September 23, 2016

Questions and Answers Part III; Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Yoga, Samadhi, Kundalini Syndrome, Kundalini Symptoms, Ascension Symptoms, Kundalini Psychosis

This is a continuation of Questions and Answers Part I and II:

Question: What is the use of meditation or Yoga? What do I gain by wasting my time and energy meditating?
Question: What are the benefits of meditation, Chakra opening, Ashtanga Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Akriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Japa Yoga, Ajapa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Shiva-Shakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Yoga Yoga, etc.?
Answer:Kundalini awakening.

Question: What is the truth among so many opposing views on meditation, spirituality, Kundalini, and Yoga?
Answer: The opposing views are created by the ignorant. Meditation experience, spiritual experiences, Kundalini experiences, and yogic experiences are all one and the same. All meditation practices have only one effect--Kundalini/spiritual awakening which leads to Yoga (union with our higher/inner Self).

Those who have had meditation/spiritual/yogic/Kundalini experiences know that Kundalini awakening due to meditation leads to spiritual experiences and Yoga.

People spend all their lives thinking all these terms are different. People think religion is something which talks about higher, divine and supernatural beings. The truth is all the religions are based on the teachings (spiritual) of our ancient Seers, who in their deep meditative contemplation realized the existence of a higher, divine, supernatural Self, which is our Self and our true nature. Life is all about realizing this true Self, our real Self. Our scriptures have so many allegories, which can only be understood through direct experiential knowledge gained in meditation.
Find out which delusional meditation and spiritual practices have become famous and being widely practiced due to the ignorance of many past and present gurus/disciples/followers:

Question: What is Kundalini?
Answer: Kundalini is a mechanism in you which is responsible for your breathing as well as your spiritual body awakening.

Question: What is Kundalini Awakening? What is the method of Kundalini Awakening?
Question: Are there any different types of Kundalini Awakening methods?
Question: What are the different versions of Kundalini yoga?
Question: Is Chakra meditation part of Kundalini Yoga or is it Kundalini Yoga itself?
Answer: There is only one Kundalini in everyone. This is also called Shakti. When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, Kundalini pushes Prana (Vital breath/energy) up the Sushumna—WITHOUT ANY PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TRAUMA. This is Kundalini Awakening.
When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, Kundalini reverses its course and moves Prana up the Sushumna as a result of which you will have a spiritual experience. This is Kundalini Awakening.

Union with your True Self or Self-realization through Kundalini Awakening is called Kundalini Yoga. This is the only version of Kundalini Yoga.

You can also call Kundalini Yoga as Chakra Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Sushumna Yoga, Medha Yoga, etc. The word "Yoga" can be used freely with any other word to mean a spiritual practice. Some Western pot lovers, marijuana smokers have come up with a new form of Yoga called Ganja Yoga. Such idiot Westerners say that by smoking pot and meditating, you can raise your Kundalini and open your Chakras. They quote Maharshi Patanjali who gave Ashtanga Yoga "Janma aushadi mantra tapah samadhijah siddhaya" meaning medicine/herbs can also give yogic super powers. For such Western Ganjedas (pot smokers), herbs mean marijuana. Beware of such hippies! These people will ruin some of their compatriot's life in the name of Yoga and the person whose life is ruined will end up saying that Indian spiritual practices are BAD.

TRUTH: The truth about Kundalini and Chakras can only be known through meditation experiences. Only when Kundalini awakens, Chakras get activated, and you cannot activate your Chakras without Kundalini awakening. Repeat: When Kundalini awakens, Chakras get activated and you cannot active your Chakras without Kundalini awakening.

First Kundalini Experience:
The first Kundalini awakening experience is always going to be experiencing death, losing control of your body and/or breath, inability to move the body, or an intense experience (mostly frightening) in which you feel something/someone/some powerful force/power has seized you from the inside. This is how Kundalini reveals its existence.
If you have had such an experience, then know for sure you had a Kundalini awakening experience. To know about my first Kundalini experience and other common Kundalini experiences:

This is how you can identify a fake guru and a real guru. All fake gurus' first experience will be entirely different than what I have mentioned. Many gurus of the past and the present have passed on the side effects of wrong meditation techniques as spiritual/Kundalini awakening experiences, eg., ringing/buzzing/vibration in the ears, pain in Ajna Chakra, swirling/twirling sensations in mooladhara or other Chakra locations, seeing/hearing divine visions/sounds with physical eyes/ears, etc. Concentrating on Chakras to awaken Kundalini leads to physical and mental illnesses.

Without a semi-conscious meditative state (Savikalpa Samadhi) or a deep meditative state in which you are not aware of your physical body and surroundings (Nirvikalpa Samadhi), you cannot have a real Kundalini awakening. If someone is wide awake and feels some energy passing through the spinal column or feels some movement in the Chakra locations or anywhere in the body, take for granted it is not Kundalini.

Kundalini awakening also means spiritual awakening, opening your spiritual eye (Third eye/Ajna Chakra), entering the fourth level of consciousness (Turiya, Turyavastha), achieving Samadhi state (Savikalpa/Nirvikalpa, Samprajnata/Asamprajnata, Savitarka/Nirvitarka, Savichara/Nirvichara, Sabija/Nirbija), Prana (Vital breath/energy) entering Sushumna, entering into deep meditation, Vipassana (knowing/seeing things as they are), experiencing transcendental consciousness, awakening your spiritual body/mind/consciousness, etc., and etc. The goal of all yogic and spiritual practices is to awaken Kundalini and achieve Yoga (union with your Self).

Question: What are the meditation techniques for opening the Third eye? How can I activate my Ajna Chakra?

Question: How can I activate my 7 Chakras?
Question: What are the benefits of Kundalini Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, Chakra Activation, Third Eye Opening, Samadhi?
Answer: Third Eye, Shiva’s Eye, Rudra’s Eye (Rudraksh, Rudraksha), All-Seeing Eye (It’s on a Dollar Note/Pyramid of the New World Order), All-Witnessing Eye and such fancy names refer to your spiritual consciousness/superconsciousness.

Kundalini Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, Chakra Activation, Third Eye/Ajna Chakra Opening, Samadhi, etc., all mean one and the same.

Believe it or not: We have a spiritual body. Spirituality about this SPIRIT--spiritual body/mind/consciousness. The spiritual body is both inside and outside us, like that of a magnetic field. More than 99.9999% (changed from 99.99%) of the people who practice meditation, religion, and spirituality have not experienced, will not experience, or have a vision of their own spiritual bodies. Meditators and other spiritual practitioners may get offended when I say this. Some people may express disbelief when I say we have a spiritual body, some people may laugh or make fun of such statements. Some people may think it is crap. People have no problem believing in different Gods and fighting in the name of Gods who they have not seen and will never see, different religions, religious/racial/caste/color supremacy, different nationalities (earth is one, people imagine that they have made boundaries), social discrimination based on money, social status, education, etc. However, when it comes to believing in their own spiritual bodies, they are not convinced. They are not aware that their own religions, which were based on the spiritual teachings of our ancient Enlightened/Kundalini-Awakened/Self-Realized Brahmajnanis/Seers.

Kundalini awakening means spiritual body awakening. Kundalini awakening results in Chakra activation/opening.

Physical organs have nothing to do with the Chakras. Chakras have nothing to do with the physical body. They are the ethereal nerve centers of the spiritual body.

Kundalini awakens your spiritual body/mind/consciousness and you get a glimpse of your true nature – ultimately after 1000s of such Kundalini awakenings, you gain Self-realization, which will liberate you from the cycles of births and deaths, Mukti or Moksha. This is the knowledge of all Brahmajnanis. Even if we don't believe in rebirth or reincarnation, it doesn't matter because belief and non-belief both are mental activities. The goal of all meditation and spiritual practices is to find out if we have anything spiritual about us. In other words, the goal of meditation/spiritual practices is to find out if there is anything else/extra/special in us apart from the obvious body-mind complex. Meditation becomes beneficial only to those who find out that there indeed is something special in us.

Those who do not find anything special in them after many years of meditation should not get disheartened or disillusioned. They should just find out why they have not found out the specialty in them, the reason for their failure, and take the corrective steps to find the their truth through direct meditation experiences. It's not possible that you want to find your inner Self and the inner Self doesn't reveal. Maybe you are not putting the right efforts or maybe you are not serious to meet your inner Self.

Question: I don't believe in rebirth or reincarnation.

Answer: Ok.
Question: I don't believe in Mukti, Moksha, or Liberation.
Answer: Ok, good.
Question: Then why are you writing about rebirth, liberation, etc?
Answer: The purpose of this blog is to advise people to practice silence as a form of meditation so that they don't harm themselves practicing activity-based meditations. Everybody would have or would come across numerous much-talked about religious, spiritual, and meditation terms, concepts, and ideas during their Sadhana. That is the reason why I write about them.

Question: Which Chakra helps studies and concentration? I have already balanced my Chakras with stones and crystals, but I want to know which Chakra is the bestm for memory improvement and concentration?
Answer: Rather than asking the Chakra, you should ask a fake Chakra healer which colored stone or crystal is best for you.

Question: Which Chakra I need to heal or balance to excel in my studies?
Question: How long does it take to balance the 7 chakras?
Question: What are the methods of balancing and healing Chakras?
Question: Do crystals, stones, massages, Tantric massages, Reiki healing sessions, Tantric sexual activities help balance and heal my Chakras?
Answer: Balancing of Chakras and Healing of Chakras is a myth.
Chakras and Kundalini are of the spiritual body and not of the physical body. They themselves are healers, and not patients. These are like medicines and not diseases or disorders. Chakras are useless to you if you do not have Kundalini awakening.

Chakras are not like the ordinary locks whose keys you have in your hands. You or some so-called healer or balancer cannot do anything with the Chakras, spiritual nerves, or your spiritual body. Chakra healers and balancers (like bouncers) are deluding ordinary people to make money.

First of all you need to at least have a Kundalini or meditation experience. Then you can think of Chakras, Nadis, Spiritual Bodies, etc.

Question: What are the symptoms of Kundalini syndrome?
Question: What are the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening? Has my Kundalini awakened since I have experienced most of the "ascension symptoms" as mentioned in some websites/blogs/books? What should I do now?
Question: Why do people get harmed by Kundalini awakening?
Question: What are the harmful effects of Kundalini Yoga? Is it harmful to practice Kundalini meditation? Is it meditation harmful? Why do people get harmed by Kundalini awakening? Do we get harmed due to the high power released during Kundalini awakening?
Question: Does meditation in general cause any harm to practitioners?
Question: Does anyone feel like they are on the edge of losing their mind because of Kundalini syndrome?
Question: Can Kundalini syndrome leave you mentally ill forever?
Question: What are the dangers of Kundalini meditation? What are the dangers involved in practicing various kinds of Yoga meditation?
Question: I am afraid of the dangers involved in meditation, Yoga, and Kundalini? Should I still practice it?
Question: In what way is Kundalini awakening dangerous?
Question: How can Kundalini damage your body?
Answer: There is nothing called Kundalini Syndrome, Kundalini Symptoms, Kundalini Ascension Symptoms, or Kundalini Psychosis.

If at all there is a Kundalini syndrome, it is the delusion/creation of those who through wrong meditation practices have ruined their physical and mental health, without having a single real Kundalini awakening experience. All this is due to their misunderstanding and misconceptions about of spirituality, meditation, Yoga, and Kundalini.

Kundalini is the power responsible for our breathing, without which we are all dead as a dodo.

Kundalini is also responsible for our spiritual awakening.

Kundalini awakening means spiritual awakening.

With deep meditation or Samadhi, you will have Kundalini/spiritual awakening, but you will never have any symptoms like that of signs and symptoms of a disease or disorder. Of course with wrong meditation practices, you will surely have signs and symptoms of diseases and disorders of the body or the mind.

Too much thinking, imagination, or visualization leads to hallucinations and other mental disorders.

Kundalini Awakening is not dangerous and Kundalini does not harm you. YOU YOURSELF will harm your body and mind by practicing unnatural and harmful meditation/spiritual practices, techniques, and methods. People harm themselves by following unnatural, harmful, and dangerous meditation techniques to awaken their Kundalini and end up calling the resultant physical or mental trauma or illnesses as Kundalini Symptoms, Kundalini Psychosis, or Kundalini Syndrome. Those who have had real Kundalini experiences know that there is nothing called Kundalini syndrome, Kundalini symptoms, Ascension symptoms, or Kundalini Psychosis.

I know many people who have suffered due to wrong meditation practices to awaken their Kundalini.

People who suffer due to wrong meditation techniques/practices end up blaming Kundalini for their mistakes.

MEDITATION HAPPENS WHEN YOU EMPTY YOUR THOUGHTS AND BECOME SILENT; ABSOLUTE SILENCE IN MEDITATION RESULTS IN KUNDALINI AWAKENING. Instead of practicing silence which is a very easy meditation technique, people practice strenuous, dangerous activities as meditation techniques to awaken their Kundalini and end up having all sorts of physical and mental trauma. The following meditation practices will surely lead to a lot of physical and/or mental health problems:
  • sitting in a stiff and rigid position, vowing not to move an inch from your position or continuing to sit in a yoga posture (to do modern Vipassana/mindfulness) despite experiencing pain, ache, heat, pressure, numbness, feeling of tightness or heaviness, feeling of something like air moving or worms crawling, fatigue, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, giddiness, etc.,
  • meditating (concentrating or focusing) on the Third eye, Ajna Chakra or any Chakras, tip of your nose, spinal column,
  • meditating on the ears, trying to listen to some sounds, closing your ear/s with finger/s and trying to listen to some sounds, closing your ears and pressing the center of your forehead and moving your neck front and back, etc., all of which will lead to ear problems, tinnitus, vertigo, dysequilibrium, etc.,
  • meditating on the physical heart (never ever do this),
  • practicing imagination/visualization techniques to awaken Kundalini leading to hallucination and other mental disorders.
  • concentrating between the eyebrows/Ajna Chakra, looking up at the forehead or down at the tip of the nose, moving eyes sideward, turning eyes up or down, rotating eyes, continuously blinking to see some light, deliberately pressurizing the Ajna Chakra,
  • meditating on Chakras, Chakra locations,
  • thinking/mentally repeating a mantra endlessly,
  • deliberately shaking the neck and concentrating on Ajna Chakra to see a light, moving extremities or body in a rhythmic manner, etc.,
  • reading, discussing, arguing, thinking or imagining too much about spirituality or Kundalini awakenings; having wrong notions about Kundalini, spirituality, meditation; etc.
All the above activities are unnatural and will be dangerous in the long run. GIVE UP ALL SUCH MEDITATION ACTIVITIES IMMEDIATELY.
Exerting physically and exhausting mentally leads to irreparable damage to the body and the mind.

Some meditators experience the following: pain, ache, warmth, heat, numbness, pressure, feeling of tightness or heaviness, feeling of something like air moving or worms crawling, fatigue, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, giddiness, vision and ear problems, tinnitus, vertigo, dysequilibrium, auditory and visual hallucinations, obsessive-compulsive disorder signs, mental disorders, damage to the nervous system, rupture of vertebral discs, sleeplessness, chattering mind, lack of appetite, spinal and back problems, tremors, TIA, paralysis, stroke, etc. All these are due to wrong meditation techniques and are never due to Kundalini Awakening. Therefore, there is nothing called Kundalini Syndrome, Kundalini symptoms, or Ascension Symptoms.

People are spreading lies in the internet about Kundalini, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini meditation, Kundalini practice, Kundalini experiences, and Kundalini dangers. Many gurus are also spreading delusions about Kundalini. THIS MAY BE A PROPAGANDA AGAINST REAL SPIRITUALITY.

Religious people want everyone to follow some scriptures and not the real spirituality. All misinformation and disinformation is being spread by all sorts of people. Many gurus do not want anybody to practice Silence as a form of meditation because if everybody took to silence as a form of meditation, nobody would need a guru.

There is nothing called Kundalini Psychosis. Over-imagination, over-thinking, over-concentrating, over-focusing, and over-visualization leads to physical trauma, hallucinations, and other mental disorders. This is where and how people start losing their minds and may end up having real psychosis.

To know about the misinformation spread by individuals, deluded and ignorant gurus, organizations, books, websites, blogs about Kundalini and the myths surrounding Kundalini, click:

Note: I have gone through the side effects of such dangerous meditation practices, sometimes I have gone through hell. Dangerous meditation practices may not give side effects immediately, but if you are practicing everyday seriously for more than an hour, then after a month or so, you will surely start having adverse affects. If you persist despite adverse signs and symptoms, then the hospital is where you will end up. This hospital can be either a general hospital or a psychiatric hospital. Therefore, give up dangerous meditation practices immediately and take to silent meditation. With Silence as a form of meditation, you will or you will not achieve silence/Kundalini awakening, but definitely, you won't harm yourself physically or mentally.

“When the mind becomes still, breath becomes equanimous, or swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, Kundalini or a higher power in you awakens and gives you an insight into your super-consciousness - WITHOUT PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TRAUMA. This is Kundalini YOGA.”

Question: What is the best way to treat Kundalini psychosis?
One of my close friends is suffering from psychosis. He is right now getting treated in psychatric hospital . He says he hears voices of the dead. It all started a few months ago. He had started studying about kundalini energy about an year ago through some of the famous books. I have also read that psychosis is a state of the kundalini activation. And we can see the medical treatment is not helping him, it's making him more psychic. So I would really appreciate if someone can tell me an alternate method to deal with this (probably through is sub conscious mind).
Answer: Kundalini does not lead to psychosis and there is nothing called Kundalini psychosis.

Psychosis is not a state of Kundalini activation.

Kundalini psychosis is a lie/myth spread by ignorant people who have neither activated their Kundalini nor have met a Kundalini awakened person.

Many people lose their minds NOT DUE TO Kundalini awakening/activation but due to thinking, imagining, or visualizing too much about the ideas and concepts of religion, meditation, spirituality, Kundalini, etc.

If a person starts reading a lot of religious scriptures, thinks about the scriptures day and night losing sleep, appetite, and interest in other activities, and starts hearing some voices and seeing some visions, and ultimately becomes psychotic, do you call that person’s condition “religious psychosis” or “XYZ religion psychosis”? If you visit a psychiatric ward, you will find many psychiatric patients who have lost their minds due to reading and thinking too much about ideas/concepts contained in religious scriptures/books.
Let the doctors treat your friend as a normal psychiatric patient and not diagnose it as Kundalini psychosis because all his hallucinations will be thought of as being psychic, etc., which will lead to problems. Every psychiatric patient will see/hear something which others can’t. Does it mean all have activated their Kundalini and ended up in a psychiatric hospital? Hallucinations are the most common signs of psychosis.

Many people lose their minds due to wrong meditation techniques and spiritual practices. In meditation and spirituality, hallucinations are due to wrong meditation techniques to awaken Kundalini and misconceptions about Kundalini/spiritual ideas and concepts:

NOTE: People also start hallucinating due to WEIRD IDEAS about meditation and spirituality, religion and miracles, Kundalini, God, Spirit, Ghost, Demon, etc . 

Question: What is the process to awaken Kundalini? How to awaken Kundalini? How do I know if my Kundalini has awakened?
Answer: When the mind becomes still, breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, your breath starts moving upwards through a spiritual channel located in the spinal column and awakens your spiritual body. THIS IS KUNDALINI AWAKENING.
Kundalini is a word given by the ancient Indian Yogis and Seers for the power in us which is responsible for our breathing during waking, dream, and deep sleep states.
YOU CAN AWAKEN KUNDALINI THROUGH SILENT MEDITATION.To know if you had a Kundalini awakening or not, click:

Question: Does Kundalini awakening affect sexual desires?
Question: Is sex a hindrance in path of spirituality and enlightenment?
Answer: Sex is a double-edged sword—it can give you immense physical and mental pleasure as well as ruin your spiritual life. It has the potential to create super babies as well as make you awaken your Kundalini. It can make you get entangled with the maddening world or free you from this physical world to experience higher levels of existence. Sex indulgence or abstinence is your choice. If you want to live a spiritual life, you need to start abstaining from sex, in a phased manner. Otherwise abstinence from sex also becomes a hindrance. Abstinence becomes a problem to people who have overindulged in sexual activities. All these are teething problems in spirituality.

Question: How true is Shakthipat? Is sexual Shaktipat the best way to awaken one's Kundlini?
Answer: Shaktipat is fake. Shaktipat is a trap. You don’t know what Shakti (Kundalini) is, the guru doesn’t know what Shakti is, but he will promise to arouse/awaken your Kundalini. Is it possible? Of course, fake Shaktipat can be done by anyone, and fake Shaktipat happens in the following way:

The fake guru will just ask a new initiate to meditate (mostly on Ajna Chakra/Third Eye) and during meditation, the fake guru will forcefully close your ears with his/her thumbs/fingers and press your Ajna Chakra with the fingers/thumbs. Due to the concentration on Ajna Chakra and the sudden pressure on the Ajna Chakra and blockage of ears, the disciple will see some brightness and experience sudden silence due to the ears closing, which would be new to the disciple. This brightness, silence, and new experience the guru will call as Kundalini awakening. There are other stupid techniques which the guru will adopt to delude and fleece gullible people. More often than not, the disciple will fall for such tricks and get trapped in such fake Shaktipat/energy traps. This will be the beginning of delusions. If you don't believe, take Shaktipat from some fake guru. Then, ask a relative or a friend to do the same fake guru's Shaktipat on you. The effect will be the same. The best Shaktipat according to me is flashing torch on a disciple when he/she is meditating—he/she will definitely see a light. This is a much advanced method than traditional fake Shaktipat.

Sexual shaktipat is nothing but sex.

Question: Is Kundalini awakening through sex, sexual Shaktipat, or sexual Vajroli Kriya possible? Is achieving Superconsciousness through sex possible? Is Sex Yoga good for Enlightenment? Is it true that Shaktipat happens through sex also? Does ordinary sex, Tantric Sex, or Sex Tantric practice lead to Self-realization?

Answer: A BIG No! It is not possible to awaken Kundalini while having sex. It is not possible to have super-consciousness through sex. Sex Yoga, Sex Tantra, or Tantric Sex is a creation of lecherous people/gurus. It clouds your conscience, intelligence, and makes you an immoral wreck. Shaktipat through sex is a BIG hoax. Only lecherous people pretending to be gurus do it.

My answer is a BIG No for the simple reason that to have sex, you need the lowest of low level of consciousness, i.e., body consciousness. Super-consciousness is the fourth level of consciousness, which is also called Turiya or Turyavastha which means beyond the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states. So do not fall into the trap of fake gurus who tell you that you can awaken Kundalini or have super-consciousness with sexual activities. If you do fall in their trap, then take for granted that your spiritual life is ruined.

Question: Is celibacy important to awaken one's Kundalini?

Answer: Celibacy is required for Kundalini awakening if that is the reason you are not having Kundalini awakening.

Just before Prana (Vital Breath) enters Sushumna, the sexual organ withdraws itself like a tortoise withdraws its head. There will be a cool sensation in your perineum and groin area as a result of which your sexual organ retracts. Can you have sex when your sexual organ retracts? Kundalini gathers Prana and pushes it up the Sushumna or Prana gathers itself and moves up the Sushumna due to counterclockwise movement of Kundalini.

After an intense meditation experience, when Prana drops from the higher levels of Sushumna, the reverse happens, i.e., heat is generated in the groin area. I think you know what happens when that area gets heated or stimulated. Therefore, if somebody tells you that Kundalini can be awakened by generation of heat or stimulation of Mooladhara or any other place, PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO THAT PERSON. HE/SHE IS A FAKE.

TRUTH: ONLY WHEN YOUR BODY HAS ENOUGH VITAL ENERGY, PRANA CAN PUSH ITSELF THROUGH SUSHUMNA AND TRAVELS TO HIGHER LEVELS OF SUSHUMNA. This is the reason you need to practice celibacy, to conserve enough vital energy/Prana for Kundalini Awakening.

Note: The nomenclature and usage of vital energy/breath/Prana/Kundalini varies according to different people’s interpretation and the context in which it is used. Do not bother about nomenclature. What you need to understand is that a higher power within you is working in its own way.

Question: How does it feel when your Kundalini is awake? How long does it take for a beginner to awaken his/her Kundalini?

Answer: Basics: Kundalini is the power that is responsible for our breathing, hence Kundalini is responsible for everything.

Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala when it is sleeping. We have control over our body when Kundalini is sleeping. We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama, or do other physical activities with Ida and Pingala when Kundalini is sleeping.

When Kundalini awakens, it breathes through Sushumna also, i.e., Ida + Pingala + Sushumna and any of the combination it pleases. “Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” also means Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala. We cannot regulate our breathing, do pranayama, or do other physical activities with either Ida or Pingala when kundalini is awake.

It would seem as if somebody is breathing for you or you cannot control your breathing. It feels like as if somebody has taken possession of your body and forcing you to perform Pranayama or other bodily activities.


Kundalini starts regulating breath in its own way—pranayama—this is original pranayama.


Kundalini will be facing downward when it is sleeping. When it is downward looking, a person is interested in fulfilling all the desires and enjoying all the pleasures of the world and performing various types of worldly activities giving various types of results—sex, wealth, ego gratification/satisfaction, family, children, friends, beautiful wife/girlfriend, sweet husband/boyfriend, etc.
If Kundalini decides to look upward, then it has to awaken, and once it awakens, a person starts having spiritual experiences and hence starts gradually getting disinterested in fulfilling his/her worldly desires, enjoying the pleasures of the world, and performing various worldly activities giving various types of results—disinterred in sex, wealth, ego satisfaction, family, children, friends, beautiful wife/girlfriend, sweet husband/boyfriend, etc. Ultimately, his/her interest in the above-mentioned activities becomes a BIG ZERO—No interest in physical pleasures or happiness, wealth, ego satisfaction/gratification, etc.

Kundalini knows whether you want all, some, or only a little of your worldly desires, pleasures, and activities to become a ZERO or remain as they currently are. So you cannot awaken, release, or do anything with Kundalini; Kundalini knows when to awaken, release, or look upward.

Time duration doesn’t matter to getting to the point of Kundalini release. Beginner or advanced doesn’t matter, but whether you want ZERO or not does.

By the way, all the past Self-realized persons had ZERO worldly desires, pleasures, or activities. This is how you can differentiate between a real guru and a fake guru.

(Note: Don’t bother about nomenclature of Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, etc., whether nerve or channel, energy or breath, this or that, etc. I am just using them for your understanding. Even the word Kundalini is not important, but Yes, the inner workings of our higher power is!)

You will experience the following when your Kundalini awakens:

Question: Is it fine to practice Kundalini meditation at home just by following books on the subject? Is a Guru necessary to awaken my Kundalini? Can I practice Kundalini meditation at home without a Guru? Is the information in a book sufficient to guide me in Kundalini meditation?
Answer: Spirituality is a comedy of errors. Meditation is a tragedy of logic. The ancient Indian Seers and Yogis called the spiritual (pertaining to the spirit) power that resides in all of us which gives us spiritual experiences as Kundalini.

Kundalini meditation is not a type of meditation. Any type of meditation can awaken your spiritual power/Kundalini, provided your mind becomes still, your breath becomes equanimous, or a momentary NATURAL cessation of breath is achieved during meditation. For any of these 3, you do not need any book-learning. Silence is the best among the 3. Silence is not a subject to be studied. Whether you meditate at home or outside doesn’t matter but whether you had a meditation experience or not does matter.

Books on Kundalini are filled with many fundas and mumbo-jumbo, which are practically/really not true—all figment of one’s imagination. I had a Kundalini (spiritual) experience without knowing what Kundalini was—I had not even read a single page of any book on spirituality or meditation.

As for the requirement of a guru to awaken your Kundalini, the so called Divine Light Meditation instructor became an obstacle in my first Kundalini experience. Now, you know place is not important.

If you really want to have a spiritual experience, do silent meditation. Find out what are those thoughts that do not allow you to be silent. Take care of or fix such disturbing thoughts and their causes. Find out what makes you silent; is it silently observing the breath? is it trying to sleep? etc., and practice more of such things so that your mind becomes silent.

Moderate nutritious vegetarian food, good sleep, no sex, peaceful activities of daily living, harmonious relationship with people and environment, coming to terms with your past and the present, etc., during your spiritual practice will help you gain mental calmness, which in turn will result in silent meditation, consequently raising your Kundalini, ending in an intense spiritual experience—this will be the beginning of a spiritual life.

NOTE: Don’t bother about meditation and spiritual jargon, nomenclature, or mumbo-jumbo. Too many words will create a lot of confusion. The way to real meditation is reaching the higher stages/states of this meditation process:

Question: Why are/were many meditation techniques to awaken the Kundalini kept a secret by the guru?
If the law of karma and meditation techniques were available to all in concrete form, would the world have been a better place?
Answer: All secret practices are bogus. They are kept a secret so that they do not come under public scrutiny.
Many Kundalini awakening techniques are created by the ignorant, who have never had any Kundalini experience. Not only Kundalini awakening techniques but almost all of the meditation techniques are activity based and fraught with dangers. Of course, the world would have been a better place had we followed or if we follow the knowledge of Brahmajnanis without any misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and manipulation.

This post is continued in the following post which explains Miracles, Ashta Siddhis, Kechari Mudra, Out of Body Experiences, Psychic Powers, Superpowers, Immortality, Deathless States, etc:

Comment Update: In the comments section, I had removed the following comment of Alex because it had some facebook links which contained writings of a hallucinating person who claimed that her hallucination was Kundalini awakening. The facebook posts also contained a lot of nonsense about Indian religions/spiritual practices, but since readers are finding it difficult to understand my reply in the comment section, I am pasting the removed comment of Alex here to avoid confusion.
Alex had commented:
"I used to read articles by Simona Rich. After an incident two months ago, she claimed that her crown chakra was opened. Then all of a sudden, she denounced Yoga/Hiduism/meditation, and she said that they have satanic roots, that the earth is flat, hell is real, reincarnation is not, and Jesus is the only savior... What has happened to her? Will it be harmful to her in a long term? Thank you very much for your insights. She wrote in details in her posts below:"

Read my reply in the comment section. Read "4 to to." as "4 years to."

Since some Westerners are spreading misinformation about (even denouncing) Indian spiritual practices and religions in their blogs/websites/facebook/twitter, I would ask them to first find out the truth about their own religion and look at the perspective of their compatriots: Google 'mythical jesus RW Bernard' and read history and see how convinced/not convinced you are about the truth. Also google 'RW Bernard' to know about this interesting man who seems to have exposed many historical/scientific coverups and lies long ago. Dr. Bernard knew not only chemicals, science, and history but also the importance of continence and Kundalini.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Alex said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Alex,
Some drug addicts have written books, websites, blogs on Kundalini detailing their marijuana/drug-related hallucinations as Kundalini experiences. If people believe in these drug addicts and practice meditation to have such experiences, which type of a hospital do you think they will end up in? Not only Rich, many people richly hallucinate on the fantastic concepts/ideas of religion, Kundalini, and spirituality when they take to meditation. You can visit some psychiatric units and see how an over-religious psychiatric patient thinks, speaks, and behaves.
Some people lie and do propaganda against Kundalini/Hinduism. Such people first claim that they have started practicing Hinduism (without converting because Hinduism doesn’t propagate mindless religious conversion/evangelization), learn some new concepts, pretend to be impressed by Hinduism and go gaga over it, feel happier practicing it, fake some physical and mental benefits, etc. Throughout this drama/faking, they will publicize their activities/thoughts as much as possible. After sometime, suddenly they will say that they realized the evils/dark secrets of Hinduism, it is a very bad religion, and whoever practices it is also equally bad. Such propagandists will cook up some stories and/or give some data to prove their claim, and say that their old religion is The Best. We should ask such idiots "if your religion was so good (you have lived all your life being in that religion and you must know the truth), why on earth did you start practicing another religion in the first place?" "what drove you to another religion? Isn't it lack of faith/belief in your religion?" "Since you had lost faith in the old religion prompting you to practice the new one and now you have lost faith in the new religion and are going back to the old one and are proclaiming the old one as the best and the new one as the worst, either there is seriously something wrong with you or there is something fishy about your seemingly stupid activities." Anybody can do such propaganda against Christianity also. Hindus don't seem to be so low minded. Another reason why Hinduism doesn't propagate religious conversion is because there were no other religions when Hindu/Indian scriptures were written. By the way, even the religious Indian Hindus don't know how vast Hinduism is. Scholars stupidly try and fail to categorize the vastness of thoughts/ideas/concepts/knowledge of Indian ancestors.
If you want to experience what Rich experienced, then do the following: Take a book that contains super concepts –Kundalini (written by Westerners), God, prophet, messiah, messenger of God, or spirits. Impress upon your mind that the information in the book is real (all ideas, miracles or persons with miraculous powers, unbelievable stories, etc). Keep reading the book again and again, keep thinking about the book's content day and night; do not do any other work; keep yourself aloof from people and don't communicate with/meet people; set an alarm when you sleep making sure you don’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time, and as soon as you wake up, read the contents of the book and/or think about them with all your heart, also do this before going to sleep and immediately after waking up from sleep; make sure you don't sleep more than 3 hours a day, i.e., 30 mins x 6 times in 24 hours; always imagine/visualize that you are really seeing or hearing something/someone described in the book; meditate with open eyes and imagine this someone/something is in front of you; when you close your eyes, imagine/visualize that you are seeing this something/someone inside you; always think that you are special, many special things are happening to you, and many more will happen to you. Within a month or two—you would have become Rich, i.e., you will start having auditory/visual hallucinations, OCD signs and symptoms leading to mental disorders. You would have beat Rich who took 4 to to have such experiences.
Shubhamastu—Let Good Happen To

AKash deep said...

Dear Achintya,

This is so true. Millions of people are just blindly following these gurus and their way of meditation and harming their body and then assuming that they are very spiritual.
You have rightly said that silence is the only key to self realization. This stupid mind actually never stops. how powerful it is. We have to go beyond this mind to understand our true self.

I have been practicing silence of mind for past some time and It feels really blissful when I found myself in no thought zone. I have been experiencing heat in my base for past few days and also I feel that some energy is going through my throat and it stays there for some time and I feel like choking and then it goes up somewhere.

I would be really grateful If you can share your insight on this.

Many thanks.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Akash,
Experiencing energy, heat, choking is normal but the same experiences should not keep repeating. If you are taking nonveg, stop it during sadhana. Stop sexual activities during Sadhana. Take moderate food, do not overload your belly. Avoid foods which make the body overwork to digest them, eg., oily food, sugary food, fat containing foods, nonveg, etc. No alcohol. Meditate only when the stomach is empty. Make your place a little cooler than outside when you meditate. The body should be cool when you are meditating. During waking or when doing daily activities, make all your body movements, breathing, speaking, and thinking activities smooth and a little slow. If you can reduce your daily physical and mental activities during sadhana, it is well and good. Give up activities that are unnecessary. Do not suddenly start meditating after some activities or with a loaded stomach. Early morning meditation (anywhere from 4-8 am) after emptying your bowels should help. During this period, if you cannot achieve silence, try sleeping without sleeping, put the mind to sleep and watch it sleeping, or remember your sleep. Do this in a seated position.
Shubhamastu=Let Good Happen To You!

AKash deep said...

Dear Achintya,

Thank you for your valuable insight. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Just one more thing you have mentioned this statement(When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or A MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, breath starts moving upwards through a spiritual channel located in the spinal column and awakens your spiritual body)
breath starts moving upwards:-what that means because during meditation i often feel that some air or energy feel like breath is going through my throat upwards. i can feel it. what that signify.
Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Akash,
That's normal air or energy. If you are concentrating too much on the neck or head or observing breath and body sensations (which most people do when meditating or which the mind does automatically when the number of thoughts reduce), you will know the normal workings/flows of breath and body energies. When even this thought of observing or knowing the breath/energy movement stops, then you will get into a semi-conscious state, then silence is achieved, then Kundalini awakening, then REAL experience. When you have a REAL experience, you will have no doubts about what a real experience is. A semi-conscious state is a must for real meditation experiences.
The habit of the mind is to be aware of something or think about something. Whenever you KNOW or are AWARE of some particular activity of the body all the time, divert your attention and then practice silence.
Don't be in a hurry. Don't force your mind to meditate. If your mind just doesn't want to meditate, don't meditate. Keep reading:
and other posts of this blog. Let the info get into the deep subconscious. Keep coaxing your mind into meditate. All in good time.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Sarkis Miller said...

Hello, Achintya. I foolishly performed one of the Anja exercises, and it has harmed my mental health. Do you have any advice?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sarkis,
Comment about it in detail so that other people also get enlightened about the dangers involved in Ajna Chakra meditation. That way, you would help many others from getting adversely affected physically and mentally.
Advice: Stop meditating and thinking about meditation, religion, spirituality, paranormal/supranormal stuffs until you get normal sleep (7-8 hours) at night without any disturbance.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Sarkis Miller said...

More details? Well I had always suffered from anxiety and was looking into meditation. I came across something written by Osho, which mentioned anja meditation. I attempted it, and my mental health has been bad ever since. Osho mentioned that anja chakra can change the future or hurt others, so now I'm always worried that my thoughts will harm my family. Also, my head is cloudy and I am always panicking.

Do you have any more advice from me? I'm considering going to a meditation center or seeing a guru whi can undo these effects and help me get back to normal. I'm in a very bad position.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sarkis,
Many fake gurus have taught all weird stuffs about meditation and spirituality. Those who believe in and practice such weird stuffs, end up having physical and mental problems. Sadistic and fake gurus have made/are making fools out of their disciples/followers and such fakes derive a kind of happiness knowing that their disciples/followers will suffer due to their dangerous meditation practices.
Read all my posts to understand meditation and spirituality as they really are, the dangers involved in wrong meditation techniques, wrong meditation and spiritual practices and concepts, fake/real gurus, etc.
Ajna Chakra meditation results in concentration of energy in the head, overheating of the brain, pressure, headache, confusion, sleeplessness, more anxiety, nervous damage, nervous disorders, hallucinations, etc. You have had the effect of this wrong meditation technique, i.e., Ajna meditation. Ancient Kundalini-awakened gurus taught that when Kundalini awakens, eyes roll back or move upwards as if looking at Ajna. Ignorant/deluded/fake followers who later became gurus misunderstood/manipulated the effects of Kundalini awakening as causes of Kundalini Awakening. These are age-old delusions. You should be 100% sure that whoever teaches Ajna meditation has never had even a single Kundalini experience in his/her entire life.

Don't repeat the mistake of following a guru/teaching to undo your side effects of wrong meditation technique. You will end up having more problems if you follow more fakes.
My advice: Just don't meditate for three to six months or until you feel normal, as before. Continue your anxiety medications, if you are taking them. Make sure you tire your body with physical/sports activities during the day so that you get sound sleep during the night. Sleep is the best meditation and medication for stress and anxiety. Practice celibacy. Celibacy strengthens your nervous system and makes you physically and mentally strong. Overindulgence in sexual activities makes a person a nervous wreck. People with weak nerves easily get all mental health problems.
Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Sarkis Miller said...

I thank you for your advice, Achintya, but I still require more reassurance. Is it possible, as Osho said, for the Anja to change the future or cause harm? I do not want to hurt anyone or disturb the universe.

I have read some of your posts and I was wondering why you always warn against seeing gurus. Aren't there any true ones?

Also, what was your recovery like? How bad were your symptoms? How did you know how to recover?

Thank you again for your advice. You have already brought me much more hope.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sarkis,
No, Ajna will not change the future or hurt others; it will only change your mental health from bad to worse and hurt you physically and mentally. If you say such things as Ajna meditation will change others or disturb the universe, all Indian sadhus (even ordinary Indians) will start laughing and say that someone has made a bakra out of you. Bakra in Hindi means a male goat, bakri means a female goat. Slang is scapegoat or a fool (a person lacking in judgment or prudence hence acts unwisely or imprudently, a silly person) who can be used/fooled by others, a befooled person. Usage: "Bakra banana/banaya" means to fool/fooled someone, "bakra ban gaya " means became a fool or got fooled. Example: After waiting for hours, the conman/godman finally found his first bakra for the day. Most Westerners seeking spiritual/meditation gurus become bakras.
Goras (Whites) are the first ones to become bakras of famous fake gurus (ignorant, pervert, homo, licentious, lecherous, or immoral persons), maybe because LIKE MEETS LIKE. No offence intended.
Many Whites come to India to practice only Sex Tantra or Yogasana/Pranayama and exploit/delude their compatriots after becoming gurus. Almost all foreign gurus are deluded because they only know/teach the physical/mental benefits of meditation. They have ZERO knowledge about the spiritual aspect of meditation. The reason for this delusion is that such foreign gurus have been disciples/followers of Indian deluded gurus.
A Westerner's concept of a good guru is that the guru should be famous or at least known to and praised/recommended by some fellow Westerners or should have some westerners as his/her followers, should speak English or should have rich and educated Indians as his/her followers, should not denounce but praise their religion (Christianity, etc), should have a sweet voice or talk sweetly, should give special attention to the rich/famous/beautiful/White followers/disciples, should be surrounded by disciples, should have written books or others should have written articles/books on him/her, should be much talked about in the media/internet/social media/forums, etc. The highly educated or rich Indians' concept of gurus is no different than the Westerners'. It is the same, the only difference is that the more White followers an Indian guru has, the more Indian educated bakras follow that guru. Sadhus make fun of those famous gurus who surrounded by beef-eating White disciples/followers give discourses on cow protection (Hindus protect cows). By the way, avoid non-veg. Don't eat beef. I hope you have heard about the Mad Cow Disease.
Very rare are people who find true gurus. This is the reason I say don't go looking for gurus, you may become a bakra. Your inner guru is the best guru. Silence is the best form of meditation, but since you are having some adverse effects, don't practice any form of meditation and don't think about spirituality/religion, etc., for the next 3-6 months. Live a simple, normal, leisurely life.

Don't read only some of my posts. READ ALL MY POSTS, ONLY THEN COMMENT because you may get answers for your questions in some or the other post.
I coughed up blood when I was meditating on the physical heart. I stopped mediating for some months.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Sarkis Miller said...

Thank you, Achintya. I have been following your advice, but my eyes keep moving to the anja spot by themselves, my heart rate keeps changing, and my stomach won't stop aching. Also, my perception won't stop changing (sometimes I feel as though nothing is real, sometimes the sun is just too bright for my eyes).
Do you think I will recover? I don't mind dying, but I have to support my family, and I am still paranoid that Ajna chakra will cause them harm.
It was Osho who said this- have you heard of this guru?
Thank you for your time.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sarkis,
Now you are giving some details. I advised you not to meditate, and you are saying you have been following my advice and eyes are moving to Ajna themselves? This means you have not been sleeping well also. You seem to have overdone the Ajna meditation. When you know you are paranoid about Ajna and are worried about your family but are not afraid of death, what should you do? Get treatment for such paranoia. So visit a psychiatrist immediately and tell everything that's happening to you and how it all started. Don't hide any of your feelings, emotions, thoughts, physical signs and symptoms from the psychiatrist. Make sure the psychiatrist prescribes medications that make you sleep at least 7-8 hours. With medication and advice from the psychiatrist, you will get alright very soon and overcome the Ajna, heart, stomach symptoms.
My advice: Do not meditate and do not bother about meditation, spirituality, the universe, my knowledge about xyz person, but just visit your nearest psychiatrist first and get treatment and get well soon.
If you want to know about the advanced stages of paranoia due to over-believing, over-thinking, over-doing of general/religious/meditational/spiritual/Reiki and other supernormal physical/mental activities, check the comments of Mr. Aslam in the following post:
Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING!
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!


Fantastic blog, so glad found it through quora, I completely resonate with what you said about imagination is no no when it comes to awaken kundalini....