May 06, 2016

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Truth: Just before Prana enters Sushumna, the sexual organ withdraws as a tortoise withdraws its head. There will be a cold sensation in your perineum and groin area, as a result of which your sexual organ retracts/contracts.


Prana gathers and pulls itself from around the groin and perineal area and travels up the Sushumna.

Super-consciousness through sex is impossible for the simple reason that to have sex you need the lowest of low level of consciousness, i.e., body consciousness. Super-consciousness is the fourth level of consciousness, which is also called Turiya, beyond the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states. So do not fall into the trap of fake gurus who tell you that you can awaken Kundalini or have super-consciousness with sexual activities. If you do fall in their trap, then take for granted that your spiritual life is ruined.

After Kundalini awakening and a consequent meditation experience, when Prana or Kundalini drops from higher levels of Sushumna, the reverse happens, i.e., heat is generated in the groin area. I think you all know what happens when that area gets heated or stimulated.

Therefore, if somebody tells you that Kundalini can be awakened by generation of heat or stimulation of Mooladhara, Sex, Tantric Intercourse, or any other such technique, DON’T LISTEN TO THAT PERSON. HE/SHE IS A FAKE. If you do continue to practice this, then you would end up having problems:

TRUTH: Only when your body has enough vital energy, Prana enters Sushumna and travels through higher levels of Sushumna.

This is the reason you need to practice celibacy, to conserve enough vital energy for Kundalini Awakening. Celibacy is required for Kundalini/super-conscious awakenings.
The nomenclature and usage of “vital energy” varies according to different people’s interpretation and the context in which it is used. Do not bother about nomenclature, what you need to understand is that a higher power within you is working in its own way. The reason for different interpretations and misinterpretations is because of the following:

Click on the link below to watch the video of an Indian man who can suck water from and blow a balloon with his penis. This is called Vajroli Kriya, the ultimate Kriya or Pranayama in Yoga.  The person in the video is an unsung yogi.



This Kriya has been popularized as a technique leading to Kundalini awakening and super-consciousness, not by the person in the video, but by the fake gurus of the past and the present.

Some people have popularized this Kriya as Sex Kriya, i.e., while having sex, a man sucks up the vital energy from a female partner and transports that vital energy along with his own up his Sahasrara through Sushumna. This is also called Sex/Intercourse without Ejaculation, Kundalini Awakening through Sex, Sex Tantra, Tantric Sex, Sex Yoga, Yogic Sex, Spiritual Sex, Superconsciousness through Sex, Sexual Vajroli Kriya, Sexual Shaktipat, corrupted form of Shiva-Shakti Yoga, imagining man for Shiva and woman for Shakti and Sex for Yoga. This is Kundalini awakening for such ignorant and delusion mongers.

To know about myths about Shaktipat and other meditation myths, click:

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WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

Sexual energy helps in Kundalini awakening.
Sexual energy is the best energy, SO CONSERVE YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY.
Sexual energy is the best medication for your overall well being.
Sexual energy is the food for the nervous system (extreme loss leads to nervous breakdown).

Indulging in too much sex/sexual activities leads to a weak nervous system. Some people become nervous wrecks due to the same. People with weak nervous systems should first give up all sexual activities, do some physical exercises (sports), and strengthen their nervous systems. Only then they should meditate. Otherwise, they will harm themselves physically and mentally.
Glorification of sex, love driven only by sex, too much sexual craving/thoughts may lead to immoral/criminal activities in the long run. That is why pedophilia, homosexuality, child sexual abuse, unnatural sexual habits, too many sexual partners, debauchery, perversion, etc. All this will result in bad karma, hence Kundalini will never awaken in such immoral/criminal people. Such people usually fake Kundalini awakenings and fake to be spiritual.
Some criminals say that children are sexual, hence there is nothing wrong in having sex with them or encouraging them to have sex. Other criminals say pedophilia is a mental disorder, hence pedophiles should not be punished severely. Such criminals should give their children to pedophiles to be abused and ask their children when they grow up if they did the right thing. If such criminals themselves are exploiting their own children, then they should be immediately put behind bars as they have no right to raise children. Some criminals adopt children just to exploit and sexually abuse them.

Some idiots/fakes will say that one can get superconsciousness through sex and sex is divine, which is a BIG LIE. Many gurus who taught this harmful teaching have not had even a single real Kundalini experience and they don't know what divinity is (though they may fake to be Self-realized/God-realized/Messiah/Enlightened or someone beyond all these). LIKE MEETS LIKE or LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE (LAW OF ATTRACTION) – only ignorant/debauched/immoral/lecherous people like and practice such a superconscious-awakening/divine sex teachings. These fake/sadistic gurus very well know that they are lying and are just deluding the ignorant disciples/followers for profit, but since the disciples/followers would not know this, they start believing and following such WEIRD/impractical/harmful teachings with vigor and ultimately end up losing their physical health/mental balance. The disciples/followers will have no clue about what's going wrong and why. Such people would think that their physical and mental problems are due to blocked Kundalini/energy blockage/blocked energy or awakened Kundalini/energy/superconsciousness (the shrewd/cunning guru would have already told them that these problems are the awakening symptoms or the symptoms just before the real awakening). Many disciples/followers of such fake gurus lose their power of discretion, common sense, spirit of enquiry, physical health, mental health, mental equilibrium, and become crazy in the long run.

Many gurus/people teach 2 accurate meditation/energy/Kundalini/spiritual ideas (all copied from the scriptures) and then 2 inaccurate ideas (misunderstood scriptural ideas/cooked up) which you will not know unless you've had Kundalini/meditation experiences.

Some fake gurus will say thinking/visualizing/imagining about sex/sexual acts is meditation. Some say arousing the sexual organ and then meditating on it is also mediation. Some say that if you have an orgasm during meditation, then your Kundalini has awakened or you had super energy awakening. Some say concentrating on the sexual organ is meditation. All such techniques lead to sexual thoughts, sexual desires, arousal, and orgasm eventually......

Achintya Idam said...

TRUTH: SEX ORGAN AROUSAL AND KUNDALINI ENERGY AROUSAL ARE THE OPPOSITES! Orgasm and Kundalini experience are the opposites. Sexual desire/activity and celibacy/continence are the opposites. Spiritual life and worldly life are the opposites. The info here and other's info are the opposites.
Without enough sexual energy, you can meditate all you life (60+ years) without having a real Kundalini experience. PRACTICE CONTINENCE/CONSERVE SOME SEXUAL ENERGY FIRST AND THEN MEDITATE. It's useless to meditate without enough sexual energy.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Kenneth Brent said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kenneth,
Youth who do not have sex until age 30 start acting crazy as they age. There's a proverb in India for such persons, roughly translated, "madness won't go until marriage and you can't get married due to madness" because parents won't give their daughters in marriage to mad men (or men won't marry mad women).

If a person is having side-effects of abstaining from sex to the point of getting crazy or his/her normal life getting affected due to constant/repetitive thinking of sex or getting disturbed to the point of his/her daily activities of living/thinking being adversely affected, then that person should actually have sex with the opposite sex rather than doing it solo. People should train their minds to judge the real worth of sex first. If a person values sex throughout his/her life or even after age 50, then that person is really not fit for meditation/spirituality.

Even transgenders and people with malfunctioning/malformed sexual organs cannot control sexual urges. Mooladhara and the areas near it are highly ever-active.


If you haven't had a real Kundalini experience naturally and effortlessly, then you should exert/make effort to abstain from sex until you start having real meditation experiences.



Read all my posts critically (comparing to the people/scripture you are impressed with/following) once in 7 days for the next 6 months and meditate only when you get a strong urge to meditate. If you start having real meditation experiences as listed in the following post, then you will know the real worth of my posts.

If you don't have real Kundalini experiences, then you will waste your time and effort in proving to me that your heard/read (second-hand) knowledge is correct/better/superior.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

nilesh said...

May be dumb question but i am curious to know that, does your sexual power or interest goes away once your kundalini is awakened? you cant enjoy sex the way you use to do before awekining?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi nilesh,
During initial Kundalini awakening stages, when kundalini rises and drops, you will have hyperactivity of the sexual organ. Your sexual power/interest doubles/triples when Kundalini drops.

Anonymous said...

Pranam Sadhu,
I have been masturbating from 8years. When I was in 14, one guy told me it feels good and Everybody do that.
I started doing. Initially , I felt it is wrong. But once I heard one famous sexologist said in TV that its not at all wrong and you will get fluid and energy I made that as a habit , and started doing once for a 2 days or twice for a day sometimes.I felt like very week(in nerves). But because of that doctor's words I thought it is not because of that. After reading this blog ten days back , I stopped doing that. And reading this blog every day to avoid sexual activity or thought.

So my doubt is, am I lost the opportunity to do spiritual practices, meditation. For me if I practice , good results will come?
Please don't publish this with my name?
Please reply ...

Achintya Idam said...

Anonymous has no name, so don't worry that somebody will know you if I publish your comment.

SEX, SEX, SEX is all everyone is thinking, hence encouraging others and the young generation to indulge in sexual activities. Even gurus (characterless lechers) teach sex to arouse Kundalini. These worst human beings who call themselves gurus say that by indulging in more and more sexual activities, Kundalini gets strengthened/developed and rises to the top of the head/dead end of the head/brahmarandhra/Sahasrara Chakra and then a person becomes all-powerful. Can a person ever develop/strengthen Kundalini?

Indian population exploded because by 14 Indians were married and producing children by the dozens. At least now we have age regulation (18) and contraceptives. Sexual activities at an early age, perverted sex, excessive sexual thoughts/activities result in physical/mental weakening and demoralization of a person/society/nation. A physically/mentally weak and a demoralized person/society/nation can easily be manipulated/ruled over.

This blog is not for people who cannot control their sexual organ/desires. This blog is written for less than 0.0001% of the world's people who can control their sexual organ/desires hence are fit for practicing spirituality. The rest can do whatever they want to do with their sexual organs.

If you have been thinking of/indulging in sexual activities during the day and it has become your habit, then your subconscious also gets filled with sexual thoughts and it indulges in sex during the night/sleep - subconscious masturbation/sex.

Young age is the best suitable age for practicing meditation and spirituality.

Practice celibacy for 5 months and then start meditation.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Keep practicing celibacy. You will not have night pollution.

nilesh said...

Sir I have 2 questions
1) You mentioned Kundalini Rise and Drop, so after kundalini awakening is it possible to be drop again, is it a continuous process?
2) and one personal query, I attracted towards spirituality when i started to get involuntary lucid dreaming also started seeing Demons during sleep paralysis since i was kid, i do meditation and somehow i learnt about kundalini, My friend referred me a Diksha ashrama in Pune, they follows Shri Datta Guru and Nath sampraday Parampara, they ask there disciple to follow some procedures which include 40 days of strictly meditation for 18 min to prepare your body for the high energies before Shaktipat diksha and post diksha to avoid Non Veg, alcohol, tobacco, Ginger/ Garlic in food after Diksha/Shaktipat, now I am little scared of the second part, anyways I am not hardcore non veg lover (eat only it comes in front of me) nor i am alcoholic (occasionally drinker) but it is difficult to think that if I could follow this thing strictly, what if I couldn’t ? does alcohol/nonveg/onion-garlic may affect once post awakening 'Spiritual' life, and Is kundalini awakening not meant for me and I should stay away from it? I find difficult to ask them so asking you :) Thank You

Achintya Idam said...

Hi nilesh,
1. Yes. Samadhi = Kundalini awakening = Kundalini rise = REAL spiritual/meditation experience.
2. Lucid dreaming/astral traveling = nonsense. Shaktipat = nonsense. Neither you nor your guru/ashramites has/have had any spiritual wakening. (period. Be sure about it. Believe it or not!)
Abstinence from alcohol/nonveg means self control. Without self control, nobody can progress spiritually. Those who cannot avoid alcohol/nonveg/bad habits/sex are slaves to senses (taste/touch/arousal), which means that such people are worldly/materialistic/unspiritual. Eating garlic is okay.

MEDITATE ON SILENCE (whether you are fit or not for Kundalini awakening/spirituality).
Shubhamastu = Let Good happen to you!

satya said...

Can kundalini shakti or superconscious state can help to cure incurable diseases like cancer/hiv/hepatitis of awakened person ?

Achintya Idam said...

hi satya,

Princess 696 said...

hi there, I have a few questions:

I started kirya yoga a month ago and I felt what you described: pain on my head during focusing on "third eye and crown chakra" and fortunately I found this I stopped all practice and I'll start the silence suggested method.

However you recommend celibacy during this period, that includes no-masturbation? can you explain exactly what hapenns during sex that is not recommended during meditation? also, can you have sex practices and-or masturbation after you have one or many kundalini true experiences?

thanks a lot

Achintya Idam said...

Hi princess,
First Kundalini awakening is the most difficult thing in spirituality. Without first Kundalini awakening, people never become spiritual and never start their spiritual journey, though they may think they are spiritual. People may think they are spiritual because they are either meditating, following a religion, going to church/mosque/temple/ashrams/himilayas, etc., reading/have read scriptures, running around sadhus/gurus/monks/priests/enlightened people, etc., or becoming monks/sadhu/guru/disciple/chela/cheli, etc. However, in reality, they are neither spiritual nor have started their spiritual journey. Spirituality is about the SPIRIT/Kundalini.

Arousal of sexual organ requires more energy. Similarly, Kundalini arousal (rise) requires more energy. Masturbation/sex leads to loss of energy. Masturbate for 10 times a day and see for yourself how long you can function normally and live healthily. Celibacy (no masturbation/no sex) conserves the energy required for Kundalini rise/arousal. Life is about give and take, gain and loss, action and reaction, this or that, yes or no, stop and start.
Stop sex acts = start Kundalini acts.

"can you have sex practices and-or masturbation after you have one or many kundalini true experiences?" Rather than giving importance to Kundalini awakening, your mind seems to be bothered about sex/masturbation. So impress your mind not to bother if it can masturbate or not after Kundalini awakening. Impress your mind to work toward experiencing a genuine Kundalini awakening first. In some way, the mind is the biggest masturbator. It always schemes to avoid Kundalini awakening.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Manoj said...

I know one of my friend who was into meditation claimed to be awakened, I started seeing some sudden changes in his behavior, he started being alone, then he left his girlfriend, left his 5-figured salary job, then almost left his family and started working in some Guru’s Ashrama as a volunteer, I have seen, heard so many of such examples, why awakening is so creepy and scary? (for me at least),
of course it must be something more blissful than we normal people ever could imagine of, but really is it that blissfulness that people just disowned everything, I mean I am quite aware of Maya, illusion truth and infinite knowledge and things, but still why do people start losing their interest in their family, relations and all other material things?, then what is the logic of taking birth in material world or is it that there ego of being more aware, conscious, superior than normal people make them behave like that?,
‘’why can’t you live and ‘‘REALLY’’ ‘’ENJOY’’ your material life??’’ 😉,
I believe you are awakened, can you please share your experience are you married? living with your family? If yes then do you ENJOY living with your family or JUST LIVING? do you still feel like meet and ENJOY the company of your old friends... Do you feel like watching movies? do ever feel like buying Brand New iPhone... hehe 😊

Princess said...

thank you again for response, I'll start proper meditation and I want to get everything in order to focus only on my inner self and absolute silence (I'll take a few weeks completely off recovering my energy from doing mantras and chakra focusing) will you write more blog entries? all of this is really helpful ♥


Hi Sadhu.
You are suggesting celibacy and vegetarian food.
I understood the importance of celibacy by reading R.W Bernard's book , why you should never masturbate book. Form last 3 months I stopped masturbation and practicing celibacy. I am staying away to films , YouTube etc. I am confident, healthy and happy now. Almost all my physical ailments like stress, weakness, body pains, breathing problems, pimples, backpain,neckpain, shivering, breathing problem are gone. I am playing badminton everyday. I am telling to all my friends how masturbation affects our health and sending books regarding that through social media.

Recently, from 15 days I started doing meditation. During meditation , after sometime , my upper-body is moving front- back, left-right, sometimes like circle. But not much time. 30 or 40 seconds. Stop(gap). And again starting moving.I am knowing that my body is moving. In that gap, my mind sometimes thinking.But sometimes, I am seeing blackness(very thick and intensity). That's very fearful(but I know that from your blog). Whole my head , body full of blackness. But today , full white.
I read your blog in last year( Nov to Feb) all posts , weekly thrice, and stopped. And 4 days back only I read again. My doubt is , are these positive experiences or am I imagining (becuabe I read your blog already)?
How can I know that.?

Yesterday(Sunday) I ate chicken. And had a nightfall(just a sensation, so I woke up to stop). Is it because of non veg. Why one should not eat non veg to get spiritual experiences. How it affects spiritual journey?
Sorry for poor English..

Please , Sadhu help me to know these and reply me.

Achintya Idam said...

Good to hear that you understood the importance of celibacy and are practicing it. Nice to hear that you have started meditation and are experiencing body swaying back-forth, side-side and semi/circling. These movements are due to Kundalini awakening. You are experiencing Kriya Samadhi in which you will have body consciousness, i.e., you will know your body movements. Don't bother about seeing darkness/brightness/visions. Don't get frightened, nothing will happen to you.

No, you are not imagining because you are having involuntary body movements, Kundalini Kriyas.

Two main reasons for avoiding nonveg:
1. Eating nonveg generates excess body heat which makes maintaining celibacy difficult (you've experienced it) which in turn adversely affects spiritual progress.
2. We are what we eat. Animals (pashus) have animal nature (pashutva).

Those who do not want spiritual progress can eat nonveg. The whole world eats.

Only spiritually evolved people will have Kundalini awakening and you are one of them. Since you are having Kundalini awakenings and are in the flow, you should meditate more and more now. You will definitely have more Kundalini experiences.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!


Good morning sadhu.
Today morning I woke up suddenly because of bad dream in which a small girl( like spirit) kicked on my chest. I saw the time, it is 4:30. So I went to bed, not getting sleep. I am trying to sleep. I don't know what happened then. Suddenly I started feeling like I am going to die. At first I thought may be that spirit came and doing this. I am shouting , trying to wake up. Leave me leave me .Calling loudly my friend who is sleeping in same room.trying to move him.trying to throw away my blanket on him so that he will wake up and save me. But no use. I tried praying god Shiva Shiva Shiva. Om namah shivaya etc . But my mouth is not uttering those. And I stopped all those and accepted I am going to die. After some time , i am normal. Everything is normal. I shocked and wake up . Time is 5.50. Tried to recollect what happened, but not everthieve is clearly remembered.

After sometime my friend woke up and asked me are you scared of anything , you were shouting in sleep. I asked what I shouted,how much etc. He said you made different sounds ,like praying. very less time ( 10-15 seconds) that's why I didn't ask you to wake up. I shocked, only 10 seconds... I shouted his name more than 20 times. He didn't respond. I said I got just bad dream.i didn't tell anything about this.
He said he used to get dreams , in which he find himself in graveyard and get scared , trying to wake up, but not possible, at last pray to God. But I didn't get any dream or some body is killing me like etc. Its just happpening.
If it wass happened during meditation , I thought it is meditation experience. But I am not doing meditation,just trying to sleep. But I am sure it's not dream. I never felt this much scare in my life.

I didn't tell my mother yet, if I say she will send me to get talisman.

Thank you Sadhu for your reply. I will stop eating non veg.

Achintya Idam said...

Your friend wouldn't have heard you speaking distinctly. He would have heard you kind of mumble, like "hmmm, mmmm...hmmm...mmmm." Ask your friend to just touch you when this happens again. You will wake up immediately. Never put your hands on your chest while sleeping supine. You can avoid sleeping supine for sometime. Whenever you experience such things, don't concentrate on what you are seeing but put all efforts to move your eyes, little fingers until you wake up.

If you are scared to sleep after such an experience, then clench your fist (place your thumbs between middle and ring fingers) and sleep. If you do this, such experiences will not repeat.

This is a not meditation experience.

Medical researchers call this condition as Sleep paralysis with hypnopompic hallucinations, in which a person will not be able to speak or move his body/body parts and hallucinates about ghost, demon, spirits etc. They say that sleep paralysis is caused by some neurochemicals/neurotransmitters during REM sleep. They are establishing this as a medical condition so that they can invent some drugs to treat it and get Nobel prize for their efforts. You can google "sleep paralysis ghosts" and find out what medical researchers think and what cultures around the world think of such experiences.

As many people are faking out of body experiences and astral traveling/projection, researchers are theorizing that these are also due to "sleep paralysis with hypnopompic hallucinations." Your experience however was neither a bad dream/nightmare nor a hypopompic hallucination. It is due to spirituality.

Do not worry about your experience. No harm will come to you and you will definitely not die :) Such experiences are an opportunity for you to get rid of fear. Talisman is not required :) Getting rid of all kinds of fears is very important in spirituality.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!


Hi Sadhu
Today morning I did meditation. After some time , swaying started. After some time , sudden movements like jerks started in my leg( near thighs) and stopped.i sit straight. Small shivering started on back. And shaking started in legs , back, head , hands , fingers , whole body. I am unable to stop . My legs ( kness) raising and hitting floor. I sit in cross legged position ( right leg on left leg)…shaking increased, and stopped. After sometime again started. And stopped. I didn't get any fear. Even i felt I should meditate more time. Today I sat in meditation more than one hour.

But ,I am knowing those movements, jerks. Even out side sounds like vehicle horn, door opening sounds are audible to me. During meditation , some times my mind is thinking. I thought during meditation, our mind stops completely.

After meditation , no jerks , no shivering. I am perfectly ok. I am feeling silence . ( may be because of I am in library now). My behaviour , everything is same. But because of sleep disturbance in yesterday s night , feeling something like headache.

Thank you.

Achintya Idam said...

In Kriya Samadhi, which you are experiencing (jerks/shakes), you will be aware of your body and surroundings (horn, door opening, etc). You will be able to think also. Kriya Samadhi is due to movement of Kundalini energy into your spiritual nervous system or spiritual nadis. Kriya Samadhi will awaken your spiritual self.

In Jnana Samadhi, for example visions, you will not have any body consciousness and you will not be able to think anything apart from your experience, i.e., you will only be aware of the current experience (vision). The moment other thoughts come, Samadhi will be broken. Once Samadhi is broken, you will get your body consciousness back and then you will realize that you had been meditating and that the vision was a meditation/spiritual/Kundalini/Samadhi experience.

Once the Kundalini experience is over, you will be back to your normal self. No great changes take place. Also, there won't be any adverse physical or mental effects.

Your headache is due to the last night's disturbed sleep and too much thinking about the scary episode. Take good care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, and meditate more. Also take care of your day to day activities. Don't get scared of ghosts or spirits. They can't harm you.

Meditate in a sitting position as long as you can, and whenever you feel discomfort, lie down supine and meditate. You can use a small soft pillow while meditating in the sleeping position.

I am really very happy that within a short span of time, you awakened your Kundalini. If people get rid of fake gurus and their stupid spiritual teachings/dangerous meditation techniques, practice celibacy and silent meditation as you have done, then they can definitely awaken their Kundalini within 3-6 months.