August 03, 2016

Medha Nadi, Medha Nadi Activation, Medha Nadi Awakening, Meditation, Meditation Experience, Medhita, Spirituality, Sphurita, English/Other Language Words Dervied From Sanskrit

A word has many meanings. It can be used in various contexts to mean many different things. In this post, I have chosen some important Sanskrit words which may help you understand the origin of meditation and spirituality.

Believe it or not: More than 60% of word roots of English are from Greek and Latin and 90% of English scientific terms are from Greek. You need to Google and find out. Some say it is 56% and some say it is more than 80-90% of English words in the dictionary are from other languages.

Meditation and SPIRITuality terms of Greek and Latin are derived from the Indian language Sanskrit including the words 'meditation' and 'spirit/spirituality.' Can you believe it? The Latin/Greek meaning of Sanskrit words may be accurate or inaccurate. English has derived all the meditation and spirituality terms from Sanskrit/Latin/Greek and other languages. There are many Sanskrit words related to meditation and spirituality for which there is no English equivalent. In that case, how can a person translate a Sanskrit word to English accurately? When other Indian languages need a sentence to explain some Sanskrit words, English has tried to translate them with single equivalent words. This is the root cause of all confusions in understanding meditation and spirituality accurately. Misunderstanding spirituality results in misunderstanding religion because ancient religions contain collections and compilations of the metaphysical knowledge and wisdom of enlightened seers and yogis. No wonder English and other foreign language speaking people find it difficult to understand and easy to misunderstand the basic concepts of meditation and spirituality. It is not only foreigners but also Indians who read English books find it difficult to understand and easy to misunderstand many concepts and ideas about meditation, spirituality, and religion. This has been the case from a very long time.

People who read meditation and spiritual books written in English or written by foreign authors are bound to misunderstand not only the terms "meditation & spirituality" but also many or all other terms associated with them due to wrong translation, misinterpretation, or misunderstanding by the writers/authors/translators.

Meditation is an Indian spiritual practice, which is being practiced in India since time immemorial. Medhita/Medhitaya in Sanskrit means to contemplate/contemplating/contemplation on reality/real Self /one's inner nature (Bhuddha nature per buddhists). Sanskrit Medhita/Medhitaya became "Meditari/Meditatus" in Latin and "meditate/meditation" in English. The objective of meditative contemplation or reflection is to investigate/understand one's true nature, which is only possible through real meditation, mystical, or spiritual awareness/experiences. Through such a contemplative practice, a person gains intelligence/knowledge/wisdom/understanding about one's true spiritual nature. It is a practice that helps a person gain/develop SPIRITual knowledge and wisdom.

Medha Nadi (special nerve, nerve of memory, astral nerve, ethereal nerve) may refer to Sushumna Nadi that runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head/brain. In other words, Medha Nadi (nerve) is a special/astral/ethereal/spiritual nerve that gives spiritual intelligence/wisdom. The awakening/activation of Medha Nadi/Sushumna Nadi leads to remembering/knowing one's true/inner/real/spiritual Self/nature. If Medha Nadi is a special Nadi (nerve) in the brain, then it gets activated only through Sushumna Nadi activation which happens only with Kundalini awakening. Medha means intelligence, innate intelligence, unlimited intelligence, unlimited knowledge, perfect wisdom, etc., with which the reality about one's true Self/nature is known. Medha Nadi may also be called Buddhi Nadi and Siddhi Nadi. Medha Nadi activation happens only with Kundalini awakening. Thus, Medha Nadi Activation, Meditation, Sushumna Nadi Activation, Kundalini Awakening all mean one and the same: MEDITATION MEANS MEDHA NADI ACTIVATION. MEDITATION MEANS SUSHUMNA NADI ACTIVATION. MEDITATION MEANS KUNDALINI AWAKENING. THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF MEDITATION.

Meditation means Medha Nadi Activation/Medha Nadi Awakening. Medha Nadi activation/Meditation is a spiritual practice for Self-Realization/Self-Knowledge (Atmajnana). Knowledge of one's spiritual nature is called Atmajnana or Self-Knowledge.

Medha Nadi activation/Meditation helps one gain Unlimited/True/Higher Knowledge about oneself (Brahmajnana,Tattvajnana).

Medha Nadi activation/Meditation helps a person remember/know his/her true/higher/Buddha nature (Swarupa Jnana).

All the above Jnanas (Knowledge) are one and the same.

Medha Nadi activation/Meditation results in KNOWING YOUR TRUE/REAL/HIGHER/SPIRITUAL/BUDDHA NATURE.


Ignorant people corrupted/misinterpreted/misunderstood Medha Nadi activation or meditation as giving sharp memory, good concentration and retention power, making a person Shruti Dhara/Medhavi (scriptural pundit/proficient in scriptures), etc. Now people teach meditation for physical and psychological benefits to help in studies/exams, book/scriptural learning, debates, sports, etc.

Meditation is a practice to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness. It results in experiencing the ever-existing higher reality about oneself. We have dual realities--one is physical (lower) and the other one is spiritual (higher). The idea/concept of higher reality, the means to attain it, and the words describing such ideas, means, methods, and practices all came from the Indian ancestors. We all, accurately or inaccurately, use the words coined by our ancestors but negate the ideas/concepts which the words refer to.

Meditation Experiences:
Meditation experience means a mystical or spiritual experience during meditation. In other words, meditation experience means experiencing a heightened level of spiritual awareness during meditation. Meditation experiences are not the ordinary experiences that are apparent to the senses and obvious to the intelligence. Transcending such apparent/ordinary experiences during meditation and having an extraordinary/supernormal/spiritual experience is a true meditation experience.

Any mental or physical state/activity eg., peace, calmness, happiness, "living in the present," crying, laughing, etc., without a spiritual experience/awakening is not a mediation experience.

Spir/o = a combining form of Latin spīrāre "to breathe"
Spir/o = a combining form of Latin spīra (Greek speîra) meaning “coil,” “spiral.”
Spir/o = a combining form in English indicating breath or respiration.
Spir/o or Spir = a combining form in medicine meaning 1. Spiral; coil; coil-shaped 2. Breath; breathing.

Indian Seers and Yogis realized that we have a spiritual body/mind/consciousness that sprouts forth, springs out, or manifests (Sphurita) during meditation. They said that this spiritual body is airy/ethereal and has a form, and the spiritual mind/consciousness is Niraakara (formless). The Indian Sanskrit word Sphurita would have become Spiritus in Latin (breath/air, spirit) and then it became Spirit in English. Spirit in English means "an animating or vital principle (breath/energy) held to give life to physical organisms," "a supernatural being or essence (airy/ethereal body)," "the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person (mind/consciousness)," etc.

Food for Thought: If the main words "meditation" and "spirituality" themselves are derived from Sanskrit, what does it mean? Think.

Believe it or not: We have a spiritual body. Spirituality is about this SPIRITual body/mind/consciousness. This spiritual body is both inside and outside us, just like that of a magnetic field. Only 1% of the world's population turn to meditation and spirituality and continue their practice throughout their lives. Out of such 1% meditation and spiritual practitioners, 99.9999% will not experience or have a vision of their own spiritual bodies. Some people may express disbelief when I say we have a spiritual body, some people may laugh or make fun of such statements. People have no problem believing in different Gods, different religions, religious/racial/caste/social supremacy, different nationalities (earth is one, people imagine that they have divided the earth by making boundaries), etc. However, when it comes to believing in their own spirituality bodies, people have problems; they are not convinced. They are not aware that their own religions talk about spiritual bodies.

Dhyan/Dhyana means meditation, which is a spiritual practice that is being practiced in India since time immemorial. Dhyan/Dhyana is a practice to awaken one's spiritual body/mind/consciousness and realize one's true nature and potential. Gurus from India spread meditation and spiritual knowledge throughout the world. Indian Dhyan became "Ch'an/Chan/Chen" in China, "Son" in Korea, and "Zen" in Japan, "Thien" in Vietnam. Dhyana is also pronounced as Jhana in Indian Buddhism. All this is due to pronunciation problems. Some foreign disciples came to India and learnt meditation and spirituality from Indian Gurus and taught it in their own countries, some accurately and many inaccurately.

Atma in Sanskrit means the inner most essence of an individual or a thing; this essence is indivisible, indestructible, formless, infinitesimal, unquantifiable, everywhere, in everyone and in everything. Atma is our real Self. This is our spirit, soul, or true nature. Atma became "atomos" in Greek and "atomus" in Latin meaning indivisible, and later it became "atom" in English.

Atom of English is derived from Latin word "atomus," Greek "atomos" meaning indivisible.

As the above OM picture suggests, the same Sanskrit word "OM" is written, pronounced, symbolized in many ways by different people/countries.

The words Brahman, Brahmi, Brahmin, Brahma, Brahmana, Brahmajnaana, Bhramjnaan, Brahmajnaani, Brahmavid, Brahamavidvara, Brahmavidvarishta, Brahma Randhra, Brahma Granthi, Brahma Nadi, etc., are all coined with this root word Brahm. Some such coined words have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, manipulated, corrupted, abused, and misused beyond limits in India giving rise to many evils in the society. For the same reasons, religion, spirituality, and meditation are being taught and understood differently by different people (teachers/disciples/followers/masses).

SAME CONCEPT/IDEA, but different meanings, symbols, designs, interpretations in different countries by different people.

Questions and Answers Part I has been made into a new post. Questions and Answers Part I, Kriya Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Trataka Yoga, Laya Yoga. The link is given below:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.


pinku said...

i read your article in quest to know more about meditation. I had developed a habit of listening or reading a lot about spiritual things (i am now worried abt this habit). but i am not experiencing anything spiritual. Is there any practical way to experience .....

Achintya Idam said...

Hi pinku,
This is what happens to all people. People try to understand spirituality through their intellect, hence their knowledge remains theory. All modern-day gurus' knowledge is impractical, corrupted, false theoretical knowledge. Such knowledge is useless to have any spiritual experience. Get rid of all the books, audio stuffs, etc., and start silent meditation. The only practical way to experience spirituality is through meditation and meditation experiences:
Shubhamastu--Let Good Happen To You!

pinku said...

thanks achintya
I started many a times meditation. But somewhere i stop always. Do i require a coach for constant motivation? I joined many courses ...i follow the routine for some days. But then i return to same routine. How to overcome laziness of mind?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Pinku,
When you join courses, whether you like it or not, you should meditate for the allotted time period as there is constant monitoring by the coaches/gurus. You have already tried this and you still ask me about the necessity of a coach? Get rid of the delusion that meditation is like a sport/exercise/yogasana/pranayama where you need a coach and constant motivation from others. Mind is never lazy, it is always active, it's constantly thinking, it may not like to meditate but will never stop it's activity of thinking. You need to stop its activities-that's meditation.

Spirituality is all about spiritual samskaras. If you have them, whether you like it or not, you will meditate and have meditation experiences. Try to understand your samskaras first and get convinced that if you continue to live/meditate the way you have lived/meditated until now, the results will be the same--ZERO meditation experiences. Do some introspection and change your thinking/lifestyle. If you can't, it simply means your mind is not inclined toward spirituality.

Keep reading my posts once in 3 days for the next 6 months until your subconscious understands what meditation is, why people do not have meditation experiences, what should be done to have meditation experiences, necessity and utiity of a guru/coach, who a delusional guru/coach (BHRAMjnani) is and the result of having such gurus/coaches, do's and don'ts during Sadhana, the age-old delusions concerning meditation and spirituality, etc. During this period, meditate only when you get a strong urge to meditate.
Shubhamastu--Let Good Happen To You!


Dear Achintya...Thanks for your lively updates...will keep following ur blog articles...Thank you...Dr.Karthikeyan

gowtham gr said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Gowtham,
Answers for all of your questions are in my posts. Since you are new to meditation, read all my posts once in 7 days for the next 6 months to have a clear understanding of meditation and spirituality.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Vivek said...

Hi Achintya

This is one hell of a blog related to meditation especially when you give reasons to break the misconceptions with the all these yogas/kriyas/blah blah blahs of many money oriented fellows. So, a big thanks for that.

I have read all the posts on your blog and I notice few common things. One of that was insisting the people to read all your posts once every 3/5/7 days for 2/3/5/6 months. I am curious to know the reason and how it would help someone new to the meditation/spirituality? Please don't discount me as someone spamming you. I am genuinely asking this question. Even if you don't publish my answer, that's fine but am curious to know the answer.

Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Vivek,
The whole world is deluded/deluding others about meditation, religion, spirituality, divinity, supernormal, paranormal, hereafter and other unknown stuffs/beliefs. Right from childhood, your mind will be stuffed/filled with such delusions and blind beliefs by your grandparents, parents, teachers, elders, relatives, friends, role models of the society, religious/meditation/spiritual heads/gurus/disciples/followers, elites/famous/movers and shakers/who's who/intellectuals/politicians/scientists/celebrities/sportspeople/all and sundry from all walks of life.

When the parents (all above-mentioned people have/will become parents, exceptions will be there) never meditated and never had any REAL meditation experiences, what will they teach their children about meditation/spirituality?
If all the parents/schoolteachers in the world had taught children meditation and the reality about spirituality, the world would have had millions of Kundalini awakened people by now spreading the right spiritual/meditation knowledge, and I wouldn't have to waste my time/energy/money to write this blog and ask people to read my blog again and again.

Since a lot of info in my blog will be new/strange to people, their minds will revolt and not accept it, hence they need to read again and again.

Even if some persons seem to know/teach some of the truths contained in this blog, they still will have delusions and spread their delusions (because of lack of direct experiential knowledge). For eg., Buddhists meditate the most (99% don't know what Jhana is!), but if you ask the most famous/highest ranking Buddhist Monk about The Endless Knot, he will blurt out that it is one of the Buddhists' 8 auspicious signs! Auspicious? In reality, it is an inauspicious sign which is responsible for our rebirths:

People who read my blog once or twice will find many things indigestible/unbearable/unacceptable/unbelievable/obnoxious. AS LONG AS SOMEBODY THINKS SO, HE/SHE WILL NOT GO FAR IN SPIRITUALITY THOUGH HE/SHE MAY HAVE HAD MANY KUNDALINI EXPERIENCES. When that's the case with Kundalini-awakened people, what would be the case with people who never had any real Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experience? THEY WILL LIVE AND DIE IN DELUSION. Self-realization is about getting rid of one's age-old false/limited/worldly knowledge/delusions/wrong beliefs.
Getting rid of false knowledge = gaining right knowledge = getting rid of false knowledge

This is another reason why I ask people to read the blog repeatedly so that right knowledge sinks into their subconscious, only then the deep-rooted age-old false knowledge/wrong beliefs/delusions can be gotten rid of. Right theoretical knowledge has the chance of making your mind spiritual, encourage you to give up all wrong meditations and practice silence during meditation which may help in real Kundalini/spiritual/meditation experience. Wrong theories, however, will delude you and take you away from real spirituality.

Browsing through the contents once and superficially reading it won't help. Can you score high marks in your exam by just browsing through the contents of the textbooks once? It may be possible only to 1 in a million. Similarly, if a person has had many Kundalini awakenings/Samadhis and is a 1 in a 100 million, then it's possible for him/her to understand this blog just by reading once. SUCH A PERSON HAVING ACCESS TO INTERNET DOESN'T EXIST. So, people need to read again and again.

People following fake gurus and/or dangerous meditations who are having or will have side effects need to read again and again so that they realize their mistakes and avoid them, if not now, at least later when they start having dangerous physical and mental problems.'

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Kundalini awakening = Spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening means awakening of your SPIRIT.
The word SPIRIT is formed with the word root SPIR- SPIR/O
Spir/o = a combining form of Latin spīrāre "to breathe"
Spir/o = a combining form of Latin spīra (Greek speîra) meaning “coil,” “spiral.”
Spir/o - a combining form in English indicating breath or respiration.
Spir/o or Spir = a combining form in medicine meaning 1. Spiral; coil; coil-shaped 2. Breath; breathing.

Kundalini is a coiled up/vortex-like breathing system/mechanism which is not only responsible for your breathing but also responsible for your spiritual awakening. Therefore, Kundalini is both a physical+a spiritual phenomena.

Believe it or not: You have a spiritual body.
SPIRIT, SPIRITual or SPIRITuality is about your spiritual body.

Spirit in English means "an animating or vital principle (breath/energy) held to give life to physical organisms," "a supernatural being or essence (airy/ethereal body)," "the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person (mind/consciousness)," etc.

Physical Kundalini phenomenon is the DNA (Ida + Pingala) responsible for creation and sustenance of your body-mind complex.

This spiritual body is the airy/ethereal/astral body that many ancient scriptures of many religions talk about.

Spiritual Kundalini phenomena is the Sushumna Nadi system responsible for awakening of your spirit = Spiritual Awakening.

Kundalini awakens your spiritual nervous system connected to the main spiritual nerve channel Sushumna, which is connected to Kundalini at the base of the spine.
Kundalini awakens your spiritual senses.
Kundalini awakens your spiritual body.
Kundalini awakens your spiritual mind.
Kundalini awakens your spiritual consciousness.
In short, Kundalini awakens your SPIRIT = Spiritual Awakening.

Tiny bee said...

Hi, greetings of the day. I am reading your blog again and again, since last many days. And your words does make sense logically and analytically. I am "so called" spiritual practitioner, practicing Hindu mantras since childhood, and then Buddhist mantras, practically have experienced some miracles in life, but I am not satisfied. Watching blogs and YouTube of two to three seers.who doesn't take money for initiation, but still not satisfied, still wandering. Earlier in life i used to pray 2 of 10 mahavidyas.
All the scriptures at the end is saying, "thus kundalini gets activated"
Ultimately everybody is coming to kundalini activation. My question is are they talking about different power,which enlightened a person with all the knowledge. And happening of past present and future. Or it is just taking one person to different life state? Thank you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Tiny Bee,
Only those with direct experiential knowledge know what mantra is.
Only those with direct experiential knowledge know what spirituality is.
Only those with direct experiential knowledge know what meditation is.
Only those with direct experiential knowledge know what kundalini (power) is.
Forget all teachings. Silence your mind. Experience mantra/kundalini/meditation/spirituality.

Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya,

When you say "silence your mind", what exactly do you mean by that?
Should we protest the generation of thoughts that comes naturally in mind when we are doing nothing ,Or should we allow thoughts to come and go without paying any attention to it? But in both the cases, thoughts are involved and hence mind is not silent.
What should be done in order to silence the mind ?

Now, as per my understanding, a silent minds provides a possibility of achieving good concentration by minimizing unnecessary and random thoughts in mind ! So, it is indeed helping mind to achieve good concentration. Is my understanding correct? If my understanding is correct, it means that Meditation helps in increasing the concentration power of mind!

Isn't meditation a tool for achieving supreme happiness? If not then how can this happiness be achieved ? Because, one thing that I am sure of is that a happy mind leads to happy and strong body . Also, a happy mind keeps the people around happy too. It makes us immune to the negative thoughts and ill-effect of failures in life. How this happiness can be achieved?

Coming to "physical benefits of meditation": Isn't it true that meditation helps in strengthening our physical attributes and enhancing the physical capabilities? Isn't meditation a tool for auto-healing the body, mind and soul ? If no, then what is Telepathy, Telekinesis and other physical wonders ? How someone can achieve these supernatural capabilities?

Fortunately, I read your meditation experience on right time. It really mesmerized and impressed me and inspired me to stop doing meditation(which I had started doing recently) in wrong ways. So, many thanks to you :). Now, very personal questions with you:
How far have you gone with this meditation?
What sort of strength , happiness and power have you got ?
How far anyone can go with this sort of meditation?
Have you got supernatural strengths within you?

Just to sum up my comment I am putting forward my entire points one by one:
1. What is "Silence your mind" ?
2. How can we silence our mind?
3. What are the benefits of silencing the mind?
4. How can we achieve supernatural strengths ?
5. How can we achieve that level of happiness whose aura is so high that it can nullify any failure in life and can also help others to be happy along with you. (In sort, how can we become the source of positive energy).
6. How far have you gone with this meditation?
7. What sort of strength , happiness and power have you achieved by meditation?
8. How far anyone can go with this sort of meditation?
9. Have you achieved supernatural strengths ?

Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Vishal,
So you have been brainwashed into believing that meditation gives health, happiness, healing and supernatural strengths/powers and you want to meditate to get physical benefits or become a superman. No wonder all cunning, shrewd, manipulative charlatans who call themselves gurus, yogis, monks, teachers, masters, experts, etc., are making money by teaching meditation to people like you.

Without direct mediation/Kundalini/spiritual experiences, meditation and spiritual truths become very hard to understand intellectually. All of your questions have been answered in my blog. Read all the posts of this blog twice a week for 3 months, starting with this post which talks about supernatural stuffs:

For a list of all the posts of this blog, here is the link:

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya ji,

I have read quite a few books on meditation and I find your writings to be refreshingly new. I have come across a lot of conflicting information in the books I have read.

Im interested to know the technique of Antar Mouna and meditation. Please guide me.

Ive also read that kundalini is a simple mechanism that worked to provide nourishment to us inside the womb and its not as big as its made out to be, and that we should aim for spiritual prowess instead of chasing kundalini. Please clarify.



Achintya Idam said...

Hi Anand,
If there is Antar Mouna, there has to be Bahir Mouna also. So what's the difference between these two? What's chasing Kundalini? spiritual prowess?

There's no end to the nonsense people write, no end to the nonsense people read, no end to the nonsense people think, and no end to the nonsensical doubts people get after reading nonsense! In short, there's no end to nonsense. Intellectual nonsense. Understanding meditation/Kundalini/spirituality with one's intellect = tragedy, tragedy of logic.

Unless you have direct experiential knowledge, you will never understand meditation/Kundalini/spirituality correctly and will have doubts until death even after reading 1000s of books and asking billions of questions to billions of people and getting zillions of answers.
Stop reading books, asking questions based on those books/what you have read.
Strive for one real meditation/Kundalini/spiritual experience.
Find ways to silence your mind during meditation.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!