June 14, 2016

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Basics: Kundalini is the power responsible for our breathing, without which we are all dead as a dodo. Kundalini is also the power that is responsible for SPIRITual awakening, SPIRITual knowledge, loosening the knots of the SPIRITual heart, and Enlightenment.
In the above picture, the two snakes represent DNA. The two snakes also represent Ida and Pingala nerves or nerve channels (responsible for our breathing) which are connected to our left and right nostrils through which we breathe in and breathe out. The middle staff/rod (Meru Danda) is the Sushumna (ethereal/spiritual nerve channel responsible for SPIRITual awakening/knowledge). The head of the staff is Sahasrara and the wings represent freedom/liberation/enlightenment/Nirvana/Kaivalya. The wings also represent our spiritual body, with which we can fly!!!
In short, Kundalini is a breathing mechanism, which connects Ida, Pringala,  Sushumna, and many other physical and spiritual nerve channels.
Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala when it is sleeping or downward looking. We have control over our body when Kundalini is sleeping. We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama or other physical activities by breathing through Ida and Pingala. Our breathing automatically varies when we are walking, running, relaxing, sleeping (thanks to Kundalini), in fear, in anxiety, in anger, in peace, in a happy mood, etc. It's all due to sleeping/downward Kundalini. Kundalini is a breathing mechanism.
When Kundalini awakens or points upward, it breathes through Sushumna also, i.e., Ida+Pingala+Sushumna. “Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” can also mean Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala. We cannot regulate our breathing, do pranayama or other physical activities with either Ida or Pingala at will when Kundalini is awake. Kundalini does its own altered breathing and physical activities, which are called Kundalini Kriyas or Swabhavika Kriyas or Sahaja Kriyas of Kundalini.
When Kundalini Kriyas happen or when Kundalini awakens, we  will just witness/know our own physical activities, without having control over them. Its similar to Kundalini regulating our breathing during sleep. The difference is that during sleeping, we will not know how we are breathing, and during Kundalini awakening, we will know how we are breathing/performing the Kriyas, but in both instances of sleeping and Kundalini awakening, we will not have control over our bodily/breathing activities. We are not responsible for our breathing during our sleep but Kundalini is. Kundalini is a breathing mechanism.
WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER OUR BODY WHEN KUNDALINI AWAKENS/POINTS UPWARD. It would seem as if somebody is breathing for us and we cannot control our breathing. It would feel as if somebody has taken possession of our body and forcing us to perform Pranayama or other bodily activities/Kriyas. Check the Body Movements and Breathing experiences in the below link:

The experiences in the above link are due to 2 kinds of Samadhis (intense SPIRITual experiences due to deep meditation and Kundalini awakening): Jnana Samadhi and Kriya Samadhi:

Kundalini, the Coiled Serpent Power, connects Ida and Pingala (reason for our breathing) and Sushumna (reason for spiritual awakening/DNA repair or upgradation) at the mooladhara.

Except for Kundalini awakened people, nobody knew what DNA was. Kundalini awakened people realized that Kundalini is a natural physical+spiritual phenomena, DNA being the physical Kundalini energy.

In this picture (the caduceus), the intertwined 2 snakes represent DNA. Medical science is about the body-mind complex made up of DNA/Physical Kundalini energy. This ancient insignia/the Caduceus is not created by modern scientists, doctors, or researchers. Modern medical science has its roots in ancient medical knowledge. Comparison of modern DNA and ancient Kundalini DNA in pictures is in the below post:

The 2 snakes also represent Ida and Pingala nerves or nerve channels which are connected to our left and right nostrils through which we breathe in and breathe out. The middle staff/rod is the Sushumna. The head of the staff is Sahasrara and the wings represent freedom/liberation/enlightenment/Nirvana/Kaivalya.
Kundalini awakening leads to Liberation, Freedom, Self-realization, Brahmajnana, Yoga, Nirvana, Kaivalya, Enlightenment, etc., which all mean the same.

Since Kundalini is responsible for our breathing, Kundalini is responsible for EVERYTHING--life, living, physical and spiritual activities and knowledge, freedom, enlightenment, etc. Kunalini is both the primordial energy and the vital energy, which scriptures talk about.

Indian Yogis and Seers called the Vital/Super Energy/Power that lies in us as Kundalini. You can call it by any name. People have millions of names, but all are human beings. Water is called by many names in many languages. Thus, the important thing to know is that there is a super mechanism in us. Nomenclature does not matter.

Why did Vedantis, Buddhists, or Muslims, Christians, or other religious people not mention Kundalini and its importance?
What you experience and know is what you will teach. If any of the above religions have mentioned Kundalini with a different name/concept/idea, then it is well and good. By the way, there are Upanishads on Kundalini. People just got stuck with 12 major Upanishads for various reasons and called them Vedanta, and none of them mention anything about Kundalini. Only these 12 Upanishads were made famous for various reasons again. So Vedantis, it doesn't mean Kundalini is unreal, it means something else. Also, there are innumerable scriptures which don't mention Kundalini. Again, it doesn't mean Kundalini is unreal, it means something else.

Kundalini is mentioned as a coiled serpent/snake. It doesn't mean that there is a real snake residing in you. These are nerves or nerve channels coiled in the shape of a snake. Kundalini is a vortex like in this picture below, which resembles a coiled up snake.

The ancient Indian Yogis and Seers found out that Ritam/Sanatana Dharma or Dharma Sanatana (The Great Cosmic Principle/The Eternal Laws of Nature/Eternal Laws of Pinda and Brahmanda) is the same everywhere. It is the effect of the Supreme Sound/Vibration which vibrates throughout the cosmos. Due to the variation in frequencies of this vibration/sound, there is variety in the cosmos.

To know about the Supreme Sound, click:


The ancient Indian Seers and Yogis found that a a higher power is responsible for our breathing during waking, sleeping, and deep sleep states--we do not put any effort to breathe while sleeping. They called this power that resides in all of us which is not only responsible for our breathing but also which gives us spiritual experiences as Kundalini, the coiled up power. Even the galaxy looks as though it is coiled up. "Whatever is in you is in the entire cosmos." Kundalini is a vortex, the miniature galaxy residing in you.

Kundalini knows how to breathe when you are sleeping, relaxing, running, walking, etc. Kundalini is ever-active. Men can always see the effect of Kundalini--the groin changes position, as if there is some breathing activity happening. They cannot do anything about it, nobody can stop it. Similarly, for women, it will be happening internally. This is the vital activity, without which a person is dead.

Kundalini has 2 phases, sleeping and waking OR clockwise and anticlockwise (OR forward and reverse). Sleeping/clockwise means when Kundalini is not spiritually active. Waking/anticlockwise means when Kundalini is spiritually active. Spiritually means SPIRITually. When it moves anticlockwise, you come face-to-face with your original/real/spiritual Self.

When Kundalini is sleeping or looking down:
Kundalini is physically active and spiritually inactive or asleep. Kundalini breathes through Ida and Pingala.  We have control over our body when Kundalini is sleeping.
We can regulate our breathing, do pranayama, and breathe the way we want. We are interested in all kinds of worldly activities that give us pleasures, especially the triple desires of kaama-kaanchana-keerti (sex, wealth, name and fame). We will be doing all other sorts of body-mind-ego activities, with being fully conscious of our body and mind. We will have complete knowledge of our surroundings.
When Kundalini awakens or looks upward:

Kundalini is spiritually active. “Prana (Vital Breath/Energy) enters Sushumna” can also mean Kundalini breathing though Sushumna in addition to Ida and Pingala. When Kundalini wakens, it starts regulating breath in its own way—pranayama—this is original pranayama. We cannot regulate our breathing, do pranayama, or do other physical activities during this time. We have no control over our body. It would seem as if somebody is breathing for us or we cannot control our breathing. It feels like as if somebody has taken possession of our body and forcing us to perform Pranayama or other bodily activities such as jerks, body shakes, twisting of the body, gesturing through fingers and hand, tongue, eyes, etc. When Kundalini awakens, it feels as if someone has taken possession of your body!

Kundalini Myth Versus Truth
Myth: Kundalini awakening is not required for enlightenment because not many religions talk about it.
Truth: Without Kundalini awakening (Samadhi), you will not experience anything about spirituality, not to mention enlightenment. All your knowledge of Enlightenment and Spirituality will remain bookish/borrowed/second-hand. Without Kundalini awakening and consequent real spiritual experience/knowledge, people become BHRAMjnanis (deluded persons or fake gurus who delude others about spirituality and enlightenment).

Myth: Ordinary people cannot get enlightened.
Truth: Everyone is ordinary. Only when many ordinary people think "person Z" to be not ordinary but special does this Z become extraordinary. 

Myth: I can feel Kundalini moving/swirling/twirling in my mooladhara (perineum) when I am walking or awake.
Truth: That is not Kundalini, it is air/energy trapped in mooladhara due to meditating or concentrating on mooladhara. This is a physical symptom related to physical nerves, not related to any spiritual nerves.

Warning: This can happen in any Chakra location or any part of your body, physical heart, in between your eyebrow, etc. People develop hernias in Chakra locations due to air getting trapped there. This is the reason never ever meditate/concentrate on any chakra location, physical heart, brain, etc.

Myth: Pranayama leads to Kundalini Awakening.
Truth: It is the other way around. When Kundalini awakens, Pranayama happens. You cannot awaken Kundalini with Pranayama. Pranayama is a Swabhavika Kriya of Kundalini due to awakening.

This is how our ancient Yogis and Seers found out Pranayama, Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, and Kriyas. Fake modern pranayamas do not happen during Kundalini awakening. Only the ancient Yogic pranayamas happen (that too not the way they are being taught by gurus). There are some pranayamas where a person tries to send his vital breath up the sahasrara/brain. This is dangerous. This is the reason why no enlightened guru ever taught Kriya/Pranayama for Kundalini awakening or Self-realization. They knew that these are not the causes but are the effects of Kundalini awakening, and except for Kundalini itself/herself, no one can perform them correctly, rightly, or accurately.

Myth: If I practice prolonged breathlessness (kumbhaka), I can awaken my Kundalini.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, you can become breathless. This is called Swabhavika Kumbhaka (natural/spontaneous/involuntary breathlessness). While practicing Kumbhaka for awakening Kundalini, if your breath gets locked and you are unable to release the breath, then you will say goodbye to the world.

Myth: With Kriyas, I can awaken my Kundalini.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, Kriyas happen.

Myth: Practicing Mudras, like Kechri, I can awaken my Kundalini and move Prana up the Sahasrara and drink Amrit (nectar).
Truth: Mudras happen when Kundalini awakens. Drinking nectar is not Amrit. Amrit or Amrut means deathless. Your spiritual body is deathless and immortal.

Myth: I can fly with my physical body, when Kundalini is awake.
Truth: Only the spiritual body can fly when Kundalini gets awakened.

Myth: My pineal gland gets activated and I get enlightenment when Kundalini awakens.
Truth: Pineal gland is a body part. Kundalini awakens your spiritual body which has no glands.

Warning: Many fake gurus are now saying activating hormonal glands as chakra activation. There's no limit to the delusion that is being spread by modern-day educated (Scientific/quantum background) English-speaking gurus. We can expect druggists or electricians to become gurus who can inject some substance into or give nano-electric shocks to the pineal gland for Enlightenment/Chakra activation/Kundalini awakening.

Myth: Kundalini can be awakened through sexual intercourse, Tantric sex, sex without ejaculation, heating up your mooladhara.
Truth: Just before Prana enters Sushumna, the sexual organ withdraws as a tortoise withdraws its head. This is anticlockwise motion of Kundalini. There will be a cold sensation in your perineum and groin area, as a result of which your sexual organ retracts/contracts. Nobody can have sex in this condition.

With sexual activities, nerves become weak, and Kundalini will never awaken in a body with weak nerves. This is the reason why Yogasana is prescribed--to make your body and nerves strong. Any yogasana practice without celibacy is a BIG WASTE. A celibate doesn't need Yogasana.

Myth: There are many Kundalini symptoms (Kundalini syndrome, Kundalini psychosis), Kundalini ascension symptoms, and other Kundalini awakening side effects.
Truth: There is nothing called Kundalini symptom, Kundalini syndrome, Kundalini psychosis, ascension symptom or Kundalini side effect.

These are all the side effects of wrong meditation techniques. People harm themselves physically and mentally by practicing unnatural meditation techniques, damage their body/mind irreparably, and end up blaming Kundalini. Without Kundalini, nobody can live.

Myth: Kundalini experiences are subjective.
Truth: They are not. Everybody will have similar experiences. There will be a little difference as far as visions and some revelations are concerned, but the rest are the same. The difference in vision/revelations is due to Re-Living and Relieving of Vasanas and Samskaras.

Spirituality and meditation are not subjective concepts. It is just that people are ignorant because of lack of direct experiential knowledge. Many people do not believe that they have a supernormal principle in them or that they have a higher nature of existence. People just will not have meditation experiences because of their low level of spiritual evolution. Deeply interested in fulfilling physical, mental, and ego desires or relishing worldly pleasures with enthusiasm at the cost of morality and human character is the characteristic of a lowest of low person. The more one is disinterested in such activities, the more evolved he/she is spiritually.

Myth: Books and websites teach the right things about Kundalini.
Truth: Too much theory and nil practicals. In books/websites/scriptures, you will find that there are N number of naadis explained which may be physical naadis. The main spiritual Naadi is Sushumna. It is only when you start experiencing Prana flowing in Sushumna would you know the truth about books, websites, and other sources of Kundalini misinformation. People would have used different names like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati for Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, etc. People have been breathing all their lives with Ida and Pingala, do they ever become aware of the route of these nerves from nose up to mooladhara?
Meditate on silence and do not bother about theoretical information about Kundalini.

Some drug addicts have also written books on Kundalini. Such authors have made books out of their first experience with drugs as a Kundalini guide. Their auditory and visual hallucinations have been passed off as Kundalini experiences.

Myth: I see snakes around all the time, in meditation as well as when I am not meditating--that is I see Kundalini everywhere.
Truth: You are hallucinating.

Kundalini is your spiritual power. It has no relation to snakes. The two intertwined snakes represent the two strands of your DNA and Ida and Pingala. When Kundalini shakes in mooladhara, it seem as if  a snake is crawling under your seat. This happens during Kundalini awakening and you jump from your seat. On the other hand, if there is a sensation in your mooladhara always, even when you are not meditating, then you should know that air is trapped there due to meditating on mooladhara. In some cases, people develop a hernia.
Sushumna channel is like a straight Danda (stick/staff), and Ida and Pingala Naadis are like the intertwined snakes which are connected to the Sushumna at the bottom. The snakes in reality represent DNA. Our spiritual body has no use of Ida and Pingala. By the way, Ida and Pingala as snakes are binding Sushumna, to signify bondage of our spirit or spiritual body/mind/consciousness. Snakes also signify sexual desires, worldly desires. They are binding our spiritual body from freeing itself and soaring high to merge into the cosmic consciousness. This is called Bandha (bondage). Freedom from these snakes/desires is called Mukti, Moksha, Liberation, Freedom, Emancipation, Nirvana, Eternal Bliss, Enlightenment, Kaivalya, etc.

Myth: By imagining that my Kundalini is moving up the spine, I can awaken my Kundalini.

Truth: Do not practice any imagination techniques, you will start hallucinating. If you are concentrating on your spine, then surely you will damage your spine also.

Myth: I see a tiny bright light in my spine and sometimes I see 3 strands of white airy pipe-like nerves going from mooladhara to sahasrara. I am seeing Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.
Truth: Your mind is very good at imagination. Do not practice any imagination/visualization meditation techniques, you will start hallucinating. If you are concentrating on your spine, then surely you will damage your spine also.

WARNING: DO NOT practice imagination techniques to awaken Kundalini. Meditation is practiced to find the reality about oneself. How could imagination lead to reality? If you want to make your imagination a reality, then that imagination may lead to hallucination and other mental disorders. This is where and how people start hallucinating and losing their minds!!!
People with weak bodies, worn out nerves, weak minds, who have indulged in a lot of sexual activities, who imagine too much, who are hypochondriacs, who are too intelligent and think they can have Self-realization through intellectual activities, etc., will start hallucinating. This is the reason why celibacy is important. Celibacy strengthens our nervous system, makes our body strong, and gives mental strength, all of which make us strong enough to withstand the surge of spiritual currents that will be passed when Kundalini awakens.

Kundalini is a great benefactor! It knows when a person is ready for the awakening. It knows that people would go out of their mind or would damage their bodies if their bodies and minds are not fit for  the awakening. This is the reason why only 1 in a million will have a Kundalini experience in his/her lifetime.

Myth: Kundalini awakening can be done through Yoga, i.e., asanas, pranayama, kriyas and other bending, twisting, sitting, breathing exercises.
Truth: No. All these will happen spontaneously/involuntarily/naturally (swabhavika kriya) when Kundalini awakens. You can practice yogasana to make your body and nerves stronger. You can practice ancient yogic pranayama to get relief from a particular medical condition or symptom that you are having. You need to first check the efficacy of the pranayama on your medical condition. Mind you all gurus who teach ancient pranayama may not know the correct way of doing a particular Panayama or may not know which pranayama is beneficial for what kind of medical symptom/medical condition. Practicing the same pranayama always is dangerous. Many gurus say that along with pranayama, you should also continue your allopathic drugs/medicines for your medical condition. So you should first check the efficacy of pranayama for your medical condition and then do what you please.

In any case, NEVER practice pranayama or Kriya for Kundalini Awakening. It is dangerous.

When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or a MOMENTARY swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, a higher power (Kundalini) in you awakens WITHOUT PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TRAUMA. This is YOGA.

All types of meditation and non-meditation practices should end in SILENCE for the higher power (Kundalini) to awaken in you.

Myth: People get enlightened without awakening Kundalini.
Truth: Impossible. Some past enlightened people may not have talked much about Kundalini for various reasons (one reason may be because not many followers would have asked about Kundalini), but without Kundalini awakening, nobody can get enlightened. Kundalini is the reason for loosening the knots of the heart, which leads to Self-realization and Enlightenment.

Myth: You cannot awaken Kundalini without knowing what Kundalini is or without having a thorough knowledge about Kundalini. Nobody can awaken Kundalini without reading a lot of books on Kundalini and knowing the hundreds of naadis mentioned in those books.
Truth: Kundalini is just a name. I had a Kundalini experience without having heard the word "Kundalini".
To know how, click:

Myth: Kundalini Yoga is a type of Yoga or meditation technique.
Truth: Whatever type of Yoga technique or meditation technique you are practicing, Kundalini (higher power in you responsible for breathing and spiritual awakening) will awaken once you Silence your mind and progress in deep meditation.

Yoga means union or merger of the individual self/consciousness with the cosmic Self/Consciousness. Yoga means spiritual body/mind/consciousness awakening. It means Self-realization or enlightenment. Yoga is achieved through Dhyana or meditation, not through physical exercises (asana) or breathing exercises (pranayama).

You need to remove the adjectives which describe a type or the name of the author (eponym) from Patanjali Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vihangama Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Shava Yoga, etc., and then read the above meaning of Yoga. All the adjectives/types are practices that ultimately lead to Yoga, Self-realization or Enlightenment. Only when the body and the mind become Silent, the spiritual and super-conscious activities begin--This is the beginning of Yoga.

Myth: Kundalini can only be awakened through yogic activities.
Truth: Kundalini will awaken once the mind becomes still or inactive during meditation. When Kundalini awakens, all yogic activities happen on their own. This is how our Yogis found out Kriyas. When swabhavika (natural, spontaneous, involuntary) yogic activities like pranayama, asana, twisting of the body, mudras, involuntary speech (glossolalia), kriyas, altered breathing, etc., happen without your will, know for sure you had a Kundalini awakening.

Myth: There are various types of Kundalini rising, in different naadis.
Truth: There is only one type of Kundalini rising, through Sushumna.

Myth: I can activate my Chakras without Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Kundalini awakening means Chakra activation.

Myth: My Heart Chakra is displaced, do I take help from people who balance and heal Chakras?
Truth: Good joke. If you know your Chakra has displaced, ask some doctor to perform an operation and position it correctly. You can also ask the doctors for Chakra transplantation if your Chakra is damaged. Deluded people spread delusions about Chakras and Kundalini.  A classic case of a blind leading another blind. Those who balance and heal Chakras will never have any spiritual experience in their entire lives because of their bad karma of spreading delusions and making money by fooling people. Chakras have nothing to do with your physical body.

Myth: I had a Kundalini awakening when my guru performed Shaktipat.
Truth: Lies. Shaktipt is fake. Lies about Shaktipat are in the following link:

Myth: Guru is necessary for Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Not necessary.

Myth: You need to renounce the world and become a sadhu for Kundalini awakening.
Truth: Not necessary.

Myth: Presently, many gurus have had Kundalini awakenings.
Truth: Presently, any guru who takes money/donations from his/her followers/disciples has not had any Kundalini awakening.

Myth: I can awaken my Kundalini with activity at will.
Truth: When Kundalini awakens, you lose control of your body. You cannot do anything, not even breathe on your own.

Myth: I can park my Kundalini in one Chakra and do other physical activities.
Truth: You cannot do anything with Chakras. You cannot do any activities at will when Kundalini is awake. When Kundalini awakens, there will be an intense experience. When the experience is over, Prana/Kundalini drops down/comes back to its original position so that you can perform your worldly activities.

Myth: My Kundalini is disconnected from my mooladhara.
Truth: If your Kundalini is disconnected from your mooladhara, you should not be living to tell it. Kundalini never gets disconnected from Sushumna, which is a spiritual nerve channel of the spiritual body. Without the spirit or the spiritual body, you are dead as a dodo.

Myth: My heart/crown Chakra has opened and is not closing. I am having a lot of sensations there.
Truth: You are joking/imagining. Chakras are not of the physical body. They are the spiritual nerve centers of the spiritual body. As for sensations, go through my posts if you want your well being:

Myth: Kundalini Awakening experiences and Vedanta/Upanishad/Jnaana Maargi's (followers of the path of Knowledge) experiences about Consciousness/Reality are entirely different.
Truth: Whatever route, a higher power in you must awaken and give you spiritual experiences. Those experiences should be similar to the ones that I have listed in my first post about Kundalini and meditation experiences. If a Jnaana Maargi says they are different, take him to be a BHRAMjnaani. Upanishads are nothing but a compilation of the knowledge of Kundalini awakened people. Only through Kundalini/spiritual experiences will you know the truth about Vedanta and Upanishads.

Myth: The path of Vedanta is the best, just by reading and understanding Vedanta/Upanishads/Upanishadic truth, people become enlightened. Jnaana Yoga is the best of all.
Truth: You are living your delusions. Spirituality is not an intellectual exercise. Vedanta is the compilation of the knowledge of Kundalini awakened people. If you think you can get enlightened through intellectually understanding Vedanta, then it is like reading Guinness Book of World Records and thinking that you have set all the World Records.

Myth: By asking who am I? or saying/thinking/getting convinced that "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc.," I can become Brahmajnani or Enlightened.
Truth: You will become a BHRAMjnani (deluded person/person who deludes others) if you get enlightenment through thinking/intelligence/perception/belief/questioning.

Anybody can read what you have read and think like you, even a murderer sitting in a jail can say  "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc." and upon release from the jail may murder another person and get back in jail and still say  "I am That, I am He, I am She, I am, I am I AM, Soham, Aham, Hamsa, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Eva Asmi, etc."

Myth: Once Kundalini awakens, a person becomes enlightened.
Truth: After 1000s of Kundalini awakenings and many types of spiritual experiences, when all the knots of the heart are loosened, a person becomes enlightened.

Myth: I had a Kundalini experience in which I experienced I am this whole cosmos and now I am an enlightened guru.
Truth: Kundalini experiences give glimpse of the higher nature of our existence. Loosening all the knots of the spiritual heart is a must.

Enlightenment happens when you have 1000s of Kundalini awakenings, and when all the knots of the heart are loosened through passage of spiritual currents, you will surely know what enlightenment is. Yes of course you can become a BHRAMjnaani Guru (a fake guru who will make his/her disciples/followers delusional) without even a single Kundalini experience, like all the present-day gurus of all the religions throughout the world.
To know about the spiritual heart/knots of the heart, click:

Myth: An enlightened person's Kundalini is always awakened.
Truth: Do not go that far. Have at least one REAL Kundalini experience in this life first.

Myth: I heard a voice during my Kundalini awakening.

Truth:  More often than not, meditation practitioners take auditory and visual hallucinations as Kundalini awakening experiences.

Myth: A person with a single spiritual awakening understands the state of Just Be, BEING, BE, I AM, etc., and he/she gets instant enlightenment/Self-realization.
Truth: He/she is a fake guru or a BRHAMjnani.

Myth: Spiritual body is a myth.
Truth: Spiritual body is real. This spiritual body can take any form. There's no death or decay to this spiritual body. The spiritual body is immortal. This spiritual body is like the subatomic particles, neither created nor destroyed but just change their outer appearance.

Myth: Kundalini is a myth.
Truth: Kundalini is real.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini reaches Sahasrara (Crown Chakra), he/she gets enlightened.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini reaches Anahata (Heart Chakra), he/she will hear Om/Aum/Cosmic Sound/Vibration.

Myth: With Kundalini awakening, people can see other people's aura/divine forms/God/Goddess with their physical eyes and hear voices/sound/music/divine or God's voices with their physical ears.
Truth: If you are seeing something with your naked eyes that's not visible to others and hearing something with your physical ears that others can't, THEN YOU ARE HALLUCINATING. Divine vision/hearing happen only when Kundalini awakens and you get into Jnana Samadhi, where you have no physical/body consciousness hence can't see or hear anything with your physical eyes and ears. After your meditative Samadhi is over, you will realize that you had been meditating.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini has awakened, he/she becomes a perfect celibate.

Myth: If a person's Kundalini has awakened, he/she becomes a miracle wo/man, psychic wo/man, gets miraculous powers, becomes a famous guru, rules the world, doesn't get married, always thinks/walks/talks Kundalini, enlightenment, and spirituality.

Myth: People who have had Kundalini awakenings cannot do ordinary works, behave like ordinary people, think/talk like ordinary people.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (delusional person or a fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Vijay,
Miracle mongering people are not saints. Do not follow the teachings of such miracle-mongering "saints." If you follow, you would invariably believe in miracles and also expect to do miracles through meditation/spirituality/god's grace, which will not happen because there are rules concerning the physical body:
The past and the present gurus and their teachings will not help a meditator because they never talk about the initial stages a meditator goes through, the process/phases of meditation, the types of false/real meditation experiences in the beginning and the advanced stages, and the initial Kundalini awakening and the variety of Kundalini experiences as one progresses in meditation. All gurus and their teachings will straightaway talk about the ultimate truth (nondual, dual, god, goddess, Self, om, cosmos, atom-sound-light, Atma, Brahm, soul, etc) as contained in one or the other ancient scriptures; such gurus may either second or negate the philosophy of a particular scripture or may teach a cocktail of many scriptures. Such dry scriptural ideas, concepts, knowledge will not help you have a true meditation experience. The maximum such dry knowledge can do is convince you about the existence of a higher reality and nothing more. Once you are convinced about the existence of a higher reality, what next? Nothing.
Understand spirituality and higher reality through direct meditation experiences.
By the way Tripura or Triloka (Bhur, Bhuvah, Swaha) refer to Trikala of Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti.

vijay shankar said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Vijay,
Don't use ellipsis …. while commenting. It reminds me of a crazy fake follower of a famous living fake South Indian Kriya guru. This fake chela/cheli used to comment cooked up fake and nonsensical meditation experiences (attributing it to the fake guru's pranayama) thinking that I would publish them, which I promptly deleted.
The revelations and understanding from meditation experiences vary from person to person based on the person's beliefs, upbringing, current state of mind and conditioning (Samskaras), etc. That should not be paid much attention to.
All your varied breathing/pranayama should stop over a period of time. Take rest for sometime. Don't meditate on a daily basis. For the next 6 months, meditate only once in a week. Make note of all of your experiences for the next 6 months without giving too much importance to your thoughts during and after meditation. Make sure that you carry on all of your daily activities as usual. Don't eat nonveg, too oily/ sugary/salty/ spicy foods; don't take alcohol; have undisturbed sleep of 7-8 during night; avoid sexual thoughts/activities during Sadhana, read all of my posts on weekly basis.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!



This article was very helpful. Thanks a lot. For last two weeks I am meditating and from last six days, I am feeling some waves or something moving/ crawling up my spine originating from base of the spine. And from last three days when I meditate my body starts to move backwards automatically.Also my head gets lifted as if something from inside is pulling. So the things is my position while I meditate keeps changing. What to do? Should I just surrender to this? And is all these related to Kundalini? Can you please answer? I really need some guidance..Thanks a lot.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Panchal,
Congratulations! The last 3 days' involuntary/spontaneous backward movement of the body, body position changes, and head jerking upward/backward are due to Kundalini/Prana/Shakti shooting up the Sushumna. These are Kundalini Kriyas/Awakenings. These are very good meditation experiences which are the result of a momentary silence/stillness of the mind/breath (when you will have 100s of Kundalini experiences, you will know this secret).
People sleep during meditation and when they wake up suddenly, they will have such sudden backward body movement and head jerks—THIS IS NOT DUE TO KUNDALINI AWAKENING.
Don't concentrate on the spine, the waves, crawling sensations, something pulling from inside, etc. Meditate more on silence and surrender to whatever is happening. Whatever is happening is happening for the good. Let go of any fear/anxiety you have about Kundalini; no harm in will come to you due to Kundalini.
Your experiences signify that you are a spiritual person, fit for meditation. Continue meditation without any fear/anxiety/doubt/expectation. Keep reading all my posts; see if the tips given in other comments are helpful to you. Avoid wrong meditation practices, lifestyle, food habits, etc. Get rid of all wrong notions/concepts/ideas about meditation, Kundalini, and spirituality. Follow the common do's and don'ts, be clear about real meditation/Kundalini experiences, and follow the instructions and guidelines given in this blog.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!


Hi Achintya,
Thanks a ton for your detailed response. Really appreciate it. So from now on I will meditate in silence and surrender to all movements. I just have one question- How long will it take for full blown Kundalini awakening? I not expecting just curious. And how long should I meditate? Thanks!!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Panchal,
There is nothing called full-blown, fully activated, fully developed, life-changing, life-transforming, quantum tunneling, channeling, soul-infusing, cosmic energy infusing, alpha-beta-gamma-theta-delta brainwave activating, ego death-experiencing, miraculous/psychic power-granting, health/wealth/name/fame/lifespan-augmenting Kundalini awakenings. You can find such things in the internet written by some ignorant idiots, hallucinating marijuana smokers, immoral sex-tantra practitioners, senseless drug addicts, attention-seeking hyperbolists, chakra healing-chakra balancing quacks, energy center or chakra-activating charlatans, energy-transferring brother/sister perverts, chemical-hormonal-pineal gland-activating fraudsters, Kundalini-awakening Shaktipat hoaxers, spirit cooking human-sacrificing sadistic criminals, urine-blood drinking and excreta-corpse tasting/eating ritualistic tricksters, peace-happiness-love advocating meditation/spiritual scamsters, astral projecting/traveling and akashic record-reading rogues, clairvoyant miracle mongers, Kundalini-awakening through sex/pranayama-teaching and pranic-healing pranksters, and samsaric well-read theoretical scriptural experts, writers, gurus, etc. There is also nothing called ever-awakened Kundalini and instant enlightenment. Many famous gurus (past/present) who have gotten fake instant enlightenment with one fake awakening have taught/are teaching such nonsense. Taking a cue from such famous fake gurus, other copycats as well as all and sundry are spreading such nonsense/delusions. Smart fake gurus are deluding/deceiving other people for profit, and those who get deceived will delude others either for profit or just because of their delusions.

All the above-mentioned people are BHRAMjnanis (deluded people or those who delude others). Anybody who follows them will suffer. Fake guru-surrendering scapegoats will suffer the most. Doctors who save many lives by CPR never claim to reactivate heart chakras, only fake people/gurus will.
Also don't read anything related to meditation, Kundalini, and other spiritual stuffs written by foreigners, Indian gurus settled in foreign lands, globetrotting gurus, gurus/disciples/followers who have written many books, Samsaric/family people who have not done an ounce of spiritual Sadhana, aged people who still cannot pursue a spiritual life, business people donning sadhu's' chola (attire), disciples of fake gurus, people who have never had a Kundalini experience, etc.
Don't get influenced by useless spiritual, religious, scriptural, theosophical new age, scientific quantum jargon, nomenclature, and mumbo-jumbo. Understand the reality about meditation/Kundalini/spirituality through direct experiences.

Don't be in a hurry. Patience and perseverance are the keys to progress.
The following is the end result of Kundalini awakenings, meditation, and spirituality:

Meditate as long as you want or you can, maybe 2 hours, more than 2 hours if the mind is peaceful and happy to meditate. Make sure you don't harm yourself physically or psychologically. If you experience numbness of legs, stretch your legs or change your posture. You can also sit on a chair or take the support of a wall to meditate for longer duration.
ONLY when you have had many real Kundalini/meditation experiences, you will know the importance of this lengthy answer.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!


Hi Achintya,

That was very helpful. I am very grateful to you for your time and effort. I have understood Kundalini in much better way now.

Once again, thanks. God bless you!

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING!
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

vijay shankar said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Vijay,
People who don't follow my simple instruction will suffer. I told you not to use ellipsis (.......) while commenting, and you still keep using them in every sentence. I told you to practice silence as a form of meditation, and you still are obsessed with Kriya stuffs. All the experiences you mentioned do not happen when you meditate on silence. So you neither had any Kundalini experience as you claimed before nor will you have any until you give up all your gurus, books, and meditation techniques and unlearn/totally forget about them. If you are making up all your experiences for fun or for other silly reaon, then it's not me but time will make many people laugh at you.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

DNA is a unique genetic “fingerprint” that makes up a person’s genes and chromosomes. When a baby is conceived, each parent passes on half of his/her DNA to the baby, whose genetic code (DNA) is a shared mix of only its mother’s and father’s DNA. DNA becomes a zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus, and then a baby. The heart and major blood vessels begin to develop by about day 16. The heart begins to pump fluid through blood vessels by day 20 and the first red blood cells appear the next day. The embryo begins to elongate, and most organs begin to form about 3 weeks after fertilization. Almost all organs are completely formed by about 10 weeks after fertilization. The exceptions are the brain and spinal cord, which continue to form and develop throughout pregnancy. The opening of anterior fontanelle even after birth allows growth of the brain and the skull. DNA is nothing but physical Kundalini energy.

ZERO said...

Hello Achintya,

How are you! :-)

You are doing a great job! Your blog looks very interesting indeed.

My story is that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder on first week of November 2012 when I experienced euphoria, laughed uncontrollably seeing how stupid this world actually is, took an extempore flight to Delhi. I said to myself that I will live that day as the last day of my life as I felt there was nothing more to experience. There, I cut my left palm with fencing wire deliberately and smiled as I saw the torn skin opened up, then stopped cars by coming in front of them on the road, and ended up in Vasant Vihar police station proclaiming I am God. When a policeman started beating me saying "Haanji Bhagwanji!", I started feeling more energetic and shouted "Aur maar! Aur maar!", till he had beaten my face black and blue. Then, I got up with a bleeding face and gave an emotionally charged speech as God to the crowd who had gathered around just to watch the tamasha. Later, I was admitted to mental hospital.

I hope you understand that the reason why I am not sharing my name is because since then, I am under the constant supervision of my parents, taking 5 pills a day, meeting psychiatrists and psychologists and what not. I am not even supposed to interact online.

Now, I was never interested in spirituality and I can not meditate, nor do I plan to. I can not explain what exactly happened to me, but one night when I was seeing my own photo and as my gaze was fixed on it for some time...I suddenly realized that I was looking at the divine and I felt a goose bump. At first, I did not want to believe in something so absurd. But the force with which the idea took over me, changed me forever.

A new kind of fearlessness emerged. In the next few days, I was challenging my boundaries by doing things like touching carcass of a dead dog. It was just matter after all. I wanted to see death from a closer perspective. I was even looking forward to the day I die to see what lies beyond it. But that is when this Delhi incident happened.

Then, I was then made to travel 4 hours to and fro between my hometown and work cities for 8 months so that my parents see my face everyday. It was taking a toll on me. Even when I got a rented apartment, I was being constantly monitored.


ZERO said...


On my birthday after that, I felt as if I was being too restricted by my parents who would coax me to pray in front of various idols and portraits of deities, but strictly told me not to say that I am God. Who were deciding everything right from how much water I should drink to flush out the medicines, to what kind of food I should eat so that I do not gain weight above what I have gained due to medicines.

I had an extreme urge to free myself from bondage. I could not control my anger that had been seething. So, I decided to do the unthinkable. I beat up my father by kicking in his chest after locking up my mother in the bathroom, who was screaming from there. The next day, I was taken to the psychiatrist and my anger still made me slap him. Then, his attendants held me as I was given injections and admitted for a month.

My parents cried. They were getting weak. I am not really attached but can not help feeling bad myself. I do not want them to suffer, so I have chosen to suffer instead. Hence, since then, I am just acting as per their expectations at home for the sake of being a good son, just as I am acting as a good employee in the office to get monthly paycheck to again keep my parents happy, even though I have lost interest in work. I am drinking the poison of living a suffocated life everyday.

New problem? I am also seeing a girl now. My parents want to get me married soon. I am wondering who created this institution of marriage. If I do not marry, I will be an outcast. If I marry, there will be one more person with expectations.

Coming to the point, in all these 4 years, not for a moment have I doubted the fact that I am God...come what may.

However, I do not even want for anyone to acknowledge that I am God. I just want to be left alone! But the problem with the world is that it won't let me live peacefully till I prove it. Parents want to control me. The Doctors want to examine me. All part of this rotten system.

So...I will prove who I am, because I know how to. But the cost for that...and I swear...will be...


Before the new order sets in.

I am waiting for the correct time to make my first move.

Achintya, I am telling you all this not because I need your help, but because I sometimes feel like being my real self in this world when acting normal day in and day out starts taking a toll on me. I am the most mad person on this planet, make no mistake...and I am happily proud of it. :-) People can keep their miserable sanity to themselves.

Meanwhile, you are working well on your path, but here is a tip if you want to reach where you want reach to faster...in an instant rather. Read this again and again if it helps:

You will get as many Kundalani awakenings as you THINK you need to reach enlightenment because...the truth is that...



Anonymous said...

hi, do that means i do not need a guru at all, and when it is the time to have my kundalini awakened it will. but what are the things i can do to make my mind and body ready to have it.

Shasha said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sha,
Third eye meditation is dangerous. Are you sure you heard "creeeeeee" and not prrrrrrrrrr?

Meditators who start hearing sounds develop tinnitus.

Myth: Different Chakras make different sounds, eg., when Muladhara gets activated you hear the sound of bumble bee or mooladhara makes the sound of bumble bee, anahata - bell, etc.


Any person who teaches that different chakras make different sounds is ignoramus. Any person who says that hearing the above-listed sounds repetitively is a progress in meditation or it is Chakra/Kundalini activation is an ignoramus and a dangerous person. Whoever teaches myths listed in this post as divine truths is FAKE/FEKU#1. If you follow the teachings of such a fake person, you will end up damaging yourself physically and mentally.

Many people take to meditation expecting physical/mental benefits, but alas most of them end up having physical/mental problems. The reason is that all gurus/teachers know only wrong meditation techniques. You can only teach what you know.

As you sow, so you reap. Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni! Action = Reaction = karma.

Since you have never meditated before, don't meditate for another 2 months, read all the posts of this blog twice a week for those 2 months until you understand how to meditate.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Sha said...

Thank you Achintya. Yes the sound was like a bee. You are right, I started meditation hoping it will help me improve mental focus but it is causing more problem then help.
There is so much wrong written about meditation and kundalini and there are people who are suffering due to the incorrect knowledge on the web. Had I not come across your blog I would have suffered as well. Do you think we should try to make this blog more popular or mainstream. I think you should collect everything written here and create an ebook that people can read. There are simple innocent people suffering and we should help them understand the true meditation techniques.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sha,
Removed content of your comment "Hello, thanks for the detailed post. Last week, while sleeping(corpse pose) I thought of doing meditation. So I started focusing on my third eye. After about 45 mins strange things started happening to me.

Suddenly i took a breath as if I have not been breathing for sometime.
Got two flashes of white light
I started hearing sound like "Dum" "Dum" "Dum" from my left ear.
My right hand suddenly jumped in air and then fell down
I was aware of me being awake but yet I was not awake
When I started hearing the dum dum sound, I regained my conspicuousness and dozed off to sleep.

The next day while googling, I realized this is progress in meditation so I decided to do it again.

The next time I did it, I felt below things.

Started hearing "creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" sound
Felt a distinct vibration around my waist - as if someone gave me a boost of energy in that area.
The vibration aroused my genital for a fraction second
I felt my body heat up too much
I regained consciousness and went to sleep

While googling, it seemed this might be a partial kundalini awakening. I also read negative effects of this so I have stopped meditating. But I am curious and dont know what should I do.

I am 33 indian male. never meditated before this and never have done any yoga.

Please guide me."

Spiritually degraded people want to prove that the info in internet/google written by cunning people (who call themselves gurus/teachers/monks/saints/yogis/ paramahamsas/ swamis/sadhvis/god-realized/awakened/enlightened, etc) and their organizations is correct and the info in my blog is fake. These people have been brainwashed into marketing/propagating the wrong/incorrect and dangerous teachings and meditation techniques of their famous cunning dead/living Kriya/pranayama/yoga/mudra/ ashtanga/Kundalini/Chakra/ vedanta gurus, vipassana/buddhist monks, Sex tantra/superconsciousness and other types of consciousness gurus, bhakti gurus, correlating spirituality with science gurus, tom-dick-harry gurus, heartfulness/mindfulness gurus, etc. They practice and preach dangerous meditation techniques and make people suffer. As a result, they will also eventually suffer and will never progress spiritually. I know the spiritual net worth of the past and present cunning gurus/organizations and their followers/disciples.

You are right that innocent people are suffering due to following such incorrect knowledge on the web and we should help them. I have done my job by writing this blog to help them. If people want to help others and do good karma, they are free to give links to my blog, create an ebook, write the contents of this blog on a website/facebook/blog, etc., and spread the reality about meditation, dangers involved in wrong meditation techniques, etc.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Brad said...

Thank you so much for such a helpful article. I started on my spiritual journey several months ago. I stopped drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking and eating meat. Next I found myself researching meditation. I began Chakra work for several weeks but the strange back pains didn't feel natural or bealthy. So instead I began focusing on Buddhism rather than Hinduism. I found mindfullness mediation to be working much better and was much more at peace. But one thing still perplexed me. How could two closely related religions have such different approaches. One seemingly dangerous and really crude, the other much gentler and more natural. And how could one have stemmed from the other?? Thanks to you the answer seems clear to me, silent meditation and mindfulness meditation are one and the same!! They are the same and I believe the reason Buddha did not validate kundalini or soul is because it can hi Derek ones self realization. If one is searching for soul for the wrong reason (to lose fear of death for example) then one would get nowhere. Also kundalini will do what it it does when both mind and body are ready and so it is mind and body that is important not kundalini. Do you agree?
Anyway I have been meditating several months now and have had 3 experiences 2 large involuntary kneee jerks and one rush from my toes up my body and then my vision changing from eyelids to all white. Needless to say I I started got lost correct concentration immediately When these happened. But imam a beginner enjoying myself a d happy to take it slow!!
One more question I have a wife and have sex once a week to once a month, will this impede .y development so early on??
Thanks again for a great blog!! Really helped me understand Hinduism in its true nature

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Brad,
Chakra meditation and mindfulness both are dangerous. Nobody, including Buddha, can achieve Samadhi without Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening leads to Samadhi. Without Samadhi, nobody can get any spiritual knowledge.

You yourself need to find the answers for other queries.

Shubham Shekhar said...

Hi Achintya!
How to practise silence meditation? The more I try to be silent in meditation the more mind wanders helter and skelter. Most of the time mind is getting inundated with stray thoughts.

Shubham Shekhar said...

Secondly what are your views about Kriya Babaji (the great Himalayan Yogi, spiritual guru of Shri Shyamachurn Lahiri and Yukhteshwar Giri)?

Aman said...

Dear Achintya Idam,

Hope you are well!

I found your blog quite informative! Is there any way to contact you via email or phone? I tried adding you on google+ but did not get any response.

Aman Sharma

Ankur Singh said...

Hi achintya
I came across your blog yesterday I commented mostly in every blog.like u said to meditate on silence as I said yesterday today morning when I sat for science.no thoughts were comming.i felt as if there is nothing to do. But my mind is clinging to some or the other thing.sometime it start hearing outside sound sometime sensation in body simetime it go and sits I. Some place of body part.i mean how to achieve the feeling of absence of brain like in sleep.and if we are in initial phase of silence meditation where to keep the asence of mind (it's existence).you may be higher in spiritual process so you may not see it a broblem at all.but please analyse it as a biggner.i am talking about leaving the essence of mind itself like in sleep and if it's not possible in beginning where to keep the awareness of it..hope you understand
Please don't block me for to much commenting.thanx in advance

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ankur,
PRACTICE! Practice silence during meditation and read my blog posts for a couple of months. Devise your own technique to silence the mind without concentration/imagination/visualization/vipassana/mantra and other activity based techniques.

Ankur Singh said...

Hi achintya idam.
Since I am interested in spirituality and good at internet.i got my all answers some from vipassana course some from other sources.as I said earlier that I like ur silence meditation.but my 1 question that is still answered Is this.like DO WE ACTUALLY HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHOICES OR WHATEVER WE DO WAS DESTINED TO HAPPEN.
we all know Like before GAUTAM BHUDHA was born a priest told his father all-ready that your son may become a great sages or a king so to avoid him to become a sage he fortified the wall and all those stuff...so he (gautama) becomming a sage was all ready destined.simillarly some earlier sages was able to ase future .I always have a inclinitation toward spirituality but I feel like is it am I doing something or not when all is allready destined to happen.do I even have the power to change things (and feel good as if I did something) or was it allready written to happen like that.this thought always make me wonder.like Gautama became bhuddha cos o his efforts or since we know it was all-ready prophesied for him to become a great sage.please answer it achintya when ever you get time.
Cos whenever I sit for meditation I feels sometime like this ..is it my will I am siting or just I am a merely player.
Please be eloborate if possible.
Thank you
Ankur singh

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ankur,
Since all your spiritual knowledge is second-hand, either heard, read, or thought about, you will have innumerable doubts as long as you live and until death. Do you want that to happen? So stop thinking/discussing/arguing about your theoretical second-hand knowledge. EXPERIENCE SPIRITUALITY DIRECTLY THROUGH MEDITATION EXPERIENCES.

"GAUTAM BHUDHA...priest told his father....may become a great sages or a king..."
Destinies have choices/prophesies are optional according to your Buddha's story. It's a case of IF..THEN..BUT IF..THEN. "IF you do this, THEN that will happen BUT IF you do that, THEN this will happen." A great king or a great sage! Options/Choices! So what does common sense say? Common sense says KARMA IS THE KING. Your choice is your destiny! Your karma creates your destiny! Did Buddha teach destinies/prophesies or did he teach do's and don'ts (Karma) to gain insight and experiential knowledge about spirituality/life/creation as it really is (vipassana)? Did Buddha tell Vipassana is a meditation technique or did he tell it is the result of Samadhi/meditation or spiritual experiences?
Without direct meditational experiential knowledge, you will never get an insight into yourself, life, creation, destinies, karma and definitely you will never understand Buddha, his teachings, truths and lies spread by Buddhist organizations/followers/disciples/monks, etc.


If I don't publish your comments in future, then it means that you should avoid using your borrowed/second-hand knowledge to ask questions or seek clarification; you should only strive to GET ANSWERS DIRECTLY THROUGH MEDITATION EXPERIENCES.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ankur Singh said...

.i understood what you told about second hand experience and all- is totally true.but whenever I meditate SILENCE at night before sleep I feel like what if meditation bring (being of lower enery/ghost etc nearer to me)or like they might see me at night etc things. YOU CAN SIMPLY PUT IT AS FEAR OF NIGHT (THIS MUST BE A PROBLEM OF OTHER MEDITATORS ALSO).I do meditation in morning but at night I generally refrain from doing it because of this. Please assure that this is just my imagination.so that I progress well and others too.
This would be my last comment.so please post it.after this I would only meditate.
Thank you.

venkata subbarao said...

how to start meditation to experience kundalini? do i need to know any asana or mudras? in general how much time it takes to experience inital signs of kundalini?pls explain the process....to experience kundalini

Achintya Idam said...

Hi venkata,
Read all the posts of my blog (27). You will get all answers.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Unknown said...

Thank you,so much I've been trawling the internet for months trying to find out what's happening to me and today I discovered your kundalini information and there it was all the answers to my questions. I've even thought I might be going mad or something I started meditation due to health reasons and started experiencing some really strange things happening to me. I get jerks, shakes, trembling and even felt like I'd been pushed, my breathing slows and feels like it's going to stop,cold face, lips, ect. It's all there in your blog you've helped me enormously I feel sane again and maybe even a little humbled. Thanks again your definitely not a fake

Achintya Idam said...

You are welcome!

Ankur Singh said...

Are you able to do ASTRAL PROJECTION.
If yes write something about it too.

Achintya Idam said...

Astral projection is a lie/hoax.