May 06, 2016

Hallucination, Imagination, and Real Meditation/Kundalini Experiences; Re-Living and Relieving Process; God or Divine Intoxication, Differences Between Hallucinations and Meditation Experiences


Meditation is silencing the mind. When you achieve silence during meditation, Kundalini rises or Prana enters sushumna. This is when you will have a real meditation experience. Read the following link first to know about the real and true meditation/Kundalini experiences:

Meditation experiences happen only during meditation. If you are having any of the above experiences when not meditating, then your experiences are imaginations, which if not checked may lead to hallucination and other mental disorders.

My meditation experiences relevant to this post:

  • I had visions of Gods, Goddesses, Divine Forms of various sizes, usually huge. The vision will be so intense that you would feel light itself has taken the form of a God or Goddess.
  • I had visions of a face, a head without the torso, of a God/Goddess/Deity or Divine Form – usually huge.
  • Without any will or intention, I started crying (only once), laughing, smiling, speaking unintelligibly (glossolalia) and started exhibiting other emotions (a couple of times) during meditation.
  • I saw very queer, strange-looking, terrible and frightening forms.
Following are the differences between Imagination/Hallucination and Kundalini/Meditation Experiences:

Imagination/Hallucination: You are seeing or hearing something which others can't when you are:
  • fully aware/conscious and have control of your body, senses, and mind during meditation,
  • fully awake when not meditating,
  • having the same experiences (repetition) not only during and but also after meditation.
Kundalini/Meditation Experience: Vision and hearing Kundalini experiences happen only during Nirvikalpa/Jnana Samadhi (deep meditative super-conscious state). You will not have physical body consciousness and awareness of your surroundings. You will not even know that you are meditating. Only after the intense experience/Samadhi is over will you realize that you had been meditating. Visions in meditation are not ordinary sights. Visions will be very intense/clearer than the sights which you see while wide awake.

 When crying, laughing, or other emotional outbursts, you become unstoppable. You will recollect as many cryable or laughable incidents or repeatedly come back to the same incident to cry or laugh more. These activities keep on repeating.
Kundalini/Meditation Experience:
 As soon as you know you are either crying or laughing, you will wake up from meditation. You may have a faint recollection of your actions. Continuous or repetitive crying or laughing does not happen in meditation.

 You will have the same experiences during meditation and also after meditation, when you are not meditating, or when you are wide awake.
Kundalini/Meditation: You will never have a meditation experience without meditating or when wide awake.

 The same or similar vision, sound, feeling, or experience keeps on repeating frequently during meditation and/or after meditation.
Kundalini/Meditation: Only the experiences listed under Body Movements, such as jerks, jolts, body shaking, etc., and the Supreme Sound will keep on repeating only during meditation. These experiences will make you lose control of your body and thoughts. Other visions and revelations don’t repeat. Some experiences will repeat twice or thrice, maximum. You will not have any of these experiences when you are not meditating.

 You will see or hear a supernatural phenomenon, vision, voice or sound with your physical eyes or ears.
Kundalini/Meditation: You will not see or hear any supernatural phenomenon, vision, voice or sound with your physical eyes or ears.

Warning: If you experience any phenomenon like seeing a light or figure or hearing something (voice/sound) all the time during meditation or when not meditating, losing appetite or sleep, always analyzing some spiritual truth or point that you heard or read, always trying to prove your point, thinking that you know everything, etc., then know for sure you are going to have a problem. These are sure signs that you are going to damage yourself physically and mentally. When such things happen, you need to stop meditating for a couple of months and be in the company of people who are not spiritual so that you can lead a normal life without either being spiritual or meditating. Thinking too much about being spiritual is a big problem.

Same repetitive Body sensations during meditation, after meditation, when wide awake, and when not meditating:
If you have any body sensations, pulsation, vibration, swirling, twirling, something like air/worm moving in any body area/cavity even after meditation, when wide awake, when not meditating, whenever you meditate, repeating many times during meditation and also not when meditating, then these are unnatural sensations which may lead to medical conditions/problems in the future. STOP WHATEVER MEDITATION PRACTICE YOU ARE DOING. Such signs/symptoms cannot be diagnosed by the doctors, so they end up calling all these as Kundalini Symptoms or they may misdiagnose and start treating you with unnecessary medication.

Some Gurus have told that when your head starts spinning, know for sure your Kundalini has awakened. This is not Kundalini awakening; this is vertigo, dysequilibrium, giddiness, dizziness, or other abnormal condition due to concentrating/focusing on Ajna Chakra, Sahasrara, Ears, Tip of the Nose, Breath, Breathing Technique, etc.

Some Gurus tell that whenever there is pain or pressure in between eyes, forehead, Ajna Chakra, your Kundalini is about to awaken or your Kundalini is cleansing/purifying/clearing the Ajna Chakra. They say that you have some blockage in your Ajna Chakra which is the reason why you are experiencing pain. This is a lie. If you continue concentrating on Ajna Chakra despite pain, pressure, vibration, pulsation, etc., you will end up having chronic migraine headaches, syncope, loss of consciousness, dizziness, giddiness, nervous disorders, brain problems, etc.

Some Gurus say since your Naadis, nerves, are getting cleansed you are experiencing some unnatural sensations in your veins/nerves/pulses/Chakra locations. This again is a lie. You will end up having hypertension and other nervous disorders. Give up all such practices.
Repeatedly Hearing Voices or Repeatedly Having Vision of Gods, :
During meditation, a stage comes when the mind starts looking at itself. This is called a Re-Living and Relieving Stage/Process.

So many Great Gurus have told that when you start hearing ringing of bells, you have progressed in meditation because your God/Goddess is pleased with you. They have said that the ringing in the ears is the ringing of the temple bells of your God/Goddess signifying the God's or Goddess's great arrival. The Gurus have also said that if you hear some whooshing, buzzing, or humming sound through your ears, you have progressed in meditation and are hearing the Anahata Shabda/Naada (Om/Aum). In reality, this is a dangerous sign that you are progressing toward developing tinnitus, a medical condition which can become chronic. Give up all practices to hear any divine sound through your ears. You will damage your ears permanently. To know how Anahata Naada sounds, click:

Some people start misinterpreting or misconceiving visions of God as God-realization.  They do not know that such visions are due to Re-living and Relieving of the Vasanas and Samskaras of the mind.

Certain people think that seeing such God/divine visions continuously means Jivanmukti (Liberation), Moksha, Enlightenment, goal of spirituality and religion, etc.  Therefore, they start yearning for more visions. They start seeing more visions, they yearn for more and more, they see more and more visions, more and more and more yearning, more and more and more visions…..

Finally, they will reach a point where without meditation, when they are wide awake, they start seeing their beloved God/Divine Form; then this Form starts talking, guiding in Sadhana, assisting in their daily chores, etc. During waking state, they may start crying, laughing, smiling, dancing, or talking intelligibly or unintelligibly with this divine form. They may also have a lengthy conversation with this divine form. By this time, they would have lost normal sleep. They would have advanced to a stage where without any meditation they would see this Divine Form everywhere, at will.  This is called God intoxication or Divine Intoxication. Avoid God realization and do not practice God/Divine Intoxication. All fakes are God-realized.

In reality, you will have a few visions of the divine forms as a Reliving and Relieving Process. If you crave or want to have repeat of such visions, then they will appear again and again; otherwise, they will totally disappear after a couple of experiences. If such visions do not repeat, then it means that you have crossed the dangerous stage of delusions and hallucinations in meditation (Bhranti Darshana).

 You live and experience a reality based on and limited to the conception and perception of that reality. Quantum physics?

You will hallucinate with drugs. It doesn’t mean you have awakened your Kundalini. It means you need to stop taking drugs.

WARNING: Never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional); if you do, you will suffer your entire life.  A BHRAMjnaani surely will make serious practitioners hallucinate.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure that you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Jack Taylor said...

Hey so you told me to comment on your blog as I have been having physical sensations during meditation such as my head tilting backward and hands moving up my legs both of which not in my control

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jack,
Check Andre's comments in the following link. He also had the same head tilting backward experience, he called it arching.

Real meditation/Kundalini experiences are here (These may be just 2% of what I have experienced):


Any other queries let me know.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Prabhakar Chandra said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Prabhakar,
You had already commented before, and I did not publish your comment because you were faking. You seem to have not changed at all. Keep reading my blog until you get rid of the delusions that are being spread by Kriya gurus, especially South Indian Kriya gurus.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Hearing sounds, hearing voices during meditation and when not meditating:
Meditating to hear a sound with the ear/s will initially lead to hearing of some vague sounds and then some wind blowing, beeping, buzzing, humming, whooshing, ringing of bells, etc. With continued practice, you will start hearing such sounds all the time; IT IS TINNITUS (a chronic/lifelong medical condition) and not a meditation/spiritual/OM experience. You may also experience that you are not hearing such sounds through your ears but you are hearing them through your mind. It all means one and the same - You are going to damage your inner ears and have tinnitus or other ear problems like vertigo, dysequilibrium, loss of balance and frequent falls, and other ear problems.

If you are hearing divine or other voices during meditation with your PHYSICAL EARS
(which others can't), INSIDE YOUR MIND, or WITHOUT SAMADHI/Kundalini awakening, then you are hallucinating and may end up with psychiatric disorders.

When not meditating or when wide awake, if you are hearing divine or other voices which others can't hear, then it is 100% hallucination. If you are having such hallucinations, you should give up meditation for a minimum of 6 months and make sure you have sound sleep of 7-8 hours a night. If such voices are repeating and disturbing your daily activities or sleep, then you should immediately seek the help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Auditory/visual hallucinations are indications of underlying serious psychiatric illnesses/disorders. As soon as you are having hallucinations, you should immediately seek psychiatric help to avoid dangerous chronic/lifelong psychiatric/mental disorders.


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Johnson Kate,
So you are a spammer peddling lies about herbs that cure tinnitus, directing me to blogs. I promptly deleted your comment.

In a way, it's ok for educated Indian gurus to encourage un-spiritual Westerners to meditate. Generally speaking, Westerners basically are body worshipers with animal instincts — live as long as possible to enjoy sensual pleasures as much as possible. Live in the moment for sensual enjoyment.
For them, Happiness = physical enjoyment = happiness.
Their purpose and goal of life seems to be sensual pleasures and enjoyments. Live in the present and enjoy!
Nevertheless, I appreciate them because they have started taking religion out of their lives. However, I would appreciate them if they bring in spirituality in their lives.

Westerners will follow a guru/person only if he/she says that practicing meditation and spirituality gives a lot of physical/mental benefits. They also want meditation and spirituality to be explained in relation to science with scientific terms. They have bloated egos because their countries are rich and advanced. If you do some research about their wealth, you will know it's not their own.

They believe in pseudo-intellectualism and will follow a guru only if he/she uses certain words/jargon/philosophy/funda/language/terminology/mumbo-jumbo that convinces or confuses them. No wonder they will follow gurus who talk about new-age movement/meditation, holistic-healing meditation, DNA/RNA altering/repairing/upgrading/transforming/curing/ telomeres- affecting (anti-aging enzyme) meditation, life-transforming meditation, pseudoscience, evolutionary biology, quantum stuffs, universal consciousness, alternative medicine, etc.
They like to hear something like this: "Consciousness may exist in photons." "The moon exists in consciousness. No consciousness, no moon." :)

To encourage people to meditate, I have also written about DNA in the following post:

So in a way, I it's ok for educated Indian gurus to encourage un-spiritual Westerners to meditate. People who encourage others to practice harmless meditations are also ok. Even if the guru says that meditation (harmless) gives a lot of physical/mental benefits, it is ok. However, gurus/people who encourage others to practice dangerous meditations are BAD.

Any meditation technique that leads to or has the potential to lead to physical and mental trauma, signs and symptoms of physical and mental medical conditions, auditory and visual hallucinations, pseudo-mental states, ego massage, bloating of ego, imaginary physical and mental states, placebo effects, and other side effects are dangerous. Meditation techniques that adversely affect your normal sleep, normal and rational thinking, and normal daily activities are bad and dangerous.


You are born to die, and the duration of your life will be equal to the number of breaths you are allowed/destined to take. Your life ends once you have finished your quota of breathing. Can you believe it?

Food for thought: Is there a cure for death?


Achintya Idam said...


Charvaka Samhita:
Since we are talking about Westerners, living in the present to enjoy sensual pleasures to be happy, let me write a little about a Group of Enlightened Beings (!) who belonged to Charvaka Philosophy (Materialism), whose core beliefs are as follows:

There's no Creator/God. Nobody created the cosmos/cosmic order and nobody develops/manages/runs/controls/alters/destroys it. It's all a natural phenomenon.

Why is there heat in fire? Because it's natural/inherent characteristic of fire.
Why does peacock dance? Because it's natural/innate behavior of the peacock.
Why is sugarcane sweet? Why is lemon bitter? Why is a rose beautiful? Why is a thorn sharp?

Only this life is real. Next life/rebirth/reincarnation is fake/lies. Only this world is real. Other worlds (heaven/hell/other planes of existence) are fake. Nobody comes from anywhere and nobody goes to anywhere (other worlds/planes).

This present life/body-mind complex is all that we have. This life is everything and all-important. Since this life is everything, why do you want to suffer in this life? Enjoy and be happy. Even if you have to take loans to enjoy/be happy, take it (don't bother if you can repay it or not).

This body will turn into ashes (due to cremation after death), it will not come back to life, and you will never come to this world again. Therefore as long as you live, enjoy your life and live happily by hook or by crook.

Indulge in all kinds of sensual, physical and mental enjoyments/pleasures as quickly as possible and as much as possible.

Drink and make merry. Drink again and again until you fall to the ground and become unconscious. When you regain your consciousness, drink again. By such a noble act, you will attain Moksha/Mukti/Liberation/Enlightenment/Nirvana/Self-Knowledge/Self-Realization.

Religions are utter nonsense. Whoever wrote Vedas (or any other religious scriptures) are cunning, mischievous, hypocritical rascals, rogues, fraudsters, and nocturnal beings (those who eat and roam around in the night, demons) who use mumbo-jumbo, gibberish, superfluous and nonsensical language.

Vedic priests used to sacrifice animals during Vedic rituals. Whoever organizes/pays for such a ritual is called yajamana or performer. Such rituals are performed for some benefit of the performer. There was a belief that the animal sacrificed in such rituals would go to heaven, hence it is no sin to sacrifice animals. Charavaka used to say if that is so, then why doesn't the yajamana/performer sacrifice his father? By doing so, his father would be the most fortunate to straightaway go to heaven.

Nobody knows if Charvaka ever existed. Some people think it is just some nonexistent written material to denounce ancient scriptures. Many people criticize Charavaka, but many people also praise Charvaka or follow Charvaka philosophy. Many "live in the present" meditations/spiritual ideas/practices seem to have been taken from Charvaka. Most people knowingly or unknowingly are Charvakas. Many countries' governments run on loans; many are under huge debts. Majority of citizens of some countries follow Charvaka, living on credit cards/loans. Many people will never get spiritual; they will just be Charvaka. Many religions teach Charavaka philosophy of only this present life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

i42 silver said...

Hello Achintya,

2 years ago I started meditation, meditate about half hour to 1 hour in a session but stop practicing it after 2 months. I think I know the SILENCE that you are describing, it is the state when you are entering sleep but you try to hold your mind from going to sleep. This is also the period where I used to have a vision that is full of yellow colour. Usually this vision last for a few seconds. This vision will disappear the moment I start to think or when I try to analyse it. I usually get very excited whenever I'm in this state because the vision is a very new experience to me and every time when I get excited the yellow vision will disappear. During the course of 2 months meditation, I had a few times of this experience.

Is this yellow vision a spiritual experience or hallucination? If it's a spiritual experience, what does it signify?


Achintya Idam said...

Hi silver,
It signifies nothing.
Check this comment in post

Google - "seeing colors with closed eyes" - and understand rods and cones, phosphenes, biophotons, floaters, etc.
When you close your eyes, usually you should first see some brightness/colors and then darkness, but if you are seeing a moving super black spot (like the black hole) in this darkness, then do the following:
1. Open your eyes when you see the black spot. Look left, right, up, down for 2 minutes and then meditate. Repeat this until you see no more special dark spot.
2. When there is darkness outside, make your meditation place pitch dark. Open (half/full) your eyes and concentrate on the darkness. You may start seeing some light spot (white/yellow). Concentrate on this also. Move your eyes, left, right, up, down and keep concentrating on the dark/light spot as the case may be. Do this until your eyes get tired. When you realize watching a dark/black or light spot is a tiresome activity, close your eyes and meditate on silence without bothering about what you see—darkness or light/brightness.
Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya

I have been practicing inner sound mediation and i have got some positive results as well like calmness of mind. I have heard that when kundalini awakens you can see the thoughts of other people, you can change your reality. You can also see the things or blocks which are impossible to see by the limitation of human body and clear that blocks by the power of your consciousness. Once the kundalini awakens it is said that the psychic power are developed and you can alter someones reality for welfare. Have you experienced these
Since last few days i was deciding to switch over to Mirror meditation or candle meditation as these practices are known to develop superhuman abilities.Would you recommend it? Because since last few months i am stucked in a situation that can be only solved by such kind of powers.
Please reply

Achintya Idam said...

With inner sound meditation, you will develop tinnitus. With heartfulness meditation or trying to hear your heartbeat, you will develop hypertension and other heart related problems.


Ankush Jani said...

I m hearing sounds through my ears( inside). I m hearing these sounds for 5 years. Back then i didn't even what r these sounds nd what is meditation,i knew nothing. But it's just 1 year ago i came to know what r these sounds nd what is meditation. So r u saying that i m damaging myself even i didn't tried for 4 years ? And other thing is, i can't help it, its just coming on its own, i can't make it to come through my chest,so what can i do now? Plz help me. Nd sorry for any mistakes my eng is not that good. M waiting for ur answer

Anonymous said...

Kindly simplify this for me.

What types of meditation are safe to do? Just silent ones that focus on the breath? Are there any subtypes of this type to be avoided?

Are any guided meditations safe?

Thank you.

I had a very bad experience after a few Kundalini Yoga classes involving bad migraine like headaches, feeling dizzy, irritable and very overheated. I never had that happen with other yoga classes.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ankush,
Get medical help.

Ankur Singh said...

@Achintya Idam What are your views on VIPASSANA MEDITATION (I am a biggner).i read your blog though u mentioned the solution to diifferent problem. it would be really helpful if u post how to do the actual meditation (that you have followed or u feel legit).
Eagerly waiting for ur reply

Achintya Idam said...

Sahil kohli said...

Hey Achintya, first of all thanks a lot for such blogs which help us to stay from fake spiritual teachers...
My question is, I feel something in my head, like a pressure or some kind of void.. Its a bit painful and very irritating and disturbing... I was doing some breathing meditation and yoga with the help of online sources which i have stopped.. What should be my next step?? I wan to get rid of this irritation in my head...

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sahil,
Everybody will get head pressure, headache, abnormal head sensations due to wrong meditation techniques. Your question has been answered in some posts' comment sections. Please go through the entire blog (27 posts).
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!