June 14, 2016

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Basics: Kundalini is the power responsible for our breathing, without which we are all dead as a dodo. Kundalini is also the power that is responsible for SPIRITual awakening, SPIRITual knowledge, loosening the knots of the SPIRITual heart, and Enlightenment.
In the above picture, the two snakes represent DNA. The two snakes also represent Ida and Pingala nerves or nerve channels (responsible for our breathing) which are connected to our left and right nostrils through which we breathe in and breathe out. The middle staff/rod (Meru Danda) is the Sushumna (ethereal/spiritual nerve channel responsible for SPIRITual awakening/knowledge). The head of the staff is Sahasrara and the wings represent freedom/liberation/enlightenment/Nirvana/Kaivalya. The wings also represent our spiritual body, with which we can fly!!!
In short, Kundalini is a breathing mechanism, which connects Ida, Pringala,  Sushumna, and many other physical and spiritual nerve channels.
Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala when it is sleeping or downward looking. We have control over our body when Kundalini is sleeping. We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama or other physical activities by breathing through Ida and Pingala. Our breathing automatically varies when we are walking, running, relaxing, sleeping (thanks to Kundalini), in fear, in anxiety, in anger, in peace, in a happy mood, etc. It's all due to sleeping/downward Kundalini. Kundalini is a breathing mechanism.
When Kundalini awakens or points upward, it breathes through Sushumna also, i.e., Ida+Pingala+Sushumna. “Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” can also mean Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala. We cannot regulate our breathing, do pranayama or other physical activities with either Ida or Pingala at will when Kundalini is awake. Kundalini does its own altered breathing and physical activities, which are called Kundalini Kriyas or Swabhavika Kriyas or Sahaja Kriyas of Kundalini.
When Kundalini Kriyas happen or when Kundalini awakens, we  will just witness/know our own physical activities, without having control over them. Its similar to Kundalini regulating our breathing during sleep. The difference is that during sleeping, we will not know how we are breathing, and during Kundalini awakening, we will know how we are breathing/performing the Kriyas, but in both instances of sleeping and Kundalini awakening, we will not have control over our bodily/breathing activities. We are not responsible for our breathing during our sleep but Kundalini is. Kundalini is a breathing mechanism.
WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER OUR BODY WHEN KUNDALINI AWAKENS/POINTS UPWARD. It would seem as if somebody is breathing for us and we cannot control our breathing. It would feel as if somebody has taken possession of our body and forcing us to perform Pranayama or other bodily activities/Kriyas. Check the Body Movements and Breathing experiences in the below link:

The experiences in the above link are due to 2 kinds of Samadhis (intense SPIRITual experiences due to deep meditation and Kundalini awakening): Jnana Samadhi and Kriya Samadhi:

Kundalini, the Coiled Serpent Power, connects Ida and Pingala (reason for our breathing) and Sushumna (reason for spiritual awakening/DNA repair or upgradation) at the mooladhara.

Except for Kundalini awakened people, nobody knew what DNA was. Kundalini awakened people realized that Kundalini is a natural physical+spiritual phenomena, DNA being the physical Kundalini energy.

In this picture (the caduceus), the intertwined 2 snakes represent DNA. Medical science is about the body-mind complex made up of DNA/Physical Kundalini energy. This ancient insignia/the Caduceus is not created by modern scientists, doctors, or researchers. Modern medical science has its roots in ancient medical knowledge. Comparison of modern DNA and ancient Kundalini DNA in pictures is in the below post:

The 2 snakes also represent Ida and Pingala nerves or nerve channels which are connected to our left and right nostrils through which we breathe in and breathe out. The middle staff/rod is the Sushumna. The head of the staff is Sahasrara and the wings represent freedom/liberation/enlightenment/Nirvana/Kaivalya.
Kundalini awakening leads to Liberation, Freedom, Self-realization, Brahmajnana, Yoga, Nirvana, Kaivalya, Enlightenment, etc., which all mean the same.

Since Kundalini is responsible for our breathing, Kundalini is responsible for EVERYTHING--life, living, physical and spiritual activities and knowledge, freedom, enlightenment, etc. Kunalini is both the primordial energy and the vital energy, which scriptures talk about.

Indian Yogis and Seers called the Vital/Super Energy/Power that lies in us as Kundalini. You can call it by any name. People have millions of names, but all are human beings. Water is called by many names in many languages. Thus, the important thing to know is that there is a super mechanism in us. Nomenclature does not matter.

Why did Vedantis, Buddhists, or Muslims, Christians, or other religious people not mention Kundalini and its importance?
What you experience and know is what you will teach. If any of the above religions have mentioned Kundalini with a different name/concept/idea, then it is well and good. By the way, there are Upanishads on Kundalini. People just got stuck with 12 major Upanishads for various reasons and called them Vedanta, and none of them mention anything about Kundalini. Only these 12 Upanishads were made famous for various reasons again. So Vedantis, it doesn't mean Kundalini is unreal, it means something else. Also, there are innumerable scriptures which don't mention Kundalini. Again, it doesn't mean Kundalini is unreal, it means something else.

Kundalini is mentioned as a coiled serpent/snake. It doesn't mean that there is a real snake residing in you. These are nerves or nerve channels coiled in the shape of a snake. Kundalini is a vortex like in this picture below, which resembles a coiled up snake.

The ancient Indian Yogis and Seers found out that Ritam/Sanatana Dharma or Dharma Sanatana (The Great Cosmic Principle/The Eternal Laws of Nature/Eternal Laws of Pinda and Brahmanda) is the same everywhere. It is the effect of the Supreme Sound/Vibration which vibrates throughout the cosmos. Due to the variation in frequencies of this vibration/sound, there is variety in the cosmos.

To know about the Supreme Sound, click:


The ancient Indian Seers and Yogis found that a a higher power is responsible for our breathing during waking, sleeping, and deep sleep states--we do not put any effort to breathe while sleeping. They called this power that resides in all of us which is not only responsible for our breathing but also which gives us spiritual experiences as Kundalini, the coiled up power. Even the galaxy looks as though it is coiled up. "Whatever is in you is in the entire cosmos." Kundalini is a vortex, the miniature galaxy residing in you.

Kundalini knows how to breathe when you are sleeping, relaxing, running, walking, etc. Kundalini is ever-active. Men can always see the effect of Kundalini--the groin changes position, as if there is some breathing activity happening. They cannot do anything about it, nobody can stop it. Similarly, for women, it will be happening internally. This is the vital activity, without which a person is dead.

Kundalini has 2 phases, sleeping and waking OR clockwise and anticlockwise (OR forward and reverse). Sleeping/clockwise means when Kundalini is not spiritually active. Waking/anticlockwise means when Kundalini is spiritually active. Spiritually means SPIRITually. When it moves anticlockwise, you come face-to-face with your original/real/spiritual Self.

When Kundalini is sleeping or looking down:
Kundalini is physically active and spiritually inactive or asleep. Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala.  We have control over our body when Kundalini is sleeping.
We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama, and breathe the way we want. We are interested in all kinds of worldly activities that give us pleasures, especially the triple desires of kaama-kaanchana-keerti (sex, wealth, name and fame). We will be doing all other sorts of body-mind-ego activities, with being fully conscious of our body and mind. We will have complete knowledge of our surroundings.
When Kundalini awakens or looks upward:

Kundalini is spiritually active. “Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” can also mean Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala. When Kundalini wakens, it starts regulating breath in its own way—pranayama—this is original pranayama. We cannot regulate our breathing, do pranayama, or do other physical activities during this time. We have no control over our body. It would seem as if somebody is breathing for us or we cannot control our breathing. It feels like as if somebody has taken possession of our body and forcing us to perform Pranayama or other bodily activities such as jerks, body shakes, twisting of the body, gesturing through fingers and hand, tongue, eyes, etc. When Kundalini awakens, it feels as if someone has taken possession of your body!

Kundalini Myth Versus Truth
Myth: Kundalini awakening is not required for enlightenment because not many religions talk about it.
Truth: Without Kundalini awakening (Samadhi), you will not experience anything about spirituality, not to mention enlightenment. All your knowledge of Enlightenment and Spirituality will remain bookish/borrowed/second-hand. Without Kundalini awakening and consequent real spiritual experience/knowledge, people become BHRAMjnanis (deluded persons or fake gurus who delude others about spirituality and enlightenment).

Myth: Ordinary people cannot get enlightened.
Truth: Everyone is ordinary. Only when many ordinary people think "person Z" to be not ordinary but special does this Z become extraordinary. 

Myth: I can feel Kundalini moving/swirling/twirling in my mooladhara (perineum) when I am walking or awake.
Truth: That is not Kundalini, it is air/energy trapped in mooladhara due to meditating or concentrating on mooladhara. This is a physical symptom related to physical nerves, not related to any spiritual nerves.

Warning: This can happen in any Chakra location or any part of your body, physical heart, in between your eyebrow, etc. People develop hernias in Chakra locations due to air getting trapped there. This is the reason never ever meditate/concentrate on any chakra location, physical heart, brain, etc.

Myth: Pranayama leads to Kundalini Awakening.
Truth: It is the other way around. When Kundalini awakens, Pranayama happens. You cannot awaken Kundalini with Pranayama. Pranayama is a Swabhavika Kriya of Kundalini due to awakening.

This is how our ancient Yogis and Seers found out Pranayama, Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, and Kriyas. Fake modern pranayamas do not happen during Kundalini awakening. Only the ancient Yogic pranayamas happen (that too not the way they are being taught by gurus). There are some pranayamas where a person tries to send his vital breath up the sahasrara/brain. This is dangerous. This is the reason why no enlightened guru ever taught Kriya/Pranayama for Kundalini awakening or Self-realization. They knew that these are not the causes but are the effects of Kundalini awakening, and except for Kundalini itself/herself, no one can perform them correctly, rightly, or accurately.

Myth: If I practice prolonged breathlessness (kumbhaka), I can awaken my Kundalini.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, you can become breathless. This is called Swabhavika Kumbhaka (natural/spontaneous/involuntary breathlessness). While practicing Kumbhaka for awakening Kundalini, if your breath gets locked and you are unable to release the breath, then you will say goodbye to the world.

Myth: With Kriyas, I can awaken my Kundalini.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, Kriyas happen.

Myth: Practicing Mudras, like Kechri, I can awaken my Kundalini and move Prana up the Sahasrara and drink Amrit (nectar).
Truth: Mudras happen when Kundalini awakens. Drinking nectar is not Amrit. Amrit or Amrut means deathless. Your spiritual body is deathless and immortal.

Myth: I can fly with my physical body, when Kundalini is awake.
Truth: Only the spiritual body can fly when Kundalini gets awakened.

Myth: My pineal gland gets activated and I get enlightenment when Kundalini awakens.
Truth: Pineal gland is a body part. Kundalini awakens your spiritual body which has no glands.

Warning: Many fake gurus are now saying activating hormonal glands as chakra activation. There's no limit to the delusion that is being spread by modern-day educated (Scientific/quantum background) English-speaking gurus. We can expect druggists or electricians to become gurus who can inject some substance into or give nano-electric shocks to the pineal gland for Enlightenment/Chakra activation/Kundalini awakening.

Myth: Kundalini can be awakened through sexual intercourse, Tantric sex, sex without ejaculation, heating up your mooladhara.
Truth: Just before Prana enters Sushumna, the sexual organ withdraws as a tortoise withdraws its head. This is anticlockwise motion of Kundalini. There will be a cold sensation in your perineum and groin area, as a result of which your sexual organ retracts/contracts. Nobody can have sex in this condition.

With sexual activities, nerves become weak, and Kundalini will never awaken in a body with weak nerves. This is the reason why Yogasana is prescribed--to make your body and nerves strong. Any yogasana practice without celibacy is a BIG WASTE. A celibate doesn't need Yogasana.

Myth: There are many Kundalini symptoms (Kundalini syndrome, Kundalini psychosis), Kundalini ascension symptoms, and other Kundalini awakening side effects.
Truth: There is nothing called Kundalini symptom, Kundalini syndrome, Kundalini psychosis, ascension symptom or Kundalini side effect.

These are all the side effects of wrong meditation techniques. People harm themselves physically and mentally by practicing unnatural meditation techniques, damage their body/mind irreparably, and end up blaming Kundalini. Without Kundalini, nobody can live.

Myth: Kundalini experiences are subjective.
Truth: They are not. Everybody will have similar experiences. There will be a little difference as far as visions and some revelations are concerned, but the rest are the same. The difference in vision/revelations is due to Re-Living and Relieving of Vasanas and Samskaras.

Spirituality and meditation are not subjective concepts. It is just that people are ignorant because of lack of direct experiential knowledge. Many people do not believe that they have a supernormal principle in them or that they have a higher nature of existence. People just will not have meditation experiences because of their low level of spiritual evolution. Deeply interested in fulfilling physical, mental, and ego desires or relishing worldly pleasures with enthusiasm at the cost of morality and human character is the characteristic of a lowest of low person. The more one is disinterested in such activities, the more evolved he/she is spiritually.

Myth: Books and websites teach the right things about Kundalini.
Truth: Too much theory and nil practicals. In books/websites/scriptures, you will find that there are N number of naadis explained which may be physical naadis. The main spiritual Naadi is Sushumna. It is only when you start experiencing Prana flowing in Sushumna would you know the truth about books, websites, and other sources of Kundalini misinformation. People would have used different names like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati for Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, etc. People have been breathing all their lives with Ida and Pingala, do they ever become aware of the route of these nerves from nose up to mooladhara?
Meditate on silence and do not bother about theoretical information about Kundalini.

Some drug addicts have also written books on Kundalini. Such authors have made books out of their first experience with drugs as a Kundalini guide. Their auditory and visual hallucinations have been passed off as Kundalini experiences.

Myth: I see snakes around all the time, in meditation as well as when I am not meditating--that is I see Kundalini everywhere.
Truth: You are hallucinating.

Kundalini is your spiritual power. It has no relation to snakes. The two intertwined snakes represent the two strands of your DNA and Ida and Pingala. When Kundalini shakes in mooladhara, it seem as if  a snake is crawling under your seat. This happens during Kundalini awakening and you jump from your seat. On the other hand, if there is a sensation in your mooladhara always, even when you are not meditating, then you should know that air is trapped there due to meditating on mooladhara. In some cases, people develop a hernia.
Sushumna channel is like a straight Danda (stick/staff), and Ida and Pingala Naadis are like the intertwined snakes which are connected to the Sushumna at the bottom. The snakes in reality represent DNA. Our spiritual body has no use of Ida and Pingala. By the way, Ida and Pingala as snakes are binding Sushumna, to signify bondage of our spirit or spiritual body/mind/consciousness. Snakes also signify sexual desires, worldly desires. They are binding our spiritual body from freeing itself and soaring high to merge into the cosmic consciousness. This is called Bandha (bondage). Freedom from these snakes/desires is called Mukti, Moksha, Liberation, Freedom, Emancipation, Nirvana, Eternal Bliss, Enlightenment, Kaivalya, etc.

Myth: By imagining that my Kundalini is moving up the spine, I can awaken my Kundalini.

Truth: Do not practice any imagination techniques, you will start hallucinating. If you are concentrating on your spine, then surely you will damage your spine also.

Myth: I see a tiny bright light in my spine and sometimes I see 3 strands of white airy pipe-like nerves going from mooladhara to sahasrara. I am seeing Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.
Truth: Your mind is very good at imagination. Do not practice any imagination/visualization meditation techniques, you will start hallucinating. If you are concentrating on your spine, then surely you will damage your spine also.

WARNING: DO NOT practice imagination techniques to awaken Kundalini. Meditation is practiced to find the reality about oneself. How could imagination lead to reality? If you want to make your imagination a reality, then that imagination may lead to hallucination and other mental disorders. This is where and how people start hallucinating and losing their minds!!!
People with weak bodies, worn out nerves, weak minds, who have indulged in a lot of sexual activities, who imagine too much, who are hypochondriacs, who are too intelligent and think they can have Self-realization through intellectual activities, etc., will start hallucinating. This is the reason why celibacy is important. Celibacy strengthens our nervous system, makes our body strong, and gives mental strength, all of which make us strong enough to withstand the surge of spiritual currents that will be passed when Kundalini awakens.

Kundalini is a great benefactor! It knows when a person is ready for the awakening. It knows that people would go out of their mind or would damage their bodies if their bodies and minds are not fit for  the awakening. This is the reason why only 1 in a million will have a Kundalini experience in his/her lifetime.

Myth: Kundalini awakening can be done through Yoga, i.e., asanas, pranayama, kriyas and other bending, twisting, sitting, breathing exercises.
Truth: No. All these will happen spontaneously/involuntarily/naturally (swabhavika kriya) when Kundalini awakens. You can practice yogasana to make your body and nerves stronger. You can practice ancient yogic pranayama to get relief from a particular medical condition or symptom that you are having. You need to first check the efficacy of the pranayama on your medical condition. Mind you all gurus who teach ancient pranayama may not know the correct way of doing a particular Panayama or may not know which pranayama is beneficial for what kind of medical symptom/medical condition. Practicing the same pranayama always is dangerous. Many gurus say that along with pranayama, you should also continue your allopathic drugs/medicines for your medical condition. So you should first check the efficacy of pranayama for your medical condition and then do what you please.

In any case, NEVER practice pranayama or Kriya for Kundalini Awakening. It is dangerous.

When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or a MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, a higher power (Kundalini) in you awakens WITHOUT PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TRAUMA. This is YOGA.

All types of meditation and non-meditation practices should end in SILENCE for the higher power (Kundalini) to awaken in you.

Myth: People get enlightened without awakening Kundalini.
Truth: Impossible. Some past enlightened people may not have talked much about Kundalini for various reasons (one reason may be because not many followers would have asked about Kundalini), but without Kundalini awakening, nobody can get enlightened. Kundalini is the reason for loosening the knots of the heart, which leads to Self-realization and Enlightenment.

Myth: You cannot awaken Kundalini without knowing what Kundalini is or without having a thorough knowledge about Kundalini. Nobody can awaken Kundalini without reading a lot of books on Kundalini and knowing the hundreds of naadis mentioned in those books.
Truth: Kundalini is just a name. I had a Kundalini experience without having heard the word "Kundalini".
To know how, click:

Myth: Kundalini Yoga is a type of Yoga or meditation technique.
Truth: Whatever type of Yoga technique or meditation technique you are practicing, Kundalini (higher power in you responsible for breathing and spiritual awakening) will awaken once you Silence your mind and progress in deep meditation.

Yoga means union or merger of the individual self/consciousness with the cosmic Self/Consciousness. Yoga means spiritual body/mind/consciousness awakening. It means Self-realization or enlightenment. Yoga is achieved through Dhyana or meditation, not through physical exercises (asana) or breathing exercises (pranayama).

You need to remove the adjectives which describe a type or the name of the author (eponym) from Patanjali Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vihangama Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Shava Yoga, etc., and then read the above meaning of Yoga. All the adjectives/types are practices that ultimately lead to Yoga, Self-realization or Enlightenment. Only when the body and the mind become Silent, the spiritual and super-conscious activities begin--This is the beginning of Yoga.

Myth: Kundalini can only be awakened through yogic activities.
Truth: Kundalini will awaken once the mind becomes still or inactive during meditation. When Kundalini awakens, all yogic activities happen on their own. This is how our Yogis found out Kriyas. When swabhavika (natural, spontaneous, involuntary) yogic activities like pranayama, asana, twisting of the body, mudras, involuntary speech (glossolalia), kriyas, altered breathing, etc., happen without your will, know for sure you had a Kundalini awakening.

Myth: There are various types of Kundalini rising, in different naadis.
Truth: There is only one type of Kundalini rising, through Sushumna.

Myth: I can activate my Chakras without Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Kundalini awakening means Chakra activation.

Myth: My Heart Chakra is displaced, do I take help from people who balance and heal Chakras?
Truth: Good joke. If you know your Chakra has displaced, ask some doctor to perform an operation and position it correctly. You can also ask the doctors for Chakra transplantation if your Chakra is damaged. Deluded people spread delusions about Chakras and Kundalini.  A classic case of a blind leading another blind. Those who balance and heal Chakras will never have any spiritual experience in their entire lives because of their bad karma of spreading delusions and making money by fooling people. Chakras have nothing to do with your physical body.

Myth: I had a Kundalini awakening when my guru performed Shaktipat.
Truth: Lies. Shaktipt is fake. Lies about Shaktipat are in the following link:

Myth: Guru is necessary for Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Not necessary.

Myth: You need to renounce the world and become a sadhu for Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Not necessary.

Myth: Presently, many gurus have had Kundalini awakenings.
Truth: Presently, any guru who takes money/donations from his/her followers/disciples has not had any Kundalini awakening.

Myth: I can awaken my Kundalini with activity at will.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, you lose control of your body. You cannot do anything, not even breathe on your own.

Myth: I can park my Kundalini in one Chakra and do other physical activities.
Truth: You cannot do anything with Chakras. You cannot do any activities at will when Kundalini is awake. When Kundalini awakens, there will be an intense experience. When the experience is over, Prana/Kundalini drops down/comes back to its original position so that you can perform your worldly activities.

Myth: My Kundalini is disconnected from my mooladhara.
Truth: If your Kundalini is disconnected from your mooladhara, you should not be living to tell it. Kundalini never gets disconnected from Sushumna, which is a spiritual nerve channel of the spiritual body. Without the spirit or the spiritual body, you are dead as a dodo.

Myth: My heart/crown Chakra has opened and is not closing. I am having a lot of sensations there.
Truth: You are joking/imagining. Chakras are not of the physical body. They are the spiritual nerve centers of the spiritual body. As for sensations, go through my posts if you want your well being:

Myth: Kundalini Awakening experiences and Vedanta/Upanishad/Jnaana Maargi's (followers of the path of Knowledge) experiences about Consciousness/Reality are entirely different.
Truth: Whatever route, a higher power in you must awaken and give you spiritual experiences. Those experiences should be similar to the ones that I have listed in my first post about Kundalini and meditation experiences. If a Jnaana Maargi says they are different, take him to be a BHRAMjnaani. Upanishads are nothing but a compilation of the knowledge of Kundalini awakened people. Only through Kundalini/spiritual experiences will you know the truth about Vedanta and Upanishads.

Myth: The path of Vedanta is the best, just by reading and understanding Vedanta/Upanishads/Upanishadic truth, people become enlightened. Jnaana Yoga is the best of all.
Truth: You are living your delusions. Spirituality is not an intellectual exercise. Vedanta is the compilation of the knowledge of Kundalini awakened people. If you think you can get enlightened through intellectually understanding Vedanta, then it is like reading Guinness Book of World Records and thinking that you have set all the World Records.

Myth: By asking who am I? or saying/thinking/getting convinced that "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc.," I can become Brahmajnani or Enlightened.
Truth: You will become a BHRAMjnani (deluded person/person who deludes others) if you get enlightenment through thinking/intelligence/perception/belief/questioning.

Anybody can read what you have read and think like you, even a murderer sitting in a jail can say  "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc." and upon release from the jail may murder another person and get back in jail and still say  "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc."

Myth: Once Kundalini awakens, a person becomes enlightened.
Truth: After 1000s of Kundalini awakenings and many types of spiritual experiences, when all the knots of the heart are loosened, a person becomes enlightened.

Myth: I had a Kundalini experience in which I experienced I am this whole cosmos and now I am an enlightened guru.
Truth: Kundalini experiences give glimpse of the higher nature of our existence. Loosening all the knots of the spiritual heart is a must.

Enlightenment happens when you have 1000s of Kundalini awakenings, and when all the knots of the heart are loosened through passage of spiritual currents, you will surely know what enlightenment is. Yes of course you can become a BHRAMjnaani Guru (a fake guru who will make his/her disciples/followers delusional) without even a single Kundalini experience, like all the present-day gurus of all the religions throughout the world.
To know about the spiritual heart/knots of the heart, click:

Myth: An enlightened person's Kundalini is always awakened.
Truth: Do not go that far. Have at least one REAL Kundalini experience in this life first.

Myth: I heard a voice during my Kundalini awakening.

Truth:  More often than not, meditation practitioners take auditory and visual hallucinations as Kundalini awakening experiences.

Myth: A person with a single spiritual awakening understands the state of Just Be, BEING, BE, I AM, etc., and he/she gets instant enlightenment/Self-realization.
Truth: He/she is a fake guru or a BRHAMjnani.

Myth: Spiritual body is a myth.
Truth: Spiritual body is real. This spiritual body can take any form. There's no death or decay to this spiritual body. The spiritual body is immortal. This spiritual body is like the subatomic particles, neither created nor destroyed but just change their outer appearance.

Myth: Kundalini is a myth.
Truth: Kundalini is real.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini reaches Sahasrara (Crown Chakra), he/she gets enlightened.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini reaches Anahata (Heart Chakra), he/she will hear Om/Aum/Cosmic Sound/Vibration.

Myth: With Kundalini awakening, people can see other people's aura/divine forms/God/Goddess with their physical eyes and hear voices/sound/music/divine or God's voices with their physical ears.
Truth: If you are seeing something with your naked eyes that's not visible to others and hearing something with your physical ears that others can't, THEN YOU ARE HALLUCINATING. Divine vision/hearing happen only when Kundalini awakens and you get into Jnana Samadhi, where you have no physical/body consciousness hence can't see or hear anything with your physical eyes and ears. After your meditative Samadhi is over, you will realize that you had been meditating.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini has awakened, he/she becomes a perfect celibate.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini has awakened, he/she becomes a miracle wo/man, psychic wo/man, gets miraculous powers, becomes a famous guru, rules the world, doesn't get married, always thinks/walks/talks Kundalini, enlightenment, and spirituality.

Myth: People who have had Kundalini awakenings cannot do ordinary works, behave like ordinary people, think/talk like ordinary people.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (delusional person or a fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!

June 06, 2016

My First Meditation Experience, My First Kundalini Awakening, Utility and Eligibility, Best Book-Place-Guru-Method for Kundalini Meditation/Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is a must for Yoga (union of individual self/consciousness with the cosmic Self/Consciousness), Brahmajnana, Atmajnana, Self-Knowledge, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Kaivalya, etc.

Kundalini Yoga is not a type of meditation or a spiritual practice. It means Self-realization or Enlightenment (Yoga) through Kundalini Awakening. Those who are enlightened without Kundalini awakening are fake.

Enlightenment by faking/imagining/pretending/bookish-knowledge is rampant now.

Any type of meditation can awaken your spiritual power/Kundalini, provided your mind becomes still, your breath becomes equanimous, or a momentary NATURAL cessation of breath is achieved during meditation. For any of these 3 (which are not different but complementary to each other), you do not need any book-learning. Silence is the best among the 3. Silence is not a subject to be studied. Whether you meditate at home or outside doesn’t matter but whether you had a meditation experience or not does matter.

Books on Kundalini are filled with many fundas, mumbo-jumbos, theories which are really not true—all figments of someone’s imagination. They will delude you. All books on Kundalini are written by fake people, people who haven't had a single Kundalini experience.

Many drunkards, drug-addicts, marijuana smokers have written/are writing books, blogs, websites/internet content about Kundalini/meditation/spirituality. Such substance abusers have/are answering in internet question and answer forums like reddit, quora, etc. They have explained their hallucinations after abusing substances as Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experiences. If you believe/follow such idiots, you will remain in delusion throughout your life about meditation, Kundalini, spirituality. If you seriously practice what such idiots preach, then you will definitely end up in the hospital, either general or mental hospital.

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My First Meditation Experience, My First Kundalini Awakening, My First Kundalini Experience, My first Spiritual Experience:
I had a Kundalini (meditation/spiritual) experience without knowing what Kundalini was. Forget about Kundalini, I did not even know what meditation was. I had not even read a single page of any book on spirituality or meditation.

Following is the story about my first Kundalini experience:

There was an advertisement in a newspaper, something like this -- “Get relief from your stressful life… positive thinking… peace….. Divine Light Meditation….. contact…… 108.
I called up the number; spoke to a lady. She fixed the date, time, and place for the meditation session. I went to the place, met the lady, listened to all the advantages of Divine Light Meditation, started 30 minutes of meditation.

I had a frightening experience, frightening because I got scared by the way it happened and also because nobody had told me what would happen during meditation or how an inner power takes over/seizes you when meditation happens. I was just not ready/prepared. Now I can say my first experience was a beautiful vision of all the colors of the prism and whiteness, but back then when I had zero knowledge of meditation, spirituality, vision, Kundalini, etc., it was not beautiful but scary.

While meditating, I was seeing a very small oval-shaped floater, like a small dot. The background colors were changing from red, yellow, orange, etc., but this floater remained the same, fixed. All of a sudden a force took over/seized my entire body from the inside and the outside that made me immobile. I tried lifting my hands, moving my legs, shouting, closing my eyes, etc., but without any success. My breath became very rapid and heavy. I had horripilation in the entire body, and then the body went numb. After struggling for sometime, I gave up, then my entire concentration/attention shifted to the cloudy whiteness I was witnessing. The floater had disappeared. Then all of a sudden I started seeing the colors of the prism encircling, one upon the other, like that of a shooting target sheet. After the circling of all the colors was complete, the colors started rotating in a dizzying speed. After sometime, the colors started getting zoomed and then vanish gradually one by one and the middle part of the colorful circle, the pure whiteness, started expanding, expanding as if it is getting zoomed, coming closer and closer, and going to envelop or devour me. Everything was becoming a void—full whiteness everywhere. “Now I am finished!”

During this intense frightening experience (as per me back then), I started hearing somebody shouting from very far first, then from very close, then in my ears next, and then somebody forcefully pressing my forehead (Ajna Chakra); I thought, “how dare you press my forehead, who the hell is this…” I opened my eyes and was surprised to see the lady instructor Guru in her desperation, she had been desperately trying to wake me up from my deep meditation. Only then did I realize where I was and what was happening around me. I was in a ladies’ beauty parlor. This was the first time I meditated in my life.

This is how my guru helped me in my meditation, by being an obstruction. She had no clue about what meditation really was. She had never heard from her guru or her guru's guru about deep meditation and what would happen/what should be done when someone really meditates. All modern gurus are clueless about meditation/Kundalini awakening experiences. Some people may shake you and wake you up if you have gone into Samadhi.

A Sadhu told me the following story: Some disciples of a famous guru kicked the hell out of a person who started shaking due to Kundalini awakening. This person was meditating in the ashram of the famous guru. It was a guided meditation session by the guru. Many people were there. During this session, a person started shaking and started uttering unintelligible words. All other people were getting disturbed. The guru and the disciples thought that she is possessed by an evil spirit. On guru's instruction, other disciples lifted, took her out, and started kicking her. Beware of such modern gurus and their disciples!

I hope now you know which is the best place and who is the best guru. As for the requirement of a Guru for Kundalini awakening, my so called Divine Light Meditation lady instructor Guru became an obstacle in my first Kundalini experience. She woke me up from my deep meditation. This incident can tell you whether you require a Guru or not for spiritual awakening.

Back to my experience: The above-mentioned frightening experience was a Kundalini experience. I had a Kundalini experience without knowing what Kundalini was. Forget about Kundalini, I did not know ABC of meditation.

The second time I meditated was after 6 years.

Now after many years of meditation, I know for sure meditation is for spiritual awakening and Self-realization.

For spiritual people, the effect of meditation is that they get a glimpse into their higher/inner Self or spiritual/higher nature of their existence. For those who are not spiritual, meditation helps them gain positive thinking, relief from stress, peace, etc.

If you really want to have a spiritual experience, do silent meditation. BE SILENT. That is the BEST method. Could there be any procedure to be silent? Stop mental activities and what remains is SILENCE.

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My Search For a Guru:
A couple of years ago, I started having strange meditation experiences and I wanted to know what they really meant or where I stood in the path of Self-realization. Therefore, I began visiting all kinds of saints and gurus, who lived in as small as a hut to as big as a star hotel questioning them about my meditation experiences. The usual answers from such saints and gurus would be:
"Don’t pay attention to any meditation experiences."
"Just be aware of or observe the Here and Now; all experiences are modifications of the mind."
"Only after washing the guru's langot (loin cloth) and serving him for 12 years will a disciple know something about spirituality."
"You cannot know anything about spirituality unless you become a disciple of a guru, even if the guru is as stupid as an donkey."
"Fly like a bird rather than walk like an ant; we take flight to Self-realization without meditation."
"Live in the present and enjoy the God-gifted life."
"Life is not a mission to accomplish something. Why should you try to acquire something, which is ever-existent in us."
"It is naïve to think of becoming something which we already are."
"Meditation experiences will come and go, you need to know who is experiencing."
"There's nothing to experience, nothing to realize, there is nothing to become; Just Be; we are already Self-realized."
"Once you see the beauty of my God, you will forget about meditation and become mad due to God intoxication and Bhakti!"

All the above answers were given by Ajnaanis, ignorant people, without having any experiential spiritual knowledge. They were just blabbering whatever they had heard, read, or thought about – purely second-hand knowledge.

One size can't fit all, and with such answers, a person who has never had any meditation experience can’t impress upon another who has had many. I continued my intense search lasting several years and was fortunate to meet a Brahmajnani, a Self-realized saint. He answered some of my simple questions. Though I had my own reservations and doubts about his Brahmajnana, I was extremely satisfied with his answers.

The Brahmajnani I met used to live in a small hut built next to a cremation ground beside a river.  He used to speak very little even with his regular visitors.  He used to simply sit and watch/observe the river that was flowing at a distance or the space in front of him – all his time went like this.  During my first visit, I asked him a lot of questions, like his name and birthplace, his type of Sadhana (spiritual practice), which sect he belonged to, etc., to which he never answered.  He did not even look at me.  After an hour or so of observing this observer who was observing something else, I told him some of my meditation experiences and asked him their significance.  He turned towards me from whatever he was observing, looked at me tenderly and said "Good."  Good!  Nobody had ever told me that my experiences were good.  This was enough for me to shoot questions after questions.  Though I asked him several questions regarding meditation and Self-realization, he answered only a few.  I met him thrice and got only a handful of answers.  I was satisfied with all his answers and resumed my meditation.  I started having more meditation experiences and wanted to know about their significance.  Therefore, I went to meet him, but unfortunately, he had left his place without anybody's knowledge.

Brahmajnaani: "There is nothing new to learn. You just need to unlearn. Spirituality is about unlearning. Spirituality is about direct experiential knowledge of oneself. You do not need books, gurus, or others to tell you how to know or experience yourself. The maximum these can do is to direct you toward your Inner Guru. Your Inner Guru is your real guide."

Brahmajnani: "Unless you forget everything and silence your  monkey of a mind, you cannot meditate. There is no Self-knowledge without meditation."

Sadhu: "If one could have spiritual knowledge through bookish proficiency, with my Paanditya (proficiency), I could make anybody turn in his grave. Spiritual knowledge cannot be experienced through book learning. Spiritual knowledge without experience is as good as a man thinking him to be the biological father of a kid without having sex with the kid's mother."

Question: How to know a true guru? How to differentiate between a true and a fake guru?
Answer: By a guru's lifestyle! A lavish lifestyle and a true guru are like water and oil, they don’t mix!

You need to use common sense to differentiate between a fake and a real guru.

If you have had meditation experiences, it becomes as easy as drinking water to differentiate between a true and a fake guru.

Without one's Inner Guru's grace, the best of the best scriptures or gurus will fail to give you a single Kundalini or meditation experience. A good external guru is one who helps you turn toward your Inner Guru for spiritual guidance. Whoever gets the grace of one's Inner Guru is the best disciple and the best spiritual aspirant in the world.

Brahmajnani: "Fake gurus are like dogs and foxes. You should be cautious."
All kinds of animals live in this world. We need to protect ourselves from the dangerous ones.

Q:  What is the use of spirituality, meditation, or Kundalini awakening?
A:  Spirituality, meditation, and Kundalini awakening help you get a glimpse of your true/spiritual nature and then ultimately help you gain Self-Realization/Knowledge. 

Loosening all the knots of the heart leads to Liberation, Freedom from the circle of births and deaths; eternal peace and happiness, Nirvana; and all the benefits that you have read or heard about Self-realization or Enlightenment.

Utility of these lie in understanding the phenomenon called "YOU" in its entirety. Self-knowledge, Self-realization, Atma Jnana, Brahma Jnana, etc., is the ultimate result of Meditation, Spirituality, and Kundalini awakening.

Q:  Who is eligible for Kundalini Awakening, Self-realization (Atma Jnana), Self-knowledge?
A:  The only eligibility criteria for realizing oneself is the NOBLE DESIRE to know the Supreme Self/Reality/Consciousness in oneself and translation of such desire into right efforts.  Just having desire but not exerting or putting the wrong efforts would not lead to Self-realization.

Bhaav bina Bhakti nahi
Bhakti bina Dhyan nahi
Dhyan bina Gyan nahi

Without a spiritually-inclined mind, you cannot have devotion/dedication toward spirituality.
Without devotion/dedication toward spirituality, there is no spiritual meditation.
Without spiritual meditation, there are no spiritual experiences that will ultimately lead to Brahmajnana or Self-realization.

Intelligence, shrewdness, cunningness, smartness, cleverness, or money/muscle power which works wonders in the world does not work here.  The greatest and legendary individuals in all walks of life; the richest, the powerful, and the famous; and all and sundry will not be able to enter their own inner realm with any of their intelligence, achievements, or possessions.  This inner kingdom of heaven can only be entered with an empty mind and with empty hands!  Self-knowledge is the most perfect knowledge in the world!

Atma/Brahma Jnana is for ALL and the very BEST!

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It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu—Let Good Happen To You!