September 07, 2016

Guru's Grace, Religious and Spiritual Gurus, Disciples, and Followers; Yoga Bhrasta, How to Know a True Guru, How to Differentiate Between a True and a Fake Guru, Inner Guru; Sadguru, Satshashtra, and Satsangha; Indrajaal, Mayajaal, Bhramjaal, Shabdajaal (Net/Trap of Deception); Kaama-Kaanchana-Keerti; How to Become a Guru (Real/Fake)

What a guru teaches is not important.
All gurus invariably teach something which has already been taught, which is in one or the other scriptures, and they always give references to previous gurus/ancient scriptures to prove their enlightenment/awakening/realization/knowledge.
You can also become a guru if you do the same.

Some gurus may tweak ancient wisdom/knowledge and use new/different/unique words to ancient meditation and spiritual ideas/thoughts/concepts/practices to prove they are really enlightened/awakened/realized  gurus.
You can also become a guru if you do the same.  You can become a much-talked about guru if you give a new name to Turiya, the fourth level of consciousness (beyond conscious, subconscious, unconscious states). For example, you can call Turiya as the fourth mind; 4th/5th/6th dimensional consciousness; optionless, emotionless, fearless, objectless  consciousness; Grand consciousness; Supra/Para/Peri/Pan Consciousness,  Soul/Whole and Sole/Solitary Undivided/Quantum/Cosmo Consciousness, Free Consciousnesses, etc.

The character, quality, and direct experiential/practical knowledge/wisdom of a guru are very important.
The effect of a guru's spiritual teachings on the disciples depends on the guru's character and spiritual advancement. A fake guru, a guru neck-deep in family/worldly life, a guru enjoying sensual pleasures may teach 10 hours a day for 10 years, but it will not have any positive effect on any of the disciples. At the end of the 10 years, the disciples will be still in doubt about the guru's teachings because of ZERO practical experiential knowledge. Therefore, what type of meditation technique/spiritual practice you are following is not important--What type of a guru you are following is very important. There are some Spiritual Laws/Rules.

People can awaken their Kundalini without knowing anything about meditation, religion, or spirituality; but by following fake gurus, people will definitely become more ignorant and deluded about religion, spirituality, and meditation ending their chance of a Kundalini awakening. There are some Kundalini Laws/Rules.

The quality/character/spiritual growth of a disciple can be known by the guru he/she is following, and the guru's worth can be known by the type of disciples he/she is teaching. There are some Natural Laws/Rules.

Brahmajnaani: "There is nothing new to learn. You just need to unlearn. Spirituality is about unlearning. Spirituality is about direct experiential knowledge of oneself. You do not need books, gurus, or others to tell you how to know or experience yourself; the maximum these can do is to direct you toward your Inner Guru. Your Inner Guru is your real guide."

Types or Orders of Gurus (male or female) depending on Kundalini Awakening:

Adhama/Lower Order Guru:  A person who teaches without having his/her Kundalini awakened, i.e., without having any Kundalini or meditation experience.
This guru will neither awaken his/her own Kundalini nor help awaken his/her disciple's Kundalini - in their lifetimes.
This guru will teach solely from the scriptures.
This guru will not know who is fit and who is unfit for spirituality or spiritual Sadhana.
This guru benefits from his disciples in the form of money, service (Seva), name and fame, etc.
This guru has made Guruhood his/her profession for physical/mental/ego/financial benefits.
This guru has not overcome but is indulging in fulfilling his desire for sex, wealth, and name and fame (Vasanas of Kaama-Kaanchana-Keerti). This guru may be worse than ordinary householders.
This guru teaches some time-pass physical activity in the name of spiritual activity/meditation.
Though this guru is not interested in teaching, he/she teaches either for time pass/fun or.out of compulsion for being a professional teacher.
This guru always thinks, "I know that you don't know anything about spirituality, but you don't know that I don't know anything spirituality. I like this profession of making money by talking nonsense."
This guru may claim to be a Self-realized saint.
All living famous/ordinary gurus fall in this category.

Madhyama/Middle Order Guru:  A person who teaches after having his/her Kundalini awakened, i.e., having MANY Kundalini or meditation experiences and loosening many knots of the heart but not all and is still striving for Self-realization.
This guru will help awaken his/her disciples' Kundalini during a disciple's lifetime (of course not through fake Shaktipat):
This guru will teach from his meditation experiences and may also use scriptures.
This guru may know who is fit and who is unfit for spirituality or spiritual Sadhana.
This guru may or may not benefit from his disciples in the form of donation, service, name and fame, etc.
This guru is struggling to but has not overcome the Vasanas of Kaama-Kaanchana-Keerti.
This guru may become worse than ordinary householders if he/she becomes a Yoga Bhrashta (one who has fallen from Yoga, who has left meditation/spiritual Sadhana because of the inability to control his/her mind and overcome desires).
This guru may claim to be a Self-realized saint.
No living famous/ordinary guru falls in this category.

Uttama/Higher Order Guru: A person who teaches after loosening all the knots of the heart. This person has Self-realization. 
This guru has become the master of not only his/her but also others' Kundalini.
This guru has the capability not only to awaken his/her disciple's Kundalini, but also make the disciple a master of Kundalini.
This guru will teach by helping his/her disciple have direct meditation experiences.
This person knows the type of teaching that should be imparted to different disciples/followers depending on their Samskaras or spiritual capability.
This guru clearly knows who is fit and who is unfit for spiritual Sadhana and awakening of Kundalini.
This guru does not benefit from his/her disciples in the form of donation, service, name and fame, etc. This guru pays no attention to any of these.
This guru is a Brahmajnani, the purest of human beings on earth. This person lives an unthinkable existence. He/she has no benefit from anybody. He/she lives in his/her own world with no desires.
This guru can make Yoga Bhrastas get back to Sadhana.
This guru though Self-realized does not claim to be so.
No living famous/ordinary guru falls in this category.

Types or Order of Disciples/Followers (male/female) depending on the potential for or actual Kundalini awakening:
Adhama/Lower Order Disciple:
This person has no potential to have any Kundalini or meditation experiences in his/her lifetime.
This person is immersed in worldly activities and enjoys the objects of pleasures with gusto.
This person has insatiable craving for sex, wealth, and name and fame. This person lives and dies to fulfill his/her worldly desires.
This person does not get spiritual at all. To him/her, religion and spirituality are a means to fulfill the worldly desires.
Even in the company of Uttama or enlightened gurus, he/she will still be thinking of fulfilling the worldly desires. This is the reason why so many followers/disciples of the past Brahmajnaanis did not take to spirituality despite having the Brahmajnaani as a guide.
This person is a time-passer in spirituality/meditation, who learns some time-pass meditation technique. This person seeks physical/mental benefits from spiritual practices and meditation. This person can mostly be found in the company of Adhama/Lowest Order Gurus. This person does marketing/propaganda for his/her Adhama Guru for ego/financial benefits. This person may also be promoted as a mini-guru by the Adhama Guru.

Madhyama/Middle Order Disciple:
This person has the potential to have many Kundalini or meditation experiences during his/her lifetime. This person may have also had Kundalini or meditation experiences without the help of a guru.
This person is not immersed in worldly activities but is discharging his/her duties and responsibilities and enjoying the objects of pleasures now and then.
This person desires sex, wealth, and name and fame but also tries to overcome such desires, sometimes he/she just gives up such desires.
This person gets spiritual and tries to understand spirituality by reading books, following some gurus or their teachings, etc.
In the company of a Madhyama guru (who is not a Yoga Bhrasta) or an Uttama guru, he/she will progress in spiritual Sadhana quickly.
Once this person starts having actual Kundalini experiences, this person gets the ability to distinguish between a real and a fake guru, and shuns the teachings/association of fakes.

Uttama/Higher Order Disciple:
This person will have many Kundalini or meditation experiences in his/her life, with/without the help of a guru. This person will also start the process of loosening the knots of the heart.
This person has given up selfish worldly activities and objects of pleasures physically by either formally taking Sannyasa or informally living a Sannyasi's life.
This person may have mental or subconscious craving for sex, wealth, and name and fame. This person lives and dies to attain his/her spiritual goal.
This person is into spirituality all the time, may be reading, praying, writing, thinking, talking, discussing about spiritual matters. Ultimately, this person settles for meditation because he/she realizes that without meditation, all spiritual knowledge is dry scriptural knowledge and not experiential.
In the company of a Madhyama guru (who is not a Yoga Bhrasta and who is much more advanced than the Uttama Disciple) or an Uttama guru, this person will progress in his/her Sadhana very quickly.
This person can also be considered a Madhyhama guru if she/he has had many Kundalini experiences, starts the process of loosening the knots of the heart, and guides others without taking any money for such guidance.

Note: All the above guru and disciple (shishya) categories are for those people who believe in guru-shishya parampara. In reality, you neither need a guru nor need to become a disciple to have Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experiences; also you need not become a guru if you have had many Kundalini experiences.

Naraadhama/Lowest of Low Order of Gurus and Disciples Who are KILLING SPIRITUALITY:
This is not a category of gurus and disciples but a separate set of the worst human beings who lie and pretend to be spiritual. These people are purely business-minded, family-oriented, and marketing strategists who have donned the role of gurus and shishyas to make money in the name of religion and spirituality. These people are setting a wrong precedence in spirituality, and deluding the present and future generations about religion, spirituality, guruhood, disciplehood, spiritual sadhana, etc. These people will get caught with their pants down at one point or the other, and with their wrongdoings, they make the people of an entire society/nation hang their heads in shame. These persons relish the world like animals that have taken human forms; maybe they are born as human beings for the first time. These persons have the tendency/ability to commit the most heinous crimes that one can think of, if such crimes can be kept a secret or if they can get away with the crimes.

These persons play with the innocence of people, derive satisfaction in fooling and using people, and boast for having done so. Following, tolerating, or encouraging such gurus and shishyas would lead to deterioration and degradation of human character and morality in our society resulting in the death of spirituality, because there is no spirituality without morality.

Naraadhama/Lowest of Low Order Guru:
A wolf in a sheep's clothing, a liar of the first order, a sinner, an immoral person, and a blot on spirituality and our society.
This person publicizes herself/himself to be a Self-realized Seer, God, Goddess, Messiah, Mystic, Miracle Man/Woman, Healer, Superman/Superwoman, Messenger of God, Prophet, etc.
This person can go to any extent of lying/faking to make himself/herself #1 guru of a nation or the whole world.
This person is always scheming to expand his/her gurudom, name and fame.

This person will not only throw the current but also the future generations into an abyss of immorality and ignorance.
Some persons may crave for their involvement in sociopolitical issues. These people may have sociopolitical, religious, or geopolitical agenda.
Some may be traitors or conspirators.
Some may be societal/cultural perception molders, some may do cultural terrorism or cultural reprogramming, religious conversions, etc.
Some may be New World Order agents.
These people will have the worst qualities whatever you can think of and whatever you can't even imagine.

Naraadhama/Lowest of Low Order Disciple:
A wolf in a sheep's clothing, a a liar of the first order, a sinner, an immoral person, and a blot on spirituality and the society.
This person likes ONLY the company of his/her Naraadhama/Lowest of Low Order Guru. For his/her personal benefit, this person publicizes his/her Guru as Self-realized, God, miracle man/woman or a super human being.
This person can go to any extent of lying to make his/her Guru famous and benefit from her/his guru's fame.
This person is always scheming to bring more followers in the fold of his/her guru for personal benefits.
May have all/some qualities of his/her Naraadhama Guru.

Passing Thoughts: Can you believe there are beginner's courses, advanced courses, crash courses,  weekend courses, trainer courses, retreats, etc., in meditation and spirituality? That too for a fee! On a first come first served basis!! Bookings!! Bulk Bookings get discounts and freebies!!! There are very few genuine spiritual aspirants left in the world, and such fake Naraadhama gurus are hell bent on ruining their physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health by teaching useless, dangerous, delusional meditation techniques and spiritual concepts/practices. I do not want to write more about these sadistic, criminal-minded, evil-character Naraadhama gurus and disciples. Suffice it to say that such evil gurus/disciples should be shunned like poison as early as possible; the earliest, the better.

Truth: The best people are those who have spiritual/meditation experiences, loosen the knots of their hearts, and realize themselves in this very life. These people dedicate their entire life for practicing celibacy, vegetarianism, mediation, adhyatma sadhana (spiritual practice), etc., for the sake of knowing the truth about spirituality/meditation, the reality about themselves (pinda), and the cosmic reality brahmanda) without having the desire to become gurus.

Question: If all the people take to spirituality, practice celibacy, do not get married, have no children, and become rununciates, wouldn’t the human race come to an end?
Answer: The world is not programmed that way.
How many can really give up the desires of the body and mind?
How many can really control the effects of the ravaging hormones?
How many can really abstain from sex?
How many can really give up egoism?
How many can really control the hyperactive, monkey of a mind that brings up incessant thoughts?

Only 0.0000001% (i.e., RARE) of the world's population can tread the extremely difficult, dangerous, and unknown path of spirituality and succeed in, if not reaching the destination, at least travelling some distance on this path. Those who have no meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences have not started their spiritual journey at all.  Controlling or giving up the triple maddening worldly desires of sex, wealth, and ego satisfaction (Kaama-Kaanchana-Keerti) is not in the hands of the rest 99.9999999% of the world's population. Overcoming the triple desires through body-speech-mind is called Kaaya-Vaacha-Manasa Shuddhi (body-speech-mind purification), which is not in the hands of this 99.9999999% majority.

If this majority puts a little effort in controlling their desires and gets no immediate results in spirituality, they will run back to satisfying their worldly desires. If this majority, with great effort, persists in controlling their desires for a little more time, then their monkey of a mind with the uncontrollable senses drags them back to the enjoyment of the worldly objects. When this happens, these people start enjoying  sense/worldly objects with renewed energy and redoubled hunger, just like a smoker who quits for sometime but on relapse starts smoking more and enjoys smoking much more than before.

Let us say a worldly person becomes spiritual, stays in a secluded place, practices celibacy, solitude, meditation for a month or two. Then due to his/her habits and vasanas, the monkey of a mind starts bringing up sexual thoughts one by one, which start disturbing the person slowly. Then, the mind relentlessly brings up such sexual thoughts, sometimes the whole day and night. Due to this, the person starts craving for sex, day and night. This goes on until a point where if this person just hears the voice of the opposite sex from a distance, he/she will glide, run, or cruise like a Shabdabhedi (sound-seeking) arrow/missile in the direction of the voice to have a Darshan of the owner of the voice. This person's condition would be similar to the condition of a small needle which is brought near a powerful magnet. When the magnet comes near the needle or the needle comes near the magnet, the needle helplessly, powerlessly, effortlessly jumps, flies, cruises, glides, and clings to that magnet. This person would madly want to see, touch, feel, or enjoy the opposite sex's body. This will be the condition of a worldly person taking to celibacy. How many can control such insanity of the mind?

As long as people are having regular doses of sex or sexual activities, they feel celibacy is no big deal and they are fit for spirituality. Once they abstain from sex to practice celibacy and take to solitude/seclusion for spiritual sadhana, after a month or so, like a drug addict without his/her drug 
dose, they become restless for sexual activities. Can such persons control their desires for long? No way! They will give up celibacy and spiritual practice, indulge in sexual activities with redoubled enthusiasm and hunger, and sometime 
after indulgence, they will again start some time-pass meditation technique for their ego massage.

If those who have malformed/malfunctioning sexual organs indulge in fulfilling the lust of their bodies and minds by various indescribable sexual acts, how long can persons with well-formed/well-functioning sexual organs abstain from using them?

When 99% of the so called renunciates or gurus are fulfilling their physical and psychological desires in one way or the other, what to talk of others! So don’t bother about the human race becoming extinct if all took to spirituality.

Believe it or not: Some people can go mad or act crazy due to lack of sex, and some people can go mad or act crazy due to too much sex or sexual activities.

Truth: Youngsters who are not exposed to sex and have spiritual samskaras will succeed in meditation and spiritual sadhana very quickly.


Note: Practice spiritual sadhana (celibacy, meditation, etc.) at least until you have some meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences so that you understand religion and spirituality through direct experiences. Direct meditation experiences help you get rid of all the age-old delusions concerning religion, meditation, and spirituality. Those who do not have meditation experiences will spend their entire life imagining things about these. They will live in the dark, live an ignorant life, and spread ignorance and delusions.

Question: How to know a true guru? How to differentiate between a true and a fake guru?
Answer: By a guru's lifestyle! A lavish lifestyle and a true guru are like water and oil, they don’t mix! The followers/disciples should always find out the guru's activities, actions, character, lifestyle, etc., rather than what they preach/teach because whatever they teach can be learnt directly from the books they teach from.
You need to use common sense to differentiate between a fake and a real guru.
If you have had meditation experiences, it becomes as easy as drinking water to differentiate between a true and a fake guru.

Religious and spiritual practices and teachings are corrupted by fake gurus for many reasons; one of them may be is the fact that unless human beings see any personal benefit for themselves, they will not open their wallets. Therefore, today we see every type of a religious/spiritual person (fake guru or no guru) publicizing and selling religion and spirituality to people for worldly prosperity in this life, upon death, or in the next life, and of course for a price. This has resulted in the gullible public thinking that by being religious or spiritual they will become rich, get a good husband/wife or a girlfriend/boyfriend, get a job/promotion, solve their legal issues, get good marks in their exams, get health cures or benefits, get virility, get children, win an election, win a game, reduce their jail terms, annihilate their enemies, win over the world, rule the world, go to heaven, avoid hell, get peace and happiness, fly and roam the cosmos, become a guru, become a minister, etc.  Such naivety on the part of the public will lead to more supply of fake gurus, who again will delude the society more with more fake religious and spiritual teachings and books. When the current generation itself is under such a delusion, what would happen to the next generation? They will all be born deluded!

Sadhus: "Chamatkaar ko Namaskaar" "Chamatkaaron ki Jai Jaikaar." A person can reach the pinnacle of gurudom, guruhood, sainthood, godhood, goddesshood if the person and his/her disciples, followers, family and friends, team can do great marketing of a miracle (of course fake) with lies/falsehood. Then the masses will bow down and start singing the praises of such a fake person, which will result in more miracles being cooked up and marketed. After the death of this fake person, more and more miracles and incredible stuffs will be attributed to this fake person and his name in history will be uploaded as a Great Guru, Saint, Seer, Prophet, Messenger of God, Messiah, Yogi, Mystic, Incarnation of God or Goddess, or a real God/Goddess, etc., by the disciples/followers/family/friends for their own survival/selfish motives.

Those who do Tapasya/penance/spiritual sadhana are treated as beggars and all fakes, liars, miracle-mongers, delusion-mongers, and the worst of human beings are treated as Gods and gurus. Wherever there is a big crowd, bigger the crowd gets -- majority-is-right mentality. We have a sorry state of spiritual affairs, courtesy fake and ignorant gurus, shishyas (disciples), bhagats (bhakts, devotees), and followers. 

If you are not smart enough to differentiate between a fake and a real guru, a fake and a real shashtra (scripture), and a fake and a real sang/ha (associate/association), then you will get entangled in the INDRAjaal, BHRAMjaal, SHABDAjaal, or MAYAjaal (all mean a net of deception; deceptive net, web, trap) of such fakes. As a result, you will suffer your entire life.

There will be claims of being a Sadguru, Satshastra, or Satsang/ha (Sad/sat=real or true) by the fakes, but you should be smart enough to avoid the fakes and follow the real (if at all you find one). Though the fake gurus will suffer due to their bad karma, you will also suffer for believing in them blindly, for not using common sense and presence of mind, for not putting enough efforts to find out if the guru is real or fake, and for not respecting your own Inner Guru, who is the best guru. You will also suffer because you may be a fake spiritual aspirant who wants to get immediate physical and psychological benefits through meditation and spirituality and get Self-realization instantly with guru's grace, scriptural reading, being religious, being in Satsang/ha, etc.

Some people runaway from their present life's condition to find solace in spirituality, only to be fleeced or misused by fake gurus. Some people get spiritual for their fat ego massage; they just want to feel that they are highly evolved souls reading some scriptures or being in the company of enlightened gurus. Such people without any knowledge about the fake gurus or spirituality brainwash other serious spiritual persons to follow such a fake guru, whose ultimate objective is to fleece or use the disciples by using scriptural jargon, nomenclature, mumbo-jumb, all of which help in deluding the disciples. Beware of such Satgurus and Satsang/has!

Some practice spirituality so that they can make money by writing articles on spirituality, writing or translating spiritual books, marketing the fake gurus to make money, opening workshops or branches of such fake gurus to become mini-gurus, etc. These are the only people who benefit from fake gurus; hence, they will be all praise for the fake gurus. Be careful of such Satsang/ha!

Without any direct experiential knowledge, everyone has some beliefs about religion, meditation, and spirituality. It is very rare to find a person who is not caught in the Indrajaal or Mayajaal (net of deception; deceptive net, trap, or web) of delusional mumbo-jumbo, harmful and regressive teachings, or ineffective and useless guidance of fake religious/spiritual gurus, scriptures, or fellow spiritual aspirants (fake Sadguru, Satshastra, and Satsang/ha).

Food For Thought: All the ancient Brahmajnaanis (Seers) and Yogis found the truth about the Pinda (oneself) and the Brahmanda (Cosmos) = The ONE REALITY, ONENESS, UNITY = through deep meditative contemplation. The knowledge, wisdom, and teachings of the ancient Seers and Yogis (physical/natural/scientific, religious, spiritual, meditational, philosophical, metaphysical, quantum mechanics, consciousness, etc., which all fall under THE ONE REALITY of the Seers) were collected, compiled and made into scriptures. All religions are born with one or the other scripture. More often than not, the religious and spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the Brahmajnaanis and Yogis have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, or manipulated.

Such ignorance, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, corruption, misuse, or deliberate manipulation of the religious and spiritual words, concepts, ideas, philosophies, and realities has given us a world/human history that is filled with wars, conquests, inquests, atrocities, persecutions, slavery, communal hatred/riots, revolutions, loot, racial/casteist violence, crimes against humanity, terrorism, etc. The same reasons have been the cause for the current deterioration and degradation of humanity and human character. People have stopped seeing Oneness or unity in humanity. Everybody finds one or the other word such as "race," "color,""caste," "sub-caste" "surname" "religion," "nationality," "community," "locality,"  "language," etc., to differentiate between fellow human beings, more often than not JUST TO HATE or feel SUPERIOR/DIFFERENT.

What would have happened or what would happen if all the people followed the Seers and Yogis' knowledge and wisdom of ONE REALITY/ONENESS/UNITY without misunderstanding or manipulation?
Wouldn't there be universal brotherhood, peace, and happiness on earth?
When everyone is peaceful and happy, wouldn’t there be heaven on earth?

Passing Thoughts: Spiritual gurus who have not had any meditation/Kundalini/spiritual experience should abstain from teaching spirituality. If they become fake gurus, then their spiritual life will be ruined.

Spiritual gurus who have had many meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences but who have not loosened all the knots of their hearts should not claim to have Self-realization. Such gurus can teach spirituality as long as:
their intention is not to make money/fleece the disciples or followers,
their intention is not for name and fame, political interest, business interest etc.,
they don’t teach breathing techniques or other unnatural methods for Kundalini awakening or Self-realization,
they don’t encourage their disciples to become scriptural bookworms,
they don’t delude their pupils with spiritual mumbo-jumbos, miraculous stuffs, cock-and-bull stories,
they don’t accept more money than required for their daily basic needs,

Teachers teaching pranayama for health benefits are okay as long as they don’t claim that pranayama leads to Kundalini awakening. Pranayama should be practiced for a particular health benefit after checking its efficacy. The truth is that pranayama is a meditation/Kundalini awakening experience. Once Kundalini awakens, Kundalini regulates the breath in its own way—this is the real pranayama. All types of pranayamas happen when Kundalini awakens. The ancient Yogis and Seers experienced such different breathing when Kundalini awakens. Ignorant followers started teaching such Kundalini experiences as an exercise/technique to awaken Kundalini. Only ancient pranayamas will happen; pranayama experiences happen only sometimes and not always; Swabhavika Pranayama/Kriya (involuntary/spontaneous pranayama/kriyas) happen in the beginning of Kundalini awakening experiences. Pranayama to raise Kundalini is dangerous. Pranayama is not the cause but an effect of Kundalini awakening.

Story told by a Sadhu whose father was a witness to the following: A little more than half a century ago, there was an old Brahmajnaani living in a forest. He never revealed his age. His followers used to speculate his age to be 100+, 200+, 300+ or more as he was very ancient and had been alive and old when the great grandparents of his followers were kids. All sorts of gurus, shishyas, sannyasis, and other ordinary people used to come to him for Darshan, to get his blessings, to ask questions, to test his spiritual knowledge, to discuss/argue with him about spiritual topics, etc.

There was another guru who used to teach pranayama for Kundalini awakening/Self-realization. This pranayama guru could get into breathless Samadhi, maybe for a couple of days. This achievement made him think that he had won death and become immortal and that he was Self-realized, so he wanted to make all other gurus his disciples by defeating them in a question and answer session, showing his Breathless Samadhi state to impress them, making them his disciples, teaching them his pranayama, and then asking them to teach others the same pranayama for Kundalini awakening, Self-realization, and immortality.

When the pranayama guru heard about the ancient Brahmajnaani, he came to visit the Brahmajnaani with the intention of making the Brahmajnaani his disciple. The pranayama guru met the Brahmajnaani and started the guru-to-shishya conversion process by asking, "People say you are very old, do you know your exact age?" The Brahmajnaani looked straight into the eyes of the pranayama guru and said, "I am not sure of the age as the number of days in a year varies, but I know the exact number of breaths this body has taken." The pranayama guru was dumbstruck, sat silently for sometime, and left the place quietly.

Religious Gurus:
As far as religious gurus are concerned, their job is to teach the scriptures. Such gurus are good as long as they stick to original scriptures without spreading lies and do not teach anything that spreads hatred or immorality in the society. If any guru claims to have seen God or can help you meet God, then shun such a liar/hypocrite ASAP. Though religious gurus need not have direct spiritual experiences to preach, they should at least be good human beings with great character and morality. Such gurus should spread peace, harmony, brotherhood, sisterhood in the society. They should never spread hatred in the name of religion.

The followers/disciples should always give more importance to the guru's activities, actions, character, lifestyle, etc., rather than what they preach/teach because whatever they preach can be learnt directly from the books they preach from. If you spend some years on such books the guru preaches from, you can become much more proficient than the guru himself/herself.

Brahmajnani: "Unless you forget everything and silence your monkey of a mind, you cannot meditate and have spiritual experiences. "

Science and Modern Gurus: These days it is becoming easier for everyone to scientifically understand ancient Brahmajnaanis' knowledge and wisdom. It is a good sign that people have started understanding spirituality scientifically.

Educated people, who are fed up with fake sadhus, babas, scriptural pundits who just talk mythology and religion, are looking up to English-educated gurus who establish a correlation between ancient scriptures and modern science, math, cosmology, quantum stuffs, metaphysics, neuroscience, etc. The demand for such science/modern spiritual gurus has increased manifold. This is the present trend. 

The flip side of such a trend is many full-fledged Samsaris (worldly persons enjoying the triple desires, neck deep in enjoying sensual pleasures) are becoming gurus without having done a single day's of spiritual sadhana, without having a clue about real spirituality and meditation, and without having a real meditation/spiritual experience. 

Educated people fall for intelligent written material.  Book-wring gurus (the books are written by others) become famous instantly. Many people become disciples and followers such educated fakes just because of written material/hype/marketing/internet, social media, word of mouth publicity.  Now everybody thinks that if a guru is highly educated, has written a book, rich, famous, can correlate with scripture and science, has many disciples, then that person is the best guru. Whoever has more number of educated and rich disciples and followers will get more and more such disciples/followers. The truth is all these gurus are fake.

If good IQ, English education, knowledge of science and medical terminology, correlating scriptures with modern science is a criteria, then millions of  science/medical/technical graduates that are produced every year by the universities world over can become gurus within a year. Correlating science with scripture is easy for them. They may need less than a year to gain the scriptural knowledge of the present-day famous gurus. So everyone can become gurus.

Hope spirituality doesn’t take a turn from blindly believing mythological scriptures to using scientific calculations/measurements to determine the length, breadth, width, height, weight, size of a soul. Hope future scientific gurus do not claim that passing nano electric currents to the pineal gland, chakras, chakra locations, amygdala, and other glands/hormonal glands will activate people's Kundalini, give them psychic powers, transport them to the seventh heaven, etc. By the way, there are many allegories in the scriptures which cannot be understood just by reading and understanding them. The truth contained in scriptures can only be clearly understood when you get many insights, revelations, and realizations through meditation experiences, spiritual experiences, or Kundalini experiences.

Be 100% sure that such science and modern gurus would not have done even an ounce of spiritual sadhana which the ancient seers/yogis did by the tonnes. Such fake gurus will claim that they realized God or Self due to great penance or Tapasya in the jungles/dense forests, in front of rivers, inside caves, beside waterfalls, deep in the Himalayas, on hill/mountain tops, etc. They will claim that they were born with spiritual qualities, were destined to be great gurus, had inborn healing qualities, have performed and can perform miracles, can heal people of their sins/physical and mental ailments, can do vashikaran, etc. Some fakes will claim that they got Self-Realization or God Realization after covering the length and breadth of India by ticket-less travelling in trains wearing ochre- or other-colored robes. Some people claim that they instantly had Self/God-realization or Awakened their Kundalini and got Self-realization while reading a scripture, taking a bath, watching television, doing drugs or pot, boozing, drinking a cocktail or a magic potion, gazing at or counting the stars from a rooftop, sitting on a hilltop eating popcorn, riding a horse or a donkey, getting beaten or abused, recovering miraculously from cancer without any trace of it after the Darshan of God A, running or jogging in the park, taking a nap in a cave, having sex, etc. All cock-and-bull stories. Beware of such fakes!

Some fakes claim that they have realized themselves or know what "living in the present" means. Since they are Self-realized or "live in the present," they experience happiness and bliss all the time hence they always jump, sing, and dance. Such jumping jacks teach others to be happy and blissful by becoming jumping jacks. Beware of such jumping jacks!

There were many fake famous gurus in the past. Many disciples/followers' lives were destroyed by such fakes. Many peoples' physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health was ruined by such famous fakes. I know some people who led a worthless life, went crazy, committed suicide, or lived a painful life and died a horrible death due to untreatable physical and mental illnesses - because of their association with and following the teachings of such fakes. There are many famous fakes in the present. Beware!

Sadhu: "If one could have spiritual knowledge through bookish proficiency, with my scriptural Paanditya (proficiency), I could make anybody turn in his grave. Spiritual knowledge cannot be experienced through book learning. Spiritual knowledge without experience is as good as a man thinking him to be the biological father of a kid without having sex with the kid's mother."

Let a guru who has zero experiential knowledge of spirituality not claim to be a Self-realized person, lest both the guru and the disciple suffer unspeakable karmic reactions: The guru will suffer for lying, misleading, and ruining the spiritual life of the disciples and followers and the disciple will suffer for blindly believing a fake guru, for not using discretion, and misleading others to follow this fake guru and ruining their spiritual lives.

All rich and fake famous gurus, more often than not, have the backing of the rich and the influential people and supported by a good marketing team of sweet-tongued manipulators. Beware of such fake gurus and satsang/ha!

Ultimate GURU The Inner GURU:
Without one's Inner Guru's grace, the best of the best scriptures or gurus will fail to give you a single Kundalini or meditation experience. A good external guru is one who helps you turn toward your Inner Guru for spiritual guidance. Whoever gets the grace of one's Inner Guru is the best disciple and the best spiritual aspirant in the world. This grace comes only when one achieves kaaya-vaacha-manasa shuddhi (purity of the body-speech-mind, purity of deeds-words-thoughts). Do not waste your time doing unnecessary/futile Naadi Shodhana or Naadi Shuddhi but do spend time on Kaaya-Vaacha-Manasa Vasana Shuddhi. If you put conscious efforts in thinning, lessening, reducing your triple Vasanas (Vasana Kshaya), then the day is not far when your Kundalini will awaken. The only required effort in spirituality is to reduce worldly cravings and/or to increase spiritual cravings. This is also a technique to get the grace of your Inner Guru. People who have very good spiritual samskaras get the grace of the Inner Guru without much effort.

How far you are from worldly desires, how strong your triple vasanas are, how strong your will power is, how controlled your mind is, how intense your search for spiritual knowledge is, etc., are indicators of whether or not you will get the grace of the Inner Guru and have spiritual experinces.

If you want your Inner Guru's Grace, you must put the right efforts to please your Inner Guru. THE EXTERNAL GURUS (FAKE) CAN FOOL OR GET FOOLED EASILY, BUT THE INNER GURU NEVER FOOLS AND NEVER GETS FOOLED.

Brahmajnani: "Fake gurus are like dogs and foxes. You should be cautious."
All kinds of animals live in this world. We need to protect ourselves from the dangerous ones.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Dr.Karthik said...

Dear Achintiya.. wow...what a mind blowing and revolutionary article...thank you for turning me in to my real inner guru...these many years i was fantasised with so called humble pranams to you for taking this much time and effort to straighten up things in this fake and selfish spiritual Guru and practices

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Karthy,
You are welcome! Religion and Spirituality are THE stuffs where almost everyone gets misled, including the best of the best people on earth (intellectuals, scientists, thinkers, the greatest, the richest, the smartest, the most influential, the famous, the role models of all societies, the history makers, the movers and shakers, the who's who in the world, kings/rulers of nations, the creme de la creme of the world, world leaders, etc., of the past, present, future). These stuffs have given a direction to the course of human history and will continue to direct human history in the future. The simple reason for all this fantastic mis/leading is ignorance or lack of direct experiential knowledge. Ignorance is evil and leads to wrongdoings, which results in bad karmic reactions.

Very rare (virala, birala) are people who understand religion and spirituality as they really are. Rarest are those who know the truth about religion and spirituality through direct spiritual experiences.

Shubhamastu=Let Good Happen To You!

Dr.Karthik said...

Dear Achintiya...
Thanks for your reply with true words.keep doing the great work for the benefit of us who have lost the real contact with the inner Guru...wish more more ppl get clarification from your articles.

Anonymous said...

Dear Achintya,
My humble pranam to you. I have been suffering hardly due to the karmic reactions of the current and previous births . But I can't bear deadly psychic attacks anymore and didn't get any solution, although I took several healing. List of psychic attacks as follows:
www.psychicattacksag­ Would you please tell me what I should do to escape from these attacks and permanently clear these evil people? Sometimes suicidal thinking wonders in my mind for not getting any solution. But if I do so, I will be looser again.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Aslam,
Yours is a classic case of a person who first believes, then practices religious, spiritual, psychic, supernatural practices like Reiki, healing, chakra balancing, sorcery, witchcraft, sammohini, vashikaran, mesmerism, meditation, shaminism, etc., and gets some results in the form of God's vision or command, vision or communication with the prophet, god or spirit, out of body experiences, astral projection, clairvoyance, clairaudience, revelation of scriptural secrets, healing powers, psychic powers, vashikaran powers, etc. Such results, experiences, or powers may not be real/true or because of your practice, but since you start thinking that it is due to your belief and practice, you start over-believing, over-practicing to the point of becoming a fanatic/thinking day and night about the same stuffs. Over a period of time, you start thinking that you or others are special or extraordinary and have supernatural/psychic/healing qualities or powers, or know a lot of secrets. This kind of belief/perception/thinking will affect your actual behavior and daily activities. Such altered thinking, behavior, lifestyle affects your normal activities of daily living and your life in general will get adversely affected. You will reach a point where you do not sleep as much as you used to, do not think as you used to, do not behave as you used to, etc. All the psychic attacks mentioned in your blog are due to such over-believing, over-practicing, lack of sleep, and your altered thinking, behavior, and lifestyle.

The mind is cunning and it is our enemy #1, always trying to harm our lives and others' lives. It makes us suffer so much (the mind cleverly reasons that others are making us suffer) that sometimes we may think of committing suicide, which would make us and our family suffer more. The mind wants us to suffer more and more. The mind wants us to suffer hell on earth. Life is very precious. We get a human birth after a lot of good karma in our many past lives, but this monkey of a mind wants us to suffer in this precious life on this beautiful earth. You need to teach your mind a lesson by taking all your psychic attacks as psychiatric attacks or attacks by the mind itself and visiting a psychiatrist immediately. If you delay, you may start having depression, OCD, or other mental disturbances. Tell all your psychic attacks to the doctor and ask for medicines which make the mind silent/sleep for at least 7-8 hours during the night. Keep discussing all your psychic attacks with your family and keep their company during medication. NIMHANS, Bangalore, India, treats depression, hallucinations, and other mental health conditions and almost everyone gets better after treatment. Follow my advice of meeting a psychiatrist and starting medicines immediately, and within a month of medication, the psychic attacks will lessen, and I am sure things will definitely change for the better.

Shubhamastu=Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real"I," Self, BE+ING!
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!! If you have any of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Don't make any gurus or take any deeksha from any guru —- present day Gurus are all pure businessmen. "Guru Vyapari, Shishya Bhikari"= Businessman Guru, Beggar Disciple. The proverb means a guru who has made meditation/spirituality a money-making business will make his/her disciples/followers beggars by looting their physical, mental, financial, spiritual wealth.

There is another apt proverb for modern-day money making gurus and their propagandist disciples/followers.
A thief guru who is legally, in the name of meditation/spirituality, robbing people will always have the company of wicked/evil/scheming disciples/followers.

"A man is known by the company he keeps." "Like meets/attracts Like (Law of Attraction): A guru teaching harmful/dangerous/useless/manipulated money-making meditation techniques will attract only nonspiritual/money-minded/pleasure-seeking disciples/followers. You can know the character of a person by the guru he follows, and you can know the character of the guru by the people/followers/disciples he/she keeps in close proximity.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Nikhil Gaur said...

Dear Achintya Idam,

I am very happy to read this wonderful article. And pleased to see someone talking 'real stuff' to people. Your explanation was very clear. Thank you for your words. :)