May 06, 2016

Spiritual Heart, Physical Heart vs Spiritual Heart, Hritgranthi/Chit-Jada Granthi/Brahma Granthi Bhedana, Knots Of The Heart, Dasha Angula, Vitastyante, Dwadashanta, Linga, Ashwatha Tree, Buddhists' Auspicious Knot/Endless Knot/Knot of Eternity, Brahmagranthi-Brahma Gaanth-Sacred Thread-Yagnopavita

There exists a spiritual heart in us very much like the physical heart. The spiritual heart is the center and the source of our existence, consciousness, and Supreme Sound.

As opposed to the physical heart which is on the left side of your chest, the location of the spiritual heart in the body is approximately 10 fingerbreadths (Dasha Angula) above the navel to the right side of your chest. Ignorant people call then ten fingers or 10 Karmendriyas.

To know its exact location, sit or stand in a normal position, put your left middle finger in your navel, place the right hand above this finger and then place the left hand above the right hand in such a way that the middle of the hand where the knuckles are should be in line with the center of the chest. When you do this, the left thumb will roughly point to the right nipple and end two fingerbreadths in that direction.

Thus, it is 2 fingerbreadths toward the right nipple from the center of the chest.

If you bend forward or backward, then the location varies. Another method is to touch your Adam's apple with the right middle finger and touch your chest with your right palm; where your palm ends (Vitastyante), that’s the location of the spiritual heart; it’s the same place.

The size of the spiritual heart is that of the size of a thumb, Angushta, again 2 fingerbreadths.

The shape of this spiritual heart is roughly similar to that of an inverted or upside down fig tree (Ashwatha), an upside down lotus bud (Heart lotus, Hritpundarika), a glans penis (Linga), a distal end of the thumb (that part by which one gives a thumb impression, Angushta), or a cave (the entrance of which should resemble like the Ashwatha, Lotus, Linga but inverted, Guha).

Food for thought: Can Dashangula be Dwadashanta (10+2)?  .

Passing thought:  There is an upside-down Ashwatha tree that grows, there's a Linga that also grows, the cosmos also grows, Supreme Sound also grows, and of course the knots of the heart also grow and keep on growing.


Knots mean very fine, subtle, airy bundle of nerves. These knots cover the spiritual heart space. These nerves are intertwined and entangled, similar to the Jata (matted hairs) of a sadhu (renunciate).

"As many thoughts, so many knots." These knots are due to one's Vasanas and Samskaras which are of 3 types, desire for worldly objects, desire for worldly activities, and desire for worldly knowledge or ignorance of the Self (Kaama-Karma-Ajnana Vasana; Mala-Vikshepa-Aavarana Dosha; kaama, kanchana, keerti; Kaaya-Vaacha-Manasa Kaamya Karma; etc.). Everyday is a new day with innumerable thoughts, activities, feelings, experiences, sensations, etc.  Thus, these knots either keep on growing or become stronger and stronger everyday in the form of subtle airy nerves (Vasanas or Samskaras).  This results in more and more knots resulting in more and more clouding of one's Self.  If through the passage of spiritual currents these knots are loosened, then the Self that is covered under these knots reveals itself.  Meditation helps in Vasana Kshaya, Samskara Kshaya, and Hridgranthi Bhedana--all man loosening the knots of the spiritual heart.


Buddhist Monks/Masters mistakenly call The Knot of Eternity, The Endless Knot as an Auspicious Knot and one of the Buddhists' 8 auspicious signs/symbols.In reality, these are "the knots of the heart" which are responsible for becoming, responsible for a person to take birth again and again, responsible for a person not to get enlightened, responsible for a person to get entangled with the world, responsible for a person not to reach Enlightenment and experience Nirvana.

Many Buddhist/Zen Monks/Masters/Grandmasters seem to get enlightened without knowing what real meditation experiences are and without freeing/loosening a single knot of the heart. For many, ignorance is bliss, ignorance is Nirvana, ignorance is knowledge, bad is good, inauspicious is auspicious, entanglement is enlightenment.
Wearing of Janivara, Janeu, Yagnopavita, Pavita, Sacred thread reminds a person that he/she is still tied to samsara and should eventually seek freedom/liberation/moksha/mukti from the knots of the heart.
 Brahmagranthi/brahma gaanth/knotted sacred thread represents the knots of the spiritual heart. 

Q:  How many Kundalini awakenings/spiritual experiences are required to become Self-realized?

A:  Nobody can get enlightened with one or many Kundalini awakenings. Those who say they realized themselves with one experience instantly are FAKE GURUS/DELUDED PERSONS.

The Brahmajnaanis said that when all the knots of the heart are loosened, you will know for sure what Self-realization or Enlightenment is. These knots will be loosened by passage of spiritual nerve currents through meditation/Kundalini awakening. This is also the reason why people start having jerks, convulsions, seizure-like movements, violent shaking, and other body movements during meditation.

To know about Kundalini awakening and meditation experiences which result in loosening the knots of the heart, click:

Warning: If you meditate on your physical heart, you will end up having high BP/stroke/paralysis, etc., because as soon as you meditate/concentrate/focus on your physical heart, air/blood/energy rushes to that spot and overheats/overreacts that part leading to serious health issues.

To know about dangers involved in wrong meditation practices, click:

To about the Kundalini, Chakra, Enlightenment myths, click:

To know about Who am I?, click the link below:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself
in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

The following will not help you have a REAL meditation experience:
Gamma, high-mid-low beta, high-mid-low alpha, high-mid-low theta, delta-wave frequency stimulation or mental states, binaural beats, frequency following response, brainwave synchronization with Schumann resonance/heart beat of the earth/frequency of OM (7.83 Hz?!), monaural beats, isochronic tones, solfeggion frequencies, white noise, brainwave entertainment, mind programming……, etc.
Modern-day gurus’ ordinary mantra, special mantra to transcend, pranava japa (or humming/MMMM to produce nitric oxide), yantra, tantra, trataka, yogasana, pranayama, vipassana, chakra, prayer, kriya…….also will not help you have a REAL meditation experience.

All the above are physical and/or mental exercises. People claim that such activities help in meditation, relaxation, stress relief, advanced/improved/sharp energy focus and concentration, easy/super learning or studying, ultra recall or super/sharp memory, sleep induction or sleeping, lucid dreaming, astral projection, healing, therapy, chakra stimulation, remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, …, etc.

Meditation is about physical and mental silence that helps awaken one’s spiritual mind/consciousness through which the reality about oneself and the entire cosmos is known.

The brain is the moon and the spiritual heart is the sun. The sun illuminates the moon. Meditation and Spirituality are about the spiritual heart, the illuminator of the brain.

Achintya Idam said...

The Endless Knot, one of the 8 auspicious Buddhist signs/symbols, and the Sacred Thread (Yagnopavaita) that Hindus wear are representations of the Knots of the Spiritual Heart. Not many Buddhists know what The Endless Knot means, and they definitely don't know what Vipassana or "here and now/here now (Akaliko)" means:

Hayley said...

I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a pleasure reading your blog. All of my spiritual/meditative experiences have been... natural or spontaneous. I came to meditation as a teenager and had experiences very early on, very organically. I therefore assumed them to somehow be a natural part of who i am or how i work on the spiritual level. I've had kundalini awakenings from a pretty early age and have generally avoided talking about them and avoided 'teachers' because there seems to be so much ego and nonsense in supposed spiritual communities and people so I am wary of ever really talking about this stuff. A) to avoid my ego getting caught up or intellectualising what is essentially something beyond the mind and B) to avoid drawing dubious people to me. Not sure if that will make sense.

Anyway it is reassuring to hear that these experiences are ok (without being too attached to them obviously) because it feels, to me,that this is what meditation is 'for' for me - to slip into (for want of a better word) my spiritual body - to allow the organic process of the recalibration or treatment of that spiritual body to take place and to experience my connection to a wider, vaster spirit/spiritual world that i have the fortune to merge with sometimes in meditation. I trust them because they happened organically in that silence. I trust it because it is what IS when i slip into that silence or gap.

These things have been happening on and off for decades as at various points I've pulled away from or ebbed back into spiritual 'work' or seeking that connection. I guess i have let it 'be'.

What has changed though is that i gave up drinking nearly a year ago and i have been celibate for two years and i have started consciously living a more careful and 'moral'? life. I suspect that that means i have removed some obstacles or have at least stopped putting new obstacles in the way.

Be interesting to see what happens now.

Sorry for the waffle

Kazablank said...

Hey Achintya , you said that people with physical or mental problems can be unfit for meditation.. I've bipolar depression, that means I can not practise meditation in this life? how is that?

Nitin said...

Do we need to concentrate on spiritual heart during meditation?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kazablank,
We have Olympics and Paralympics.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Nitin,
You don't need to concentrate on the spiritual heart.

Anonymous said...

Sir, is it possible to get rid of sexual distraction through meditation? Is it possible to direct this sexual energy into spiritual energy i.e.can our sexual energy be used in a more useful way?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi A,
Real spirituality starts with spiritual (Kundalini) awakening. You cannot have a spiritual awakening without enough sexual energy.These days every tom, dick, and harry calls himself spiritual without experiencing spirituality.

Anonymous said...


I have been practicing silent meditation whenever I can, normally I do for 10 to 15 minutes everyday, before sleeping and after praying... I always have vivid dreams and see people I have never seen..

Today I had a weird sensation near my groin while meditating, I thought I was hungry, the sensation kind of pulls my stomach in and can feel a whirling wind which moves up from my groin area to stomach, at the same time I saw a bright circular white flashes while the swirling continued to move up but stopped at the stomach and I opened my eyes...

Please let me know if thats a correct method or I'm hallucinating?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi A,
It's not hallucination. Concentrating on chakra locations results in such sensations. Avoid chakra meditation or concentrating on chakras.

Stop your prayer and meditation for 15 days, re-read silent meditation content mentioned in this blog, and then start silencing your mind (silent meditation) again.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Unknown said...

Hi Achintya,

I am so happy that I came across your blog. Hopefully you can straight things out for me.
I just finished my Vipassana retreat and I was skeptical going there and didn't have any expectations. I took this opportunity to be by myself away from the family and my kids.
I followed whatever they said at the retreat and meditated for 10 hours daily like a good student :) (I had very little meditation experience prior, partly because I never found the technique that suited me).
During that time, I've experienced a lots of body sensations, which was nothing special for me - just biochemistry processes and you are more aware of what's going on in your body on the physical level. But probably on the day 6th, I started to feel unfamiliar things. During meditation I've felt body tingling, I felt like my body was burning and shaking, at some point there were vibrations inside of my body. I started to breath deeper, I felt how the air was distributing in my lungs. Other things that I experienced are very hard for me to explain. But one sensation that came up and I still feel it and it was alarming for me. It felt like magnetic swirl that started from the lower body area and went up to my head, it almost feels like a pendulum. I was meditating and my body would move around itself, it was hard to control.
After I came back, I kept feeling it even without being in meditation. I was confused and I started my research and approached people that I knew were on their spiritual path. Some said that I had kundalini awakening.
I guess my question is whether or not it could possibly be my Kundalini awakening? What should I do next? Should I be worried about that oscillating movement?

I now enjoy my meditation routine and want to continue my spiritual path.

I’m sorry for the long message and hopefully my questions are not very immature for you.

Thank you for your truth and input.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Valeriya,
Due to lack of healthy/sufficient/good food/sleep and extreme physical/mental torture, fatigue and exhaustion during vipassana courses, people lose control of their body/mind and experience/imagine/hallucinate abnormal things. These are signs that you are going to hurt your body and mind if you continue Vipassana meditation. These are not Kundalini awakenings.
I have mentioned about this link somewhere in the blog.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!