May 08, 2016

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Some of the above spiritual terms mean the cause of our spiritual body/mind/consciousness awakening and some terms mean the effect of our spiritual body/mind/consciousness awakening. Our spiritual awakening is due to deep meditation/Samadhi (momentary stillness of the mind, equanimity of breath, or cessation of breath/thoughts)

Believe it or not: Indian Seers and Yogis realized that we have a spiritual body/mind/consciousness that sprouts forth or springs out (Sphurita) during meditation. The word Sphurita would have become Spiritus in Latin (breath/air, spirit), and then it became Spirit in English. Word root "spiri/o" means breath or air.

The Indian Seers called this supersensory, supernatural, or spiritual body, mind, and consciousness that resides in us as Atma (inner Self, spirit, soul), Chaitanya/Chit/Parachiti (Consciousness, Awareness, Superconsciousness), Drashta (Seer), Jnaata/Kshetrajna (Real Knower), Bhokta (Experiencer), Saakshi or Witness, and many other such names. This is the real I/Self.

To know how Brahm created the cosmos and to know the difference between religion and spirituality, click:

The Rishis (Seers) said that spirituality (Aadhyatma) is about this SPIRIT (Atma). The spiritual body is both inside and outside us, like that of a magnetic field. This miraculous, super-powerful spiritual body does not age, decay, or die. It is immortal or deathless (Amrit/Amrut). Amrit does not mean immortality drink, elixir, nectar, or ambrosia by drinking which one becomes immortal—this is an allegory in our scriptures.

Our spiritual body can be awakened through passing Prana/breath/air/energy into our spiritual nerve channel Sushumna by a mechanism called Kundalini, which is responsible for breathing through Ida and Pingala. 

Kundalini awakening or spiritual awakening means spiritual body awakening.

When our physical consciousness merges/expands/progresses into spiritual consciousness, it is called Yoga (union).

Merger/expansion/progression of our spiritual consciousness into the Cosmic Consciousness is also called Yoga (Union).

When the mind becomes still, the breath becomes equanimous, or a momentary swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath) is achieved, Kundalini awakens our spiritual body/mind/consciousness by pushing Prana up the Sushumna. Kundalini Awakening/Rise, Urdwagamana, Urdwareta, Urdvareta, Pranotthana, Transporting Sexual Energy to Sahasrara, Shiva-Shakti Yoga, Converting Retas into Ojas or OjhaThird Eye/Ajna Chakra Activation, Medha Nadi Activation, Medha Nadi Awakening, Sushumna Activation, Chakra Activation, etc., all refer to this activity of spiritual body awakening and witnessing or experiencing higher reality through our spiritual body/senses/mind/consciousness:

Gaining spiritual knowledge/real knowledge of our existence through direct experiences is possible only through meditation and Kundalini awakening.

These Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experiences mean that we are progressing in the path of spirituality. There will be 1000s of Kundalini awakenings and all these awakenings signify that the inner spirit/real Self is awakening.  These awakenings mean that we have started the process understanding the higher Reality about ourselves and have started the process of loosening the knots of the heart that have made us ignorant about ourselves.

These knots get loosened one by one with the passage of spiritual currents to the spiritual heart. Without Kundalini (higher power) Awakening, spiritual currents cannot be passed to the spiritual heart. We can awaken our Kundalini only through meditation. Only when we loosen all the knots of the heart, we get Self-realization and Freedom or Liberation (Mukti, Moksha) from the cycle of births and deaths.

Self-Realization, Self-knowledge, Enlightenment, Atma Jnana, Brahma Jnana, Swarupa Jnana, Kevala Jnana, Tattva Jnana, all mean the same. Moksha, Liberation, Kaivalya, Freedom, Emancipation, Mukti, Nirvana, etc. all mean the same. One who loosens all the knots of the heart is called a Self-realized person, Brahmajnaani, Atma Jnani, Tattva Jnanai, liberated (Mukta), Buddha, etc.

Jivan Mukti, Jivan Mukta, Moksha, Mukti, Mukta, Liberation, Liberated, etc., all mean separation of or one who has separated the spiritual body (Chit) from the physical body (Jada).

Thus, spirituality or being spiritual means progression or expansion of our body consciousness into spiritual consciousness and then ultimately progressing/expanding of our spiritual consciousness into The One Eternal Formless Cosmic Consciousness. This is Self-realization. This happens only when we loosen all the knots of the spiritual heart through meditation/Samadhi. This is the teaching of all Brahmajnanis.

TruthWithout meditation experiences or Kundalini awakening experiences, we cannot know the real meaning of spirit or spirituality.

Reality/Realization according to Upanishads/Vedanta/Buddhism:
"Ayam Atma Brahma." My soul/spirit/Self is the Supreme Creator or Brahm.

"Prajnanam Brahma." Prajna (Panna of Buddhism), Unlimited/Super Consciousness or Pure Awareness/Consciousness/ Satchitananda/Chaitanya/Parachiti is the Cosmic/Our Reality. This is the answer to the question Who am I? or What am I?

"Ekam Eva Advitiya Brahma." Cosmic Reality/Cosmic Being is one without a second, a nondual principle.

"Sarvam Khalu Idam Brahma or Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma." All this (the veritable cosmos with all its universes, galaxies, planets, living and nonliving beings, including you and me) is Brahm, the nondual principle.

Self is Sat-Chit-Ananda (Sacchidananda) Truth/Reality-Knowledge/Consciousness-Bliss/Happiness.

Sat (Truth)= Asti, Exists. Truth is Self. Self Exists. Self is our Truth/Reality.
Chit (Consciousness) = Bhati, Manifests/Shines/Appears/Is known and can be experienced in Samadhi.
Ananda (Bliss) = Priya, Dear/precious to all and valued by all, because of its blissful nature.

Self is bliss itself. Anything/everything else apart from Sat-Chit-Ananda (which is Asti, Bhati, Priya), the whole cosmic creation with its veritable animate and inanimate objects is Nama and Rupa, names and forms, non-self, Anatma, or Maya (ignorance, illusions, impermanent, unreal, untruth).

Isn't everyone seeking happiness? How do people know that happiness is good and one should seek happiness and avoid unhappiness? This information is genetically coded in everyone. All those people who have turned to meditation/spirituality have realized that they are missing something in life and are not happy. Even Buddha realized this and turned to spiritualityRealization of Sat-Chit-Ananda was the end of Buddha's search. Nirvana is realizing and being Sacchidananda. For how long can you be away from your beloved? For how long can you deny your existence?

Physical life is influenced by our spiritual nature, which is blissful. Our intrinsic nature of bliss/happiness forces our genes to seek happiness/bliss. ALL OUR LIFE'S PHYSICAL/MENTAL/EGO ACTIVITIES ARE DIRECTED TOWARD GAINING HAPPINESS. Ignorant people seek them externally; smart people seek them internally, from the source, from the Self (Sat-Chit-Ananda).

A person who merges/dissolves his Buddhi (mind/intelligence/ego) in Bodhi (Chit/Bodhicitta or Pure/Spiritual Awareness/Consciousness) is a Buddha/Bodhisattva. You can also become a Buddha!

Such a person gains Prajna/Panna, complete/perfect wisdom/knowledge about the reality of oneself, others, and the entire cosmic creation, creator, creatures. Such a person realizes that whatever is obvious to one and all (physical form, body-mind complex, physical conditioning, aggregates, nama-rupa, names and forms, etc.) is non-self/Anatma.

On enlightenment, Buddha uttered:
"Seeking but not finding the house builder,
I hurried through the round of many births:
Painful is birth ever and again.
O house builder, you have been seen;
You shall not build the house again.
Your rafters have been broken up,
Your ridgepole is demolished too.
My mind has now attained the unformed Nibbâna
And reached the end of every sort of craving."

We have dual realities - one is physical (lower) and the other one is spiritual (higher). This higher spiritual nature is called our real Self.

Ancient Indian Seers, including Gautama Siddhartha/Buddha/Tathagatha, found out that anything related to your physical (lower) nature is non-self or Anatma because it changes (birth-old age-death-rebirth) and that your spiritual (higher) nature is your eternal/real self because it doesn't change. Every subatomic particle in the cosmos undergoes change, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. Everything existed, exists, and will exist in one form or the other whether you like/believe/know it or not.

Samskaras/samkharas/conditioning/tendency and habits of our ego/mind (ignorance about our spiritual self, physical/mental/ego desires and karma) make our Self/Spirit/Soul get entangled with Samsara/different physical forms/cycle or births and deaths.


(This is the reason you should practice Silence as form of meditation. This is the reason why you can't have any spiritual experience without silence.)


All that we see in the cosmos is nothing but waves. Waves become particles. Everything in the cosmos acts both as a wave and a particle--Quantam mechanics. The "house builder" of Buddha is the Cosmic Creator of physical forms, names and forms (nama-rupa). This is the god particle,the sub..sub…subatomic vibrations, Brahm/the nondual Principle of Cosmic Creator/Reality/Principle/Ritam/Ritum/Sanatana Dharma Vedanta talks about, the Dharma or Dharma Sanatana that buddhism talk about:
For detailed explanation of the "house builder" and building materials, click:

Only those who have realized Brahm through Samadhi can say "Aham Brahmasmi" I am the Supreme Creator/Reality. Those who have not realized Brahm should say "Aham Brahma Iti" Aham is Brahma (the Supreme Sound/Vibration is the Cosmic Creator/Reality).

You cannot destroy the house builder; you can only destroy your quota of building materials. Unformed Nibbana/Nirvana means divestment/destruction of the YOUR SAMSKARAS/SAMKHARAS/CONDITIONING/TENDENCY AND HABITS OFOUR EGO/MIND (ignorance, desires, and karma) that results in rebirth and hence redeath.  With enlightenment, you fry the seed of your samsara (cycle of births and deaths), so that it doesn’t' sprout and become a plant to suffer/enjoy the various seasons and the life of a plant.

To know about the process of meditation that will lead to experiencing your super-conscious spiritual Self and ultimately Self-realization/Liberation, click the link below:

Vedantic Truth: Self is Sat-Chit-Annda. Self exists. Self is consciousness. Self is objectless bliss. Self is bliss itself. Self is the Reality/Truth. The rest is non-self/Anatma/Maya (illusory/impermanent/unreal physical nature)/Nama-Rupa, names and forms. All that has a physical form, that has manifested, that is conditioned, that has aggregates and attributes is Non-Self because it changes.

Self knows what non-self IS.
Non-self cannot know what Self  is.

Your physical body, mind, consciousness is non-self. The 3 states of your physical mind, conscious-subconscious-unconscious, are non-self.
Your spiritual body, mind, consciousness is your Self. The fourth state, superconsciousness of your spiritual mind, is your Self.

Meditate, transcend the 3 physical states of your mind and to realize your REAL/TRUE Self.

To know about Samadhi/Sambodhi, click:

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WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life. Be careful of the blue fox!
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Apaurusheya Veda means spoken/uttered transcendental mantra/word by nobody (person/human being/god/goddess/guru). This is the Br+AHM or AUM/OM/AHAM. The main ancient 4 scriptures rig, yaju, sam, atharv teach Veda (spoken word) hence are called Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda. Upanishads are the end of these 4 scriptures (an appendage to Vedas) hence called Vedanta which exclusively talk about Br+Ahm.

Vedas have certain religious ceremonies/sacraments of life to be performed by all people for the physical, social, and spiritual development of an individual. These are called Vedic Sanskars. Jaat-karma is a Vedic sanskar which celebrates the arrival of a human being in this world. Depending on Pundits and the scriptures they follow, Jaat-Karma may be performed immediately after the birth of the child, 6th day after the birth (hence called Shashthi), or after 11 days from the birth of a child. In this ceremony, Aum/Om Symbol is written on the tongue of the newborn with ghee and honey. Some say father should write AUM symbol on the tongue of the newborn with a thin bar of gold dipped in honey. Father whispers the word "TVAM VEDO-ASI" (You are Veda) in the ear of the child. Some say "Vedo-Asi" is enough. Some say only father should utter this truth, some say mothers can also do it. Not many people know this and not many follow. Those who follow JaatKarma club it with Namakaran (naming of the newborn) Sanskar because the mother is still in the hospital under medical observation. Nowadays, mothers are afraid of vaginal delivery and choose C-section. Many doctors also suggest C-section for easy money.

Nobody knows the true meaning of Veda or Aum but still follow Vedic rituals mechanically because nobody wants to do any Sadhana to know the true meaning of Vedas. No parent would have followed and taught the importance of Vaanaprastha and Sanyasa Sanskars.
Vanaprastha = At age 51 or on seeing the face (birth) of a grandchild, the couple (husband/wife) should relinquish all livelihood from which they will gain personal benefits, give all the family responsibilities to the children, retire to the forest, and practice austerities, penance, meditation, spirituality to realize the true meaning of Veda.
When nobody wants to go to the forest to practice spirituality and realize the truth of Veda, what will they teach their children about Veda? Followers of Veda and Vedic rituals religiously follow the Caste System of Vedas (there were no castes before, caste is a wrong/unscientific concept/addition). However, they will never follow Vanaprastha, which is an Ashram System of Vedas which must be followed for one's overall evolution and to achieve the purpose of human birth, which is Moksha/Mukti/Liberation/Enlightenment. A family person (householder) should gradually progress from Dharma, Kama, and Artha to Moksha (4 Purusharthas or objects of human pursuit). Anybody at any point can take to Sanyasa (renunciation) to gain Moksha/Liberation, the basic and the ultimate purpose of human birth. This is the answer to the question, "WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF LIFE?"

Nowadays people, including the Vedic scholars, do not to leave their "home, sweet home" to know the real meaning of Veda but they will surely follow anything (including unscientific/fake caste system) that will help them fulfill their material physical/mental/ego cravings/desires. Divided people/nation can easily be conquered. No wonder India was conquered by many for 1000 years. Some say British used the Policy of Divide and Rule to conquer the whole of India, which nobody had done before. Others think British learned the Policy of Divide and Rule from Indians and ruled the world.

"Without Meditation, There is No Spiritual Knowledge." You cannot experience Brahm/Soul/Spirit/Self/Nirvana/Kaivalya without Meditation, Meditation Experiences, and Samadhi. Atma Jnana, Brahma Jnana, Kevala Jnana, Nirvana all mean the same—Knowledge of your Real I, Self, BE+ING, or state of BE.


deepti said...

Hello sir, firstly, I'd like to thank you as your blog posts are really helpful. This is my fifth blog post and I'm still in a process of reading them all. Sir, when I'm in a state between sleepiness and wakefulness. Sometimes, I feel a string force on my chest and that feeling is accompanied with frightening thoughts. I try to lift my hand and move my feet but all in vain. It feels like my mind is awake but body has left. I'm conscious about what's happening to me but can't do anything about it. These symptoms are of sleep paralysis. Sir, my question is, has sleep paralysis got anything to do with meditation and spirituality or it's just a disorder that needs to be cured?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Deepti,
Whatever it is, sleep on your right side to avoid it, may be in a fetal position. Try moving your little finger (hand) until you wake up. You can clench your fist when you sleep.

deepti said...

Sir, according to your suggestion, I must sleep on the right side but we have always been advised to sleep on the left side and many researches suggest the same. I would like to know the meaning behind your suggestion. I'd really appreciate if you could help.
Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

I prefer right.