May 06, 2016

Obstacles and Obstructions in Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, or Samadhi; Reasons for Kundalini not Awakening

The most common obstacles and obstructions in meditation or Kundalini awakening are:
  • wrong notions about spirituality, meditation, and Kundalini;
  • a fake guru and his/her teachings;
  • wrong spiritual and meditation practices.

Question: Why true meditation experiences do not happen to me?
Answer: Though you may fool yourself or others in thinking that you are a spiritual person practicing yoga, austerities and penances (tapas), renunciation (sannyasa), scriptural reading and recitation, dharma, karma, or whatever other method, practice, technique, or faith under the sun, the inner Being/Kundalini in you cannot be fooled. The inner higher Power in you knows how intense your search for the truth is, where exactly your desires and interests lie, what your Vasanas and Samskaras are, and how fit you are to survive the spiritual awakening. Without the Takeover or LetGo state, you cannot have any true meditation experience. To know about the Takeover and LetGo state, click:

Warning: Without practicing celibacy for at least a month, do not practice serious meditation--more than 3 hours a day.

In the beginning, you can start with casually meditating for an hour or so. See what physical and mental side effects you get due to meditation, if any. If get any side effect, stop meditating and devise other means to overcome such side effects. See what are the thoughts that are coming to your mind. These will reveal about your past and present mental preoccupation, vasanas and samskaras. The thoughts that come to your mind will reveal a lot about how you lived, how you are living, and if you are smart enough you will know where you will end up in the future if you continued to live the way you lived and are living. If you continue doing what you have been doing, you will continue to get the same results that you have been getting. You need to fix the cause of the disturbing thoughts that come to your mind. You need to come to terms with your past and the present first.

You need to take to spirituality for the sake of knowing the truth about yourself. You need to understand that meditation and spiritual practices are for spiritual awakening and spiritual experiences, not for physical and psychological benefits.

You will not get peace of mind with meditation. That is a pseudo-mental state. When you are peaceful or at peace with yourself, at peace with your past and the present, at peace with people and environment,  meditation happens and consequently Kundalini awakens and gives you a real spiritual experience.

You will not get happiness with meditation. When you are happy, meditation happens. Of course, there are some experiences where you will feel immense happiness, bliss, peace, etc.

You will not get anything from meditation. Meditation is about losing your dehatmabuddhi (ignorance that you are only the body-mind complex, ignorance that you do not have a spiritual/higher nature of existence).

Main reasons why you do not have meditation experiences:
  • You are not ready.
  • You cannot silence your mind.
  • You are practicing meditation not for spiritual experiences but for some other purposes.
  • You have strong worldly Vasanas and Samskaras. In other words, spiritually you are not an evolved person.
  • You are practicing wrong meditation techniques and have a lot of misconceptions about meditation and spirituality.
  • You do not have enough vital energy left due to overindulgence in sexual activities.
  • You have a weak body with weak nerves.
  • You have a weak mind.
  • You are too egoistic, selfish, insensitive toward other's happiness.
  • You have not done any worthwhile good karma, you have not helped others, etc.
  • You are too imaginative or too intelligent to stop thinking, etc.
  • You are not spiritually inclined (though you may pretend/fool yourself to be spiritual), you lack spiritual samskaras (conditioning, tendency), your worldly vasanas (desires) are strong, you are spiritual time passers, your interest in spirituality is superficial, you have not done any good karma, you have done a lot of bad karma, etc.

Are you ready to dedicate your entire lifetime to know the truth about yourself giving up pleasures of the body/mind/ego?

Question: Why can't I LetGo or allow Takeover?
Answer: The Absolute Silence stage is a difficult stage to cross. It is the stage when the mind starts getting concentrated/focused/silent. People, all their lives, have been thinking that they are only the body-mind complex and that everything is under their control. They have been thinking that they are the masters of their bodies and minds--they can command their bodies to be active/inactive and control their minds by thinking the way they want to. As meditation deepens, there comes a stage of auto-focus or auto-concentration, the mind takes over and starts concentrating or focusing on its own, sometimes becoming completely silent. This frightens people because they are not used to lose control of their bodies and minds. As meditation progresses further, when the mind starts getting silent, when there is a no-thought state, or when people experience is darkness everywhere, people get frightened and stop meditating. Without crossing this stage or the Absolute Silence or No-Thought state, it is impossible to progress to the LeGo/Takeover stage.

Meditation is about the death of the mind, cessation of mental activities, or cessation of thoughts. Death of the mind doesn't mean a literal death or coma, but it simply means the cessation of thoughts. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughtsNo thoughts, No mind. The mind of the worldly people who have through the ages thought that they are only the body-mind complex have too much attachments to thoughts. They want to get Self-realization/Kundalini awakening by thinking, using intelligence, and through other mental faculties. Can such people's mind be ever ready to die  (cessation of thoughts) a death without resistance? Is your mind really ready to die? Since people are not ready to handle real meditation experiences which are a result of cessation of thoughts, this stage doesn’t happen to them for good.

Once you achieve the Absolute Silence state, only 3 things happen:
1. You will go back to your thinking state.
2. You will go to sleep.
3. You will progress to the LetGo/Takeover stage.

The LetGo/Takeover stage is like allowing someone else to take control of your physical and mental functions. You may have to allow yourself to go breathless. Is your mind ready to give your physical and mental control to someone else? Many people can't and won't allow someone else to take control of them in real life. Are you ready to be taken over by some unknown force? Only spiritual people can allow LetGo/Takeover. That is why all those who are practicing spirituality are really not spiritual. Only those people who can achieve Absolute Silence and LetGo of their ego/mind/body to be taken over (Takeover) by the higher inner power are really spiritual. Takeover stage is nothing but KUNDALINI AWAKENING.

Once the mind becomes silent and you cross the LetGo/Takeover stage (Kundalini awakening), you will get into the Pure Consciousness/Super-consciousness/spiritual mode which is devoid of worldly thoughts or dehatmabuddhi. Through this Consciousness, you will start experiencing a higher reality about yourself. You will experience one of the 2 types of Intense Experiences/Samadhis as discussed in the following link:

Lack of celibacy is another reason for not progressing to this stage of Kundalini awakening--People don’t have enough vital energy left for the breath to be pushed up the Sushumna.

The LetGo or Takeover happens only when you have less attachment to your body-mind complex and the world. Body worshipers cannot succeed in meditation.

Achieving the LetGo or Takeover needs time and effort. The LetGo and Takeover stage is only difficult in the initial stages, but with right understanding, righteous living, and right efforts, you can surely let go of yourself and allow the higher Power/Spirit/Kundalini to take over.

Many people do not even enter the Twilight Consciousness or Absolute Silence stage. This is because they are unable to silence their minds. They have always used activity as a form of meditation. The mind is nothing but a collection of thoughts. The mind survives on thinking. The mind exists as long as thoughts exist. Meditation is the death of the mind--Silence. This is the reason the mind will resist silence as much as possible. People would have been practicing activity-based meditation for 50 years without knowing what Absolute Silence is. Without going through the Absolute Silence stage, nobody can awaken their Kundalini. This is the reason why our ancient sages said, "take the opposite route (Vipareeta Bhavana)". Silence is the opposite of thinking. By thinking, nobody has been able to understand the higher Reality or gain Self-realization. It is only through Samadhi (
Intense Spiritual Experience due to Absolute Silence and LetGo/Takeover during meditation) people got Self-realization.

"In Silence, Know Thyself"
"In Silence, The Supreme Sound is Heard."
"Whatever is in you is in the entire cosmos."
"You and the entire cosmos are (made up of) the same (principle)."
"Be still and know that I am (Aham/Supreme Sound is) God."

To know about the Supreme Sound, click:

TRUTH:  With right views and right practice, you can have a couple of Kundalini/meditation experiences within a very short period of time.

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

rajesh haridoss said...

Hi Achintya, Thanks for your wonderful blog. I was practicing yoga asanas and meditation for 7 years continuously but stopped for the last 3 years as I could not understand what I'm doing. Though I got good health due to yogasanas, I could not go to the deep mental silence state. I was meditating on the chakras and stopped it as it was causing high stress. I started doing meditation to know who I'm and what's my purpose of this birth. But I think I was wrongly guided to meditate on forehead and other chakras where I got high stress. After reading your blog, I feel like starting doing it. But I got married last month and I don't think I can practice celibacy now. So how can I proceed further to attain my self realization ?. Also in your blog, you have mentioned that we all are vibrations of OM. So let us be a vibrations, so what does that mean ? Why we need to be in that state ?
Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences of Kundalini to everyone and it will certainly acts as a huge guide to everyone. Bless you !

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Rajesh,
No guru knows what he/she is teaching, and no disciple knows what he/she is learning.
Enjoy your married life. Meditate only when you get an intense desire to meditate. Don't bother about OM for now :)

Dharma Adithya said...

Hi Achintya,

I have been seeking through all kinds of books , gurus . Read a lot that i came to extent that i should stop reading and seeking those. I dont even remember what search lead to your blog. It has been helpful. Now i see that i need to taste myself.

I understand that i should
quit smoking ,
practice celibacy (finding it difficult as i was vicitim of child sexual abuse , got introduced at a age when i dont know what it is. Few weeks i celibate without force then i get involved intensely)
Refrain from thinking too much about my spiritual progress and learn to keep myself silent. I should learn to live without raising too much questions and analysis which lead to lot of imagination and delude myself with imagined answers. In short i should start to experience.

Any suggestions to my state of mind.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Dharma Aditya,
Blessed are those who have access to Satshastra, Satpurusha, or Satsangha.
Wrong books/info, wrong people/company, wrong gurus/guides = Wrong speech, thought, action = Problem.
Celibacy and silence are only for a few.
Without direct experiential knowledge, your state of mind will be the same even after 40 years.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Dharma Adithya said...

Hi Achintya,

Thank you for the response.

"Celibacy and silence are only for a few"

Does that mean not celibating is not a hindrance for few ?

Can celibacy be of a time frame or for entire life since born ?
What can be considered as good karma ?

On food :

1. I quit non veg year back . feeling weak but my thoughts are less violent, i dont fight much with anything or myself. my digestion is better.

2. Can turmeric milk be taken everynight before sleep ?

3. Can banana stem drink be taken for general detox and health ? Before sleep ?

4. Give me hints on garlic and onion, there is lot of different opinions around, never got a conclusion on it. All i am told is it is hindrance for spiritual progress.

Kindly advice.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Dharma,
Only few people can practice celibacy. Only few people can silence their minds.
Being good and doing good is good karma.
Self control in spirituality = Good food habits + Celibacy + Silencing of the mind.
People with self control and good karma will have Kundalini awakenings easily.
Nonveg is not good. Vaishnavaites who believe in avatars of God started the practice of not eating onion and garlic because they thought these two heat up the body and arouse sexual desires hence a hindrance in the practice of celibacy which is an obstacle for God (Vishnu/Avatar) realization. However, garlic and onion have special place in Ayurveda. You can eat them, not a problem.
Use common sense when it comes to food habits, lifestyle, celibacy, karma, etc.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to myy father who shared with me regarding this webpage, this wweb site is in fact amazing.

Da Man said...

Hi Achintya,
I am very confused.

You said - Celibacy and silence are only for a few..
I felt so disappointed reading this. How can meditation be so partial?
How can the right to spirituality not for everyone?
Isn't this another way of saying that a child should not be allowed to attend school/college because he/she is weak in studies ?

Also,your post it says - "The meditation topics in this blog are not for those who are seeking physical or mental benefits through meditation."
Now a person who has mental disorder and s/he is aware of it, does these meditations is of no use for him/her. What is the use of meditation if it cannot cure physical/mental illness?

Please reply. I really wanted to start meditation,but i'm not sure about it before i have answers.

Thank you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Da man,
Don't get confused. Simply sit, relax, and try silencing your mind without expecting any physical/mental benefits.

SITTING IN AN ASANA AND CONCENTRATING, FOCUSING, THINKING, IMAGINING, VISUALIZING, UTTERING SOME MANTRA, OR DOING SOME REPETITIVE PHYSICAL/BREATHING/MENTAL ACTIVITY IS NOT MEDITATION. Since the whole world calls these activities as meditation, I use the term "activity-based meditation" to refer to such activities. Wrong people are wrongly teaching that such activity-based meditations give physical/mental benefits. The fact is quite the contrary. Intense or prolonged repetition of such activities is dangerous, i.e., these activity-based meditations are dangerous.

Everyone can run 100 meters, but how many people can win Olympic medals in a 100 meter race? Only 3. Olympic medals are only for a few. Everyone can practice celibacy and silence, but how many people really do succeed in having spiritual/Kundalini awakenings? Only a few. Only when a person has spiritual/Kundalini awakenings, you should know for sure that the person has had really been a celibate and silenced his/her mind. Celibacy and silence, therefore, are only for a few. Spiritual/Kundalini awakenings are only for a few.

Everyone thinks that meditation gives physical/mental benefits because cunning masters have made (brainwashed) people to think that way. In the ancient time, no guru taught that meditation gave physical/mental benefits. All ancient gurus went to the jungles for tapas, sadhana, spiritual pursuit, self-realization spending their entire lives in solitude doing meditation. Do you think sages, seers, enlightened masters went to the forests and jungles to get physical and mental benefits?

It is said renunciation of physical/mental comforts and pleasures is a must for spiritual development. Meditation teachers/masters world over claim that their meditation techniques came from a certain ABC/XYZ master who renounced the world for the sake of enlightenment. Did any guru/master renounce anything if he/she took to meditation for the sake of physical/mental benefits?

It's only after westernization of spirituality, meditation became commercial. Westernization/commercialization of spirituality/meditation lead to the introduction of 100s of money-minded commercial gurus/masters/organizations who taught activity-based meditations which according to them gave a lot of physical/mental benefits. In the modern world, con men and con women who call themselves gurus/masters adopt benefits-driven marketing strategy to sell meditation and spirituality. Modern population doesn't pay money if it doesn't get any benefits in return.


Objective of a modern guru/master/monk/sadhu/teacher/trainer, etc: Teach activity-based meditation for money.
Objective of the majority of the world's population: Learn activity-based meditation for physical/mental benefits.

This blog is useless to a brainwashed person who has been made to believe that meditation gives physical/mental benefits. So "The meditation topics in this blog are not for those who are seeking physical or mental benefits through meditation."

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

SrinivasPothineni said...

Dear Achintya ji,
Recently I have gone through your blog and read about your meditation and Kundalini experiences and I am delighted know that you are the real Kundalini awakened person!I liked the true statements and real Kundalini facts you have narrated!!! I feel I am fortunate in finding your blog!
Around 25 years back my beloved Guruji initiated my Kundalini and I have done intensive practice initially and got frightened when I heard Hiss sound of snake and some other divine sounds and slowed down my practice for some time. later some how I could not practice it due to my travel to foreign countries. Again I started doing silent meditation. Recently I had civiar head spinning experience and entire day my head was spinning and felt like I am walking on cloud. I mistook it as Vertigo and went to doctor. Fortunately I did not take any medicine and next day I am normal. I am experiencing more Kundalini movements in head and I could not sleep normally and I will be comfortable only after doing meditation for several hours.
1. When I am in thoughtless state of meditation after 1 to 2 hours of meditation, when my mind says to get up I could not get up and could not speak. Is this Sahaja samadhi?
2. I feel more Kundalini movements in my sahasrara chakra rather than lower part of chakras.
Beginning days it was more in Mooladhara and very less in Sahasrara.
Is this normal or some thing wrong?
Can you please clarify
Your valuable guidance is much appreciated!!!
Pranam & Thanks,

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Srinivasa,
Hearing hissing sound and divine sounds (?!), head spinning entire day, developing movements in the head/sahasrara, sleep getting affected, needing to meditate for several hours to feel comfortable -- these are all the effects of wrong and dangerous meditation techniques. None of them are Kundalini awakening experiences.

Check the comment section of this post for divine sounds:

Unlearn all your meditation techniques and don't meditate for 2 months.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

The motivator said...

Dear Achintya
Is being in marriage considered celibate or giving up sex entirely is celibate. 2) I have started practising observing of breath for 30 minutes a day to silence the mind...sometimes I am successful, sometimes, not. Can u please comment

Michael Gilson DeLemos said...

Many insights in your blog. Keep it up. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello achintya,

I felt the need to write to you because i'm having trouble and confusion coming to terms with some things you have said.
12 years ago i had psycosis due to drug abuse, i had never been spiritual before or read/heard about it, started having weird experiences that lead me to misconceptions about life, after life, reality, energy and so on, and started living in a diferent reality). While in recuperation from psycosis/drug abuse, had help from psycologists and also tried fake healers help.
Started obssesively thinking about thruth, reality, who am i, why the world/humans are so mad and evil, why so much suffering and so on... Lost a lot of sleep and health, drove myself mad, sufered and relapsed psycosis incidents (hallucinations, misconceptions, over thinking) due to constantly obssecing about this questions/doubts.
Allways had social problem, shame and fears since a child. Since i can remenber i have allways been very imaginative, used to go to my own imagination world to live all things i felt couldn' t do in real life, become my own hero. Martubated allot since 12 years old. Allways been called very intelligent/talented and lazy cause i never putted it to good use.
7 years ago met my wife, she is a psycoterapist, allways had great conversations with her she helped me alot to come "down to earth", we had a baby girl, shes now 4 years old, love them both very much, they are the most important thing in my life.

Sorry for so much text had to say this to get to the point.

Tied for most important life aspect is knowing experiencialy my spiritual nature if it really exists (Only thing i know is i don't know).
Can't drop my aspirition for real spiritual experience nomatter how hard i try...
Now, come to know and read your blog, understood what you have written, droped watching, reading, practicing whatever never worked or mayde sense from fake/hallucinating gurus, writers, and so on. Started to sit and try to be silent.
And now i fear it might be futile/ impossible to aspire for 1 real meditation/kundalini/spiritual experience.. because i'm a father and want to be the best i can for my daughter, am a husband and want to be rigtheous to my wife (think she isn't on with the idea of celebacy), am completely unsatisfied with my job (very physical-developing back problems from work postures and efforts), don't like place i live (hate the city and madness, social injustice, health food condicions, angry stressfull people all around)... So have a lot of worldly aspirations.
So my question to you is: do you think theres no point in aspiring, doing silent meditation, because i'm to worldly and so will never have real kundalini awakening?

Thank you in advance for your time, sincerely hope you answer me, i'm not trying to be a smartass.

Best of things to you

Achintya Idam said...

Hi A,
It's good you have realized that it is dangerous to obsessively think/imagine and lose sleep over matters such as after life, energy, truth, reality, who am i, etc.

Masturbation (causes weak nervous system/mental strength) + obsessive imagination + losing sleep = leads to psychosis. Plus drugs = psychosis very quickly.

"..dropped watching, reading, practicing whatever never worked or made sense from fake/hallucinating gurus, writers..." Good.

Yea, there's social injustice, it's a mad/evil world with angry and stressful people many of whom are dissatisfied with their jobs and themselves, our food and beverages are contaminated/adulterated/genetically modified/cancerous - this is because the world is run by powerful unjust sadistic dynastic selfish cancerous people. But in this very mad/evil/unjust world and people, you also have your wife and daughter whom you love. So what should you do? Waste your time obsessively finding fault and thinking about evil world/people or work toward making your loved ones happy?

Negative emotions give rise to wrong decisions/actions.

"do you think theres no point in aspiring, doing silent meditation, because i'm worldly and so will never have real kundalini awakening?"

Sex with the partner, parenthood, raising children, taking good care of the spouse/children/family, etc., are the duties and responsibilities of a good family man/woman. You started masturbating from age 12 and now that you have a wife, you are thinking of celibacy?

Don't bother about worldly or out-worldly. Practice silent meditation as a form of relaxation. Rather than doing it regularly, you can meditate only when you are happy or have an intense desire to meditate. Meditate/relax without expecting Kundalini awakening. If you have a Kundalini awakening, it's a bonus; but if you don't, you lose nothing.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya,

Your message thouched me deeply. After reading i felt lucky and grateful for my life, maybe i needed to hear that.

Thank yyou very much for you time and answer, hope the best for you


Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya,

Thank you for your service.

I have been meditating since few years though not consistently for all the time, however from last July until now I have been meditating consistently for 1hr each day. During this time, My devotion to God has increased everyday, wherein whenever I found few minutes of time I've used it to gain spiritual knowledge. There was no day during this time wherein I didn't think about God. I've gained some understanding that what we think about this world is unreal, especially since none of the material objects are permanent. I have used some time every day to read teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Vivekanda, Bhagavat Gita, etc.

In the recent past, I've started feeling some sensations in the forehead / between eye-brow point while doing meditation and it was mostly subtle sensation without any intensity. I have gained the understanding during this time that these body sensations are not spiritual objectives, and so I have become a casual observer to these experiences. However since 2 days during meditation, I've felt intense pressure on the top of my head (middle point of my head), and I'm trying to understand why its happening. During meditation I keep an open mind and let my inner-self to lead me to whatever meditation experience which is in store (I try to be in an 'aware' state during meditation i.e I don't concentrate, or focus on breath or forehead). My focus has been to seek spiritual knowledge, and to have less detachment to worldly things as possible.

Could you please help me understand what could be causing the intense head pressure as I feel that its a distraction to my meditation? Its almost at the center point at top of head and I feel like some energy channeling there. Today since I've felt if its going to cause any physical issues (as the intensity was high) I have stopped meditating half-way. Are there any steps which I can take to reduce the intensity?

Thank you,

Achintya Idam said...

Hi RR,
Any teaching that turns you to meditation is good. Once you turn to meditation and read this blog or once you read this blog and turn to meditation, discard all other meditation teachings. Always restrict your spiritual knowledge to direct experiential knowledge. Try to forget all bookish knowledge.

You are doing meditation incorrectly and hence are experiencing signs and symptoms of a wrong meditation technique.

Give up your wrong meditation technique and book reading. Understand the blog contents and meditate accordingly if you want your well being.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Michael Lee said...

About a year ago I was doing meditation and suddenly I went very deep with silence and stillness,there were tremendous joy and bliss,look like I met someone,and suddenly I woke up ,I realised I was in meditation.looked like there was no thought ,mind and body.After reading your blog I realised that what I experience,cara to comment ,thanks.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Lee,
It's a very good experience. It means you are spiritual, fit for meditation, and will have Kundalini awakenings easily if you make minor lifestyle changes and meditate on silence/stillness.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!