiled, and made into books/scriptures and was patented by some selfish, cultured, script-educated, learned people. This has been happening from time immemorial. Is it possible for someone living in a desert to have the knowledge of many plants that grow in a rain forest?

I sometimes felt that these Baigas lived a real Sadhu's/Baba's life: a tough/hard life. 

Believe it or not: I was staying in a small ashram in a reserved forest on the banks of the river Narmada. This ashram belonged to a sadhu/baba/saint/sant who had renounced the world 40 years ago, roamed around India doing Sadhana, and finally settled in this ashram 20 years ago to do Tapasya/penance. Tribals and non-tribals looked after his basic needs. On some auspicious days, people from far and near came to take  holy dip in and worship Mother Narmada river. These people gave the baba money, food grains, clothes, etc., and took his blessings. On one such occasion, I saw one tribal woman in her 50s going to take a holy dip in the river. As she neared the river, she folded her hands in reverence and started praying. Suddenly, she started shaking violently and fell to the ground and was shaking there for a minute or so. Her face and body had become muddy. People around her were not paying any attention to her as if it was normal. (She just had a Kundalini awakening!) She took a dip in Narmada, came to the baba, gave him some food grains, took his blessing, and went away. She seemed to have come somewhere from the deep jungle. After she left, I told this baba about what had happened. He told me, "This place is called Dandak Aranya (jungle/forest named Dandak) mentioned in the Ramayana. These tribal people are Asuras, Rakshasas, Danavas (evil people or demons as per some cultured people) who had tormented our Lord Rama during his exile. All these tribals including women drink, hunt, fish, eat nonveg, and believe in spirits. I have seen many such spirit worshipers convulsing when they come here."

Food for thought: If there was an African migration to other parts of the world and to India, how would they ever know that Ganga was the result of Pangaea? How would an African migrant know that Narmada river was older than Ganga, Ganga did not exist before, or Ganga was the result of the Himalayas?

If rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Indus, etc., were a later formation due to Pangaea and formation of the Himalayas, how could Indus valley civilization be the oldest and that too only 5000 years old? What about the people of Bhimbetka?

If all the avatars of Gods played their sport around the rivers originating from the Himalayas and some Avatars migrated to South India after mythological river Saraswati dried up, how old are all these Avatars compared to Bhimbetka civilization? Indus still flows in Indus Valley. May be Indus valley was flooded. Maybe there were other reasons why Indus civilization ended.

If Bible says earth and human creation is only 6000 years old and if there was a systematic propaganda to date all other religions and civilizations later than Christianity, isn't the world/human/religious history, evolution, and ancient civilizations misunderstood/manipulated beyond limits?

Food for Thought: In Indian mythology, Gods had big birds as their vehicles/planes. Ancient people/aboriginals (also called Asuras, Rakshasa, Danavas  by other seemingly cultured people to mean evil people or demons) had planes/flying machines (Vimana). Asura, Ahura, and Ashura sound similar. Assamese pronounce "Assam" as "Ahom." In Hindi movies, Nepalese characters used to pronounce "memsaab" as "memshaab." Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda seems to have a flying machine/big bird.

What if there were domesticated monster birds (like in the movie Avatar) in which the ancient people used to travel throughout the world? What if the Europeans stumbled upon ancient vimanas or airplane technology in India which helped them in their invention? There are ancient Indian Vimana Shastras (scriptures on airplane technology), and some Indians say the first plane was built by an Indian, the technology of which was stolen by the Westerners.

People say big birds are a hoax and mythology is the study of myths. Mythology may be real history but an exaggerated one. All mythological characters may be normal human beings after all. Since we are talking about myths and hoaxes, google "mythical jesus RW Bernard." RW Bernard (google him) seems to have known ancient historical and scientific myths, hoaxes, and also the importance of continence and Kundalini. Also, google "quantum physics veda" and similar searches to know the relation between science and Hinduism, vedanta, ancient Indian science. Some great scientists derived inspiration from/attributed their discovery-inventions to Indian scientific knowledge, many didn't. 

Indus/Sindhu/Hindus Valley Civilization:
Some say Indus valley civilization is 5000 years old, some say 10000 years old, and others say it is older than 15000 BC. If Indus became Hindus due to pronunciation issues, then what is the harm in calling Indus Valley Civilization as HINDU/HINDOO VALLEY CIVILIZATION?
Food For Thought: If both the Swastika and the Cross are Indus Valley seals, does it mean some liked Swastika more and made a different religion out of it and some liked the Cross more and made some other religion out of it?

Truth: All major religions are based on the spiritual knowledge of Enlightened Seers and Yogis of India.

SWA in Sanskrit means Self. Asti means Is or Exists. Thus Swasti means Self exists, Self is. Ka is a noun form. Swastika's real meaning according to Brahmajnaanis (Seers) is: The Self or Purusha (Consciousness, Cosmic Being, Atma, Brahm, Soul, Spirit) exists in all 4 directions of east, west, north, and south. This Purusha has Chatushpada (4 feet/legs, which represent 4 directions (north, east, west, south) and 4 states of consciousness of Jagrat (waking), Swapna (dreaming), Sushuputi (sleeping), and Turiya (The Fourth State, The Ever-Existing State). Thus, Swastika represents the Cosmic Reality. Self is everything; Self exists everywhere; Self is in each and every animate/inanimate objects; all this is Self.

Chatushpada also means 4 letters. Swastika's 4 feet also represent 4 letters of AUM mantra, A, U, M, and Amatra (the Unwritten Letter, Unutterable Supreme Sound).

The Swastika symbol seems be walking, which means this Purusha, Cosmic Being is ever-active and goes/moves/spreads in all directions.

Thus, Swastika is a 4 legged symbol representing Purusha, Atma, Self, Soul, Brahma, Spirit, the Brahm Naad or the Supreme Sound, etc., which exists everywhere, ever-active, expanding or walking/spreading in all directions.

People say "swasti" means well-being, peace, good luck, and other auspicious things, hence it is an auspicious symbol. It is a symbol of peace, good health, and prosperity.
The following photo depicts Country-wise Swastikas of India, Russia, Germany, USA, Etruscan, Iraq, Poland, Navajo, Tibet, Peru, Hittie, Hopewell, Thracian, Anglo-Saxon, Korea, Iran, Italy, Armenia, Aztec, Ethiopia, Japan, Anasazi, Basque, and Israel.
Food For Thought: In Jainism, Swastika is the most revered symbol. Hindus and Buddhists revere many other symbols in addition to the Swastika. The verbal meaning of Ujjain is Vijayni and whose transformation in Pali language is Ujjain. Basically Ujjaini is a Sanskrit word that means Ut+Jaini = victory provider with great heights. Jin, Jina, Jain, Jayan, Jaini, etc., means someone who has achieved the highest spiritual liberation, a spiritual victor or conqueror. Western people have started hearing "J" sound only from the last 300-450 years; that's when they settled (?) in India. They were so impressed with the Indian "J" sound that they changed the name of their god from Yahweh/Yahovah to Jehova and God's messenger Yeshua to Joshua! By the way Yeshua sounds similar to Sanskrit names Eshwar/Isha (Supreme Being). May be Indians returned Europeans' favor for coining words Hindu (resulting in Hinduism and Hindustan). Even Indus, Indie, India, Indian are their contribution. It's but natural for people to get influenced by people. Ancient civilized world was influenced by Indians and now Indians are influenced by modern civilized world.

Warning: Some Indian evangelists in the garb of spiritual gurus use Indian names Isha or Eshwar (name of god) for clandestine religious conversions. Beware of such gurus:

Swastika designs of various countries or people meaning many things.

Some more Swastika designs and interpretations:
Indian Swastika Rangoli/Kolam:
Google "Swastika Rangoli" or "Swastika Kolam", you will get 100s of different types of Swastika.

Food For Thought: The Indus Valley Symbol of Swastika can be found throughout the globe with minor changes (addition, deletion, edition) in the design here and there. Some swastikas are tilted or slanted, some facing the left, some facing the right, some are straight, some are curved, some are like vortices, some have four legs, some have 3 legs, some have more than 4 legs, some have no feet (Cross +) etc. Swastika in its various formats represents many religions, sects, cults, countries, people, civilizations, etc.

Truth: Similar to Swastika, which has a variety of designs and is given different meanings, the spiritual knowledge of ancient Indian Seers and Yogis have been made into a variety of religions, religious and spiritual concepts, ideas, symbols, etc.

If Hitler could steal the Indus Valley symbol Swastika and try patenting it in the name of his race, religion, army, or country, how many Hitlers and non-Hitlers in the past wouldn't have tried the same? If Hitler had won the war, his Swastika design would have been the symbol of many countries and people.

A minor change in the Swastika here and there, and lo! we have a different religion, people, culture!

Druid Symbols, Celtic Symbols, and Indian Rangoli/Kolam:
Celts were technologically advanced ancient people of Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain (maybe entire Europe), Turkey, etc.  These people were cultured and spiritual people. They had excelled in science and arts.

The following is the Triskelion, Triple spiral, Triskele of Druids/Celts which may have been derived from Sanskrit word Trikala meaning 3 states of Jagrat (waking), Swapna (dreaming), Sushupti (sleeping) or 3 time duration/periods of the past, present, and future. Each leg or spiral represents each state or period. 

In the following pictures, there is a comparison between Celtic Triskelion and Indian Rangoli/Kolam.
Triskelion                                              Quadriskelions = Swastika
Quadriskelion is nothing but the Swastika. The fourth leg being Turiya, the soul, Atma, or spirit which is ever-awake or present in all these 3 states of awareness and 3 time periods.

Triquetra, Triqueta, three knots of Celts may have been derived from Sanksrit triguna meaning 3 qualities of Satwa, Rajas, and Tamas or Trigranthi meaning 3 knots of the heart which are Kama-karma-Ajnana Vasana, Tridosha of Mala-Vikshepa-Avarana or desires of Kama-Kanchana-Keerti.

Triquetra may also mean Trinetra (three eyes, the Third eye being our spiritual eye, which is wrongly used by Zionists as an all-witnessing eye which is looking at everyone from the top or middle of a mountain/mount Zion).

The Celtic Tree is nothing but the Ashwatha (fig) tree where the spirit/soul/consciousness resides. This tree also represents the knots of the heart.
All other Celtic Knots are the innumerable knots of the heart.


Google "Rangoli designs" or "kolam designs," you will find all druid/celtic symbols being drawn by Indians in front of their homes everyday.

Europeans after religious conversion retained only the Celtic Cross and bid adieu to all other symbols. Druids were the gurus of Celts. The word "Druid or Druids" is derived from Indian "Dravid" or "Dravids/Dravidians." Therefore, there is no wonder that all the symbols (including Swastika, Cross, Star, Hexagram, the Hex, Knots, etc.,) of not only the Celts but also many other people around the world are used in the daily lives of the Indian people through Rangoli or Kolam. It is only Indians who have not lost their roots. Celts were forced to give up their ancient culture and beliefs. Presently, the Tibetans are being forced to give up their ancient culture/beliefs.



Just because Hitler used Swastika, it doesn't mean Swastika is an evil symbol. Just because an evil man uses money (currency notes) to hire contract killers, it doesn't mean that currency notes are evil.

All the ancient civilizations had symbols/idols; all of them were pagan, which means they were spiritual people. All the ancient archaeological sites had excavated some symbols/idols, ALL OF THEM HAVING SOME RELATION TO INDIAN BELIEF.

New religions were created either by just manipulating the older ones, going against (reverse/or just the opposite of)the older  religious/spiritual practices, adding some materialistic views/myths/stories/science to the older ones, or a cocktail of all of these. SO, THERE'S NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT SUCH NEW RELIGIONS. It is similar to Sex Tantra, which went against/just the opposite of the ancient spiritual practices of celibacy, continence, meditation, and penance. Sex Tantra is a hoax. The practitioners of Sex Tantra used to be driven out to the jungles, where they used to practice their nonsense secretly. Over a period of time, they termed their nonsense as Vama Marga (left-sided spiritual path/practice) as opposed to the right one which requires continence, renunciation, penance, meditation. They made some books/scriptures to give it legitimacy to their nonsense and called it Vama Marga. This type of sex Tantra Sadhana (Vama Marga) was only patronized by debauched/immoral/deluded kings in the ancient times. Occultism, black magic, sorcery, witchcraft, animal sacrifice, etc., are all the result of misunderstanding/manipulating the ancient spiritual practices and spiritual symbols. Nobody will progress in meditation or spirituality with Sex Tantra because it is not a spiritual practice and it is a hoax:

Similarly, ignorant people think that by condemning idolatry, paganism, destroying idols, they become the great followers of their great new religions. ALL THE NEW RELIGIONS NEGATE MEDITATION AND SPIRITUALITY BECAUSE ANCIENT RELIGIONS TALKED ABOUT THEM. Without meditation, nobody can understand spirituality. Without spirituality, human life is as good as that of an animal. In most cases, animals seem to be better than human beings. More power-hungry and the most deluded people practice useless and nauseating occultism, spirit cooking, etc., calling such practices as spiritual.

By the way, Arya (Sanskrit) or Ariya (Pali) means Spiritual Wisdom/Knowledge or Seer/Knower/Enlightened. Acharya means firmly established in Spiritual Wisdom/Knowledge/Enlightenment, i.e., an Enlightened person/teacher. In olden days, this word Arya was usurped by some people to call themselves Aryas/Aryans to mean noble persons or persons of noble descent. Its case is similar to the word "Brahman." Brahman was the word used to address a Seer/Brahmajnani (Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati = Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman itself). This word Brahman was usurped by some people to call themselves Brahman or Brahmana, a noble/high caste, people of noble descent.

Arya is a fictitious race because Europeans who ruled India as well as Hitler & Co did not want to credit the newly-found or stumbled upon Indian ancient scientific/technological/agricultural/astrological/ astronomical/meteorological/ natural/ medicinal/cosmic/ philosophical/spiritual knowledge and the Swastika to the brown- and dark-skinned Indian slavesHow could slaves be intelligent or have such advanced knowledge? So they credited all the ancient Indian knowledge to their ancestors by calling their ancestors Aryans. Not only that, they said their ancestors Aryans, the fair ones, invaded India and settled in India long, long ago. NONSENSE!

Warning: North Indians or fairer ones being called Aryans and South Indians or the darker ones being called Dravidians is a big lie. There is hardly any mention of Aryans or Dravidians as different races in our scriptures. Slokas/verses on Castes have been deliberately inserted in our scriptures by shrewd people with ulterior motives; even the Upanishads are not spared. These fictitious races (Aryan/Dravidian) were part of the propaganda to divide India. Divisions based on surnames, castes, color, language, religion, gods, sects, place of domicile, etc., is all due to ignorance/manipulation. Arya, Aryan, Arian, Iran, all sound similar.


Click to know more about One Brahm Principle, Cosmic Being, Sound, Vibrations, Consciousness, Cosmic Creation, Religion versus Spirituality:

Cosmic Art, Culture, Science, Metaphysics in an Indian's Daily Life; Cosmic Rangoli, Cosmic Kolam:
Atom and atomic Rangoli/Kolam
Galactic Vortex and galactic/cosmic Rangoli/Kolam:
Cymatics and cymatic Rangoli/Kolam:
Google "Rangoli Designs" or "Kolam Designs" and check the Images. You will find Rangoli/Kolam designs similar to all the symbols/artifacts of all the ancient civilizations, people, countries, culture, religions, cymatics, atoms, geometry, knots, cosmic evolution from atom to animals, diagrams, etc. 
All these Indian women get up early in the morning and use Kolam/Rangoli to make a good design in front of their homes; this has been going on from time immemorial.
Sadhus and saints get up early in the morning, in Brahma Muhurta, to meditate.

All the Rangoli/Kolam designs have profound spiritual meanings. There seems to be spirituality in everything an average Indian does!
Spirituality in Dance: Mudras are spontaneously/involuntarily performed by a meditator when his/her Kundalini awakens.

These Kundalini mudras (involuntary/swabhavika kriyas) have been made as Yogic Mudras by Yogasana teachers to be performed voluntarily while sitting in an asana, i.e., you sit in an asana in a mudra to meditate.

Priests in temples also perform some Mudras while doing puja/worshiping.

The same Mudras have also been used in Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, and other Indian classical dance forms. There will be minor changes here and there to give uniqueness. 

 There seems to be spirituality in everything an Indian does!
The knowledge of Kundalini-Awakened Seers has been used in dance also.



SPIRIT COOKING IS A HOAX. OCCULTISM IS A HOAX. All occult practices are due to misunderstanding/manipulating of ancient spiritual knowledge, similar to misunderstanding/manipulating Pranayama as the cause of Kundalini awakening.

Occultism, sex Tantra are all the practices of the deviant. Only the power-hungry, deviant, deluded, ignorant, and worst people get attracted to such practices. In India, we can see many Westerners running around Aghoris, who drink urine and blood, eat excreta and dead body/corpses (as a ritual and of course not always), thinking that these people possess healing/occult/supernatural powers or they think that Aghoris are enlightened babas. Some Western women just want sex from Aghoris and other babas. Men are not far behind. Many people just want marijuana from such babas.

Aghoris are poor babas, and if somebody pays them money, they can eat or pretend to eat flesh of corpses on camera. Some Westerners and other religious propagandists give them $100 or $200, praise them, and request them to show their practice of eating dead people's flesh on camera. Some ask them to have sex with dead bodies on camera. Some propagandists capture their act in hidden cameras, as if to show to the world that they are doing investigative journalism. The reality is that such journos pay them. All this crap is to denigrate Hinduism, to show Hinduism/Indians in poor light, or to tell the whole world that whole of India and Hinduism is about Aghoris, cannibalism, and necrophilia. The truth is that Aghoris practice this ritual only once in a lifetime. They eat a small piece of a dead person's flesh as a ritual. A new initiate into Aghori sect undergoes such a ritual once in a lifetime. This ritual is to enlighten the new initiate about the reality of the human body which is nothing but a heap of dirty flesh and filthy fluids and materials.

The propagandists, Westerners and others, praise these poor Aghori babas, pay them money, pretend to make them their gurus, and tell them that they will show their videos to other foreigners so that many foreign people will become their disciples. The poor, illiterate, uneducated Aghori babas fall for this trap. If these Aghori babas come to know the propaganda of denigrating Hinduism/India, they will beat the hell out of such Westerners and other propagandists.

Babas are smart. The moment a fake Baba comes to know that a person is seeking health, wealth, physical, psychological benefits or miraculous/super/healing powers, enlightenment, etc., he will devise schemes to exploit such an ignorant/deluded person. Modern famous gurus also do the same thing. Aghoris and many other babas smoke, drink, have sex, cheat, peddle marijuana, etc. Gurudom/babadom thrives on people's ignorance, delusion, and weird expectations. There are some good people, but there are many bad people. Innumerable fake gurus, babas, and disciples' can be found in all the holy places of India because that's where the moolah is. For real spiritual people, doing sadhana in such places becomes a nightmare.

Many Westerners learn something (usually sex Tantra, pranayama, tratak, mudra, krirya) from such fake Indian babas/gurus and become gurus in their own countries to exploit/delude their compatriots.

Deluded people practice nauseating occultism, spirit cooking, animal/human sacrifice, etc., to get superpowers, which they will never get because there are rules:

Cunning, shrewdness, cheating, lying, manipulating, playing games, etc., can give power, wealth, authority, so there is no need to practice any occultism. Without occultism, many fake Indian gurus had openly declared themselves to be gods, lived like gods, were treated and worshiped like gods, and enjoyed whatever they wanted, like gods. Illuminati and Zionists just hide and play their sadistic games and secretly enjoy their success in small groups. Lifestyle of the Illuminati/Zionists is similar to a person below the poverty line when compared to some of our previous fake Indian godmen/godwomen/goddess women.

Ignorance is Evil!
Meditate and get rid of it.
Experience, then believe spirituality.
No spiritual knowledge without Meditation!
Silence Leads to Real Meditation Experiences.
Meditation Experience Gives A Heightened Level of Spiritual Awareness.
Direct Experiential Knowledge is The Real, The Must, and The Best Knowledge.
Know The Reality About Religion/Spirituality Through Direct Meditation Experiences.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (deluded person or a fake guru who deludes others).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!