May 06, 2016

BHRAMjnana, BHRAMjnani (Deluded or Deluding Jnani); Brahmajnana, Brahmajnani (Enlightened Person); Rutam, Ritam, Rutambhara Prajna, Ritambhara Prajna, Pinda and Brahmanda, Sanatana Dharma, Dharma Sanatana, Differentiating Between BHRAMjnani and Brahmajnani, Identifying Fake Gurus/BHRAMjnanis

I believe that the creator, creation, and creature are mysteries to be solved; Karma is an unknowable to be known; and Rutam (Cosmic principle/law) is an unthinkable to be experienced. Rutam is the great cosmic principle, reality, or order; it is the Sanatana Dharma or Dharma Sanatana (Ever-existing law/principle/phenomenon) of the Pinda and the Brahmanda (yourself and the cosmos). Everyone tries to understand these by seeking answers to questions like Koham? Who am I? What am I? What/who is God? Wherefrom did I come and why? What is this world and how it came into being? Why certain things happen or don’t happen to me? Why only me and not others? Why am I not happy and peaceful? Where will I go after death? What is the purpose of life? What is life? What is death? Etc. (Life is a mystery, death is a mystery, world is a mystery, cosmos is a mystery, karma is a mystery, karmaphala is a mystery .....)

Whoever gets the answers or pretends to know the answers to such questions not through meditation/spiritual experiences but through science, religion, philosophy, scriptures, reasoning, and other intellectual activities and teaches others the same is a BHRAMjnaani (BHRAM means delusion, hence Bhramjnani means delusional person or a person who makes others delusional). On the other hand, a person who after Hridgranthi Bhedana (loosening the knots of the spiritual heart) through meditation gains direct experiential knowledge of Rutam, Pinda, Brahmanda and helps others overcome mental delusions and worldly illusions to gain such knowledge is a Brahmjnaani. Knower of Rutam is Rutambhara Prajna.

[ Spiritual heart, knots of the spiritual heart, and loosening the knots of the spiritual heart are discussed here: ]

BHRAMjnani Vs Brahmajnani:
A BHRAMjnaani is an ordinary person who has not done an ounce of Sadhana (spiritual practice) which the Brahmjnaanis have done by the tonnes.

A BHRAMjnaani is neck deep in family life desiring and enjoying all the pleasures of the world which the Brahmjnaanis shun as poison.

A BHRAMjnaani teaches some meditation/spiritual technique without any practical/experiential knowledge about that technique, spirituality, and spiritual Sadhana.

A BHRAMjnaani is an Ajnaani (ignorant person) and spreads Bhram (delusion) and Ajnaana (ignorance).

A BHRAMjnaani has not had any spiritual/Kundalini awakening experience, does not know what Samadhi is, and has no practical idea about meditation, its effects, side effects, etc. His/Her knowledge is all from the books which contain the teachings of Brahmjnaanis.

A BHRAMjnaani is a restless person who cannot sit in one place for longer duration and definitely will become mad if left alone in a remote, solitary place for more than a week. On the contrary, a Brahmjnaani would have done most of his spiritual practice in solitude, prefers solitude, and loves to spend years/rest of his/her life in solitude.

If challenged to spend a night in a cremation ground faraway from a remote village or near a forest, where there is no electricity and no house/people for kilometers, on an Amavasya (no moon night), A BHRAMjnaani would have a heart attack before midnight (if at all he/she agrees for the challenge). Some BHRAMjnaanis may wet their pants even before being left alone in a remote cremation ground or a forest. A Brahmjnaani on the other hand would have spent some years sleeping in cremation grounds, roaming dense forests, or enjoying solitude. (This comparison is just for fun :)

The following are some BHRAMjnanis (deluded people or those who delude others):
1. Those who talk of full-blown, fully activated, fully developed, life-changing, life-transforming, quantum tunneling, channeling, soul-infusing, cosmic energy infusing, alpha-beta-gamma-theta-delta brainwave activating, ego death-experiencing, miraculous/psychic power-granting, health/wealth/name/fame/lifespan-augmenting awakenings.

2. Highly educated (science-background) persons who use too much scientific jargon and always correlate ancient scriptural ideas with modern-day quantum/science stuffs.

3. Meditation, Kundalini, or spirituality taught/explained by hallucinating marijuana smokers, immoral sex-tantra practitioners, senseless drug addicts, attention-seeking hyperbolists, chakra healing-chakra balancing quacks, energy center or chakra-activating charlatans, energy-transferring brother/sister perverts, chemical-hormonal-pineal gland-activating fraudsters, Kundalini-awakening Shaktipat hoaxers, spirit cooking human-sacrificing sadistic criminals, urine-blood drinking and excreta-corpse tasting/eating ritualistic tricksters, peace-happiness-love advocating meditation/spiritual scamsters, astral projecting/traveling and akashic record-reading rogues, clairvoyant miracle mongers, Kundalini-awakening through sex/pranayama-teaching and pranic-healing pranksters, and samsaric well-read theoretical scriptural experts, writers, gurus, etc.

4. Anybody who believes/teaches an ever-awakened Kundalini or instant enlightenment.

5. Many famous gurus (past/present) who have gotten fake instant enlightenment with one fake awakening have taught/are teaching such nonsense. Other copycats as well as all and sundry who are spreading such nonsense/delusions.

6. Smart fake gurus who are deluding/deceiving other people for profit, those who get deceived/deluded, and those who in turn delude others either for profit or just because of their delusions.

7. Gurus/people who say pranayama awakens Kundalini/Shakti.

8. Gurus/people who say asanas, bandhas, mudras, tratak, nadi shodhana, or nadi shuddhi/purification are necessary for Kundalini awakening.

9. Teachers/people who say Vipassana, who am I? I am That, I am, I am I AM, Just Be, BEING are meditation techniques.


11. Gurus/people who teach Enlightenment/Self-realization without Kundalini awakening (Samadhi).

12. Gurus/people who are not aware of spiritual body/mind/consciousness.

13. Gurus/people who have not experienced AHM/OM/AUM/THE ETERNAL SOUND:

14. People who are enlightened just by thinking, without having any REAL meditation/spiritual/Samadhi experiences as listed in this link:

15. God-realized people.

16. Scriptural pundits/scholars/masters/teachers without any REAL meditation experiences.

17. Worldly people in guru's disguise.

18. Other worldly people.

19. Chakra/aura seeing/knowing, awakening, healing, balancing gurus/people. People seeing visions with their naked eyes and hearing divine sounds with their ears. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCE/THINK THAT EFFECTS OF WRONG MEDITATION TECHNIQUES ARE REAL MEDITATION EXPERIENCES are deluded persons/deluding persons (BHRAMjnanis):

Food for thought: Doctors who save many lives by CPR never claim to reactivate heart chakras or perform miracles, only the fake people/gurus will.

19a. Shaktipat Gurus, people believing in Shaktipat, and others in the link below are BHRAMjnanis.


21. ALL THOSE WHO TALK ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING WITHOUT ANY OTHER MEDITATION EXPERIENCES. People who directly talk about the ultimate truth without talking about the basic/initial meditative experiences, dangers involved in wrong meditation techniques, highs and lows during sadhana, etc.

22. People who teach that Kundalini reaching head chakra/crown chakra/sahasrara means enlightenment/Self-realization/Liberation.

23. Teachers/people of instant enlightenment, mindfulness enlightenment, choiceless enlightenment, constant enlightenment, 24/7 pure awareness enlightenment, ineffable/unspeakable/indescribable enlightenment, life-altering/changing momentary enlightenment, ____, _____ enlightenment. 

24. Gurus/people who have made spirituality/enlightenment a book/scripture-learning or a literary course and understanding the difficult ideas/concepts contained in them as enlightenment.

25. Gurus/people who have made meditation a course, retreat, etc.

26. Any guru who takes more money than required for his basic necessities.

27. People who say/think meditation is practiced for physical/mental benefits.

28. Use common sense to identify Fake/BHRAMjnanis after reading all my posts . Whoever teaches dangerous meditation techniques and spiritual practices (exposed in my blog) is a BHRAMjnani (person who deludes others) who will make all his/her disciples/followers BHRAMjnanis (deluded persons).

Anybody who follows the above BHRAMjnanis or thinks like BHRAMjnanis will suffer due to delusions and misconceptions about meditation/spirituality and enlightenment.

Disciples/followers (scapegoats) surrendering their physical labor, money, wealth, time, energy to Fake gurus/BHRAMjnanis will suffer the most.

To know about Who am I, click the link:

To know the experiences you may have when meditation really happens, go through the link:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ankur Singh said...

U criticised the hell of everything (nothing remained untouched).I commented on other page would be better if u give a bit detailed stratergy to approach further in spiritualty.writting to just keep silent for 1 hr /day is a bit insufficient .be more detailed .please write a blog on how to actually meditation or remain silent .where to focus or refrain from foucussing/observing.... A person has to follow something like I follow vipassana.untill one gets a geniuine method .so I feel u must share ur method seems u have written a lot about everything except the pure technique.thanx ur blog are good.

Aprajita Singh said...


I am not able to find below post on the blog. Kindly support .

Atma Jnana, Self-realization, Self-knowledge, Enlightenment, Brahma Jnana, Akshara Jnana, Perfect Wisdom, Supreme/Super Consciousness or Pure Awareness, Swarupa Jnana, Kevala Jnana, Bodha, Praajna, Chaitanya, Parachiti, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda), Nirvana, Deathlessness or Immortality (Amrutatva or Amaratva), Liberation (Moksha, Mukti), Rutambhara Prajna, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Brahmeti, Etc


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Aprajita,
I deleted that post. The post had only 2 paragraphs.

"All refer to YOUR true nature. It's all about your body consciousness progressing/expanding into spiritual consciousness (sukshma sharira) and then ultimately progressing/expanding into the One Eternal Cosmic Consciousness, Chaitanya, Parachiti, etc. This is the teaching of all Brahmajnanis.

Truth: Without meditation and meditation experiences, you cannot know the real meaning of any of these."

I also deleted some posts/contents of posts after realizing that people are way too far from understanding real spirituality.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Aprajita Singh said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Aprajita,
Scriptures talk about the qualities, behavior, mannerisms, lifestyle, knowledge, and power of a realized person. Anybody can lie to be a realized guru by reading these scriptures and acting/behaving as a realized guru. The disciples/followers/beneficiaries of a criminal can cook up great stories about the criminal that can scriptural prove that the criminal is a realized person.

Marketing/hype/stories/lies/brainwashing by the disciples/followers/beneficiaries of a living or dead guru makes the guru realized, self-realized, or god-realized. In reality, apart from scriptural theory, the guru may not know a thing about real spirituality. SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY, EFFORT, AND LIFE BY FOLLOWING REALIZED GURUS WHO ARE A PRODUCT OF MARKETING/HYPE/STORIES/LIES/BRAINWASHING.

Are scriptures 100% correct? Which famous guru doesn't claim or hasn't claimed to have known or realized the truth/self/ god?

A guru gets more disciples/followers and becomes famous only when people are made to believe that he/she is realized or has powers. Dead gurus' organizations get new followers/disciples only when the dead guru's followers/disciples/beneficiaries make people believe that the dead guru was realized and had powers and is still around invisibly to guide people and solve their physical/mental/spiritual/financial/marital/social/political, etc., problems.

Would-be followers/disciples of a living or dead guru want to ensure that the guru they will follow should be realized so that they can get realization by the guru's grace. They want to feel happy about their smartness, intelligence, prudence, wisdom, and decision-making capacity in selecting the right guru. Ego feels happy - " 'I' am following a realized genuine guru!"


SILENCE YOUR MIND AND GET YOUR INNER GURU'S GRACE TO EXPERIENCE SPIRITUALITY. If you can't do such a simple thing, then whatever else you do for the sake of spirituality/realization (following a guru, reading 1000000 pages of spiritual stuff, attending meditation courses, spiritual retreats, etc) is just going to be a waste of your time, money, effort, and ultimately waste of your entire life.

By the way, I am impressed with only 1 roaming naked baba (died 60 years ago). He never called himself a realized guru. He never behaved like a realized guru. He had no name. He did not have any disciples. He did not write. He had no teachings. He did not lecture and never went to different places to lecture or teach spirituality/meditation/kriya/religion/pranayama/Kundalini/god. He was not famous. Only a handful of people knew him. I never believed the unbelievable things this handful told me about him.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!