September 22, 2016

Questions and Answers Part II; Meditation Experiences That Weren't; What Should I Know About Meditation; Deep Meditation; Effects of Tratak, Dangers Involved in Tratak; Focusing, Concentration and Other Dangerous Meditation Techniques; Finding a True Guru, Choosing a Guru

Question: What should everyone know about meditation? Are there any dangers involved in meditation? If yes, what are they? What are the benefits of meditation?
Answer: Meditation is practiced for spiritual awakening and not to achieve some pseudo-mental states or get some physical benefits. To know how the terms 'meditation' and 'spirit' are misunderstood, click:

You may damage your body and mind irreparably with wrong meditation practices. Many people have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer due to wrong notions about meditation and spirituality and wrong meditation practices. Meditation is not dangerous, but there are DANGERS involved in wrong meditation techniques.

Aspects people need to know about meditation:

1. Believe it or not:  Meditation is an Indian concept! No other country knew anything about meditation and spirituality until Indian Gurus spread it across the globe. Even today, not many religions in the world talk about meditation. Some religions forbid meditation.

2. Meditation is a spiritual practice. In the past, meditation was practiced purely for spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, and Self-realization. It is only from the last century that meditation is being WRONGLY practiced for physical and psychological benefits.
Fake people are now advertising, publicizing, and popularizing meditation as something similar to a “BEFORE-AFTER” product which we see on TV ads, for example:
  • A fat person before and after purchasing and exercising on an exercising equipment, wearing a magnetic belt, magnetic bed, etc.,
  • A dark-complexioned girl before and after applying some cream, etc.
  • A bald person before and after undergoing hair treatment/purchasing a hair oil, etc.
  • A thin person before and after purchasing and swallowing energy pills, doing oil massage, etc.
3. Meditation is not a repetitive physical and/or a mental activity but a practice to achieve silence of the mind. Cessation of physical and mental activities (silence) helps you know your own spiritual and superconscious activities. Your superconscious activities cannot be known by your active/thinking mind. It can only be known when your active/thinking mind becomes silent.

4. Everyone thinks that doing some activity is meditation—mantra, breath observation, visualization, kriya, pranayama, vipassana, etc.
"when the mind becomes still/silent, the breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, meditation happens and you will have real meditation experiences."

5. Spiritual and physical are the opposites. Silence is the opposite of thoughts. Just be silent, and you are a spiritual meditator!

6. There are fake meditation gurus and harmful/dangerous meditation techniques that can adversely affect one's physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health.

7. Whether you meditated or not, whether you are progressing/advancing in your Sadhana or not will be known by meditation experiences.

8. Meditation experiences are entirely different than the ordinary or  apparent experiences which are experienced by our senses. Pseudo-mental states are not meditation experiences.

9. You are on your own. Nobody can make you advance in meditation; you yourself are responsible for your progress. Self-effort is the key to success in meditation.

10. Read all my blogposts to know more about meditation, religion, spirituality, etc.

As for benefits from meditation, there's only one benefit—You will have Meditation/Spiritual/Kundalini experiences which give you a glimpse of your spiritual nature/Self.  Such experiences will help you get rid of all the age-old delusions concerning religion, meditation, and spirituality. In my case, meditation made me realize that 99.99% of the meditators and spiritual aspirants are deluded about spirituality, meditation, and meditation experiences. Meditation made me conclude that spirituality and meditation have become a comedy of errors and/or tragedy of logic OR they have become a tragedy of errors and/or a comedy of logic.
Read my first meditation experience, my search for a guru, the deluded gurus I met, and a real Jnani that I met:

Question: What is the way to doing deep meditation?
Answer: To me, we cannot meditate, meditation happens. It’s like sleeping: we lie down to sleep, and sleep comes on its own, but we say, "I slept." We can only concentrate or focus on silence/try to be silent. After this stage, there is auto-concentration, auto-focus, or auto-silence by the mind—this is meditation. The way to deep meditation is practicing Silence as a form of meditation because silence gives no side effects, and silence is a stage that you have to go through to have a real spiritual experience.
The way to deep meditation is to reach the following higher stages/states during meditation:

Question: Why do I get pain in the eyes while doing open-eye Tratak on a lamp? How much time should I do Tratak? Should I stop doing open-eye Tratak and start close-eye Tratak on Ajna Chakra?
Question: I am doing Tratak on the third eye. It has been more than 2 months. Suddenly I am feeling a mild pain in the head which is consistent since last few days. Is it normal or should I consider visiting a doctor?
Question: I do Ajna Chakra meditation, is it bad? Is Third Eye meditation dangerous? Sometimes, I feel pressure, vibration, pulsation in that area.
Question: What is the heat, pressure, pulling sensation between the eyebrows during meditation?
Question: I am having vision problems and sleeplessness after doing Tratak. Has my Kundalini awakened or am I going to have spiritual experiences soon?
Question: What is the sensation of twirling in between my eyebrows? Why do I get a headache when I meditate on my Ajna Chakra? Why do I have a pressure sensation in my head? Why does my head feel heavy during and after Tratak?


Signs that you should give up Tratak IMMEDIATELY (give up concentrating/focusing on the Ajna Chakra/tip of your nose/crown of your head/or any body part/external object):
  • tearing, headache, lightheadedness, flying sensation, head oscillating, dizziness, syncope, loss of consciousness, blurry vision, vertigo, tinnitus, ear pressure, ear fullness,
  • disturbed sleep, dumb mind, hyper mind, inability concentrate, fatigue, mental exhaustion, drowsiness, lethargy, inability focus during activities, inability concentrate while having conversations,
  • pain, ache, heat, pressure in any body part/cavity,
  • pulling sensation, pulsation, vibration, twitching, tingling, twirling, swirling, something moving like air or worm or other unnatural sensations in Ajna Chakra or any chakra location, body part or inside a body cavity.
If you want your well being, GIVE UP the meditation practice that results in any of the above sings/symptoms. Intense or prolonged Tratak, Shambhavi Muda, Kechari Mudra, etc., usually results in the above sings/symptoms.

Common Sense: Pain or ache in the head means HEADACHE. Pain/pressure in the head does not mean purification/cleansing of your Chakra. It's a neurological problem.

Concentration between the eyebrows, looking up at the forehead or down at the tip of the nose, moving eyes sideward, turning eyes up or down, rotating eyes, continuously blinking to see some light, deliberately pressurizing the Ajna Chakra area, continuously shaking the neck sideward and concentrating on Ajna Chakra, closing your ears with your thumbs and pressing the Ajna Chakra and moving your head up and down may lead to pain, pressure, headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, giddiness, dysequilibrium, vision and hearing problems, tinnitus, etc. These activities are unnatural and dangerous.

FAKE GURUS of the past have passed such side effects of wrong meditation techniques as meditation experiences and the present fakes are continuing with such delusions. Some fakes say that your Chakra is getting activated but since there is some blockage in your Chakra, you are experiencing pain, ache, pressure, vibration, etc. They will say that this blockage needs to be cleared and the Chakra needs to be cleansed, balanced, or healed, etc., for which you have to do some therapy, use crystals or stones, do some special massage or aura cleansing, practice more meditation on that Chakra, etc. DON'T FALL FOR SUCH STUPID THERAPIES. YOU WILL SUFFER! It is better not to meditate than suffer physically and mentally due to wrong meditation practices and following dangerous teachings of FAKE PEOPLE/GURUS.

Try doing intense Tratak, intense practice of Kriyas, Pranayama, Asana, intense or over-focusing/observation/concentration like Kechari Mudra 2-3 hours a day for 1-3 months continuously. You will definitely end up in the hospital, either general or psychiatric; some advanced meditators may reach there sooner. This is the reason you should practice silence as a meditation technique. As for Silence, your mind is either silent or it's not. There is nothing called intense/over-silence. The maximum the mind can be silent is for a couple of seconds to a minute or two. Kundalini awakens within this short period of time, may be quicker than what I have mentioned.

Question: A few weeks ago I started to feel what I can describe as a constant flow of energy from the back of my head outwards, located on the crown of the head, or, looking at the brain structure, the back of the parietal lobe. What is this flow of energy sensation? I wonder if this could be a temporary side-effect from meditation, or should I seek medical advice?
Answer: Meditating on the physical heart, the brain, the sexual organ, perineum (mooladhara), or other sensitive part/cavity will lead to concentration of air/blood/energy, overheating, and overreaction of that part causing serious health problems.
If you meditate/concentrate/focus on the Third Eye/tip of your nose/Crown of your head/back of your head/forehead/looking up at Ajna Chakra or anywhere in the head, you will have:
A variety of unnatural sensations in the head (forehead, top of your head, back of your head, side of your head),
Pain/ache/pressure in the head, headache,
Vibration/pulsation in any part of your head including ears,
Feeling as if your head is filled with energy/air/pressure and as if it is going to explode, something exploding inside the head (this is dangerous),
Inability to focus/concentrate on day-to-day matters or flight of ideas/thoughts, thinking day and night about the same subject, etc.,
Spinning sensation,
Twirling/swirling/something moving or flowing upward, downward, sideward in any part of the head,
Vision getting blurred sometimes,
Irritability, getting fidgety, restlessness, sleeplessness,
Sometimes visual or auditory hallucinations,
Ear and hearing problems, etc.
Dizziness, dysequilibrium, syncope, giddiness, loss of consciousness, etc.

All these signs and symptoms are not meditation/Kundalini awakening experiences. These are not the result of spiritual awakening /spiritual energy activation. These are the effects of meditating/concentrating/focusing on any part of the head, which is a very dangerous meditation practice/technique. If you want your well being, give up such a practice immediately. Doctors will not be able to diagnose your condition. There are some Pranayamas where a person tries to send breath up his brain; many such practitioners get TIA or strokes and get paralyzed, death being the ultimate side effect.

Real meditation experiences will not continue after you stop meditating. For example, if you experience energy moving up your spine during meditation, such a sensation will stop once you get up from mediation. Meditation experiences happen only during meditation. That is why they are called meditation experiences. The same meditation experiences will not keep on repeating. Real meditation/Kundalini experiences do not harm you physically or mentally. It is only the wrong practices that harm you, such as meditating on the Third Eye, Crown Chakra, Heart, etc.

Question: Why does the area around my heart hurt whenever I focus on it? Is this something spiritual that's got to do with my chakra?
Answer: (The person asking this question is not a meditator, but whenever she focused on her heart she would feel pain). Many gurus (past and present, including the famous ones), have the wrong notion that the soul/God resides inside the physical heart, so they ask their disciples to meditate on their physical hearts to have a vision of their soul/God. This is very, very, very dangerous. Some ignorant gurus ask their disciples to meditate/focus/concentrate on their hearts and try to hear the heartbeat, which means they are asking the disciples to concentrate on the heart intensely. When a person can just feel her heart hurt by focusing on it once in a while, what would happen to a person who tries to intensely focus/concentrate on it? Since meditation becomes a habit, even when a disciple is not meditating, once in a while one's attention automatically goes to the heart, which again will create problems.


DANGER: Meditating on the physical heart and the brain/head will lead to concentration of air/blood/energy, overheating and overreaction of that part causing serious health problems. It will be like pumping air into a balloon, too much air, it will burst. Thus too much air or pressure in the heart or brain may cause hypertension, stroke, paralysis, and other serious health conditions. Doctors will not be able to diagnose your condition. Doctors may call it attention-induced idiopathic neuralgia, unexplained pain in the chest caused by thinking about it.

PHYSICAL HEART AND ITS SURROUNDING AREAS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHAKRAS. Chakras have nothing to do with the physical body. Chakras are the ethereal nerve centers of the spiritual body. Without Kundalini awakening, Chakras will never get activated. Chakras have no use for persons who have not had Kundalini experiences. Chakras become useful only during Kundalini awakening experiences.

To know about the believe it or not spiritual heart, which is the seat of the soul, click:

Question: I've been meditating for 14 years but haven't experienced Jhanas or any other states like third eye opening, astral travel, or energy moving up the spine. How can I achieve such states? I have been focusing on the lower belly for 10-20 minutes a day for 13 years and have been following the breath for 40 minutes a day for 1 year.
Answer: You are unable to silence your mind.
All types of meditations should lead to silence.
Time duration, how long you meditated, 50 years or more, does not matter. What matters is how easily you can enter Twilight Consciousness and the next stages.

Question: While meditating, I was just going to get lost somewhere—a complete darkness. Although I was calm, suddenly a fear started developing in me and I couldn't continue and gave up. Let me know what this situation actually is. Why that fear came up in me at once?
Answer: This is the first sign that you are meditating. The mind cannot survive without thoughts—mind (ego) is thoughts. Fear is a natural survival instinct! Meditation is the death of your false ego/mind. That is the reason for the fear. Real mind is your super-consciousness. Do not worry. This is normal. Continue with meditation.
Read all posts of my blog and get rid of some age-old delusions about spirituality and meditation.
Hope I did not scare you with the death of the mind stuff :)
Death of the mind means SILENCE. Mind has the habit of always thinking. So when meditation really happens, mind has to stop thinking and become silent and it does not want to become silent. So it starts getting frightened. This is a sign that a higher power in you is awakening. Do not get frightened; otherwise you will never have any meditation experience. Without any meditation experience, you will never understand spirituality. Be strong!

Question: How do I know if I am making progress in meditation? When does one know that his meditation is successful?
Answer: Whether you correctly or really meditated or not, whether you are progressing or succeeding in your Sadhana (spiritual practice) or not will be know only by your meditation experiences. Without meditation experiences, meditation is as good as a physical or a mental exercise. Meditation is practiced for spiritual awakening. Deep meditation should lead to spiritual experiences. You will come face to face with your spirit/your real inner Self when deep meditation happens, and you will have a Real Spiritual Experience.

A SPIRITual experience is coming face to face with your inner reality. Spiritual awakening gives spiritual experiences. Spiritual awakening also means Kundalini awakening, opening your spiritual eye (third eye), entering the fourth level of consciousness, achieving Samadhi state, Prana (Vital breath/energy) entering Sushumna, entering into deep meditation, Vipassana (knowing/seeing things as they are), experiencing transcendental consciousness, awakening your spiritual body/mind/consciousness, etc.

Following are some of the common REAL mediation/spiritual experiences which happen during meditation. If you have had a single experience, it means you have succeeded in meditation. If you have had many experiences, it means you are progressing and can be considered an experienced meditator:

Question: Why do certain people who are new to meditation progress faster than others who have been meditating for a very long time?
Answer: Whoever can silence their minds can awaken their Kundalini and progress faster than others.

Question: What is the ringing noise one hears when you start to quiet your mind and auditorily observe the surroundings?
Question: Why do I hear an intensely loud ringing noise when I am in deep meditation? By this point I'm in a state of paralysis, and feels like my whole room is vibrating, similar to an earthquake; eventually, it feels like an ego death.
Some have said this is preparation for astral projection, though I'm unsure.
Some have said that it could be my pineal gland opening, or brow chakra; afterwards, my forehead does feel like it has had a burst of energy.
Answer: If you are having the same experience over and again without any other real meditation experiences, then STOP MEDITATING AND GIVE UP WHATEVER PRACTICE YOU ARE FOLLOWING!!! This ringing is a sign of TINNITUS, a chronic medical condition, where you keep hearing ringing, roaring, buzzing, beeping, and other sounds throughout your life.

Meditating to hear sound with ears will initially lead to listening of some sounds, then some ringing of bells, wind blowing, buzzing, vibrating, pulsating, roaring, whooshing, etc. With continued practice you will start hearing them all the time; it is tinnitus. You may also have frequent falls due to dysequilibrium or vertigo caused by pressurizing and damaging the inner ear with concentration on the ear.

Some ignorant fake gurus will tell that such ringing is a blessing. A fake guru will congratulate his disciple, who is experiencing ringing in the ears, for having awakened his Kundalini. The guru will tell that the ringing is nothing but the real ringing of the temple bells (in the heaven) which means that God ABC can arrive at any moment to grant the disciple a Darshan/vision. The poor disciple will get overexcited and will start meditating more and more on his ears or head and hear more and more sounds. Eventually, he will get admitted to the hospital and will be diagnosed with tinnitus. He will be put on medication all his life. If this disciple were to meditate in the future, he would start hearing the same sounds—his life would end like this.

Concentrating on Ajna Chakra also leads to problems of all the senses that are attached to the face and the head.

Question: How do I achieve Mindfulness?
Answer: When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, you will achieve Samadhi. This is real mindfulness, the SUPERCONSCIOUS MINDFULNESS.

Question: Can mindfulness meditation cause harm with respect to certain mental illness by causing over-focusing on body and/or mind sensations, like OCD?
Answer: Yes! You will have both physical and mental illnesses because of over-focusing, including obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Whether you practice mindfulness, correct mindfulness, the right mindfulness, practicing mindfulness with a proper/right/good guide/guru/teacher, etc., all will lead to physical and mental problems because mindfulness is a not a meditation technique!
Mindfulness is a meditation experience!

Mindfulness is an awareness of the supernormal or spiritual phenomena and not the ordinary awareness (however intense or one-pointed it may be) of physical and mental sensations!

Vipassana means an insight into the real nature of things, i.e., the reality about you and the entire cosmos.
Vipassana is not a meditation technique! Vipassana is a meditation experience!
There is no equivalent word for Vipassana in English, hence people use so many English equivalent words, which do not really come closer to the meaning of Vipassana.

Question: I'm physiologically unable to sit in Indian style. What's the best way to sit while meditating?
Answer: SIT ON A CHAIR. Meditation is not about Asana, body posture or pranayama, regulation of breath. Meditation is about Silence.

Question: How do I deal with a numb leg while meditating?
Answer: Pain, numbness, and other unnatural sensations should not be ignored. If you persist, it will harm you.
Change your position immediately.If it is a chronic problem, sit on a chair and meditate.
Any meditation practice that gives you physical and mental trauma should be given up immediately.

Question: Is my meditation experience and practice similar to other practitioners?
1) The voice inside my head... it rambles on and makes statements such as observations and judgments.
2) The observer of this voice... focusing on this voice and bringing it to the forefront.
3) The observer of the voice that is observing.
So when I meditate (which typically lasts under 5 minutes per session), I point these two "observers" at each other, and soon after seem to melt into a place where the voice seem to stop, and have a slight euphoric feeling, which can spike in intensity.  At this point, my awareness seems to go from feeling the euphoric feeling, to observing the observers observing each other. That's my experience, and as someone who is self-taught, I would love to hear how it compares to others experience...  Thanks!

Question: It feels as though I am forgetting who I am. Is this normal after doing meditation for one year?
I've been practicing meditation for 30 - 60 minutes a day for one year now, and I have gone through a series of transformations throughout the year. Recently I have been letting go of all thought, unless it is necessary, and old emotions. This is new for me as I was someone who was somewhat intellectual, and now that side of me has become disengaged and secondary, rather than primary.
Throughout the year, I have observed the dissolution of my identity a number of times, and has resulted in a positive change. But this time, as opposed to a series of changes, it's as though the change is becoming constant, as there is nothing to cling to at all. 
Have you experienced this? Is it natural?
by the way: I am not struggling with social interaction. It's become much more harmonious actually.

Question: I feel indifferent toward others. Meditation makes me withdraw from society in the sense that I don't feel like talking, seeing, meeting anyone. I have sudden mood swings with meditation. I feel irritated during and after meditation. I feel sick after meditation. I become dull after meditation. My mind becomes overactive after meditation. My senses become sharp after meditation. I feel as if I don't care for anything or anybody after meditation. I feel very special after meditation. I don't feel like doing anything after meditation as I don't have energy left, feel tired and fatigued. I feel worse after meditation. Are these normal meditation experiences? Should I continue meditation? 






Question: Why do I have these sensations when I meditate? My body parts feel bigger and smaller with a heavy feeling. Also i feel i have stone blocks in parts of my head and teeth, sometimes hands. I also feel my hands and forearms are backwards. I see and feel geometric patterns that are beautiful but scary and they are in constant motion and heavy.

Experiencing the same sensation over and over again during and also after meditation will damage your body and mind irreparably. GIVE UP IMAGINATION/VISUALIZATION MEDITATION TECHNIQUES!!! THESE ARE DANGEROUS!

Question: Can deep meditation cause seizure-like movements? So my mum has been meditating and she said it makes her while body shake. I've stumbled across her meditating and her whole body shakes like she's having a seizure. She'll go one like this for a bloody hour and when she's done meditating, she's well aware of all the flopping motions she makes.
I meditate and occasionally will get small muscle spasms but nothing like flopping about like a fish out of water. I think she's losing her mind...
Answer: Yes, deep meditation can cause seizure-like movements, violent shaking, violent convulsions, swaying, propulsion, little jumps, and other types of violent and mild body shakes. These are meditation experiences. Your muscle spasms are not meditation experiences; you need to change your body posture whenever you feel such spasms.

In deep meditation, when the mind becomes still, an inner power awakens. This inner power was called as Kundalini  by the ancient Indian Seers and Yogis. It can be called by any name, nomenclature doesn’t matter. But let’s use Kundalini for ease of discussion.

In deep meditation, the mind becomes still and a momentary natural cessation of breath is achieved. At this time, the Kundalini which is located at the perineum (mooladhara, actually the base of the spine) pushes Prana (Vital breath/energy) up the spine through a channel called Sushumna. This is when all such shaking, seizure-like movements, etc., happen. During this period, there will be a trance or a semi-conscious state in which the person will be aware of the body movements yet will not have full body control or consciousness - this is a Samadhi state. NOT MANY PEOPLE CAN GET INTO THIS STATE (SAMADHI). A very good state provided your mom is not doing it deliberately and has very good physical health. Some people practice shaking kind of meditation.

Such experiences will not happen continuously for an hour. Your mum may have a lot of breaks in between. She may shake for sometime, then become normal, then meditate, then shake again….. This is how Kundalini awakening happens.

If she is shaking continuously, ask her to try stopping it, because continuous shaking is a late effect of Kundalini. Kundalini power (Prana/Vital Energy/Breath) drops to the perineum or gets dissipated throughout the body after a shaking episode.
You should never think that your mom is losing her mind just because she is having meditation experiences. Even if they were seizures, how could you think that your mom is losing her mind? Losing mind and seizures are not the same.

Note: Kundalini/Kundalini Power/Prana is used in various contexts to mean different things.

Question: Do involuntary head movements like swaying or circular movements of the head happen during meditation? What is the cause and meaning of this event?
Answer: Meditation can cause seizure-like movements, violent shaking, violent convulsions, swaying and circular movements, propulsion, little jumps, and other types of violent and mild head and body jerks, jolts, shakes. These are real meditation experiences.

In deep meditation, when the mind becomes still, an inner power awakens. This inner power was called as Kundalini by the ancient Indian Seers and Yogis. It can be called by any name, nomenclature doesn’t matter. In deep meditation, the mind becomes still and a momentary natural cessation of breath is achieved. At this time, the Kundalini which is located at the perineum pushes Prana up the spine through a channel called Sushumna. This is when all such involuntary head movements, body movements, jerks, jolts, swaying, etc., happen. This is called Kundalini awakening. This experience is very good provided it is involuntary and not deliberate. Some people practice swaying and moving their head in circular motion to awaken Kundalini.

Kundalini power (Prana) drops to the perineum or gets dissipated throughout the body after such swaying and head movement episodes.

The cause of this event is you; you are a spiritual person. The meaning of this event is that your spiritual body, mind, and consciousness is getting awakened.

Question: Is this related to Kundalini/Kundalini rising?
"I'm not very knowledgeable about Kundalini or the specifics of kundalini  syndrome and kundalini rising.  It was suggested to me by someone else  that it is what I may have experienced & I was reminded of the  suggestion by a chakra stone on my desk and the recent reemergence of  the experience.

If  it is indeed what they were, they were not pleasant at all--with the  exception of the most recent one, & it did not start out pleasantly.

For  well over a decade I've had fairly frequent episodes each lasting  several days of severe physical pain when there is nothing wrong with me  physically, accompanied by a feeling of illness in my whole being.   Pain may even be a bit of a misnomer because the pseudo-physical  sensation itself seems like it might even be pleasant were it not so  intense.   I've grown accustomed to them & for the past couple of  years & dealt with them by accepting it was going to happen &  letting them pass. This past episode was atypical, however, & made  me wonder if there was something else I could do.

The most recent occurrence started unexpectedly & for no apparent reason 
the  way they normally do.  There's a sensation of pain in my muscles, most  acutely in the front of my thighs, & my joints ache.  There's a  burning sensation between all of my vertebrate until it gets to my lower  back, which feels like it has been filled with concrete, dried, &  then put in a vice.  This is always inevitable coupled with an  overwhelming dysphoria & sadness, even when I do not feel I have  anything to be upset about & I was perfectly fine the day before.

These  happenings used to be very distressing for me but I've learned to cope  with it by withdrawing to my room & "detaching" myself from the  situation.  I both feel and experience the whole ordeal while  simultaneously just "observing" myself go through it.  I have a lot of  suicidal fantasies at this time.  This part usually really disturbs  people & they usually don't want to hear anymore about it.  It used  to really disturb me as well, but to use an oversimplified analogy: Say   you were 3 or 4 days from civilization(which is about how long these  episodes last) with an agonizing toothache.  Knocking the tooth out  yourself will probably cross your mind at some point.  It isn't that you  will or even want to, but it will cross your mind.  I usually ignore  these thoughts & write them off as the brain trying to find it's way  out of a problem.

Not  everything about the experience is negative, however.  My imagination  becomes very vivid.  I have a lot of ideas & I'd like to take  advantage of that aspect but unfortunately, I have a hard time getting  out of bed.  I try to imagine the room as a very pleasing environment.   Sometimes I'll drift off to sleep but in between I do this until I feel  like I am back to normal.  I've gotten a lot better at this so this last  time I was imagining or pretending there were vines growing up the wall  and trees and anything else that seems peaceful/ happy/ etc. 

It  is at this point that this past experience deviated from all of the  others.  I became so lost in my imagination that it almost felt like a  dreamlike or trance state.  All of a sudden I felt like I woke up or  snapped out of it but it felt like I hadn't fallen asleep.  I remembered  everything that went through my mind but I could not recall how long it  had been since I was conscious of what I was thinking.  It could have  been only seconds I suppose, but it felt like it must have been at least  several minutes & no longer than an hour.  The discomfort I had  turned into the most pleasant sensations I think I've ever felt all  throughout my body.  

I  kind of gave up trying to figure out what it is a while back.  I  entertained everything from a chemical imbalance to some kind of  fibromyalgia to a spiritual problem to everything in between &  settled on just putting up with it, whatever it is.  It's the  possibility that I may be able to in some way turn the negative  sensations & emotions into something positive that has intrigued me  into exploring it again. 

I'm  very curious as to what mechanism is a work as it began to feel as if I  was on the cusp of bursting into euphoria but I almost didn't want to.   It didn't feel like it was stemming from a physical cause but an  emotional one.  I got the sense that I needed to let go of something but  I couldn't pinpoint what & trying to identify it made me extremely  emotional.  I couldn't put my finger on it but I intuitively thought it  had to do with letting go of some form of happiness or maybe even  happiness in general, which seems counter-intuitive to me.

It  actually exhausted me & I fell asleep.  The next day I woke up and  some of the negative feelings & emotions remained-- and I don't know  how I was doing it-- but I could bring back the positive sensations  almost like flexing a non existent muscle.  The negative feelings left  with the phantom physical pain.  I couldn't make it last as long as the  night before so it just kind of ebbed back and forth and I got chills in  my neck and even my ears, like a tingling sensation.  It felt great.

It  may not be relevant, but if it is indeed stemming from an emotional  level & negative feelings, I don't think they're all mine.   I don't  think I have an inordinate amount of things to feel negatively about.   Certainly, not more than average.  I think I was already pretty  compassionate but it has evolved into a deep empathy which isn't as  great as it sounds.  When other people are down, it can literally make  me ill.  In turn, it's a big turn off to people when I carry a bunch of  negativity around.  Regardless of how it works, I'd be very interested  in any way to keep the positive aspects of these experiences intact and  quell the seemingly unnecessary negative ones so they no longer  negatively affect me or others."

Answer:  This is the problem of not understanding meditation and Kundalini. Many people have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer due to wrong notions about meditation, spirituality, Kundalini and wrong meditation practices.

All your problems are due to physical exertion and mental exhaustion.

Food for Thought: Many meditators who have similar experiences end up in the hospital. What kind of a hospital do they end up in?

Question: Does one need a guru on the spiritual path? Is a guru really necessary for spiritual advancement? Is a guru necessary for spiritual knowledge?
Yes, if the guru is genuine, and no if he/she is fake. Do not depend on fake gurus, be independent of such fakes, and meditate independently/on your own.

Yes, if the guru has direct experiential knowledge of meditation and spirituality, and no if he/she teaches only bookish knowledge. In such a case, you can consider the books the guru teaches from as your real guide provided such books help you advance spiritually.

Yes, if the guru helps you get rid of the age-old delusions about meditation and spirituality, and no if the guru deludes you with useless meditation/spiritual jargon, nomenclature, mumbo-jumbo, cock-and-bull stories, impractical theories, incredible/miraculous stuffs, etc.

Question: Is there any genuine guru that can initiate me to realize Kundalini?
Question: How important is a "guru" as a spiritual anchor? Are there any honest and true "guru"s left out there?
"I find it very difficult to trust people, especially people who look religious or give the appearance of being a guru. I've felt the need to have a spiritual anchor, someone who can show me the path of spirituality. However, the thing that holds me back is doubt, skepticism and fear of bring cheated or misled. Honestly, I don't know whether what I am looking for is really a guru, or something within myself."
You are a very smart person! Wish everyone was like you! If everyone was like you, fake gurus would not have thrived, exploited innocent people, or ruined their disciples/followers’ physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health.

The path of spirituality is very simple: Meditate: Be silent, quiet, or meditate on silence. If you get any of the following experiences while meditating, know for sure you have started your spiritual journey:

The best guru is your Inner Guru, and without the Grace of your Inner Guru, you cannot start your spiritual quest/journey.

Honestly, you want to know if there is anything spiritual about you or not. Read the following and get convinced that spirituality is TRUE and is THE ULTIMATE REALITY:

Question: What is the way to find a genuine guru? What is the best  way to find a genuine guru?
Question: How to differentiate between a genuine guru and a fake guru?
Answer: The best way to find a guru or a spiritual advisor is:
1. Reading all the posts of this blog and understanding the age-old delusions regarding meditation, spirituality, religion, etc.
2. Finding who is presently spreading such delusions.
3. Avoiding such delusion mongers and asking others to avoid them because they are FAKE.
If everyone did the above, then fake gurus would not thrive, exploit innocent people, or ruin their disciples/followers’ physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health.
Many people have been cheated and misled, many are being cheated and misled, and many will be cheated and misled by fake gurus.
4. Understanding that the best guru and spiritual advisor is your Inner Guru, and without the Grace of your Inner Guru, you cannot start your spiritual quest/journey:
5. Understanding the reality about spirituality and religion:
6. Choosing your guru or spiritual advisor.

Continued in...

Questions and Answers Part III; Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Yoga, Samadhi, Kundalini Syndrome, Kundalini Symptoms, Ascension Symptoms, Kundalini Psychosis

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.

SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Dileepa Inlk said...

Dear Sir,

I started meditation (Maithri Bhawana) during the Year 2014 October and, as per my memory, I felt having certain electric movements (serene bliss) running throughout my body following a few months. I was totally unaware of Kundalini Shakthi by the time and went on meditating for less than one year may be for 07-08 months.

Thereafter, I was not meditating until the October 2017 and started to practice meditation again with Vipassana Bhawana. Then the approach of myself was felt faster than ever as I was travelling with a speedy manner in the space and, the reception of Shakthi was severely powerful. During the present day I undergo a numerous body movements those are totally beyond my control and I meditate generally 03hrs a day. I am continuously purging but never feel any discomfort at all. Is it really a natural going through a body purification with purging ?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Dileepa,
So Maithri Bhawana is meditation for you?
Electric movements and serene bliss? Per your memory? Travelling with speedy manner in the space? Reception of Shakti was severely powerful? Do you want to do propaganda for a 10-hour torturous Vipassana course?

Purge from your mind/memory the ignorance that Vipassana is a meditation technique and Maithri Bhavana is meditation; You will do better.

If you want to know how buddhists got Maithri Bhavana/Metta/Compassion/Non-killing/Non-violence totally wrong which resulted in the downfall of buddhism in India, click:


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

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