May 06, 2016

Dhyana Or Meditation Techniques, Silence Yoga, Mouna Yoga, Stages In Meditation; Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, and Samadhi Process; Different types of Samadhis

Q: What is meditation? What are the stages in meditation? Are there any different techniques?
A: Mouna! Just be quiet, still, or silent!
"In Silence, Know the Knower."
"In Silence, Know Thyself"
"In Silence, The Supreme Sound is Heard."
"Be still and know that I am (Aham is/Supreme Sound/Self is) God."

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A) Twilight Consciousness or Absolute Silence: This stage is similar to the one when you are going from wakefulness to sleep or arising from sleep to wakefulness--the intervening state. This is a brief state of indescribable silence as there are no other thoughts apart from just awareness. You can remember it only when you are out of it. This state does not last longer, either you progress to the next stage, come back to the thinking state when you started meditation, or go to sleep. People get frightened at this stage as the mind starts getting concentrated/focused/silent.

B) Takeover or LetGo: This is a stage when the higher Power/a powerful force in you awakens and takes over the control of your body, in which you will have glimpses of the inner Reality. In other words, Prana enters Sushumna or Kundalini awakens. This happens very quickly and the meditator progresses to the next step in a fraction of a second.

C) Intense Spiritual Experience or Samadhi (Sambodhi): This is the stage when you are experiencing something which you had never experienced before. The experiences will be very, very intense. During these experiences, you will be aware of only the experience, and after the experience, you will find yourself to be meditating. However, based on the type of experience (e.g., jerks, jolts, body shakes, etc. ), you may regain your body consciousness and become aware of yourself and the surroundings.

You will experience one of the 2 types of Intense Spiritual Experiences/Samadhis:

1. Jnana Samadhi: Intense Experiences giving an insight and knowledge into your true/real/higher/spiritual nature and the true cosmic nature/cosmic reality.

Jnana Samadhi is also called Nirvikalpa/Nirvichara/Nirvitarka/Asamprajnata Samadhi, etc. These experiences/Samadhis give you true/real SPIRITual knowledge. These Samadhis help you get a direct experiential knowledge about your real Self, Spirit, Soul, Atma, etc. In these experiences, you will not have body consciousness.

In Jnana Samadhi, your spiritual body/senses/mind/consciousness are awakened and start functioning. It is a myth that people with one Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience get enlightened. It is a myth that people can get enlightened instantly with one Kundalini awakening/Samadhi. So if you come across any guru/person who says he/she got enlightened with one experience (usually a long experience, with a variety of twists and enlightening insights/knowledge, seeing and talking to God, with secrets revealed by some divine being/guru, becoming the cosmos/everyone/everything, met God who granted some miraculous powers, etc), that guru/person is #1 FAKE or a Good Hallucinator.

2. Kriya Samadhi: Intense Spiritual Experiences giving an insight into and knowledge about your spiritual nervous system, spiritual nerve currents, awakening of your spiritual body, workings of Kundalini and Prana and their functions, etc.

Kriya Samadhi is also called Savikalpa/Savichara/Savitarka/Samprajnata Samadhi, etc. 
These experiences/Samadhis will start the process of loosening the knots of the spiritual heart:

These Samadhis will strengthen your spiritual nervous system and start awakening your spiritual body. In these experiences, you will regain your body consciousness (because you would have gone into a momentary Absolute Silence mode) due to body movements, jerks, shakes, and other Kundalini Kriyas (pranayama, bandha, asana, etc).

During Kriya Samadhi, your body starts performing Kriyas (yogic asana/pranayama and other physical and breathing activities) spontaneously/involuntarily/uncontrollably/without your will. These kriyas are called Kunalini Kriyas/Shakti Kriyas (activities of Kundalini Shakti) or Swabhavika Kriyas/Sahaja Kriyas (natural activities of Kundalini Shakti). Most meditators/spiritual people will have their first REAL Kundalini awakening with a Kriya Samadhi.

If such Kriyas are lesser than 5 seconds or so, then you may not be able to control them, but if they are of longer duration, then you will be able to control them over a period of time. The intensity of these Kriyas will lessen after a couple of experiences. Many Kriyas will stop.

The Kriya Samadhi can happen anytime in the beginning, even when not meditating. This is because as soon as you achieve a momentary silence anytime, you will experience them (when you are relaxing, when you are going to sleep, when you are sitting and travelling, etc.).

Kriya Samadhis are not physical symptoms like tremors, which are due to nervous weakness and neurological conditions. Only ignorant people will think that these are due to underlying medical condition. Difference between shaking/tremors/convulsion/seizure and Kundalini experiences are mentioned in the comment section of the following link:

As I said, only ignorant people will take shaking, jerks, and other Kriya Samadhi experiences as medical symptoms (tremors, etc) and start thinking that there's something wrong with them and start seeking advice from fake Kriya gurus, fake meditation/spiritual teachers, money-making Kundalini/Chakra/Shaktipat/Pranic/Energy fake healers/QUACKS, ignorant/deluded internet forum advisors/experts, or medical service providers.

I have seen real Kundalini awakened people asking ignorant gurus/internet forum advsiors/experts (who have never had/will never have a real Kundalini awakeningquestions about their real Kundalini experiences and getting nonsense answers/advice.

Secret: Samadhi (unconscious/breathless) happening for hours, days, months, years is a MYTH. Samadhi doesn't mean sitting like a stone, deadwood, crocodile, chameleon, etc.  There will be storm (1000s of Kundalini awakenings/Samadhis) before the calm (Enlightenment, Self-realization, Loosening of all the knots of the spiritual heart).

[NOTE: There are no stages in Samadhi. You can have Kriya Samadhi today, Jnana Samadhi tomorrow, Kriya Samadhi day after tomorrow. THE OBJECTIVE OF ALL SAMADHIS/KUNDALINI AWAKENINGS IS TO LOOSEN THE KNOTS OF THE SPIRITUAL HEART. The link to spiritual heart and heart knots is given above.]

Warning: Nowadays, Sahaja Samadhi has become famous. People/gurus will say that they are always in Sahaja Samadhi (Pure state, BE state, I AM state, I am I AM, BEING/JUST BE, living in the present, and other nonsense state). Getting into Samadhi at will or naturally without one's will due to Kundalini awakening is called Sahaja Samadhi. Any Kriya Samadhi/Jnana Samadhi without meditating is also Sahaja Samadhi.

After loosening all the knots of the spiritual heart (result of 1000s of Kundalini awakenings), slipping into Jnana Samahi (no-body consciousness state) naturally/at will/without one's will is also called as Sahaja Samadhi.

ANY GURU/PERSON THAT SAYS HE IS IN SAHAJA SAMADHI IS A FAKE. In Samadhi, you can't talk or walk. Only when Kundalini drops/Samadhi ends, you can talk or walk.


Q: Which is the best meditation technique?
A: After following a number of meditation practices and having had many experiences, I have realized that a single meditation technique cannot suit all; one size can't fit all, all the time. It would be a folly to say that a particular technique is best for all. There is no point in listing meditation techniques that can give you an experience, but whatever technique you are following should lead to these 3 stages:
1. Twilight Consciousness or Absolute Silence,
2. Takeover or LetGo, and
3. Intense Spiritual Experience or Samadhi.

The Samadhi/Intense Spiritual Experiences should be similar to one of these:

Q: How do I know that I am progressing in meditation?
A: No matter what type of meditation technique you practice, whether you really meditated or not or whether you are progressing in your spiritual practice (Sadhana) or not will be known by the experiences you will have in meditation. In fact, meditation cannot be done, it should happen. Your effort ends in stilling the mind or emptying the mind of all thoughts and then you just have to wait in silence for awakening of the higher Power. If you have had any meditation/Kundalini experiences listed in the above link, then know for sure you have progressed/progressing in meditation.

Q: Which Meditation technique do you practice and why?
A: I practice Silence because silence is the first stage as listed above in the meditation process that everyone has to go through for a spiritual awakening. Silence is the simplest, easiest, and the best method which gives no side effects and has no dangers involved.

Silence needs no effort—it is only activities that need effort.

Silence has no reaction because there is no action; action has reaction. SILENCE GIVES NO KARMIC REACTION.

To succeed in spirituality, one should "take the opposite route" (Vipareeta Bhaavana). All the time, a person is indulged in physical and/or mental activities. It is only SILENCE that is the opposite of any activity. When Kundalini is sleeping, there are no spiritual experiences. When Kundalini awakens, there are spiritual experiences. These are the opposites. When Kundalini is sleeping, you are able to do all your activities, but when Kundalini awakens, Kundalini will do all the activities and you will just be a witness to its activities.

Matter is gross and spirit/consciousness is subtle. These are the opposites. The gross outer world is experienced through the active physical body, senses, and mind. The subtle inner world is experienced through Pure Mind or Chit (consciousness) when the body, senses and mind are inactive/silent.

During meditation, when all the physical and mental activities become SILENT, the spiritual and super-conscious activities begin.

Speech (activity) is Silvern, Silence is Golden.

Q: How exactly can I know what Absolute Silence is?
A: Before going to actual sleep in the night or anytime, observe how you are going to sleep. It is your activity every night, again and again for many years. It is your routine every night. So it must be easier to observe your sleeping process. If you do this, you will realize that you indeed have to go through a brief period of Absolute Silence before you sleep. This is the SILENCE which you have to practice during meditation for Kunalini/Spiritual awakening or Samadhi.

Q: If I practice this, won't I lose my sleep by just thinking or observing?
A: It is the technique I follow sometimes. Of course, it should not be done every night as a meditation practice. I do this when I am very tired and am going to fall dead asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

Do not practice this seriously to the point of losing sleep over it. In meditation, always meditate casually, without being too serious about it. You need to casually observe the sleeping process and not with the intention of having Self-realization instantly. Over-observation/over-focusing/over-concentration/mental over-activity/hyper-thinking and losing sleep due to such activities/meditations may cause obsessive compulsive disorder and other psychological/psychiatric problems.

Q: Any other tips?

A: When you are sitting and meditating, try to sleep in meditation (of course without sleeping) or remember your sleep state. This would make the mind a little silent because of the habit of the mind. Remembering sleep leads to silence. Silence (without sleeping) leads to spiritual experience. Self-realization, after all, is remembering your true nature (of course not by thinking or your intelligence but through direct Samadhi experience).

If you still cannot be silent, then does feeling the breath on your upper lip and imitating sleep make you silent? If yes, you can do it but keep in mind that your objective is not to feel the breath or sleep but TO BECOME SILENT.

Without SILENCE, you cannot progress in meditation or spirituality. Meditation is cessation of physical and mental activities, and spirituality is knowing directly your spiritual existence through direct meditation/Kundalini experiences.

Every individual is unique, and you need to devise your own methods and means to achieve SILENCE during meditation for spiritual awakening, making sure that such technique does not harm you either physically or mentally.

If you cannot be silent even after trying your best, then find out what are those thoughts that do not allow you to be silent. Take care of/fix such disturbing thoughts and their causes. The thoughts that come to your mind when you try to be silent are due to your Vasanas and Samskaras (physical and mental conditioning, habits and tendencies), which reveal a lot about how you lived, how you are living, and where you will end up if you continued to live the way you lived and you are living.

When practicing meditation and spirituality, you need to lessen your physical and mental activities as much as possible during your waking period.

Moderate nutritious vegetarian food, good sleep, no sex (at least during meditation/spiritual Sadhana/practice until you experience a single meditation/Kundalini experience), peaceful activities of daily living, harmonious relationships with people and the environment, coming to terms with your past and the present, etc., during your spiritual practice will help you gain mental calmness, which in turn will result in silent meditation, consequently raising your Kundalini, ending in an intense spiritual experience/Samadhi—this will be the beginning of a spiritual life.

You need not necessarily follow one type of meditation technique all the time. According to your mood, surrounding, and circumstances, you can practice different types, again the objective being silencing your mind to have an Intense spiritual experience.

There is no harm in silence. IT IS JUST THAT THE MIND DOES NOT WANT TO BE SILENT. Silence is the mind's enemy.

Everything will be difficult initially, but that's life!

Caution: If you feel any of the instruction above is adversely affecting you, then do not follow it. Devise your own technique. One must follow a meditation technique that is best suited for his/her body and temperament keeping in mind that Silence is a stage (however brief) that one has to go through to have real meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences. There is nothing called The Best Meditation Technique or an Universal Meditation Technique.

Words of a Jnaani:
Bhaav bina Bhakti nahi
Bhakti bina Dhyan nahi
Dhyan bina Gyan nahi
Translation: Without a spiritually-inclined mind, you cannot have devotion/dedication toward spirituality.
Without devotion/dedication toward spirituality, you cannot do spiritual meditation.
Without spiritual meditation, you cannot have spiritual experiences which lead to Self-realization.

When a person is interested/indulging in enjoying the worldly objects, pleasures, achievements, ego satisfaction (kama-kanchana-kirti), Kundalini will be looking downward or sleeping. However, when the person gets disinterested in them (worldly objects, pleasures, etc., detached from worldly affairs) for a longer period of time and practices meditation, then Kundalini will surely awaken/start looking upward giving real spiritual/meditation/Kundalini experiences.

"Know Thyself and All Else Will Reveal Itself."

To know why people do not know what Absolute Silence, LetGo, or Samadhi is or to know why people do not progress in meditation or have meditation experiences, click:

For dangers involved in dangerous meditation techniques, click:

To know about myths surrounding Kundalini and what Kundalini is, click:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

Meaning of Dhyana or meditation:

Dhi = Thought/intellect/intelligence
Yana = Vehicle/mode/method of arriving or going, journey/travel/marching toward/forward (in spirituality transcending)

Dhi + Yana = Dhyana. Transcending thought/mind/intellect/intelligence is Dhyana.
The journey beyond the mind and intellect is Dhyana.

When you achieve Dhayna or transcend the activities of the mind/intellect, you will experience a momentary Mouna (silence) or Swabhavika Kumbhaka (natural cessation of breath), or you will momentarily become Amanaska (without the activities of the mind/intellect).

Practice Mouna Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, or Amanaska Yoga because these will result in Samadhi (intense spiritual experience). The following are some Samadhi experiences:

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Shashikant said...

Hi Sir,
I am a spiritual enthusiast. I want to practice Dhyana for the sole purpose of self realization or self awareness. I want your advice regarding Dhyana.
1. I am trying to practice silence meditation as told by you and in addition to this, I thought that, while meditating, feeling to get detached from our own body, mind and material world will lead to better results in Dhyana (I think in Dhyana that I am not this body nor thoughts as per Adi shankaracharya's Nirvanashatakam stotra) so I started practicing like this and it gives me better silent feeling but with that a little fear arises in mind that if I continue feeling of detachment from my body and mind and everything while meditating, will this lead to some kind of unsafe, dangerous state of mind?

Enrico Galard said...

Wow what an amazing post. Really thankful to you for sharing this meditation techniques kind of knowledge with us.

shashi118 said...

I practice silent meditation occasionally, during meditation my breath becomes too slow and I do 30-35% of normal breathing, but as breathing speed and quantity decreases my mind becomes, not perfectly, but almost still and sometimes Bahirkumbhak happen spontaneously. are these good signs? does decrease in breathing volume will have bad effect on body? I try observe celibacy,vegetarian. How can I increase time duration of meditatio with quality? Thanks Shashikant

simplyme said...

hi, thanks for nice posts..

I dont do meditation. but i keep chanting and listening religious shloka even if I dont completely understand same.It feels highly soothing and increases my focus and performance at my work too.

i am ardent follower of yoa - asana and pranayam. I do regularly sometime upto 2 hours a day which include pranayam for 1 minutes for last 2 years. and i feel immense calmness and clarity of mind. last 6/7 months have completely transformed me. once higly impuslive person i have changed into more calmer, relaxed and dont react but respond now. feel happy about everything and loving. sometimes my mind becomes blank itself even during the routine work, feel happy and light. My body temperature has permanently increased, given the fact that my body temperature used to be low.

I dont know how to or on what I should attribute all these changes but i was told that may be my chakra got activated.can you please explain how would i know that my chakra got awaken or what is this happening to me.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Shashi,
Don't think = silence.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Shashi,
Sit and try to sleep without sleeping. Remember sleep state. Such a practice may eventually lead to silence and maybe Kundalini experience.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi simplyme,
Kundalini awakening leads to Chakra activation. There's no chakra activation without Kundalini awakening.

How do I know if my kundalini is awakened?
The first Kundalini awakening experience is always going to be experiencing death, losing control of your body and/or breath, inability to move the body, or an intense experience (mostly frightening) in which you feel something/someone/some powerful force/power has seized you from the inside. This is how Kundalini reveals its existence.

If you have had such an experience, then know for sure you had a Kundalini awakening experience (chakra activation).

This is how you can identify a fake guru and a real guru. All fake gurus' first experience will be entirely different than what I have mentioned.

Many gurus of the past and the present have passed on the side effects of wrong meditation techniques as spiritual/Kundalini awakening experiences, eg., ringing/buzzing in the ears, pain in Ajna Chakra, swirling/twirling sensations in mooladhara or other Chakra locations, seeing/hearing divine visions/sounds with physical eyes/ears, etc.

Ramakrishnan Krishnamurthy said...

Dear Achintya,

Excellent set of articles. They show that you have really undergone these experiences. I can vouch for this since based on my sadhana I can relate to a lot of nuances that you have shared about the kundalini awakening/experience, samadhi, and so on. I have a few queries which I am sure you will be able to enlighten me on with your mature insights:

1) Which posture to use for formal meditation? I have tried sitting cross-legged on the floor, sitting on a chair, lying on the ground in savasana. Sitting on the floor, though being the best for stability, disturbs samadhi due to body pain, numbness, and aches. Would you recommend lying down in savasana for prolonged periods such as three hours at a stretch for meditation?

2) My consciousness automatically goes to the sahasrara when I close my eyes. And then it goes up beyond this chakra too. There is this constant feeling on the top of my head even when I am not meditating which entices me to get into meditation dropping everything. Is this normal? If not, what is the remedy to overcome this sensation at the crown of my head?

Would be grateful for your inputs that will help me progress on the spiritual path.

Thanks and regards,

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramakrishan,
1) Start with any comfortable sitting position, taking the support of a wall. You can also use 1 foot elevated platform to sit cross legged (feet touching the floor) so that your legs don't get numb. First practice sitting comfortably for at least half an hour without any pain or numbness. Take this as an exercise. If you experience pain, numbness, etc., keep stretching/changing your legs/position at will. Since your consciousness automatically goes to Sahasrara, do not meditate in Shavasana.
2) "There is this constant feeling on the top of my head even when I am not meditating which..."
You have been doing meditation wrongly and have many misconceptions about meditation, religion, Kundalini, chakra, and other spiritual stuffs. Read all the posts of my blog once every week and read my answers in Quora also.

Understand the dangers involved in activity-based meditation (mantra, focus, concentration, observing, being aware, vipassana, kriya, etc.,):

Remedy: Don't meditate for 2 months or until you get rid of the constant feeling on top of your head.
Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Diego Cosmo said...

Dear Achintya,

Firstly, I must thank for creating this blog, I have a great gratitude for you to take your time and good will to write about your experiences and help a lot of people. I think you should publish a compilation in pdf/book from this blog in case of it doesn't exist anymore in the future.

I believe that I had some involuntary kundalini experiences in the past, sometimes I felt a great fear/desperation during it, some intense sound like a very loud waterfall rising up to the head, white flashes, being unable to get out of it, move the body, very intense experiences. After read your blog I can see that I am not ready to completely embrace it, since I am still living a mundane life, chasing success, am not celibate etc.. and it can warm me, But I have a big itch for spiritual life, and look forward to chase it someday..

1 - My first, question is not about kundalini itself, what is your opinion about sensitive people who see/communicate with spirits, angels, entities, can see people's chakras etc.. Is it ever possible?

2 - Do believe that is possible for someone to remember experiences of past lives on kundalini experiences? can you talk about it?

3 - During your awakened kundaline experiences, can you clearly differentiate your mind thoughts, desires/fears, from the ones coming from the super consciousness?

Thank you,

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Cosmo,

People have misconceptions about meditation, Kundalini, gurus, religion, paranormal, spiritual stuffs, etc., because the whole world has been misled/deluded by fake/cunning/shrewd/delusion-mongering people/conspiracy theorists/conspirators/misinformation masters (religious/spiritual masters, monks, priests, rulers, leaders, specialists, rich/famous/powerful/high class/intelligent people in the society, etc). It's like history books/British saying that they civilized or did a favor to many people/countries by ruling them. What they actually did was killing/murdering/looting/plundering/raping many people/countries. It's like muslims killing/murdering/looting/plundering/raping and forcefully converting many people/countries to Islam and saying that it was for their good because Islam is the only real religion and their god is the only one real God. It's like America bombing Syria for the good of Syrians. It's like Whites killing all native Americans and saying it was for their good/they deserved it because they were barbarians/brutes/savages. "Our race/religion/god/views are supreme and since you don't follow ours/you are not us/you don't serve us, you should not live."

Unless you have had real Kundalini/meditation experiences, you will not know which info is correct and which is nonsense. YOU CAN HAVE KUNDALINI/SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES EVEN IF YOU ARE LIVING A MUNDANE LIFE, CHASING SUCCESS, EATING MEAT, NOT A CELIBATE, ETC. DON'T GIVE UP YOUR WORLDLY LIFE BECAUSE THERE'S NO ESCAPE FROM THE WORLD AND ALL SPIRITUAL GURUS/MASTERS/ORGANIZATIONS ARE FAKE. All it requires to experience your spiritual self is to make a little lifestyle changes and meditate now and then, may be once or twice a week.

1 "Spirits, angels...chakras..…." You left God out. I have seen many aura readers looking at the photo/statue of a saint/God and saying that they saw this/that/many color/s around them and the saint/God is really a saint/God and that they communicated with him/her. It's common sense that if you keep staring at an object you will see different colors around the object, sometimes the object vanishes and you will see only whiteness. Check the comment about phosphenes in this post:

Google "ghostbuster gautam tiwari dies." People claim that since he was a paranormal activist a spirit killed him. See videos like "spirit/ghost caught on camera" "Alien caught on camera" etc. Many smart/cunning/shrewd people make a lot of money by communicating/seeing a God/saint/messenger of God, Being God's agent/interpreter/incarnation/avatar or by being God. Other unfortunate people end up in the mental hospital for communicating/seeing God, being God's incarnation/avatar or being God. Such people, after psychiatric treatment, stop seeing or being Gods.
Reiki people can cure cancer!
Forget all such stuffs and try to have a vision of your own Spiritual Body not with your physical eyes but in Samadhi/Deep meditation.
2. What is the use of past lives. You will NEVER see your past life as a movie/clip.
3. Desires/fears/other emotions happen in Kriya Samadhi as a Reliving and Relieving Process/loosening the knots of the heart. When people are having involuntary body movements (Kriya Samadhi), they will know about their body and surroundings and are also afraid of what's happening to them but they will not have any control over their bodies.
Keep reading my blogposts to know the difference between real and unreal meditation/Kundalini/spiritual experiences.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ramakrishnan Krishnamurthy said...

Dear Achintya,

Thanks for your reply of Sep 15, 2017. I would have liked to communicate with you in private since I feel that spirituality is too personal to discuss in open forums where people in various spiritual stages or even of non-spiritual persuasions may participate. Anyway, since I don't know how to contact you privately, I have to use this comments section.

Although spiritual practice is highly idiosyncratic and does not lend itself to easy and clear articulation, I will try to express my experiences as best I can with a view to asking my question. I have gone through several of your blog posts. Based on your articles, I am convinced that I have had kundalini awakening in early 2016 and spiritual experiences ever since. And, I do not carry out activity-based meditation as I used to do earlier till a few months ago. I feel that there is an unseen power that has been showing me the way ahead in my spiritual journey and I have just surrendered to it. Now, I just close my eyes in order to dwell in internal silence. My consciousness immediately goes to the Sahasrara. I do not concentrate on this crown chakra though. I then immediately internally witness profound darkness/blackness and feel a heaviness behind my internal eyes/head and lose all body consciousness eventually. This process happens quite fast if I am mindful and practice with intention. It is also akin to 'sleepless sleep' like you mentioned in one of your blog posts. At times I remain in this condition for long and am not aware of the passage of physical time. For want of a better term I am only using the word trance for this condition. But, my question to you is, is this nirvikalpa samadhi that I am getting into? Before I get into this state of profound silence and blackness, I am internally aware of disjointed thoughts, sounds, words, pieces of music etc. that are not logically connected, but which occur in an assorted/medley-like manner and gradually fade away into nothingness internally. My conjecture is that this is savikalpa samadhi which is then transforming into the nirvikalpa stage. I hope I have been able to capture my experiences in an intelligible manner for you! Do enlighten me with your experiential wisdom. Also, do let me know what will be the next stage of my spiritual path. Do I need to consciously work towards something more or assuming that I am doing just fine, is it the prerogative of the Divine to lead me further on through a process of organic spiritual evolution? Thanks.
K. Ramakrishnan

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramakrishnan,
As you rightly said people are at various spiritual stages. At different stages, people get different types of doubts/questions/queries. If you ask such doubts/questions here and I answer them, then all people who visit my blog get benefited. That's the reason why I ask people to comment in my blog and not communicate privately. I don't have any problem if you want to ask questions as "anonymous" or change your identity/photo/name, etc.

If you want to discuss anything personal, then you just ask me not to publish your comment or remove the content of your comment. I will do that and just answer your queries.

If it's very, very important and personal, then you can message me in Quora. There's an option in Quora where you can have private interactions.

If it is much more important and too very personal and you don't want to use social media, then you give me your email id so that I can write an email to you.


"..spiritual practice is highly idiosyncratic and does not lend itself to easy and clear articulation..."
We have a physical body and a spiritual body - that's pure science. The earth was always round and only a few people knew it. Most people thought it was square and thought that if they went to the end of the world, they would fall somewhere.

When a person (physical body) gets malaria, the signs and symptoms and lab tests can confirm if it truly is malaria or not. Similarly, when a person has Kundalini (spiritual body) awakening, there will be common experiences (the most important aspect here is not the experience but how it happened). Only medical people can diagnose and treat malaria. Similarly, only Kundalini awakened people can know if a person has had real Kundalini experiences or not. I have heard of many people dying of malaria in the forests and villages for lack of proper diagnosis and treatment. Recently, I was in a forest area where I was bitten by a lot of mosquitoes and experienced all signs and symptoms of malaria (I have had malaria once while staying in a forest before. At that time, 30 people died of malaria in the poor/remote/forested district that I was living. It came in the newspaper but the number of deaths would have been high). I ate papaya leaves/drank juice made of papaya leaves and treated myself. The members of a family in the nearby village started experiencing the signs/symptoms of malaria after being bitten by mosquitoes (lot of them around their house as it was the monsoon season). They went to an RMP, whom they call as doctor, (there are no proper medical facilities in villages/forest areas) who prescribed painkillers and medication for fever. I asked the family to consume papaya leaves and take medicine if the fever is high. Six children and the mother got well within 4 days of papaya leaf therapy, but the father didn't get well because he was not drinking papaya juice. He got weak, to the point of getting unconscious and had to be rushed to a town hospital, where he was diagnosed with Dengue and was admitted in the hospital for a couple of days.

Not many people got Enlightenment/Self-knowledge/Brahmajnana in the history of this planet. Whoever got didn't become famous because they avoided people. All the spiritual knowledge/practices we have today are the misunderstood/misinterpreted/manipulated knowledge of Brahmajnanis. Since not many people experience spirituality directly and there's no way to understand spirituality through scientific instruments, methods, survey, etc., it is not considered as a science.


Achintya Idam said...

Coming to your experience and questions:
"I.. witness profound darkness/blackness and feel a heaviness behind my internal eyes/head and lose all body consciousness eventually. ...akin to 'sleepless sleep'.. I remain in this condition condition for long... is this nirvikalpa samadhi that I am getting into?"
Real Kundalini experience of darkness/blackness:
1. You sit for meditation.
2. You are silencing your mind.
3. You see darkness/blackness everywhere. There's no heaviness anywhere in your eyes, head, or body because you are not aware of your body. You are definitely not aware of your surroundings. No thoughts of other objects apart from the being aware of the pitch darkness.
4. You get scared or wonder what this darkness is? When such thoughts come up, immediately the darkness vanishes, you wake up from meditation, you become aware of your body and surroundings, and realize you had been meditating.
This is Nirvikalpa Samadhi. This is Kundalini awakening. This is a real Spiritual/Kundalini experience.


Sometimes, people start experiencing pitch darkness/blackness when they are fully aware of their body and surroundings and they get scared and immediately open their eyes. This is not Samadhi, but one-pointed concentration by the mind itself which can be called as meditation.

"Before I get into this state of profound silence and blackness, I am internally aware of disjointed thoughts, sounds, words, pieces of music etc. that are not logically connected, but which occur in an assorted/medley-like manner and gradually fade away into nothingness internally. My conjecture is that this is savikalpa samadhi which is then transforming into the nirvikalpa stage."

This is not Savikalpa Samadhi.

Never concentrate on Sahasrara or third eye or any chakra location. It's dangerous. If your attention automatically goes to these places, get up from meditation immediately or divert your attention to the tip of your fingers of the hand or feet. By choice or chance, meditating/concentrating anywhere in the head, forehead, third eye, top of the head, sahasrara, ears in the long run results in headaches, nervous damage, tinnitus, auditory/visual hallucinations, loss of consciousness, blacking out, and other physical and mental problems.

Read the dangers involved in meditation and how the real Kundalini experiences happen.

Yesterday, I answered a girl in Quora who said that when she lies down to sleep, her attention automatically goes to the third eye and then she starts seeing Shiva, Parvati, spirits, and starts hearing voices. I answer many people who have hurt themselves physically/mentally due to activity based meditation techniques.


Never practice meditation in a sleeping position/ shavasana.

If you want me to delete your comment/content of your comment, let me know

Believe it or not, the meditation/Kundalini/spiritual knowledge and experiences of my blog are very common spiritual phenomena. The dangers involved in wrong meditation practices are 100% true. In the internet, you will find many people who are experiencing headaches, sleeplessness, drowsiness, unconsciousness, tinnitus, hallucinations, etc., due to meditation.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Ramakrishnan Krishnamurthy said...

I experience everything that you have stated under real Kundalini experience. You may actually disregard the heaviness part. Point number 3 also applies in toto to me. I was never scared when I first experienced the blackness over a year ago. I was overawed. According to my Guruji I need to stay with that darkness and it will slowly get lengthened. Incidentally, Shaktipat that you deny exists, is mentioned in the Yoga Vashishta. I am the beneficiary of Kundalini awakening through Shaktipat from my guru. My Guruji is a Self-realized being. I have never heard him using I for himself, for he considers everything as brahman including his embodiment. Another point that I wish to make is that concentration on the sahasrara is mentioned in vijnana bhairava tantra, among other spiritual texts. Initially, it does help at the dhyana stage. Later, all these are redundant when the Self is realized. I just thought of bouncing off some of my experiences with you to understand your perspective. My Guruji, for instance, is of the view that I have progressed much on the spiritual path. I have a long way to go. You may publish my replies since your purpose is noble. My only humble suggestion is that you tone down the I in all your posts for a jnani sees everyone else as a jnani. Only an ajnani sees ignorance in others. Prajnanam Brahma.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi RK,
"I was never scared when I first experienced the blackness over a year ago.... According to my Guruji I need to stay with that darkness and it will slowly get lengthened."
Good luck.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

PO said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi PO,
Read my blog twice every week for 2 months.

Unknown said...

Dear Achintya,

I have eye floaters for more than 4 years. I suppose I got it after doing kriya by a famous Guru.

I have constant rashes and itching over my chest, tiredness and floaters. I feel it all started after few months i did that kriya.

Any suggestions.

Thank you.

Achintya Idam said...

Unknown1 said: "I had been doing pranayama, meditation, mudra & bandha (uddyana, mula, jalandahr, vajroli(kegal exercise),khechari(tounge goes behind nasal opening),sambhavi), physical celibacy practices from 6-7 years. From last 3 year, I was getting problem of kundalini syndrome. So, I have left these practices. I have added some grounding practices. My problems are as shown below

1.Mind symptom: Asymmetric pressure: more in right skull, insomnia; when I quit bed in morning that head pressure less. As day progress it increases more. When I sleep in the night from right side, my head pressure increase, I get more thoughts. But when I sleep left side then I get to sleep. But left side sleep does not come always.

2.Physical symptom: heat in perineum area, movement of the perineum, tingling in right and left feet, muscle spasm, something moving inside skin especially in backside; I don't feel cold sensation or may be very less or it might be that it is not identifiable. Most of these things happen only in left leg , here and there in the back of the body(front and back both), right skull and back of the right skull. When Isit in front of computer long time it increases. When I listen song through headphone it increases.

3. Psychological:sometimes depression, sometimes energetic, fear, uncontrolled thought pattern

Initially, I went to doctors like neurologist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, ayurvedic and dermatologist. I have not relieved. I went to physiologist he has told go for MRI. Nothing serious has been found by them. I have also get skin rash and whit patches. For skin rashes, I went to a dermatologist. He has prescribed some medicine. I have used. For white patches, I went to ayurvedic doctor. After taking ayurvedic medicine and allopathic medicine, my skin problem has gone. But right skull head pressure and insomnia is present with me. It is not reducing. When I get less sleep then right skull head pressure becomes more. Right head pressure always present in the back of the right skull. When I try to solve the problem(mean to say concentration) or any activity which alters breath pattern then I feel more head pressure.

Celibacy break:
Earlier, I was following physical celibacy(wet dreams was coming). But, one day, I has get frustrated. I have masturbated myself. For someday it has get continued. I thought it will put my inner energies down. But no progress. After doing non-celibate act for some days I feel less pressure in my right skull. When I maintain physical celibacy for more than 7 days again it increases. But, after 2-3 month I have come in under control means physical celibacy. But still, my pressure and insomnia is continued. In past, I had no insomnia problem not even in my family. I am following physical celibacy now. But symptoms are not going down.

Grounding practices:
I have left all practices and I move barefooted on the ground. Moving with friends in nature. Try to avoid any activity which increases concentration and alter breath pattern. I am vegetarian and I try to maintain diet and lifestyle based on vata, pitta and kapha imbalances(prakriti, vikruti).

Regarding Marriage:
I might get married in this year. Is tantra with natural birth control help me in relieving these issues?

Is it kundalini syndrome? If it is kundalini then why is it not coming in my right side of the body (less in right leg) and left skull.

Please give some advice I shall be highly obliged."

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Unknown and Unknown1:
Kriya Yoga is dangerous. All your problems are due to wrong practices which you have mentioned. Give up your dangerous Kriya Yoga, Pranayama stuffs immediately.

There's nothing called Kundalini Syndrome. Tantra is not what you think it is. You think you have had Kundalini awakening, which is not true. Grounding for Kundalini awakening is nonsense.

You haven't had a real Kundalini experience/awakening. Instead, you have hurt yourself physically and mentally due to wrong practices which falsely claim to awaken Kundalini or give physical/mental benefits.

Go for symptomatic treatment. If you have a rash, go for treatment of your rash. If you have a headache, try to treat the headache.

Sleep in a way that doesn't aggravate your symptoms and helps you sleep.

Read my answers in Quora and read my entire blog once every week. (read the following posts first) (read 3 parts)




Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir

These days I have been hearing a lot about energy and chakra's healing and today while googling the same I came across your post and found it useful but most of the things get over my head as I am new to this world.

Just wanted to know in order to know myself more what should be the basic and foremost step i should start with.Also, what should i do to get peaceful and blissful life and spread the same to others.

Looking forward your response on this.


Achintya Idam said...

Meditate on silence.

Kumar said...

I have been facing a problem of excessive thinking.l am always thinking about something. While eating, bathing, walking etc. When I observed this for first time, i thought it is just normal. 

If I am walking with friends ....If we are not talking , I will start thinking. Many times I asked my friends what are you thinking right now. They said nothing. l asked again how it is possible be like that... just staying with no thinking. Then l realised that is only problem with me. 

I am thinking to that extent, some times I am getting doubt after my bath that..did I apply soap or not. I think about future, past, imagining what if I am a superman , what if I die, who am i, if God come to me how it will be etc. 

if l see the dead body, i will start thinking that if my beloved one's died how I will feel, some times i am crying. if my best friend died , what should I do. I think nonsense which is not useful at all. 

Four years back, I got headache. Doctor did tests to eyes, blood, head (Scanning s) and said everything is fine inside. You are getting headache by your stress and thinkinghe said it is migraine. He prescribed many tablets. Everyday 5 tablets. I followed his prescription for 4 years. No use. 

I told this to one of my teacher, he suggested me enroll in yoga class. I learnt Suryanamaskaras , and some asanas. But problem is l am thinking while doing those also. Then, i got back pain, neck pain. now my thigh muscles always getting numb. 

Later I joined in meditation. And started focusing in between eyebrows. My problem get increased. After studying your blog, i stopped all those. Thanks, your blogs are very useful. 

Recently i am getting breathing problems. Some times I am feeling difficulty in breathing. Some times i am gasping for breath like after slow running how we feel. I consulted doctor. he did tests .He said it is asthma and it is not curable in your case because you are already 23 , it is curable only before 20. But i didn't believe that for no reason. I consulted another doctor and he said it is not asthma. It is just aayasam(don't know ehglish word. May be like this...gasping which usually occurs due to heavy movement like quick walking, running, ..). You got this because you are stressed. Don't think about this and study for 10 hours a day. 

I told this problem to my daddy. He asked me how many hours you are sleeping and how is your sleep. I said 78 hours and I don't wake up in between. He said everything is ok if you are getting good sleep and may be you are assuming a problem which is not.. 

I don't have any sleeping problem. Within 10minues I will get sleep.ln between I don't wake up even some one tried to wake me up. I never get sleep during daytime. After wake up i feel like I slept for days. But from one year while wakingup, I started with thinking only. Ifeel like i started thinking before wake up. 

Am I really treating 'No problem' as a problem. Or it is a disease ? If it is what should I do to get rid of this? Please reply me. 

Thank you. 


Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kumar,
I am not a psychologist or a counselor.

Wrong upbringing, strict child rearing, lack of choice/freedom of thought/expression/activity on the child's part, burdening the children with over-expectation, making the child lose self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem by criticizing/reprimanding/corporal punishment for little mistakes/failures, lack of love/support/encouragement, all work and no play with other kids, etc., on parents part results in a child growing up as a highly self-conscious person who constantly is preoccupied with his thoughts, states, behaviors, and acts. A self-conscious person always has fear of failure, fear of being not right/correct/perfect hence constantly thinks about what he is doing, has done, will do is/was/going to be right or wrong. A self-conscious person always thinks too much. That's not a problem - it will be cured on its own with age/growing up.

Youngsters are always bothered about how they should think, act, behave, talk, handle people/situations perfectly. Tell yourself that the whole world, including all human beings, is imperfect. Tell yourself that you are not perfect and never want to become perfect because there's nothing called human perfection in this universe. Nobody is perfect, so don't try to be a perfectionist. All are imperfect. Everyone can live, think, act, work, study to the best of his/her ability and not more than that. So if you have done something wrong, if you have missed something, if you don't know something - It's Alright. Take it easy, chalta hai/hota hai - it happens.

Join some sports where a lot of physical activity is involved. Play outdoor games with friends or join a group of friends who play outdoors. Practice celibacy if you are not doing it. Eat healthy food. Don't try meditation or yoga. You can do yogasanas in old age or can do specific yogasanas for specific health benefits.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

kumar said...

Thank you so much for your reply.
I will adopt your suggestions.

yes , I stopped playing outdoor games.
I will start playing again.


Achintya Idam said...

You are welcome!
Laugh, have fun, make fun of others (harmless humor) and laugh, make fun of yourself and laugh, make deliberate mistakes while playing with friends so that all of you can have fun, develop harmless sense of humor, read jokes and laugh, make jokes and laugh.

Nobody can and nobody should live life seriously all the time. Even serious parents have to make funny faces, act silly, and be playful to make their kids happy and be liked by them. It becomes a pain in the neck to be serious and purposeful all the time. Don't turn life into a fault finding expedition and research of self-improvement devices/techniques.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

binay kumar said...

Dear Achintya ,

During my study days, I used to try to keep my mind thoughtless to overcome my stress. During such sessions one day i suddenly felt that there is not past, there is no future and i am still in present, so out of fear my opened my eyes.Since this incident happened to me long ago I don't remember all my experiences exactly but After that i gave up this practice .
After so many years when i read your blog , that incident flashed in my mind and thought that i should share my experience and seek your guidance for my journey in future.

Chaitanya said...

Sir , how do I practise celibacy? No matter how hard I try , after 7-10 days, I tend to get wet dreams and loose my vital energy. Is there any way by which prevent this ? Loss of my vital fluid? I’m a student aged 22 years .

Anonymous said...

I tried to do it your way - silence, no thoughts - as soon as I woke up today. Every time I tried the 'nothing' mode of mind, the breath stopped. But I am not one who can stay without breath for any significant period of time. So, I had to consciously breathe, but breath is a deliberate 'action' too. This is very problematic because the state of 'nothingness' of mind automatically leads to cessation of breath and I'm not capable of staying without breathing.

So, this method of silence appears to be the most advanced method to me but one for which I'm not an appropriate candidate right now I feel - this is the domain of those who are 'uttam adhikari' per Patanjalyogpradeep 1st chapter. I feel I belong to the more mundane and much longer route of those who are 'medium' or 'low' level candidates. That route, of yama, niyama, asana, pranayama leading to pratyahara, dharna, dhyana and samadhi is much longer, perhaps way too long in terms of time and effort needed, but contrary to what is insinuated here, actually turns out to be gentler than the super fast highway breackneck speed of immediately adopting the 'Silence' method and experiencing cessation of breath. I mean, how long can someone who hasn't increased their breath hold via free diving exercises or pranayama can stay without breathing while in the 'Silent' state of mind?

That said, this method of 'Silence' goes straight to the heart of the matter, it is the state where the other longer route of eight-limb yoga will ultimate take one to as well, so this state of 'Silence' will have to be encountered and experienced enroute, no escape but I just feel so underprepared for this due to cessation of breath. It is scary. But enticing due to its lightning speed of the potential to take one 'there' quickly compared to the longer route. It is for this reason that I want to still do it and because I want to do it, please could you guide me on how to deal with this situation of cessation of breath which the body tends towards as soon as I adopt the 'Silent' method because at this time, I can't stay without breath long enough to experience Kundalini awakening?

Thank you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi A,
Yogashchittavrittinirodaha = cessation of mental activities (thoughts) is yoga.
cessation of thoughts = cessation of breath = silence

Don't think that your breath will stop for minutes or hours during Kundalini awakening.
Don't think that your breath will always stop during Kundalini awakening.
Breath stopping for a fraction of a second is enough for Kundalini awakening.
You will have 2 kinds of Samadhi (Kundalini awakening) - Kriya and Jnana Samadhi. In Kriya Samadhi, you will be awake, you will be breathing, and you will be aware of your surroundings.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Dear Achintya,

Thanks you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
I have been trying to meditate for last few months and recently started having heavy head/head ache during and after meditation. I searched on internet and found your comments on Quora on these symptoms. I will stop meditating now.
I was not following any guru, i was trying to do it on my own. I was not focusing on third yer or or breadth. I was just trying to calm my mind an limiting/minimizing my thoughts other than being aware of myself. But i got the head ache any ways.

It would be great if you can write a post specifically for 3-4 types of meditation along with correct method, one can try to see which one fits him/her.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Best Regards

Achintya Idam said...

SK: "Namaskar Sir, I hope u r doing great, am writing u coz of extreme pain am going through. Few months back I have heard binaural beats of solar plexus chakra and since then I have palpitations, nervousness and hallucinations with headache. Sometimes light head feeling. I am always in a state of panic. Did Reiki, things didn't improve rather aggravated. Had MRI, been to doctors , no relief. Can't keep calm. Did mahamrityunjay mantra , feel like head is spinning. Cannot ground myself .I feel like going to be insane or faint. Somehow surviving. Am also a student, this is hampering my studies. Few days back realized it's kundalini syndrome. So came across your article. There is no help for me, except my mother's inspirational words. Please guide and save me."


There's nothing called Kundalini syndrome. Go through question and answers part 1 through 3.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

y minarno said...

Hi Sir,

I've been reading you blogs and very interested. And I have questions for you.

I am christian and have been studying bibles for the last 10 years. But after reading your blog I realized I have experience what you call Kriya Samadhi in more than 3 occassions.

My question why could it be that a christian like me experience the Kriya Samadhi wher I involuntarily performed various posture and mivement as you have mentioned. And how or what should i do forward.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Yohanes Minarno

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Yohanes,
Religion is man made. Spirit/spirituality/Kundalini is natural. A baby, irrespective of its religion, grows into an adult with nourishment (food and water). Good samskaras, spiritual evolution, purity of a human being lead to awakening of Kundalini resulting in Samadhi (Kriya/Jnana), irrespective of a person's religion/belief.
Samadhi = Awakening of Kundalini = growing into an adult = being spiritual = knowing/experiencing reality/oneself/God.

Practice absolute silence/stillness for one hour a day or whenever you feel like. Be still and know the reality about spirituality. Be still and know the real God/You.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

This is kinda unrelated, but I am in an intense state of confusion. Is it possible to have a chat with you? You seem very wise and experienced. For now could you tell me how to do the silent meditation? I know it can't be done but how do I get to the Point of non doing?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi A,
Keep reading the blog posts once every week. It takes time to silence the mind. Practice/remember sleep during meditation.

Kk said...

hello sir, i seriously need ur help. actually i am very experienced in out of body experiences at will but i am facing serious side effects due to that like losing interest in my dialy job etc, actually i havenot even heard the word kundalini that much but i am very experienced in obes. But i feel u are a very spiritual person. So i hope u can give me some solution

anshul said...

Achintya sir ..when I meditate , I get into very calm state and then I slowly get a feeling that I can not feel my arms and then shoulders and face then absolute darkness comes and I felt fear and I feel like I must cling to something for identity like breath so that I don't lose myself and get lost in this darkness..i tried being courageous but it was scary was my first time of this nothingness experience so I was only able to keep myself into it for maybe 2 minutes then I came out of meditation...can you please explain this experience???

Achintya Idam said...

Hi anshul,
Continue meditation. Real meditation experiences are here:
Explanations are in this blog.
Shubhamastu = Let good happen to you!