December 28, 2016

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In Varanasi/Kashi/Banaras, everyday I used to find at least 2 unconscious men near the railway station, pavements, river ghats, etc. Cops would ask people to pour buckets of water on them, but they wouldn't wake up even after buckets of water were poured on them (during winter also). After many hours, they would gain a little consciousness and mumble that they drank tea from a mobile tea vendor (a tea seller walking with a kettle) and lost consciousness. All such people would find themselves looted/robbed of their money and valuables. This was a common sight in Varanasi. It's not only Varanasi, this happens in many railway stations and inside trains also. Unsuspecting tourists/travelers are robbed this way.

By the way, let me tell you one dark secret of how to delude/loot innocent and unsuspecting disciples/followers/people. Some gurus spike juices/beverages/Prasad/laddu/food with Bhaang/marijuana leaf juice, poisonous plant juices/seeds, mind-altering drugs/substances, hallucinogenic substances or drugs, etc., due to which the disciple/follower loses his/her mind immediately (get stunned/dumb/amnesic/sleep) or gradually over a period of time. The guru can control, delude, or take advantage of such people very easily. I was also offered a drug-laced sleep-inducing piece of small laddu/peda (a sweet edible stuff) by 2 babas in the midnight on the verandah of Kedarnath temple in the Himalayas.

My Kedarnath Yatra Story: A couple of years ago, I started my Char Dham Yatra (may be on May 1st or 1st week of May)I reached Kedarnath temple at 11:30 pm, alone. I walked a couple of kilometers up the mountain all alone, no other devotees or locals could be seen anywhere. There was snow all around the place, on the pavements near the temple. The temple was covered with a similar amount of snow as in the picture above.

I had only 1 shawl, 1 pair of woolen hand gloves, 1 sweater, 1 jacket, a woolen monkey cap, shoes, and 2 pairs of thick cotton socks. There were only 8 babas outside the temple, all covering themselves with 2-3 woolen blankets each and sitting in front of a small mobile dhuni/fire. They were burning small wooden pieces in a square tin box/can/metal container. Some babas come to Kedarnath even before the Yatra officially begins so that they can occupy the best begging spot. It was very cold so I asked the babas if any extra blankets were available. They directed me to a place just outside the temple where I found 2 woolen blankets but both of them were wet. These blankets were of another baba who had built a shanty-like structure with plastic sheets for begging. This baba used to sleep inside a house. I came back to these babas and told them the condition of the blankets. I asked  the 2 babas, who had lit a bigger fire compared to the others, to allow me to sit in front of their mobile dhuni/fire and pass the night. They welcomed me. It was 00.30 am.

After a little chat, one of the babas offered me Prasad (offering of God). It was a small piece of laddu/peda (can't remember what it was). I refused it. They said it was Lord Bholenath/Shiva's offering, that I should not refuse it, etc. I didn't take it. I said I have a Vrat (taken a vow) that I will not eat anything in the night and I will not eat until I have had the Darshan (vision) of Kedarnath Shivling.
 They tried convincing me, one baba was saying under his breath "he knows." I refused and I asked them to have it themselves. After 5 minutes of convincing, they gave up and said that if you don't take it, let this dog have it. There was a dog sitting next to us which had been running around here and there, barking at other dogs, getting into a barking fight once in a while with other dogs (there are vegetarian shepherd dog breeds in the Himalayas. They never eat nonveg, even when forced). The baba gave that small piece of laddu/peda to the dog. The dog ate it and within 2 minutes, it went into a Samadhi, deep sleep :)

The babas, who were wearing thick kambals (woolen blankets) extinguished the fire saying that they have very little firewood and need to preserve whatever they have for another month until the chilly weather improves. I left their place, went and sat near the steps of the temple entrance.  (In the picture above, the red arrow points to the place where I sat, and the blue arrow points to the place where the 2 babas were sitting). I wore whatever wearble was in my bag. I spread a plastic sheet, sat on it cross legged, kept the empty bag on my lap, covered myself with the shawl and spent the night thus. I also slept for 2 hours.


If the thoughts/experiences/secrets/facts revealed in this blog were to be written in poetical, grammatically super Sanksrit verses and compiled as a book, then that book can also become a Kundalini Sutra (a treatise on Kundalini), Kundalini Yoga Shastra, Kundalini Tantra Vidya, or Kundalini Upanishad. It can be named as Kundalini Rahasyopanishad, Kundalni Rahasya Sutra or Shastra,  Kundalini Tantra Yoga/Shastra, Kunadalini Yoga Sutra, Rahasyopaanishad, Rahasya Yoga, etc. It may become very famous when translated into English by well-established authors with good Sanskrit-English vocabulary/translation skills and flowery/literary language skills.

With the information of this blog/ancient scriptures, you can create many new Yogas with catchy names:
Ekanga Yoga, Nirvichara Yoga, Nirakara Yoga, Nireeham Yoga, Akinchan Yoga, Shabdashabda Yoga, Stabhdha Yoga, Ativahika Yoga, Turiya Yoga, Moola Tantra Yoga, BrahmaPita Yoga, BrahmaMata Yoga, Ekaakshari Yoga, Amathra Yoga, Mantramukta Yoga, Tantramukta Yoga, Pinda-Brahmanda Yoga, Mughda Yoga, Daivaviheena Yoga, Bala Yoga, Rani Bhramari Yoga, Vedanta Shiromani Yoga, Akhanda Keerti Yoga, Shreshta Yoga, Vishishta Yoga, Niryatna Yoga, Antar Gurudeeksha Yoga, Swasiddha Yoga, Vaitarani Yoga, Samsara Vinaasha Yoga, Ateeta Yoga, Mrityu Sankalpa Yoga, Janma Vikalpa Yoga, Nishyabdha Yoga, Nirvana Yoga, Akaala Yoga, Vijnana Yoga, Shodasha Kala Yoga, Santushta Yoga, Sakalaatma Bhava Yoga, Abhava Yoga, Sarvavichaara Shoonya Yoga, Shriya or Shreya Yoga,  Kalarathri Yoga, Hridgranthi Bhedana Yoga, Amrita Nadi Yoga, Brahma Nadi Yoga, Chit-Jada Granthi Bhedana Yoga, Hritpundareeka Yoga, Niraayasa Yoga, Mouna Siddha Yoga, Nirdwanda Yoga, Brahmini Yoga, Swatantra Yoga, Veetaraga Yoga…………………. It can be endless.

There are many ways in which latest writings on palm leaves/bark of trees or latest/modern books/idols/sculptures/artifacts/materials can be made to look ancient, may be 3000 BC old stuff.  (Some Indians were masters in this art. Many religions/people around the world seem to have copied/learnt so many things from Indians.) People, including archaeologists, can mysteriously dig up/excavate/find such stuffs in an ancient-looking chest/box hidden deep beneath the ground. On examination/dating analysis of such stuffs, they can be found to very ancient (fake).
Some real ancient stuffs which are found by digging/excavation are either wrongly dated or never reported. Gold, diamonds, jewelry are usually not found during archaeological excavations.

Believe it or not: There is "ALLOPANISHAD" Allah's Upanishad, Upanishad of Allah. In this Upanishad, instead of AUM/OM/Brahm/Brahma, the reality and creator of the cosmos is called Allah. This Upanishad was also appended to one of the Vedas and referred to as Vedanta. This was done during Moghul period by Sanskrit Pundits/scholars. Mogul is mispronounced word for Mongol. Mongols were from Mongolia who settled in many West Asian countries (Persia, Middle East, etc) during the period of Temujin, Taimur, Tamerlane, Timur, Genghis Khan.

Food For Thought: If Allopanishad can be written in Moghul period and appended to Vedas by Sanskrit pundits/scholars, many Upanishads before Moghul period could also have been written and appended to Vedas.

Truth/Secret: This blog contains a mother lode of pure, raw, true, and secret meditation/spiritual information. I have revealed many secrets (Rahasya). Since people have not heard or read such secrets before, they would obviously doubt them and would want to debate/argue with me. Everybody would want to quote one or the other scripture to prove his/her point. What's the point of argument/debate with a person who just has such bookish knowledge and no direct experiential knowledge? By the way, I am just writing about new discoveries of old truths. I am not creating any new knowledge, I am just revealing the ancient truths which were discovered by many people in the past but were just lost, hidden, or forgotten or deliberately erased from the minds of people or made to be forgotten.

Sat + Dhana = Sat means true/real and Dhana means wealth.
Sadhana means true/real/spiritual wealth.

Physical wealth = physical characteristics/appearance, mental reasoning/logic/intelligence, ego pride/pleasure, money/gold/wealth.

Spiritual Wealth = Kundalini awakening, Atma Jnana, Self-realization, Self-knowledge, etc.

Sadhana is a practice that helps you get rid of your unreal/untrue/false physical wealth and gain real spiritual wealth/knowledge/realization. In other words, Sadhana means giving up Attachment to your untrue/unreal physical wealth voluntarily as a practice for accomplishing/gaining it's opposite true/real spiritual wealth (Self/SPIRITual-realization/knowledge).

Thus, anything practiced to get rid of the attachment to physical wealth in order to gain/acquire/accomplish spiritual wealth is real Sadhana. It is ATTACHMENT OF THE MIND that you should get rid of.

Warning: Fake gurus will tell their disciples/followers to serve the guru with Tan, Man, Dhan (body/mind/WEALTH). Seva (service) to the guru should be done by toiling in the guru's ashram/organization, making the guru famous by spreading his/her teachings and marketing/using brains to bring in more followers/money/donations/offerings, and donating/offering all the disciple's/follower's WEALTH at the lotus feet of the fake guru. Some shameless gurus ask for a percentage of a person's wealth to be donated at his/her lotus feet. This is all the fake gurus are bothered about. You will become a physical, mental, financial, spiritual beggar if you follow such fake gurus.

Vipareeta Bhavana (thinking/doing the opposite) is also a Sadhana. For example, if you are egoistic, shed your ego by begging.

Warning: It doesn't mean you donate everything and become a real beggar. Donating to fake gurus is bad karma. A real guru will never take anything from you other than required for his/her basic needs (the guru takes from you only after he/she finds you to be a good human being). There's a lot of free food, clothes, money, train travel to Sadhus in India. German circumstantial baba (previously hippy, circumstances forced him to become a baba) in Rishikesh told me that there is so much free food in India that he calls all his compatriots to come to India to live a carefree Sadhu's life. When people offered money to babas, Indian babas would get 10 or 20 bucks whereas this German baba would get 100 bucks. Another Indian sadhu told me that he does FREE train travel worth Rs. 50000-75000 per year. He spends more time in trains than on land :) This sadhu can be called a Train baba/Rail baba.

Cravings to look after the body can be overcome by treating the body as a mobile bag of excreta. If you take pride in your beauty, then you should become careless about it by avoiding to look good. Sadhus grow beards, Jata, nails, etc., for this reason. All these grow on their own. It's only that a Sadhu is not bothered to cut/trim them, showing his carelessness to his physical appearance.  Surprisingly, nowadays, Jata has become a fashion statement! Sadhus flaunt their jatas and decorate them. Some people believe that the longest jata/beard a sadhu has, the more enlightened the sadhu is. Modern-day Sadhus have ponytails to prove they have got modern enlightenment.

Egoistic Mind is our #1 enemy. All Sadhanas are to crush this enemy.

Physical/mental cravings/desires are our #2 enemies. All Sadhanas are to kill such cravings/desires.

Fear is our #3 enemy. All Sadhanas are to overcome fear, fear of death being the most common (during sleep apnea/transient cessation of respiration during sleep, the first thought that comes to the mind is fear of death). Nirbhaya Shanti (fearless peace) is the result of Self-realization because an enlightened person knows that there's nothing called death because he/she (his/her SPIRIT/Spiritual Self) is immortal.

There are 1000s of spiritual Sadhanas. I finished my begging Sadhana during Kumbh Mela :)

I finished my pond-river-waterfall Sadhana, Cave Sadhana, Forest/Jungle Sadhana, and building a kutir (hermitage) and doing Kutir Sadhana, Mountain Sadhana, Open Air Sadhana, Naked Sadhana, Ekanta (Solitude) Sadhana, etc., here:
I had mosquitoes, rats, bats, scorpions, a viper for company inside and near the cave; monkeys, Langurs, hyenas, wild cats, foxes, King cobras, deer, etc., outside the cave and in the jungle; and fish, crabs, water snakes in the pond the waterfall had created. I was down for 15 days with malaria during the Cave Sadhana. I never lived in that cave, or any other cave for that matter, after the malarial attack.

There are many other hidden Sadhanas in my blog posts. That's the reason why you should read all my blog posts once in a while. All Sadhanas help in purifying your body/mind/ego and testing your spiritual worth/inclination. All Sadhanas are aimed at purifying your thoughts and ego and making you ready for Kundalini awakening. If you have had Kundalini awakening effortlessly, then you are really lucky and are a SPIRITual person and should consciously make efforts to progress in spirituality.


There is not much in spirituality apart from the spiritual/meditation/Kundalini experiences which give direct ( first-hand) experiential spiritual knowledge.

Silence is the easiest, best, and the most effective method/meditation to gain spiritual knowledge/wealth.

Without a Momentary Cessation of Thoughts or a Momentary Natural Cessation of Breath, You Cannot Have Yoga or Kundalini Awakening (Samadhi) or A Spiritual/Meditation/Supernatural Experience.

Why are you wasting your time doing nonsense meditations and practicing unnecessary Sadhanas?

(I know people who read my blog are not fit to do the Sadhanas that Indian Babas/Sadhus/Sadhaks do, but I am giving the above information for their general knowledge. For the present-generation Internet-reading meditation/spiritual practitioners, physical/psychological benefit-giving (presumed) Kriya/Pranayama/Vipassana/Mantra Japa in an air-conditioned place seems to be a Sadhana. To some, even such time-pass practices are difficult!!!)

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WARNING: Never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional, who will bind you more, who will trap you in the name of ENERGY). If you do, you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!