May 08, 2016

Kundalini Awakening through Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Kriyas, Shaking the Head or Body to Raise Kundalini, Trataka, Kumbhaka, Shava (Corpse) Yoga

TRUTH: All the above practices are not the causes but are the effects of Kundalini awakening, swabhavika kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath), or stillness of the mind. In other words when Prana enters Sushumna, you will experience different types of kriyas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, asanas, Kumbhaka, visions, etc.

Believer it or not:  All of the above will happen on their own during meditation, without your effort! These happen spontaneously/involuntarily/without your will and you do not have any control over your body or its activities when these happen. These are called Swabhavika Kriya/Pranayama. This is Kundalini awakening. These are the real kriyas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, etc., performed by Kundalini.

To awaken Kundalini, if you are practicing any mudras, mahamudras, bandhas, pranayama, kriayas, trataka, etc., seriously for a prolonged duration of time, take for guaranteed that you will irreparably damage your body and mind. Give up such practices immediately if you want your well being. THESE ARE DANGEROUS.

Because these are not the causes of Samadhi/Kundalini/spiritual awakening. These are the effects/results of Samadhi/Kundalini/spiritual awakening.

The ancient Indian Yogis and Seers told what happens during deep meditation, Samadhi, or Kundalini awakening. They told that when Kundalini awakens, breathing alters-body position changes- involuntary body movements take place-gaze gets fixed (pranayama, kriyas, trataka), body starts twisting itself in certain positions (asanas), hands/fingers/eyes/tongue start gesturing or positioning themselves in different ways (mudras, mahamudras), different types of speech is produced, breathing starts changing and breath starts getting locked in various parts of the lungs and breathlessness results (pranayama, bandhas, kriyas), eyes start rolling upward/backward, gaze gets fixed as happens when a person is dead (trataka, mudra), etc. The ignorant followers of the Yogis and Seers, without direct experience of Samadhi/Kundalini Awakening would have taken such effects of Kundalini as the causes to awaken Kundalini and attain Self-realization.

When Kunalini awakens, only ancient Yogic Kriyas happen. Fake Pranayama or Kriyas that have been discovered or invented by modern gurus never happen. Do not practice these. These are dangerous.

DANGER: Any Guru who teaches such practices to awaken Kundalini is ignorant and has never had a single Kundalini experience during his/her entire life and will never have one because of the bad karma of making money through deluding other people about Kundalini Awakening. Do not follow such Gurus. Such Gurus have passed on the effects of such wrong meditation techniques as Kundalini Awakening experiences:
Pain, vibration, pulsation, and other unnatural sensation in the Ajna Chakra or headache as clearing the blockage of Kundalini.
Ringing of bells, whooshing, buzzing, and other unnatural sounds which would lead to tinnitus as hearing of divine sounds and as a Kundalini experience.
Seeing divine forms through physical eyes as a Kundalini experience.
For other physical and mental trauma which have been passed on as Kundalini experiences, click:

My experiences relevant to this post:
  • I started breathing in different ways while meditating– very slow, very fast, very short, very long, etc. I could not do anything about the altered breathing, I had no control of my body, I had to just perform and witness the body performing these types of different breathing. It was as if I had been possessed/taken over by a higher force.
  • I experienced that my breath is being locked in different parts of my lungs for different time duration. I could also experience Kumbhaka for brief periods of time.
  • I experienced that I m involuntarily breathing in air from one nostril and breathing out air from the opposite nostril without closing any nostrils with my fingers.
  • I experienced breathlessness accompanied with many frightening experiences.
  • Many other types of altered breathing.
  • I would make some ordinary and extraordinary gestures with my hands, fingers, tongue, eyes, lips, face, and other parts of my body which I had been doing usually and also which I had done never before.
Such involuntary, spontaneous, altered, different breathing/locking of breath/gestures is called Swabhavika Kriya of Kundalini. When such Pranayamas, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras, etc., happen to you, you will realize the ignorance/delusions surrounding the practice of Pranayama, Kriya, etc., to awaken Kundalini.

Yogasana is a very good form of physical exercise, but never ever practice Pranayama or Kriya to raise Kundalini. It is dangerous. You can practice Pranayama, the ancient yogic pranayama, to get immediate relief from your medical symptoms, for good health provided it gives immediate results and does not harm you in any way, and is never used to raise Kundalini. First you need to check the effectiveness of such Pranayama on you and if you are satisfied, then you can practice it only when needed, BUT NEVER PRACTICE PRANAYAMA TO AWAKEN KUNDALINI.

Click on the link below to watch the video of an Indian man who can suck water from and blow a balloon with his penis. This is called Vajroli Kriya, the ultimate Kriya or Pranayama in Yoga. This Kriya has been popularized as a technique to raise one's Kundalini, not by the person in the video, but by the fake gurus of the past and the present. Some people have popularized this Kriya as Sex Kriya, i.e., while having sex, a man sucks up the vital energy from a female partner and transports that vital energy along with his own up his Sahasrara through Sushumna. This is also called sex/intercourse without ejaculation.  This is Kundalini awakening for such ignorant and delusion mongers. The person in the video is an unsung yogi. Can any modern famous guru do this?


Pranayama is a meditation/Kundalini experience! Pranayama does not awaken Kundalini, but Kundalini awakening results in pranayama.

Breathlessness is a meditation/Kundalini experience. If you practice breathlessness to awaken Kundalini, you will not awaken your Kundalini but you will surely die if your breath gets locked and you are unable to breathe!!!

Different types pranayama, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, etc., happen when Kundalini awakens and breathes through Sushumna (Prana enters Sushumna). Such heavy, different, or unnatural breathing lasts only as long as Prana is passing through Sushumna. This happens only in the initial stages of Kundalini awakening. This is breathing by your spiritual body—if you believe in it. Whether you believe it or not, spiritual body exists.

Kundalini knows what type of breathing is good for you. If you try to alter that breathing, you will have a problem. 
Only Kundalini knows how to regulate your breathing. Only Kundalini knows how to breathe when you are sleeping, running, walking, relaxing, etc. Do you regulate your breathing while sleeping? Are you really aware of your breath all the time during the day? On what basis do you think you can regulate your breathing and awaken Kundalini? Stop all unnatural breathing practices, kriyas, and fancy-named breathing techniques to awaken Kundalini. Never practice modern pranayama or kriyas; these are dangerous. Give up kriyas, pranayama, mudras (eye/tongue positioning), etc., to awaken your Kundalini.

This is the reason why enlightened gurus never taught asanas, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, trataka, etc. They knew that all these are the swabhavika kriyas or natural activities of Kundalini or Shakti when it/she awakens. They knew except for Kundalini, no one can them accurately. They knew by imitating Kundalini, people will not awaken their Kundalini but will damage their bodies and minds.

If any Guru who is claiming to be Self-realized/God-realized and teaching these techniques, shun him/her ASAP as poison because he/she is a BHRAMjnaani (delusional person or a fake guru who will make his/her followers delusional).

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU Let Good Happen to You!


Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Since people want to hear hi-funda words for the meaning of Prana (such as Vital breath/Vital Energy/Spiritual Energy/Spiritual Current, etc.), I also use them for good sound effect. However, the truth is Prana simply means air or breath, Yama simply means control.

The meaning of Pranayama (Prana+yama) is "breath control by Kundalini/a higher inner power" "breathing activities of Kundalini" "Awakened Kundalini controlling/regulating/altering our breathing activities" or "involuntary breathing by a higher power in us during meditation."
This real meaning of Pranayama has been downgraded/misinterpreted/misunderstood as "breath control/regulation of breath by an individual" and now pranayama is being falsely taught for awakening Kundalini.

Myth: Pranayama results in Kundalini awakening.
Truth/Secret: Pranayama (your doing of altered breathing/regulating breath) does not result in Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening results in pranayama. Swabhavika Kumbhaka or natural cessation of breath for a moment or a second is the most common pranayama/bandha of Kundalini. When this happens, you will get into Samadhi and have an intense spiritual experience. On the contrary, even if you do Kumbhaka for 3 minutes, Kundalini will not awaken. So never practice pranayama as a spiritual practice to awaken Kundalini because your pranayama cannot awaken Kundalini.

Another secret: Scriptures/Gurus teach that pranayama helps in purifying the Nadis and they say that purification of Nadis helps in Kundalini awakening. This purification of Nadis is called Nadi Shodhana. The actual meaning of Nadi Shodhana is "passing/passage of Prana/breath into spiritual Nadis/nerves by Kundalini for activating/energizing/strengthening them". Nadi Shodhana has been misunderstood as purification of Nadis. Nadis are not impure, they are just weak; and spiritual nerves are closed or are deflated like balloons that cannot rise, hence useless. Kundalini is like an air pump, and when Kundalini awakens, Kundalini pumps air/breath/prana/energy into these nerves and activates them and makes them strong, powerful, and useful.

Nadi Shodhana strengthens spiritual nerves, which in turn strengthens our physical nerves. Strengthening of spiritual nerves is for the purpose of awakening our spiritual body. When air is filled into a balloon, it rises and flies; similarly, when Kundalini fills Prana into our spiritual nerves, our spiritual body can rise above our physical body. It's a believe it or not stuff.

Myth: Nadi Shodhana means purification of nerves, and if you do Pranayama, you can do Nadi Shodhana, which helps in Kundalini awakening.
Truth/Secret: Nadi Shodhana is "passing of Prana into and activating/energizing/strengthening spiritual Nadis/nerves by Kundalini". Only Kundalini can do Nadi Shodhana when it awakens and performs its real pranayama. You cannot do Nadi Shodhana. Your doing pranayama is not the real pranayama. Kundalini can never awaken if you do Pranayama. So don't practice pranayama for either Nadi Shodhana or Kundalini awakening—it is dangerous. Whoever teaches pranayama and nadi shodhanna for Kundalini awakening is fake—this guru hasn't had even a single real Kundalini experience.

Kundalini doesn't need to go up the Sushumna to do strengthening/Nadi Shodhana of Ida and Pingala. She does it by just turning a bit to the left or the right at the mooladhara itself and pushing Prana into these Nadis.
- When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Ida (Moon) Nadi connected to left nostril, you experience coolness, cold, shiver. Moon signifies coolness.
- When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Pingala (Sun) Nadi connected to right nostril, you experience heat or burning sensation. Sun signifies heat.
Fake gurus/people will say that among Ida and Pingala Nadis, one Nadi is connected to Mooladhara and the other one is connected to Manipura or Swasdhishtana.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Breathless Samadhis (deep meditative/superconsciousness states) or Kriya Samadhis (INVOLUNTARY pranayama, asana, mudra, bandha, trataka, body movements, shaking, etc) are normal Kundalini experiences.

Samadhi happening for hours, days, months, years is a lie. Samadhi doesn't mean prolonged sitting in one position without making any body movement, like a deadwood, crocodile or a chameleon. Samadhi simply means an intense spiritual experience, a meditation experience due to Kundalini awakening, or a Kundalini experience.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

Please i have a problem.
Certain people on the path of Jnana yoga, point that meditation is not necessary, simply asking this question ' " Who am i" for a time . What is your take on this? And does jnani awaken their kundalini too?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
Don't ask anything on other's behalf or general stuffs. So I will answer this question thinking that not only certain people, many and you are also interested/following Jnana Yoga and Who am I?
Let me give one lengthy answer once for all of what I think of such Sadhanas.

Meditation is not necessary for Jnana, Jnana Margis or who am I? people have different spiritual experiences, Kundalini awakening is not required for Jnanis—-these are very common lies or age-old misunderstandings (to put it politely). In reality, these are delusions as stated in this post:

Who am I? is discussed here:

Answer to "who am I?" is here:

The simple reason why certain methods of enlightenment or spiritual practices are in vogue and are popularized more is = to become gurus easily or to make easy money or both.
How is that?
Firstly, you make a syllabus out of spirituality/enlightenment with some books/sayings/methods/thoughts/activities/ideas/concepts which are easy to follow/practice. Secondly, you master that syllabus (all theory/combination of A-Z) and lo! you are a guru. Now popularize your funda/syllabus of spirituality/enlightenment/path/Marga, make money, and enjoy!

People who don't want to become gurus but still want to make money out of spirituality (because they don't want to do Sadhana but enjoy a worldly life) build or occupy an already existing ashram/organization and sell such a syllabus in the name of a guru who is no more. You can also be a part of such places/organizations and make money by bringing in more business (followers/donations). People also flock to places where spiritual teachings are very simple or seemingly something different or special, no difficulty is involved in Sadhana so they can easily become spiritual, and they can also hope to become (and indeed become) gurus easily and make money easily.


Dhyan bina Jnaan nahi = No Self-knowledge (Jnana) without meditation (Dhyana).

"Who am I?" is being practiced as a form of meditation.

If you ask "Who am I?" who do you think will give the answer to that question? and how?
If you already know who will give the answer to that question and how, why ask that question in the first place? Or why ask repetitively, daily, or once in a while since you already know how and from where/whom you will get the answer? Why don't you directly/instantly get the answer instead?

Whoever first taught "who am I?" would have already given the answer for that question to prove that he is a Jnaani. Would anyone follow a person who says he doesn't know where "who am I?" leads to? So why ask when you already know the answer from the horse's mouth. So no need to ask that question! Isn't it sheer ignorance or stupidity to ask a question when the answer is already known?

If this who am I? is copied from an old scripture, you should find that scripture first. When you find that scripture, you would be surprised that a lot of meditation techniques have been discussed in that scripture and the usage of who am I? question is also entirely different than what people presently have made out of it.


Achintya Idam said...


Since when did this practice "who am I" start? Go check in that place where "who am I" is made famous and see if people there are meditating or not. Who told meditation is not required in Janana Marga? If you are talking of Jnana Marga, it all started from Veda/Vedanta, which emphasizes meditation. Jnana Marga Sadhana teaches Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana to get rid of Mala, Vikshepa, Avarana Doshas. Do some research. Without Upasana (meditation/spiritual sadhana), people can't jump to Jnana. If they do, they will become BHRAMjnaanis (deluded persons or persons who delude others):

"I'm That" "Thou art That!" "That You Are" practitioners can always make fun of "who am I?" practitioners. They can laugh at "who am I?" people and say, "you've wasted 30 years asking that question. I had told you 30 years back who you were. Now, your face looks like a question mark to me. So sad that you lived in ignorance for 30 years without peace and happiness. May 'That' give you some sense!"

Do jnaanis awaken their Kundalini too? This is like asking do Jnaanis breathe too? Kundalini (higher inner power) is a breathing mechanism, like a switch which can be either off or on. When off, people will have body consciousness, when on people will get spiritual consciousness also. Without spiritual consciousness, nobody can progress to Jnana (Self-knowledge/realization).


I am sure many Jnanis wouldn't have started their Sadhana by asking the question "who am I?"

Ok so much for logic. Now let me tell you my experience. There was a time when I wanted to know which is the best type of Sadhana. So I did all sorts of Sadhana, including asking "who am I?" Whenever I would get tired due to such Sadhanas and achieve a momentary silence, I would have a Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experience.

Meaning of Dhyana or meditation
Dhi = Thought/intelligence
Yana = Vehicle/mode/method of arriving or going, journey/travel/marching toward/forward (in spirituality transcending)
Dhi + Yana = Dhyana. Transcending thought/mind/intellect/intelligence is Dhyana. The journey beyond the mind and intellect is Dhyana.

What lies beyond the mind or journey whereto?

Dhayna, meditation, or transcendence process:
1. a momentary Mouna (silence), Swabhavika Kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath), cessation of activities of the mind/intellect, or Amanaska (without the activities of the mind/intellect).
2. Kundalini/higher/inner power gets switched on or awakens.
3. Spiritual experience, proof of the existence of a higher/spiritual/pure mind/consciousness/awareness.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

Thank you i read the link you provided with the answer.
But at the end you"ll have to give up Sadhana right? Because you can only "Be" the self no amount of effort can take you there.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
Intended meaning of the last para of the previous comment: "Thus in reality, no Sadhana (spiritual practice including who am I? which involves physical/mental activity) is Dhyana.
Without Dhyana (meaning and 1, 2, 3 process of Dhyana as in the comment), there is no Jnana."

As for my personal experiences:
I did all sorts of spiritual and meditation practices that are popular, that many people know, and also those which many people don't know. I also did "who am I?" I used to get tired a lot because all these practices were physical/mental activities. It was a mental torture practicing these. After getting tired, I would think, "Nothing happened. What next?" and I would sit silently, fatigued. Sometimes, I used to get into an absolute silence mode and consequently have Kundalini experiences.

This is when I realized that ignorant gurus teach physical/mental activities as spiritual/meditation practices. Do you know anyone who teaches silence? How long can such a guru/organization survive if they taught only silence as a meditation practice? People wouldn't visit or give money to such a guru/org as they would think that they are better off meditating at home. People uninterested in silence (because they can't silence their minds) will try Kriya, who am I? I am that! Just BE, etc.

I realized without SILENCE during meditation, nobody can have a real SPIRITual (BE or inner real BE+ING) experience. Since Silence is the natural state of our mind and no effort is required to be silent, it is the BEST. Mental silence should be the meaning of "BE" for you initially. When you just "BE" or SILENT during meditation, then you will have real SPIRITual (inner BE+ING) experiences. This inner BEING is not your physical body. This BEING is your SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS. If you experience this, then change the meaning of your BE+ING to your inner spiritual BEING or SPIRIT, SOUL, etc.

THINKING OR IMAGINING about the following is not a spiritual practice and it will not lead you to any real spiritual experiences: "BE" "JUST BE" "DON'T BECOME BUT BE" "THERE'S NO BECOMING BUT BEING" "I'M THAT" "THAT THOU ART!" "WHO AM I?" ETC.

India is a populous county 1.3 billion, and millions of people meditate and practice spirituality. You can find many unkempt crazy people running/walking around naked or wearing tattered clothes and saying "I am Brahma" "I am That" "Who am I" "I am hearing god's voices" "I am God," "om, om," etc., some JUST BE. Many of such persons can be found in mental hospitals, holy places, around ashrams, outside temples, etc. Maybe in your country, everyone can afford mental health care and not many practice spirituality, so you wouldn't have seen many spiritual practitioners' Sadhana going wrong due to following ignorant/dangerous gurus/their teachings. Even if people in your country went crazy due to spirituality and meditation, they would immediately be treated in the hospital and others would not come to know about them as they don't come on the streets.

India is the spiritual teacher of the world. Everybody is a sort of guru here. Most people can prove they are Brahmajnanis if explaining BE/JUST BE is the criteria for a Brahmajnani, so don't be under the illusion that just by reading some books, you know something about spirituality.

NEVER PRACTICE dangerous imaginative meditation/spiritual techniques. Don’t assume anything about brahmajnana. First, try to have a single real meditation experience.


Read all of my posts every 3 days x 6 months to understand the need for effort/ good karma, SILENT meditation, Kundalini/SPIRITual (your real inner BE+ING, spiritual body) experiences, etc.

Expect me to comment only on your meditation experiences and side effects, if any.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

How to get rid of being simingly sucking your energy during sleep?
Since i started Brahmacharya(celibacy) it seems like my energy attract them. Like a light being with two light circle as eyes

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
The moment I saw the cover photo you have chosen, I knew that you are a victim of energy trap and have hyperbolistic views about meditation, Kriya, spirituality, jnana, etc. So I answered your questions not to the point but in a way that would shatter all your belief systems. In spirituality, you should have no belief systems which are not proved right by direct mediation experiences. Meditate on silence, experience, then believe.

You should always know only the basics of meditation, meditate on silence which gives no side effects, and then understand meditation and spirituality through direct meditation experiences.

Give up all the gurus, books, meditation techniques you have been following.
You will end up with physical/psychological problems if you imagine too much about energy and brahmajnana. There is nothing to imagine about these things. The more one imagines, the more one thinks differently which is not required, hence unnecessary.

Do not meditate for another 2 months, not even silent meditation. Unlearn/forget your heard/read knowledge of energy, Kriya, meditation, spirituality, brahmajnana, brahmajnani, etc.

Join some sports, play games in which a lot of physical activity is involved, practice vegetarianism, if at all you want to do yogasana do only sarvangasana for 20 mins, keep away from excessive exposure to audiovisual contents, keep yourself busy in physical activities (work-related, household, hobby, jogging, walking, etc.), don't drink or smoke, don't sleep during the day, hit the bed only when you feel very sleepy and can fall asleep within 5 minutes, have a good night's sleep of 7-8 hours without any disturbance, avoid simply sitting/lying and thinking, don't imagine/visualize anything.

Shubhamasu = Let Good Happen To You!

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

This is what happened, i was meditating a lot made great progress felt really good, but then i stumbled upon self enquiry which really put me off path. Now i am finding out trough you that self enquiry and meditation are not different.
Thank you very much i really needed this.

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

What a fool i was, you are right Before i started watching all those YouTube Guru. my meditation was simple one pointed concentration, i was able to see light of multiples color and then développement a sort of super intuition.
Now since i stopped i've fallen back and i ve been soo depressed and angry.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
Better late than never! You are intelligent because you realized your mistake. You are lucky because you did not end up with major physical/mental problems. Many people go into a limbo for several years. People lose common sense, presence of mind, and rational thinking. They think they are spiritual and have spiritual knowledge. In reality, they are brainwashed into believing lies as truth and unreal as real due to marketing, hype, internet/social media propaganda by business-minded popular/itching to be popular fake gurus/disciples/followers and meditation/spiritual/religious organizations.

Some more thoughts on people who practice a variety of meditation techniques (see the comment section):

WARN OTHERS about the false/harmful/dangerous spiritual and meditation practices, concepts, gurus, organizations, teachings, techniques and SAVE THEM from getting harmed or wasting their time, money, and effort.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

No BHRAMAJNANI/ENLIGHTENED SEER has ever told the real physical/mental trauma/illnesses/side effects of meditation or wrong meditations and spiritual practices!

Only a simple, ordinary, and normal meditator like me will tell all the side effects of all the meditation/spiritual practices.


Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

i started having hallucination and dizziness, and evil spirit haunted me and i couldn t sleep, and i felt like they were trying to get in my head, i heard their voice. i stopped yoga now it's going away.
It happened because i was meditating alone depressed with a dark mood, while concentrating on the point between eyebrows.

Now i understand i'll never practise yoga alone.
I am going to see a real teacher in a few day.
thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
Good to hear that you are improving. You will definitely do better in a month or two by totally stopping yoga, meditation, spiritual practice.

Many people end up having your symptoms because gurus/books/internet/articles/blogs/disciples/followers are only aware of (hence practicing) famous dangerous meditation techniques and wrong spiritual concepts.

People keep on moving from one delusion to another, one guru to another, one meditation technique to another, one kind of ignorance to another, one spiritual practice to another..... all their lives and end up having one kind of side effect to another due to the above reason.

No gurus teach silence as a form of meditation/spiritual practice because people won't come to such gurus, and without people, how can a guru make money? Fake gurus have made unique/different physical/breathing/mental exercises as spiritual practices because "you don't know-I know-So I am your Guru" philosophy.

People think silence is not a spiritual practice at all. They are brainwashed into believing that only physical/mental exercises/activities are true meditation and spiritual practices. They will pay money only to gurus who claim that their techniques give physical/mental benefits. Many people pay a lot of money to such gurus and end up having physical/mental problems. Can you believe it that people pay money to have physical/mental illnesses, disorders, problems?

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Magesh Vasudevan said...

My consciousness is disturbed highly after Sudarshan kriya. What do I do ? Is there any way to come back normal ?
I feel more guilt and less attached with my life. Head heavy, dizzy and heavy sleep for past 3 days. I have left lower back pain with that.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Magesh,
Why are you telling me? What's your agenda? Tell your trainer what's happening to you, take his/her advice, and ask him/her if he/she is willing to take the responsibility for your symptoms.

Some people practicing XYZ Kirya of a guru comment here to prove that ABC Kriya of another guru is bad and vice versa.


Doing the same Kriya intensely or for a prolonged period of time will lead to not only your symptoms but also many other dangerous symptoms. Many people who suffer due to practicing kriyas don't come out in the open. Trainers will make you believe that your symptoms are in fact good and that your body is getting purified/cleansed due to the Kriya. Nonsense!


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...



Achintya Idam said...

All the past and present Kriya gurus don't even know what a Swabhavika Kriya (Natural/spontaneous/involuntary activity) is! They don't know who performs the Swabhavika Kriya, how it is performed, why it is performed, when it is performed. If the Kriya gurus themselves are so ignorant, what should we call their disciples and followers? IGNORAMUS? Wake up! Spirituality is not what you think or what ignorant books/gurus teach. Kriyas are not what you know, what books tell you, or what money-making/deluding/business-minded gurus teach.

Achintya Idam said...

All the experiences listed under the following post are REAL KUNDALINI KRIYAS or SWABHAVIKA KRIYAS OF KUNDALINI:


Banshee Ghoul said...

Thanks you very much sir many of my doubts instantly get clreared .. you are amazing .. keep simple and austere life and yes do keep blogging . Once again thanks.

Baskar Raju said...

Dear Mr.Achintya,

I just wrote a message but fail to publish it u am writing again.

I do pranayamam(20 times) silence meditation for thirty every day.I practice this for past eight months..

In third moth I got smells of sandalwood& panneer( rose essence) during my pranayamam.

I also had sensations of somebody touching my wrist , back , forehead etc..

I also saw a male & female standing behind me near my cot.I could see them without turning my head physically. I also saw the man touching my chakras from muladhara to ajna( medulla side). I felt it like as if a big rat was jumping on my back stepping on my chakras from bottom to top. When I suddenly raised my head out if surprise while the rat was running on me.I got my last tap onnmy ajna( medulla side) then I could not see that couple.

I also felt a small insect kind of a small dragon/ snake/ a piranha fish is continously hitting my sushumna mouth grinding it..and intermittently blowing hot air into my sushumna channel. Initially the insect was very feelable to a days the insect is not appearing but the effect still persists.

The heat waves of the insect started to raise into my sushumna slowly and now it has reached beyond vishukthi & almost it is crossing my bindhu point today.

The intensity of the WS so high that I felt like I am being touched by a hot slim iron needle. I also have few marks in my back becoz this process.

From yesterday onwards the intensity of the heat is so high as if a flame of fire mixed with acid is flowing. Inside my sushumna channel.

I have been practicing pranayamam/ spinal breathing( almost full day whenever I am at rest) a thirty minutes silence.meditation ( but during meditation I am focussing on my muladhara)

I also had a feeling three months back during my meditation I saw a finger sized dragon started to move from my muladhara and trying to enter into my sushumna. It just inserted it's head into the sushumna gate. I could really it's face within my eyes. I had an intense vibration at my bottom buttocks which I could not bear. I immediately shooknmy head and came out if that I felt that I am not ready and capable to bear it..

Now days I also added chackra dhyana..ohm chanting in my prepare my chakras ready for the kundalini arousal..

I do not have a guru to lead me in my day to day practices. But a I have a guide whobis living 400 km away from me. I just call him once in a while to explain my symptoms.

Pl guide with a proper daily exercise practices which I can follow everyday.

Pl tell me what us happening to me is pranotthana or a partial kundalini awakening.? Or not both..?

Pl guide..

Thanks& regards


shwethashri said...

Hello Sir,

I was following famous South Indian guru, who proclaimed to be incarnation . After reading your posts I asked some questions through his mails to test his experiences and I got these ignorant answers

Q:Does meditation helps in Kundalini awakening? If yes, what does it actually awaken?

Ans by Guru:-No. You need an incarnation to awaken your kundalini.

Q:-Are turiya state and Nirvigalpa Samadhi same
Ans by guru:- yes both are same, it means complete silence

Q:-Is third eye our soul conciousness?
And by guru:-No, it is medium to manifest powers

Q:-Does pranayama leads to kundalini awakening?
And by guru:-yes

Thank you Sir for your efforts in making clear about these kind of ignorant gurus.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Baskar,
It's Enter The Dragon :)

Ramandeep gour said...

Omg that's such a short and funny reply I have ever seen from you Achintya sir.

Achintya Idam said...

Filip: "After a year of meditation practice I experienced head pressure that you are explaining and it ruined my life.... I am in dire problems...I can’t function so I decided to isolate as well... I have this symptom for a year now and it has destroyed my life....I was foolish enough to meditate improperly (i see that now), I was using meditation called kundalini (at that time I didn’t know what it is) with binaural beats, theta sound and breath of fire with head phones. Recently I discover that energy flows where is concentration and my concentration was on head since I had headphones. I am so scared I made enormous damage."

Headaches, hallucinations, sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, fatigue, drowsiness, too much sleeping, body aches/pains, irritability, confusion, dull/hyper/altered thinking are the most common symptoms of dangerous activity based meditation practices. If you don't give up your dangerous meditation practices, these symptoms will lead to harmful/dangerous physical and psychiatric medical conditions in the long run. The most common/famous and the most dangerous activity based meditation techniques are continuous physical/mental activity (mantra, japa, tratak, concentrating on some object/body part (top of the head/forehead/third eye/ears being the most dangerous), continuously observing/being aware of thoughts (which means continuously thinking), thinking/imagining/visualizing a particular object/god/concept/idea, zen, Vipassana, mindfulness, heartfulness, Chakra meditation, Kriya, pranayama/breathing to arouse Kundalini. So it's almost ALL MEDITATION TECHNIQUES ARE DANGEROUS IN THE LONG RUN. Practice silence as a form of meditation. SILENCE SAVES A LOT OF PHYSICAL/MENTAL ENERGY. IT NEVER GIVES PHYSICAL/MENTAL PROBLEMS.

The world is filled with delusion mongering/fake/ignorant/stupid/dangerous meditation and spiritual gurus/ monks/ disciples/followers/practitioners/book writers/authors/self-proclaimed enlightened people/advertisers and marketers of organizations. You can find all of them in the internet (Quora, Reddit, other forums, youtube, blogs, websites) explaining/teaching/expressing/sharing their wrong/dangerous/ignorant views/beliefs/experiences (unreal, fake, cooked up) on meditation, yoga (not yogasana), Kundalini, Third eye, Chakras, Chakra stones, Enlightenment, Self-realization, Self, Self-knowledge, spirituality, god, religion, Reiki, spirits, spirit guide, ghosts, aura, chi, ki, healing, sex tantra, other spiritual/supernatural stuffs. If you believe/follow/practice such dangerous delusion-mongering people's teachings/techniques/advises, you will DEFINITELY HARM/DAMAGE YOURSELF PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY.



Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Achintya I am doing silent meditation but my mind doesn't stay there,it runs here and there,I am practicing it from ten days.

jai said...

Hello Sir,

I do Pranayama in morning (alternate breathing/Nadi shodan) and tratak for 15 mins in evening.I do not concentrate on any part/chakra on my body.

I had 2 some weird dreams. 1) My car fell in a ditch and 2) I was in a gathering and someone in gathering asked me to cut my fingure.
I have had disturbed sleep because of these dreams.

Would you be kind enough to tell me is there any link between tratak and these dreams or disturbed sleep?

I will be really thankful.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jai,
Don't do tratak.

jai said...

Thanks Achintya Ji,

Would you please suggest me how I can proceed in my pursuit of spiritual progress?

Some suggest do Pitri Tarpana and Fire homam.

What should I do?

A lots of regards

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jai,
Sit in a comfortable posture and try to be silent for an hour a day.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ozan said...

Hello Achintya,
First of all thank you for your writings and exertion. I've been reading your blog for couple of days, couldn't finish all of the posts but i'm working on it:) and i'm really confused. I have some questions;

I'been practicing meditation for 8 months or so. A Tibetan Buddhist Lama taught the technique for free. He goes wherever he is invited and teaches meditation for free. He doesn't feel like fake for me. He said that the technique is not meditation but a key for entering the meditative state.

The technique is; i imagine myself in front of me like reflection on the mirror. Then a white light beam with sound OM comes down to the head of my imagination and completely wash and wrap the body. Then a white light beam comes out from the chest to me with sound MA. Then yellow light beam comes out from the left shoulder to the left with sound of NI. Then red light beam goes out from the back to the back with sound PAD. Then a green light beam goes out from the right shoulder of the imanigation to the right with sound of ME. And then a blue light beam goes out from the butt to down with sound HUM. When cycle is completed i return to the begining and this goes on.

I'm doing this every day for 25 minutes. When my mind get concentrated and relatively silent, i drop the imagination and trying to stay in that silent state. Generally toughts come up but don't distract me, i feel like i'm above of my thouths. Sometime my braething gets really shallow and slow, sometimes it stops for a short while. I feel joy and excitement and some weird feelings. Sometimes i see pale colours circling or small shapeless colours. And some times my neck, trepeze and back of my head felt hot, and my neck hurts. When i circle my head, the hot sensation goes away. By the way i have slipped disc on my neck. And for two days i feel pressure on my right temple. I dont know if it is related because i am spending very long time in front of the computer and it feels like doesn't change with meditation.

Am i on the right path? And i didn't understand by meditation on silence. Could you explain it to me? Thank you for your replies my friend:) and sorry for bad English:)

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ozan,
Give up all imagination stuffs - imagination is imagination, meditation is meditation - imagination is not meditation and meditation is not imagination.
Read all my posts once every week for the next 3 months and give up your guru and his technique.
There are millions of gurus teaching thousands of activities which they call as meditation techniques. Such activities don't lead you anywhere on the spiritual path. They do bad than good.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Asawari Kulkarni said...

I found out about your blog after my kundalini activation thru silent meditation...when I was looking to check my experiences. Are there any physical symptoms which are temporary when kundalini does its journey? Because after 14 months of active kundalini....everything was fine I had many kriyas mudras and was blissful...suddenly I feel a flame inside me or something like acid reflux...I did not change my diet or workout or meditation...I eat the food I cook from years and was always a vegetarian...... I am sleeping well and eating well and calm and content otherwise...and never had such issues ever...I went to doctor too to make sure. But it is not completely gone. I am taking medications too. It is not terrible but it is always there. I feel changes in my body internally.
I don't know much about chakras but is it because my kundalini is in Manipura? I am really confused and don't know anyone to ask this. I took breaks from meditation sometimes but it doesn't make any difference. Is there a diet one should follow to ease the process of Kundalini...
Thank you...

Achintya Idam said...

Hi AK,
Kundalini won't be in Manipura. It won't get stuck in Manipura in other words. It will come back to Mooladhara.

Easing the process of Kundalini, Kundalini in Manipura, internal changes in the body due to Kundalini, diet for Kundalini, etc. -- These should be the misconceptions of people who haven't had Kundalini awakenings but have just learnt about Kundalini through fake guru's teachings and not you (you've had 14 months of active Kundalini). Read all the posts of this blog repeatedly to get rid of such misconceptions.

Treat acid reflux as a physical condition and find out why you got it. It's definitely not due to Kundalini.

Avoid fatty, oily, salty, spicy foods. Avoid chocolate, caffeine, ice cream, carbonated beverages. Don't fast. Don't eat when not hungry. Stop eating when you feel your stomach is 75-80% full. Walk a little after meals. Don't lie down/sleep immediately after meals but wait for 2 hours before lying down/sleep.

Take ginger, turmeric and follow doctor's advice.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!