May 06, 2016

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Let me make it clear that meditation is an Indian spiritual practice that gives you an insight into your higher nature of existence or an insight into your true Spiritual Self. Meditation is an Indian practice, which is called Dhyan/Dhyana. Long time ago, when Indian spiritual masters started spreading the message of spirituality to other countries, this Dhyan became Chan/Chen in China and then it became Zen in Japan. Dhyana became Jhana of Buddhism. This is all due to pronunciation problems. Mindfulness is also a part of this Dhyan.



Question: Isn't meditation practiced for mental calmness, peace, and happiness?
Answer: How does meditation lead to mental calmness, peace, and happiness? 

In modern-day meditation, all you would be doing is some physical and mental activity and how do you think an activity leads to calmness or peace? Isn't activity the opposite of calmness?

Happiness? What kind of happiness? If you can become happy by sitting in an asana and thinking, you could also become happy just by thinking without meditating.

All your calmness, peace, or happiness effect can be had by just relaxing and changing your thinking pattern. This is a better way of having physical and mental benefits than tiring yourself in meditation and wrongly thinking that just because you are meditating you have become spiritual or have very good psychological states. These are all pseudo-mental states which will adversely affect you in the long run.

Thinking/concentrating/focusing on a mantra, body sensation, mental sensation/thought, breath, object, idea, etc., etc., are all mental activities. It's like heating up the brain. Does heating up the brain give you happiness, peace, calmness? Some people after frying up the brain with such heavy thinking activities of course will feel calmness when they finish their meditation because they have come to normal thinking activity after stopping intense/heavy/abnormal thinking activity. This calmness is due to mental fatigue and exhaustion. It is an adverse effect or an effect of wrong meditation technique. Some people may lose their mental equilibrium due to such over-thinking or heating up of their brains.

Question: So what is the purpose of meditation?
Answer: Spiritual experience. Spiritual awakening. Kundalini awakening. Kundalini experience. Meditation experience. Yogic experience.

You need to be clear in your mind that meditation is not practiced for physical and mental benefits. Meditation is a spiritual practice which has been wrongly brought down to the level of an exercise for achieving physical and psychological states/benefits. This corruption/delusion/ignorance/misinterpretation of meditation started only from the last century, from 1900 AD. The present-day ignorant and deluded gurus are popularizing many types of physical exercises, altered breathing techniques, and mental activities as forms of meditation for Self-realization. These people are teaching the effects of Kundalini awakening such as Pranayama, Kriya, Bandha, Mudra, Vipassana, etc., as the causes of Kundalini/spiritual awakening. All modern-day meditations are unnatural activities which will damage your body and mind. You may get some pseudo-mental states but no real benefits. On the contrary, if you practice such harmful meditation techniques, then you will damage your body and mind irreparably. There are dangers involved in such meditation techniques and practices.

Question: Dangers? What are the dangers involved in meditation?
Answser: First, you need to know the REAL Kundalini/meditation/spiritual/yogic experiences that a person will have during meditation:

Experiencing shocks, breathlessness, death, as well as seeing terrible beings can be frightening. It is not for weak-minded people. Without good physical and mental health, meditation can become dangerous. Without an iron will and nerves of steel, especially strong nerves for passage of spiritual currents, meditation becomes dangerous.

A weak body, nervous system, or mind due to lack of celibacy or overindulgence in sexual activities is not fit for meditation. People with over-imaginative minds, over-intelligent people, hypochondriacs, or people with physical and mental health problems can be unfit for meditation and if such people took to serious meditation or practice wrong meditation techniques, they may end up in the hospital.

Celibacy gives physical and mental strength, which is A MUST for practicing meditation (at least during serious spiritual practice). Modern-day gurus have developed their unique/standard activity-based meditation technique and they teach the same time-pass meditation technique to all, including those who are unfit to practice meditation. Such gurus never talk about celibacy because they themselves have not practiced and do not practice celibacy. You will be surprised to know that people who ask their disciples to be celibates are in fact married and have children. People just preach, they don't practice. Preaching or teaching of such gurus will not have any good effect on their disciples. This is the reason why disciples of a fake guru, even after being in the company of of the guru and practicing the guru's technique for 40 years, will not have even a single real meditation/spiritual or Kundalini experience.

Modern-day gurus, book-writers, website creators, blog writers, article writers, internet forum advisors, experts, propagandists, etc., without having a single Kundalini experience, lecture about Kundalini and teach harmful practices for Kundalini awakening. Due to such harmful teachings, their disciples or followers, without having a single Kundalini experience, damage their bodies and minds irreparably.

Some people (long-term serious practitioners) end up having sinus clogging, migraine headaches, gastric disorders, hearing and vision problems, tinnitus, hypertension, tremors, stroke, paralysis, audiovisual hallucinations, lunacy, mental and nervous disorders, arthritis, back and spinal problems, TIA, stroke, etc., due to improper and dangerous meditation techniques and practices.

Many people have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer due to wrong notions about meditation, spirituality, Kundalini, and wrong meditation practices.

Note: Kundalini awakening is the route to Self-realization. I am not discouraging you from practicing meditation but warning you against wrong meditation practices and techniques.

Kundalini does not damage your body. You yourself will damage your body and mind in order to awaken Kundalini.

By sitting in a rigid posture; sitting for a longer duration of time, not changing your position despite feeling pain, pressure, heat, air movement in a body area or cavity; reading, discussing, arguing, thinking or imagining too much about spirituality or Kundalini awakenings; having wrong notions about Kundalini, spirituality, meditation; etc. Exerting physically and exhausting mentally leads to irreparable damage to the body and the mind.

If you experience pain, ache, heat, tightness, heaviness, pulling sensation, vibrations, pulsations, numbness, something moving like air or worm in a body part or inside a body cavity, a swirling or a twirling sensation, or other unnatural sensations in any of your body parts/cavities, give up such a meditation practice immediately. Do not do Vipassana as taught by present-day gurus when you experience such sensations, it is DANGEROUS. Vipassana means an insight into your real Self which can be achieved through silent meditation, spiritual awakening, and spiritual experiences and not by observing your body sensations or mental thoughts. Keeping quiet and continuing to sit in the same position even experiencing numbness, pain, or the above unnatural sensations will lead to physical problems (damage to the nervous system, rupture of vertebral discs, spinal and back problems, tremors, paralysis etc.).

Never meditate on the physical heart.
Meditating on the physical heart, the brain, the sexual organ, perineum (mooladhara), or other sensitive part will lead to concentration of air/blood/energy, overheating, and overreaction of that part causing serious problems.  It will be like pumping air into a balloon; too much air, it will burst.  Thus too much air or pressure in the heart or brain may cause stroke, paralysis, hypertension, and other serious health conditions. If you experience pain, ache, heat, something moving like air or worm inside, twirling or other unnatural sensations in any of your body parts/cavities, stop such a meditation practice immediately.  Meditating on the sexual organ is a kind of yogic Viagra.  Those who practice it, end up having too many sexual thoughts and start indulging in sexual activities due to which they lose their vital energy, resulting in a weak body, mind and nervous system and clouding of their conscience and intelligence.

Concentration between the eyebrows, looking up at the forehead or down at the tip of the nose, moving eyes sideward, turning eyes up or down, rotating eyes, continuously blinking to see some light, deliberately pressurizing the Ajna Chakra area may lead to pain, headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, giddiness, syncope, etc. These activities are unnatural. All these are physical activities or exercises and not meditation. If seeing a light is what you want, stare for 10 seconds at the sun, close your eyes and press them with your fingers, and see whatever light you want to see. All these are physical activities or exercises and not meditation.

Deliberately shaking the neck and concentrating on Ajna Chakra to see a light, moving extremities or body in a rhythmic manner, concentrating on spinal column, sitting for too long in yoga posture even when you experience pain or numbness, etc., will cause damage to the nervous system, rupture of vertebral discs, spinal and back problems, tremors, paralysis etc.

Whenever you meditate/concentrate/focus on a body part, air/blood/energy rushes to that place and overheats or overreacts that body part resulting in damage to minute nerves and blood vessels. Sometimes air gets trapped in those locations causing unnatural sensations even when you are not meditating. GIVE UP SUCH PRACTICES IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT YOUR WELL BEING.

Never meditate on the ears. Trying to listen to some sounds through your ears, closing your ear/s with finger/s and trying to listen to some sound, closing your both ears with your thumbs and pressing your forehead forcefully with your fingers and moving your head up and down, etc., are dangerous. You will have ear problems, tinnitus, vertigo, dysequilibrium, frequent falls, etc.

Meditating to hear sound with the ears will initially lead to hearing/listening of some sounds, then some ringing of bells, wind blowing, whooshing, buzzing, etc.  With continued practice, you will start hearing them all the time; it is tinnitus, not Om or divine sounds. You may also have frequent falls due to dysequilibrium or vertigo caused by pressurizing and damaging the inner ear with concentration on the ear. GIVE UP SUCH PRACTICES IMMEDIATELY.

Hearing voices is a dangerous sign. Hearing voices is nothing but auditory hallucination. They are not god's or divine voices. These are auditory hallucinations. Stop meditating for sometime, do some physical exercises in the evening and have a good dreamless sleep in the night.

You can never hear the Supreme Sound, Naad Brahm, OM/AUM/AHM/AHAM with your physical ears.
To know the exact quality of the Supreme Sound, click the link below.

Mantra meditation is a tiresome mental activity. This type becomes a hindrance in achieving SILENCE. Without SILENCE, take for granted that you will not have Kundalini/spiritual awakening. Sometimes, the mantra starts repeating in the head on its own and the head becomes heavy, you can't stop it. People start imagining about the form of the deity of the Mantra, which may in the long run, if practiced seriously (day and night with losing sleep) to have a vision of the deity, will lead to visual hallucinations or audiovisual hallucinations.
[If you cannot do away with a mantra, then practice it for 2 minutes and then progress to practicing Silence.]

Thinking too much or trying to understand the Supreme Reality with your intellect, visualization and imagination techniques should not be practiced because they lead initially to pseudo-mental sates and then to hallucinations. Meditation is practiced to find the reality about oneself. Is imagination ever a reality? Can imagination lead to reality? If you say it can, anything and everything is possible in spirituality, or if you want to make your imagination become a reality, then that imagination may lead to audio/visual/hearing/seeing hallucinations and other mental disorders.
GIVE UP Visualization and Imagination meditation techniques.

Use of drugs also helps to hallucinate.

Taking false meditative experiences as real, misinterpretation of an experience as Self-realization, taking any particular experience seriously and desiring its repetition, etc., can be dangerous. If you experience any phenomenon like seeing a light or figure or hearing something/hearing voices whenever you meditate, before and after meditation, or all the time, THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. GIVE UP MEDITATION FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS.

If you are losing appetite or sleep, always analyzing some spiritual truth or point that you heard or read, always trying to prove your point, thinking that you know everything, imagining yourself to be spiritual and others as worldly or ordinary, etc., then stop meditating for a couple of months and be in the company of people who are not spiritual and lead a normal life. Otherwise, you will have problems.

When Kundalini awakens, Swabhavika, Natural, or Involuntary Kriyas/Pranayamas/Bandhas/Mudras happen. Do not practice any of these to awaken Kundalini. These are the effects of Kundalini awakening and not the causes for Kundalini awakening. Going against Kundalini rules is dangerous. Our ancient Yogis found out this truth when their Kundalini started doing such activities on its own during meditation.

Misconceptions about meditation are dangerous. Meditation practiced for achieving physical benefits or some mental states are just self-hypnotism or figment of someone's imagination to achieve pseudo-mental states. You can get such physical benefits and mental states by other simple methods. Also people practice meditation to hypnotize others and such bad karma will have bad results. The goal of meditation is Self-realization, which is a result of 1000s of meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences. Self-realization is not something that will make your body levitate, fly, ageless, breathless, or deathless; free you from hunger, thirst, and physical ailments; or help you acquire miraculous powers or supernatural states, etc. All these powers are of the spiritual body and not the physical body. If you have meditated for a couple of years to acquire such powers and got nothing in return, then stop meditating for such powers and take to ordinary meditation of silence to realize your true nature.

People get disillusioned with all modern-day meditation and spiritual practices in the long run. Only a very few serious spiritual aspirants and enthusiasts are left in the world, and the fake gurus are hell bent on ruining even such people's physical, mental, and spiritual health. These fake gurus are setting a wrong precedence of Guruhood. Now everyone, including their fake disciples and followers, thinks that becoming rich, spreading delusion as a teaching, living in mansions, and teaching some fake exercises and passing it off as a method of spiritual enlightenment is THE norm or the new normal. Spirituality and spiritual practices as taught by ancient Indian Rishis and Munis are being used as physical and mental exercises for achieving exaggerated, hyperbolic, unbelievable, impossible physical and psychological benefits. The more benefit a practice can be claimed as giving, it becomes the best, and per the law of demand, more and more fake gurus can be found teaching such methods with some alteration here and there to claim some uniqueness in their technique--like different Kriyas. These are all time-pass activities for the body and mind designed by fake gurus.

NOTE: All the above problems are the result of wrong meditation practices, inability to understand and deal with the meditation experiences, lack of knowledge regarding what to do and what not to do at a particular stage of one's practice, too much thinking or imagining, reading too many books and losing sleep over them, following improper food and lifestyle during meditation practice, lack of celibacy during Sadhana, following fake gurus and their teachings, and innumerable other things which basically stem from the ignorance or wrong notions about spirituality and meditation.

THE GREATEST DANGER of all is that without an iota of direct experiential knowledge of spirituality and meditation, you would have spent/would spend your whole life or a major portion of your life thinking that you are practicing spirituality or meditation and that you have become or are spiritual. All your time, effort, and money would have gone down the drain in vain. This is the reason why I say meditation and spirituality have become a comedy of errors, a tragedy of logic, a tragedy of errors, or a comedy of logic. A 99.99999% of the so-called spiritual people are deluded about spirituality and meditation.

Some more dangers pertaining to ears, Ajna Chakra, visualization and imagination techniques, emotions, hallucination, tinnitus, loss of consciousness, etc:

For some more spirituality and meditation misconceptions, click:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani or his/her disciples (fake guru and their fake disciples who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
SHUBHAMASTU – Let Good Happen to You!


γιωργος γιαννακης said...

I believe that you are one of the few people who properly load things over in a matter of experience meditation and self-realization .For congratulate.
I made the mistake to meditate on my own without the guidance teacher and BRING and focus some point Kundalini energy in my third eye.
This path to energy is transferred continuously from the peaceful, bliss and total unity in existence until the vast depths of depression, psychosis, nightmares and sleep in great fear of health problems.
I feel I have a huge river of energy in my head that I can not put under any control of my mental disorder and fovousmou as I could do in the past.
I do not know if those intense mental symptoms over time will decrease in intensity and if you generally able to issoropiso in my health that would follow these a life.
I would like the kind comments to all these and if possible your assistance.

Gay Giorgos

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Giorgos,

Meditating on the physical heart, the brain, the sexual organ, perineum (mooladhara), or other sensitive part will lead to concentration of air/blood/energy, overheating, and overreaction of that part causing serious problems.
If you meditate/focus on the Third Eye too much, you will have a lot of sensations in the head: Pain/ache/pressure in the head, vibration/pulsation, feeling as if your head is filled with energy/air/pressure and as if it is going to explode, inability to focus/concentrate on day-to-day matters or flight of ideas/thoughts, spinning sensation, twirling/swirling/something moving upward/downward/sideward in parts of the head, vision getting blurred sometimes, sleeplessness, irritability, getting fidgety, restlessness, sometimes visual hallucinations, ear and hearing problems, etc.
Give up meditating on the Third Eye immediately.
Do not meditate for the next 2 months or until your symptoms stop. Just relax. Stop thinking too much about Kundalini or spirituality. Avoid non-vegetarian food, avoid too much exposure to audio/video (TV/computer/music, etc). Do some physical exercises/activities to get good sleep (7 hours without any disturbance) during night, do not sleep during day.

Real meditation experiences will not continue after you stop meditating. For example, if you experience energy moving up your spine during meditation, such a sensation will stop once you get up from mediation. Real Kundalini experiences do not harm you physically or mentally. It is only the wrong practices that harm you, such as meditating on the Third Eye.

Shubhamastu--Let Good Happen To You!

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Saludos again Αchintya.
Because I do not want to bore in much would I make some further comments on the issue that concerns me and I'll say goodbye.
My anguish is if we can return to good mental state after these recommended me and I do everything you can happen.
I do not know if I have to get some herbs or supplements to be able to calm down mentally and sleep properly.
In similar periptoseislathous meditation technique as in mine there are satisfactory posososta therapy; What says your experience;
This is my greatest fear.
I am 57 years old and was a football athlete. I am also a member community people with high IQ (MENSA).
Mention them because nobody some comments for meditating.
You will please communicate with blog your smallpox, when the time to help me for the problems we face and those likely to maniac in the future with you Important information.

Thank you for your support and contribution .it great value of the enlightened people like you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Giorgos,
First thing is you must get normal sleep (7-8 hours undisturbed) in the night. Sports or physical exercises tires the body and you will get good sleep. Avoid activities that require too much thinking or intelligence. Avoid imagining or visualizing. People with high IQ find it difficult to calm/silence their minds and meditation is "silencing the mind" "no-thoughts state." Do not practice dangerous meditation techniques as mentioned in my posts.

Moderate nutritious vegetarian food, good sleep, peaceful activities of daily living, harmonious relationship with people and the environment, coming to terms with your past and the present, etc., will help you gain mental calmness.
If you are having a medical condition, you should follow the doctors' instructions.

Shubhamastu-Let Good Happen To You!

Diamesos said...

Just adding to the general dangers:

I have been doing extensively tratak for 3 months, about 2 hours per day and ended up with clairaudience.
Not having guidance i kept on going and reached a point where i was hearing my own thoughts before they could express themselves - a form of Siddhi power that drove me to the hospital.
Don't play with tratak - IT IS DANGEROUS. Stop at the point where you are satisfied with your clairaudience and clairvoyance and do not go beyond that point thinking it will improve.
Now, after medication my mind is in a solid state of laser like focus - mind and thoughts have become one. Only thing is that there is a permanent pressure on the Ajna and Sahasrara chakras. Kinda scary. Astal projection goes on a almost daily basis.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Diamesos,
Do not meditate and do not do any Astral projection/Clair stuff until the pressure on your Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara completely vanishes.
Continue your medication, if you are still taking.
Never advise anyone to do Tratak. It is not a meditation technique. Instead of getting siddhis through Tratak meditation, people may end up in the hospital to be put on medication (just like you).
You should also abstain from doing Tratak in the future; it is dangerous.
Without any meditation, live a simple, happy, normal, peaceful, leisurely happy life until the pressure on on Ajna and Sahasrara disappears.
Most importantly, you should get normal sleep of 7 hours during the night without any disturbance and without any astral projection.
Shubhamastu=Let Good Happen To You!

Ramakrishna N V said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramakrishna,
Only those people who are spiritually very, very advanced and those who have had many real meditation experiences will know that this blog contains 100% correct spiritual/meditation knowledge/info that has not been written down anywhere until now. So, there is no point in saying xyz book is good or abc is the best scripture. Miracle-mongers are not gurus.
Happy to know that you are having jerks/shakes; these are very good signs. They will keep happening, so don't worry about them and don't like/dislike them: your job is to continue meditation without expecting any particular experiences.
Good to know that you are practicing vegetarianism and continence.

Any book/scripture that makes you turn toward spirituality is good.
Any book that makes you meditate is better.
Any book that helps you have REAL Kundalini experiences is the best.
Any book that not only helps you have REAL Kundalini experiences but also details REAL Kundalini experiences, the dangers involved in meditation and spirituality, the way to find out which guru/scripture is fake or useless, talks about your real guru the Inner Guru, and helps you get rid of all theoretical spiritual/scriptural knowledge is better than the best!
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ramakrishna N V said...

Thank you

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Hey my friend Achintya
After a period of abstinence from the meditation along with exercise and a very good diet slowly begin to gain equilibrium and out of the hell lying all this time.
In all these helped with quite this site to strengthen my immune system: as the Ayurvedic
For all this key experience in my life I want to make some comments.
I feel all this time has been to open up a channel of energy that permeates unhindered up to the third eye and even above.
The ones negatively block negative energy who have scar of small children were released and came to surface .Tee full of pain and depression.
Delivered completely in this process of cleaning my vital energy and without the fear of death and disease was removed slowly from the phobia that zoom too all my problems .Paradothika way into the silence.
I felt with time to fills with more and more fresh rejuvenating pure vital energy and makes the route of up to the third eye.
I feel more and more often blissful, universal and in a trance.
Sometimes I feel Absolutely Nothing without the ego nor even the sense of cosmic consciousness but full of bliss.
Continue reading my great teacher Osho but who has to help become more aware and understanding to elevate my consciousness.
Now to understand even deeper.
With the time increasingly feel development of my intelligence to aid my memory and in general I am more effective in my job.
I confess that to scare your texts for unnatural methods of Kundalini awakening and presenting side effects (brain, disabilities, psychiatric hospitals, etc.) .Nomizo that avoided such side effects.
I will also point out that you still feel discomfort in the third eye and a vacuum (hole) Sometimes Loeded But ecstasy without the side effects of the past.
I read many of your texts that are masterpieces truth and understanding in spiritual experience issues.
Today feels more universal, intuitive, blissful and most importantly I am full love.Thank you my wife for support.
Thank you for all Achintya.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Giorgos,
Good to know that you are gaining equilibrium. Now you know what to do and what not to do. DO NOT DO WHAT YOU DID BEFORE FOLLOWING MY SUGGESTION. Continue with your lifestyle that is helping you.

Westerners indulge in too much sex, which leads to weak nervous system. Some people become nervous wrecks. People with weak nervous systems should first give up all sexual activities, do some physical exercises, and strengthen their nervous system. Only then they should meditate. Otherwise, they will harm themselves physically and mentally.
Too much sexual thinking and activities leads to immoral and criminal activities in the long run. That is why pedophilia, homosexuality, child sexual abuse, unnatural sexual habits, too many sexual partners, etc., is rampant in Western countries. Many children's lives are ruined. All this will result in bad karma.

Some idiots will say you can get superconsciousness through sex, which is a BIG LIE. Those who follow such teachings become crazy when they take to serious meditation.


Do not use the words of fake gurus like negative energy, energy block, full of bliss, full of love, elevating my consciousness, development of intelligence and memory, universal consciousness, nothing without the ego, etc. ALL THESE ARE MEANINGLESS WORDS AND THOUGHTS.

For immunity, add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it in warm milk and drink it.

Live a normal life. Have a good night's sleep. Don't meditate until the discomfort in the third eye and vacuum (hole) is gone.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Sexual energy is the best energy.
Sexual energy is the food of the nervous system.
Sexual energy is the best medication for your well being.
Sexual energy helps in Kundalini awakening/Kundalini experiences.

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Hello again Achintya
The expressions for these I feel there is a copying of words / thoughts from false guru.
If I wanted to talk to them I feel would be the blissful silence.
When I say I do not feel I have gone I mean that most thoughts, my desires, unnecessary activities, the projection of personality, the demand of attention from others and I live unaffected by any infringement and criticism.
You give an example of what I feel .... you feel many times I can not say.
Your truth could never pass it by words.
I have dealt with meditation for several years in a state of silence more than once and I have felt the spiritual joy and harmony it offers.
My big mistake is that she was raped by stimulated erroneous methods for gathering energy over an hour meditation silence and harmony and pay with great pain.
As regards the osho considers him a man with higher consciousness 20 aiona.Echei enormous aware and conscious.
I have read almost all his books.
My implied intellect which has been measured at a higher grade is considered as not by my logic and learning but that I have done myself the average of Universal Consciousness After several years of meditation means in harmony and silence.
Not called all this waking Kundalini but I feel that I have become too insightful and intuitive.
I have gone far beyond sex as a consequence of physical and mental evolution over the years.
I have done much sex in my life and the orgasmic experience I had gave me the first sign of divine energy that's inside me.
I learned slowly I become myself orgasmic through meditation without the need for another person.
Besides, as you say and thou sexual energy gets meditations and waking kountalini.Einai the same energy that transforms.
If no one can metachimatisei sexual energy and to do meditation refraining from oppressing her and gets the perverse.
Sorry if fatigue with my writings.
Thank you again for your assistance.

Achintya Idam said...

If you achieve real silence during meditation, only 3 things happen:
1. You will have Kundalini awakening, where you lose control of your body. You will have one of the following experiences:
2. You will fall asleep.
3. You will come back to thinking state.

Anybody who keeps experiencing bliss, harmony, peace, etc., again and again during meditation is just imagining. The mind is cunning. It will trick you into imagining, visualizing and hallucinating.
The same Kundalini experiences will not repeat, except for the body movements and the supreme sound.

If you have an orgasmic experience during meditation, it is because you are practicing the wrong meditation technique. By concentrating on mooladhara/base of the spine/sexual organ for a long time, people can get too many sexual thoughts, arousal, and orgasm eventually. Some people practice "visualizing/imagining/thinking about sex and sexual acts" during meditation. This is also another reason why people have orgasm during meditation.

Sexual orgasm and Kundalini awakening are the opposites! Spiritual life and worldly life are the opposites. The info in my blog and other people's teachings are the opposites.

Only spiritual people can naturally abstain from sex (or without much difficultly) and have Kundalini experiences. Others need to suppress/oppress their sexual desires, which is not possible in the long run - they will fail and suffer. That's why people should practice spirituality/meditation/continence according to their capability. People should know how to progress gradually. People should know what to do and what not to do at a particular time. People should balance their worldly and spiritual lives.

This is what you said in your first comment:
"I made the mistake to meditate on my own without the guidance teacher and BRING and focus some point Kundalini energy in my third eye. This path to energy is transferred continuously from the peaceful, bliss and total unity in existence until the vast depths of depression, psychosis, nightmares and sleep in great fear of health problems.
I feel I have a huge river of energy in my head that I can not put under any control of my mental disorder and fovousmou as I could do in the past."


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Hello Αchintya
I want to ask you a question yet and we get tired.
I understand that people like you with experience in waking the koundalini (all over the internet there is not so serious, detailed and correctly labeled for meditation and Kundalini energy) could be tell their opinion to people who have problems like mine .
In each article constitute the attention for the wrong methods meditation (as in chakra third eye) which can be created generally anepenorthota health problems for throughout one's life.
Even mentioned that the energy concentration in the third eye is possible injuring the vascular nerves of the region.
Many times to scare what I write perhaps much more than that is actually happening to me.
I am in the category of people with irreparable problems;
They can fully heal all these things are having problems posting the third eye in my forehead;
The symptoms that I had at the beginning of the whole situation created by wrong meditation were as follows:
-Zalada, Nausea
-Lack Consciousness the hour of the great Charge of energeias.Afto became once.
-Great Pains in the base of the spine for some time .Apeicha three days from my job.
-No Sexual energy inside me for quite a while .San someone to my Stole.
-The Hour to go to sleep I felt many times weakness stillness of my body and penetrates with chills and streams.
-Bings Nightmares and phobias .Tis phobia I still have what I have will end.
-Sensitive immune system when they made sex shakes my nervous system .As exactly you say.
-I Have the feeling the more than once that I have very light in me ...
I could write and more.
It is not necessary to publish the letter if you do not want.
Can you answers if thou for last time.
This is done in my staff the

With great gratitude

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Giorgos,

Many gurus/people have given all sorts of information about Kundalini/meditation in books, websites, blogs, Quora, Reddit, Wordpress, etc. None of them have had real Kundalini experiences. If you ask them about your experiences (physical/mental problems), they will tell you that you have a blocked Third Eye, your Third Eye is getting cleansed/cleared, or you are having Kundalini experiences! They will tell you that they can awaken others' Kundalini and heal wrong Kundalini awakenings!! All nonsense!!!

You can do the following experiment on your friend:
1. Ask your friend to meditate on his third eye INTENSELY for 2 hours a day. Within a month or two, your friend will start having some of your problems.
2. Ask your friend to have sex twice a day and then meditate on third eye INTENSELY for 2 hours. YOUR FRIEND WILL HAVE TO GET ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL IN A VERY SHORT TIME. His problems will be worse than yours.

REAL Kundalini experiences will not result in any physical or mental problems (like your experiences).

Your feeling light, fatigue, chills, and other weaknesses are due to physical weakness. Body shakes after sex is due to nervous weakness.
Nightmares and phobias are due to mental weakness.

People get paralysis of the legs who abuse their sexual organs/indulge in too much sexual activities. I know Sex Tantra practitioners who were unable to lift their legs for 3 months. These people were bed-ridden. This was temporary paralysis. Sex gurus have ended up having permanent paralysis of both the legs. Fake gurus have told that physical sufferings, mental sufferings, and even paralysis are due to Kundalini awakening!!!

You are lucky that you did not have any permanent disabilities. You are lucky that you had only mild problems. You have also improved by abstaining from meditation. All your problems will heal with time. Don't seek advice from wrong people. Don't expect some special or immediate solution/cure. You just need to stop meditation for another 3 months or so. Abstain from sex/alcohol/smoking, if any. You can take a vacation if possible. Change of place helps in getting rid of the past, and change of place also helps to change you.

Follow my suggestions which are given in other comments also. First gain physical, nervous, and mental strength. YOU HAVE ALREADY IMPROVED. YOU ARE NOT IN THE CATEGORY OF PERSONS WITH IRREPARABLE PROBLEMS.

For a healthy body and mind, eat Indian pickle and curries containing ginger, garlic, turmeric, spices, drumstick, and Indian Garam Masala (powder of 20+ spices). If you don't like them, then it is okay. No problem.

Ultimately, it is up to you who you want to follow and what you want to do.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Andre Pangestu said...

I start meditating for 12days now, last night I experienced as if my body is twisted here and there, I saw pitch black scenery it is far and close at the same moment there I stop, I thought it was scary. Today I start to meditate again and I experienced a great trembling at my lower back and also my head's keep arching back slowly and at the point I think it's going too archy I open my eyes and my head's only a little bit held high.
Is this normal? Should I continue practicing?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
You had Kundalini awakenings. During Kundalini awakenings, you lose control of your body. Since it is the first time you are losing control of your body and experiencing something which you never experienced before, you get scared. It is natural for people to get scared and open their eyes and stop meditating.

Scary pitch darkness everywhere, twisting of the body, trembling, head movements are normal. Don't worry! Nothing will happen to you. Continue meditation without any fear. If you get too scared, you can always open your eyes and stop meditating for sometime or for a day.

I used to roll on the floor convulsing and shaking violently. I could neither control such movements nor was I able to open my eyes. After such episodes, I used to feel more relaxed, strong, and energetic than before. I used to meditate again and experience more convulsing. These body movements and convulsions mean that Prana/vital energy/spiritual current is flowing in our ethereal/spiritual nerves.

Read my posts and go through the most common meditation/Kundalini experiences, do's and don'ts, some useful instructions and comments, etc.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Some yogasanas include arching of the head. Kundalini-awakened yogis experienced bending, twisting, arching and other physical activities of Kundalini during meditation and such activities became yogasanas. Kundalini awakening leads to involuntary yogasanas (yogasanas performed by Kundalini) but voluntary yogasanas (done by you as physical exercises when not meditating) don't lead to Kundalini awakening. However, voluntary yogasanas help in strengthening your body and nerves.

If you are scared of arching of the head, then take the support of a wall and meditate so that your head doesn't arch too much and you can meditate without fear. Also do some physical exercises, bending/twisting/arching exercises/yoga postures so that you are ready/prepared and don't get scared when real/swabhavika (natural/spontaneous/involuntary) Kundalini Yogasanas or Kriyas (activities) happen.


Andre Pangestu said...

Thanks for the reply! I don't have any teacher or anything, I usually meditate for about 20-30minutes, is it safe to go on my own? Or should I find a teacher/instructor for my progression?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
What makes you think there are Kundalini-awakened gurus out there in your area? No teacher/instructor who takes money/fee/donation has progressed in meditation as you have. Money-making gurus will delude you if you follow them.


So it is not only safe to meditate on your own but also very important to avoid money/fee-charging spiritual teacher/instructor. Be grateful to your inner guru and follow your inner guru.

Practice continence, do jogging and other physical exercises, do leisurely walking 3-5 km
(for an hour or so) out in the open in the evening, play some sports, have healthy vegan foods, drink milk/coconut water (in the afternoon/when it is not cold)/fruit juices/a good amount of water, have a good night's sleep, don't expose your eyes/ears/mind to too much audio/video continent (internet, movies, books, music, games, etc.), don't keep sitting in front of the computer for long if you are doing it, don't do unnecessary thinking, don't imagine/visualize anything, avoid alcohol/smoking if any.

Make your body and mind strong first. For now, meditate once a week for the next 2 months.


Andre Pangestu said...

That's a lot mate! Though I find it hard to avoid smoking, I'll try to endure it anyhow. 😊

Andre Pangestu said...

Hi Achintya,
Miraculously I stop smoking! Continuously aware of my actions keeps me away from that bad habit of mine. Today I'm not doing any meditation practice at all and all went well, but then I was awake after about an hour of sleep. After toilet and a drink I was going back to sleep again while keeping my awareness. After a few moments I feel like my arms are shivering even though it's warm inside my blanket, it's the worst cold I've ever felt for I know it's not freezing there. I tried to endure it for about an hour and I snapped it off due to my lack of confidence. I tried it again and it ended the same. Can you tell me what exactly it was? and what to do or don't?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
Congratulations for giving up smoking! That's the last thing I told you to do and you have done it the first thing! Keep it up!

I have already listed shivering as a Kundalini experience in the post below, though I have not used the word "shivering":

You need not worry. It's normal. Such an experience will not repeat; if at all it repeats, the intensity will be lesser. Don't do anything; if you feel you must do something, then keep 2 extra blankets handy as a precautionary measure :)

Understand Ida, Pingala, Sushumna Nadi, and Nadi Shodhana in the following link or in google.

I will write a detailed reply later as to how without meditating you still can have a Kundalini experience.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
Many things in this reply are for everyone and for general knowledge. You pay more attention to the part which answers your questions specifically.

I think the Russians are doing mass surveillance on their citizens. The day a Russian visits my blog, there are spam bots from Russia spiking the blog's view count — within 3 minutes 78-view count increase (26 posts x 3 times). They may have some program to spy their citizens by skimming through the content (for keywords) which their citizens visit.

Ok now some yogic science which can be found in scriptures, books, internet, etc.; also some secret which cannot be found anywhere, it's out of the world. If you find it difficult to understand the technicalities, then do not bother about it as it is not too important. You started meditation with a blank slate and that's why you progressed. Keep it that way. Don't read anything about meditation and spirituality. I asked you to understand terms such as Ida, Pingala, etc., so that you can understand my answer.

Nadi means nerve/nerve channel. Ida (Chandra, Moon) Nadi and Pingala (Surya, Sun) Nadis are connected to our left and right nostrils respectively. These Nadis run zig zag through our trunk and get connected to Kundalini at the Mooladhara or perineum. (Gurus/people who say one Nadi is connected to Mooladhara and the other one is connected to Manipura or Swasdhishtana are fakes.) When Kundalini is not awake or when Kundalini is sleeping, Kundalini pulls/pushes breath/air through the nostrils with the help of these 2 nerves. Therefore, even when we are asleep, we will still be breathing—thanks to Kundalini! Sushumna Nadi is the main straight spiritual nerve/channel that runs from Mooladhara to Sahasrara.

Prana simply means air or breath, but since people want to hear hi-funda words, I also use hi-funda words for good effect. Yama simply means control or self control. Thus, pranayama means control of breath/breathing.

When Kundalini awakens:
- Kundalini takes control of your body and breathing (you lose control over your own breathing, you cannot control/regulate/alter your own breathing),
- Kundalini pushes Prana/air/breath/vital energy/spiritual current into the Sushumna Nadi resulting in Prana moving in Ida+Pingala+Sushumna. When this happens, you will experience a more energetic/stronger/altered breathing (heavy, slow, fast, deep, etc., even breathlessness).

The real Pranayama means "breath control by Kundalini/a higher inner power" "breathing activities of Kundalini when she awakens" "Awakened Kundalini controlling/regulating/altering breathing" or "involuntary breathing by a higher power in you when you are conscious." This meaning of Pranayama was downgraded as "regulation of breath by an individual" and now is being falsely taught for awakening Kundalini.

Myth: Pranayama results in Kundalini awakening.
Truth/Secret: Pranayama does not result in Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening results in pranayama. Kumbhaka or natural cessation of breath for a moment or a second is the most common pranayama/bandha of Kundalini. So never practice pranayama (you doing pranayama) as a spiritual practice to awaken Kundalini because pranayama cannot awaken Kundalini.

Another secret: Scriptures/Gurus teach that pranayama helps in purifying the Nadis and they say that purification of Nadis helps in Kundalini awakening. This purification of Nadis is called Nadi Shodhana. The actual meaning of Nadi Shodhana is "energizing/strengthening/repairing of Nadis/nerves by Kundalini". Nadi Shodhana has been misunderstood as purification of Nadis. Nadis are not impure; they are just weak and spiritual nerves are like deflated balloons that cannot rise, hence useless. Kundalini is like an air pump, and when Kundalini awakens, she pumps air/breath/prana/energy into these nerves and activates them and makes them strong, powerful, and useful.


Achintya Idam said...

Thus the real meaning of Nadi Shodhana is: Kundalini energizing/strengthening/repairing our spiritual nerves, which in turn strengthens our physical nerves.
Strengthening of spiritual nerves is for the purpose of awakening our spiritual body. When air is filled into a balloon, it rises and flies; similarly, when Kundalini fills Prana into our spiritual nerves, our spiritual body can rise above our physical body. It's a believe it or not stuff.

Myth: Nadi Shodhana means purification of nerves, and if you do Pranayama, you can do Nadi Shodhana, which helps in Kundalini awakening.
Truth/Secret: Nadi Shodhana is "energizing/strengthening/repairing of Nadis/nerves by Kundalini". Only Kundalini can do Nadi Shodhana when it awakens and performs its real pranayama. You cannot do Nadi Shodhana. Your doing pranayama is not the real pranayama. Kundalini can never awaken if you do Pranayama. So don't practice pranayama for either Nadi Shodhana or Kundalini awakening—it is dangerous. Whoever teaches pranayama and nadi shodhanna for Kundalini awakening is fake—this guru hasn't had even a single real Kundalini experience.

Secret Kundalini rule: Kundalini helps a spiritual person to become more spiritual and a worldly person to become worldlier. Kundalini helps a spiritual person become more spiritual by awakening and energizing/strengthening his/her spiritual nerves and the spiritual body. On the contrary, a person who wants to remain worldly, enjoying physical-mental-ego pleasures more and more, will not have Kundalini awakening, so Kundalini sort of encourages such persons to remain unspiritual/worldly by happily sleeping and never waking up. Thus, Kundalini can be considered as a mother who grants whatever her children want from her. If you believe in praying, rather than praying to false gods/goddesses, you can pray to your Kundalini – your spiritual mother or your lady inner guru.

Now explanation for your shivering experience:
Since you are spiritual, you had a Kundalini awakening, and now Kundalini will start making you more spiritual. One way of doing it is by Nadi Shodhana of your Ida and Pingala. Since these 2 Nadis are connected to Sushumna only at Mooladhara and nowhere above the Mooladhara, Kundalini doesn't need to go up the Sushumna to do strengthening/Nadi Shodhana. She does it by just turning a bit to the left or the right at the mooladhara itself and pushing Prana into these Nadis.
- When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Ida (Moon) Nadi connected to left nostril, you experience coolness, cold, shiver. Moon signifies coolness.
- When awakened Kundalini pushes air up the Pingala (Sun) Nadi connected to right nostril, you experience heat or burning sensation. Sun signifies heat.

Since you were a smoker and smoking increases BP, you would have been using more of your SUN Nadi in relation to your Moon Nadi. Therefore, now Kundalini is energizing/strengthening/repairing your Moon Nadi first by pushing Prana up this Nadi resulting in your experience of shivering. You may or may not have this experience in the future depending on how much your Moon Nadi has been repaired.

As for how you can have Kundalini awakening without even meditating: Since Kundalini is benevolent, understands your spiritual inclination, she would want to help you as soon as you achieve a momentary silence of the mind. So whether you are meditating, relaxing, going to sleep doesn't matter. At any time you achieve a momentary silence, mother Kundalini awakens and gives you Kundalini experiences. This is another secret rule of mother Kundalini.


Achintya Idam said...

Ok, let me now introduce you to Shariff from Nigeria (many intelligent scamsters there), who was the first person to comment on my blog back in June. He said he was practicing Kriya Yoga taught by a living famous South Indian guru (through videos) and was having chest sensations and vertiginous symptoms. Then he said he had Kundalini awakening unexpectedly after reading my blog. He had commented about a good number of his own Kundalini experiences including shivering experience and asked many good questions for which I had replied. I deleted all of his comments for some reasons, one of it being Indian fake disciples of fake gurus taking cues from his and my comments and commenting unnecessarily. I have compiled and edited my answers to his questions and publishing it now for your benefit.

As we are talking about scamsters, you should be careful to avoid people who will fleece you through ISD missed calls from particular phone numbers, phishing, premium rate numbers, romance scams, dating scams, skype sex scam, etc., google and find out more about such "african scams" and scamsters.

My reply to Shariff.

Hi Shariff,
You had a Kundalini awakening experience. The first Kundalini awakening experience is always going to be experiencing death, losing control of your body and/or breath, or inability to move the body. This is how Kundalini shows the existence of a higher power in us. All fake gurus' first spiritual/Kundalini/God-realization experience will be entirely different.
The revelations and understanding from these experiences vary from person to person based on the person's current state of mind and conditioning (Samskaras), beliefs, upbringing, etc. That should not be paid much attention to.
No need to get scared. Meditation is the death of the false knowledge that we are only this body-mind complex. If you get scared, you will not progress in spirituality.
Becoming blank, I-don’t-know-anything feeling, emptying the mind, and silence are all the same. If a person can do this during meditation, then that person is spiritually evolved. Now you know what absolute silence is, what real meditation is, which position works for you, what type of meditation works for you, so carry on with it. If you experience any difficulties, make changes.
Pull in the groin after a Kundalini experience is due to Kundalini dropping and consequent pressure/heat generation in mooladhara/groin area. This happens to some people in the initial stages of Kundalini awakenings. People end up having a lot of uncontrollable sexual thoughts when such things happen and start indulging in sexual activities ruining their spiritual life. This is the reason why people practice celibacy and vegetarianism during Sadhana.
Your same experience will not repeat, so do not crave for a repeat. You will have different experiences as listed in this post: Jerks and body movements will continue.
Do not think too much about "reality, I am free, peeling off into the environment, natural state of existence, belief systems, behavioral pattern," etc., when not meditating. You will directly experience them in meditation like the first intense experience you had. Carry on with your daily chores at home and at work as usual, not with any special awareness. Special awareness comes only with the spiritual consciousness when you have no body consciousness. Try concentrating on work at hand and stop being spiritual during activity.
Now you know that swirling, vertigo-type signs, chest sensations are not real meditation experiences. Similarly, you will know that tingling and pain sensations are also not meditation experiences.
The reason for writing the blog and answering in Quora is to warn people of the dangers involved in wrong meditation practices and to make them aware of real meditation experiences and spirituality.


Achintya Idam said...

…. Continued
Many gurus of the past/ present have passed on the effects of wrong meditation techniques (meditation side effects) as spiritual experiences, eg., ringing/buzzing in the ears, pain in Ajna Chakra, swirling/twirling sensations in Chakra locations, seeing/hearing divine visions/sounds/voices with physical eyes/ears, etc. Those who believe in my posts/answers will benefit spiritually, and those who do not/who make fun of or think ill of me/my posts/answers will ruin their spiritual life. This is a rule of spirituality.

The reason I told you not to read books is that all the books are written by non-spiritual people, including religious and spiritual books; such knowledge will make you THINK/ACT the way the authors of those books want you to. Meditation is about direct experience, not THINKING/ACTING. You will never be able to think and act either the way others want you to or you yourself want to. All your thinking/acting will be under Kundalini's control. The more and more you read the meditation experiences of my blog, the info gets deeper and deeper into your subconscious and the mind starts being spiritual. A spiritual mind is conducive for spiritual awakening. Only spiritual people can have real meditation experiences; others will take their imagination/hallucination as meditation experiences.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen go You!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sheriff,

Live like James Bond! Nobody around you should know that you are spiritual or having spiritual experiences. If you try to explain it to them, it's like James Bond exposing himself as a spy.

A Brahmajnaani/Seer who has loosened all the knots of his/her heart will never be born in this imperfect world again in a physical body. He/she will retain the spiritual body/ mind/consciousness until eternity to enjoy peace and happiness.
Anyway, let's not go that far.

You will have many scary, happy, angry, crying, laughing, blissful experiences—these mean you are getting rid of your deep-rooted emotions. Check Reliving and Relieving Process/Stages in the following posts:

Enjoy the new-found consciousness/awareness. No harm will happen to you. I have written about equanimity of breath, which is the reason for spiritual awakening. This is also the effect of spiritual awakening.

Not doing anything, just observing, being happy with yourself is the after-effect of real meditation experiences. As long as you are having real meditation experiences, you will get these states. If you exert physically and mentally, you can do all your activities as you used to do. Nothing to worry. Sometimes, meditation experiences do not happen for months, sometimes happen everyday or many times in a single day. Nobody knows why. The best thing is to meditate more when experiences are freely coming, of course without getting tired/ without having any trauma, without affecting your daily routine. If your children/family are noticing/observing you or think you are changing, practice meditation in secrecy.

"Whatever is in you is in the entire cosmos" means you are an individual as well as the whole cosmos/cosmic consciousness. Brahmajnaanis live in this cosmic consciousness after death. This will be directly experienced in meditation also. I saw all planets inside my body. These revelations signify that you have a much, much higher nature of existence.

When spiritual nerve currents start passing, they repair the physical nerves also, so your soothing balm effect. Those who have worm movement, swirling, twirling, etc., without Kundalini awakening are going to damage their healthy/normal body part/s, and those who experience such sensations during Kundalini awakening (Savikalpa Samadhi) will cure their problematic/injured body part/s. If you are having such unnatural worm movements on a healthy normal body part without meditation, then it is a problem.

Meditation/Samadhi happening for days, months, years is a lie. There is something called Jada Samadhi, in which a person will go into deep sleep or unconscious state for months without having any body consciousness and also without any spiritual consciousness. This type of meditation is as good as sleeping. All this info is also just heard, a lie because the physical body has its rules. Also Self-realization with one single experience is a lie—you get glimpses of higher Reality first, then they become frequent, then permanent. Final stage of Self-realization is loosening all the knots of the heart.

Self-realization is not epiphany, where you suddenly remember that you are cosmic consciousness, soul, atma, brahma, etc., etc., and proclaim to the world that you are a self-realized or god-realized person. God-realized are fakes and must not be paid attention to. There is storm (1000s of Kundalini awakenings) before the calm (Self-realization).

Shubhamastu—Let Good Happen To You!

Andre Pangestu said...

Love the James Bond part lol.
You read me like a book! Well I guess I have no more question for you, I'll start asking my inner of what to do next. Thanks for all the efforts!
Shubhamastu :)

Achintya Idam said...

Sheriff is from a community which frowns upon meditation and spirituality. His community demands unquestioned (blind?) faith in their religion and religious practices--do what it says or die/get stoned. This seems to be an extreme.

When you tell your spiritual experiences to unspiritual/ignorant people of communities that are not so extreme, believe in spirituality, and practice meditation, they will also frown upon your experiences because their brains have been wired to an entirely different concept of meditation and spirituality. In a place where 99 people are thieves and 1 person is a cop, the cop will be looked upon/treated by the majority with suspicion, as a thief, an anti social, or crazy. So it is advisable that you share your views only with Kundalini-awakened people.

This blog has sufficient info, tips, and suggestions required for all types of spiritual aspirants and meditators, including Kundalini awakened people. You should follow an advice that is specific to you. You can always ask for any info that's not already in this blog.

Andre Pangestu said...

Oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean I disrespect you in some way, in fact I actually think that for now I have to start experiencing what I need to experience. I really didn't mean to look away from this blog with ill thoughts.
Well for that matter I think I'll share my newest experience (even though you told me to meditate once a week for 2 months, sorry for being naughty).
I was starting my meditation sitting as usual for about 10 to 20 minutes I can't recall until I feel my body swung back all the way to my knees, there I resisted and stopped. I thought I was going to fall if I were to continue. So I lie on my bed and started mediating on it instead of sitting. After a few moments my mouth was opened for no reason. I tried to breathed normally and choked gently (can't find the word for it).
From that experience, what should I do whenever those phenomenons come? Resist? Ignore? Stop? Follow?
Up until this day I always follow them until I had enough but I always had a same thought 'am I doing it right?'

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
Last comment was a general comment and not specific to you.

When you meditate in a sleeping position and if Kundalini awakens, you generally go to breathless Samadhi (deep meditative/superconsciousness states) or shaking/Kriya Samadhis. Both of these Samadhis are normal Kundalini experiences. Nobody dies during Kundalini awakening/Samadhis :) However, breathless/choking is scary. Even if you want to continue with your breathless state, your mind resists it the most. It's just that the mind is not ready to die. Death of the mind doesn't mean the literal death or coma, it means cessation of thoughts or cessation of breath for longer duration.

YOUR MIND IS NOT READY, SO GIVE IT SOME TIME. WHEN YOU FEEL CHOKING, ETC., STOP MEDITATION (the mind automatically stops meditating even if you want to continue).
The said body swinging back experience is a normal Kundalini experience. When you get control of your body after such experiences, relax for sometime, and then resume sitting meditation, if you want.
All such body movements happen in a variety of ways. They are all normal and common experiences as listed in my first post.

Don't overdo meditation; do all your daily activities as you used to do.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Andre Pangestu said...

Ah glad to hear it.
So basically, is it okay for me to do more than 1 meditation per week?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Andre,
You can make it per day and see how it goes. Meditate for an hour per day. If you experience numbness of your legs, etc,, change your position/posture.

The reason for telling you to meditate less is because you were scared. A mind that's scared starts imagining/thinking too much about meditation experiences and spirituality/reality/awareness/consciousness leading to unnecessary change in one's behavior/daily activities. To avoid these things, you should engage in physical activities (work-related, household, exercises, sports, jogging, etc) that divert your mind from thinking, strengthen your body, strengthen your nerves, tire your body so that you can have a good night's sleep. Imaginative/deep thinking mind or a mind that constantly/repetitively thinks about the same thing is not suitable for meditation. Meditators' mind should be like children's mind, which can get engrossed in one activity at one moment and then another activity the next moment, totally forgetting about the first activity. When you are meditating, you should never think about anything else, and when you are involved in other daily activities, you should totally forget about meditation and spirituality.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

hypa4000 said...
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Achintya Idam said...

1. Nobody can suffocate oneself and commit suicide by voluntarily stopping breath or by closing one's own nose and mouth with own hands. Your job ends when you push food down the throat. The rest is taken care by your body systems, such as digestive, circulatory, GU, neuro, resp, etc.
2. Nobody can have 2 thoughts at the same moment/time. You can do only 1 activity at a time. If you were to type, say, or think the word "sorry," you can type/think/say only 1 letter at a given moment/time. A movie is captured on a film roll in a series of single negative images, 1 image at a time.
Body and mind have rules.

Thoughts are mental activities. The mind can either be active (think) or inactive (silent). So if you say "I'm asleep/mind is silent (half asleep, blank/void/vacuous, etc.)," then you are neither silent nor asleep because you know your state of mind—knowing one's own state is due to mental activity (thinking ) and it is not silence/sleep. REAL SILENCE/SLEEP CAN ONLY BE REMEMBERED AFTER YOU ARE OUT OF IT.

Concentrating, focusing, paying attention all are thoughts—thinking activities. DON’T THINK—that's the route to silence for you.
It's not only you but most people don't know what real silence is. Only 3 things happen when you achieve silence during meditation (I have mentioned it in my posts).

All modern-day meditations became famous only after 1900 AD when English-speaking Indian gurus (with scientific temperament) opened meditation/spiritual centers in the West and taught spirituality/meditation to rich/famous Westerners. Other Indian and Eastern gurus entered the market later and realized that Westerners did not want to go through any hardships/Sadhana, only understood activity-based meditation, and were looking only for physical/mental benefits from meditation/spirituality. They realized that teaching physical activities as meditation techniques attracted more disciples, more money, and prosperity. So they stuck to physical/mental exercises. Hence, only unenlightened gurus and physical trainers taught and became popular in the West. Upon the death of the original Indian/Eastern gurus, the Western disciples became gurus or heads of such centers and made their wrong meditation/spiritual practices famous through marketing, word of mouth, books, media, etc. Whatever is a hot-selling product in the West automatically gets demand world over. What can such people and their organizations teach apart from misunderstood/manipulated meditation/spiritual knowledge/practices?

There was one Blavatsky, Abramowitch, or Happoplatky who commented that only peace and happiness are the real meditation/spiritual experiences. I deleted the comments because only an unhappy or a disturbed person will take to meditation/spirituality hoping to get happiness and peace.

Walking, exercises, QiGong, etc., are all physical activities/exercises. What's spiritual about them? SPIRITual means "pertaining to your SPIRIT" which needs no food, medicine, clothing, shelter, exercise, sleep, job, education, language, triceps, 6-packs, makeup, physical fitness, etc.

This blog was written for English-knowing gurus, sadhus, teachers, long-term meditators, internet forum advisors and experts, etc., to let them know the reality about spirituality, the real meditation experiences, the dangers involved in wrong meditation/spiritual practices so that they stop deluding themselves and others and start practicing/teaching silence as a form of meditation. Those who have been meditating for more than 10 years may understand a little of what I have written. Therefore, I will not ask you to read my blog once every 7 days because it's useless. Instead, I will ask you to ask all your Chi, Dzogchen, QiGong, Taoism, dead tree zen, wakefulness teachers and their gurus to read all my posts every 3 days x 6 months and then teach you the contents of my blog. They can start with the following post:


hypa4000 said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Hi Hypa,
I did not publish a comment which said "You are awesome!" to mean that my reply to your comment was great. That person understood the depth of my comment. Had I published that comment, you would have lost your mind, perhaps.

Ok now reply to your 2-page logic.
I give general advice and specific advice. You should be intelligent enough to follow only the general ones.
1. As your ID suggests you seem to be hyper. Calm down. Meditation and spirituality are not diving—where you take a plunge.
2. Find out some Guinness book of records where people attract metals with their bodies. Your Qi/Chi is not that special after all. THE CONTINUOUS SENSATIONS IN YOUR HANDS MAY BE DUE TO WRONG MEDITATION/SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. CHECK YOUR BP.
3. I use Brahmajnana/Brahmajnani and such terms only for clarifying theoretical aspect of scriptures, which you have never read.
4. "Personally i think many disturbed, neurotic, ill people come to spirituality and meditation looking for true lasting peace / happiness/ healing. Personally I became more interested in Spirituality when my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer in 1999. So i became interested in healing and the meaning and purpose of life."
This is true with many people. You do get some solace and strength, but once you are through with your bad phase, your knowledge of meditation/spirituality should progress to real meditation experiences. If they don't, then you will be under the illusion that meditation/spiritual/Kundalini experiences are only (presumed) peace, happiness, healing.
5. Like you, everyone thinks he/she is a good human being.
6. "i am mostly self-learned, mainly from books and attending some lectures, courses etc.,"
No wonder you think too much and use unnecessary logic (bookish/second-hand).
7) "should i be concerned about meditating if my children see me rolling about?"
Don't worry! You will never have any rolling Kundalini experiences until your children grow up and start raising their own children. A hyper mind can never become silent, and without silence, you can never have any real Kundalini experience. Meditation is a tragedy of logic.

Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

masto said...
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Achintya Idam said...

Read the sentences in the above comment as "I give general advice and specific advice. You should be intelligent enough to follow only the general ones and not the ones which are given to other people."

Achintya Idam said...

Hi masto,
Basics: Every single subatomic particle in the whole universe is energy. The whole cosmos is a mass of energy. Everything including you and me, the whole veritable cosmos is Br+Ahm/OM/Aum/Veda (self-generated sound/vibration)/Shakti (energy).

Kundalini has 2 phases/states:
Sleeping state = You have control over your body and can perform your daily activities as per your WILL.
Waking state = You have no control over your body, cannot perform anything at will, you just become a witness to the activities of Kundalini.

1. During meditation, Kundalini awakens and after sometimes comes to the usual sleeping state. As long as Kundalini is awake, you cannot even move your body at will. A person's meditation ends once Kundalini drops. Kundalini does drop after Intense spiritual experiences of Self/Spiritual Knowledge (Jnana Samadhi) or Shaking/Altered Breathing/Other Bodily Movements (Kriya Samadhi). However, people who have regular Kundalini awakenings feel more vigor, energy, and strength. They feel energetic most of the time, but this doesn't mean that their Kundalini is awake all the time or even when they are engaged in normal activities.
2. Any experience that continues even after getting up from meditation is not a real Kundalini experience. SO YOUR EXPERIENCE IS NOT A KUNDALINI EXPERIENCE. Experiences during waking state are not Kundalini experiences. Kundalini experiences happen in a semi-conscious state:

3. After a Kundalini experience, you will feel more relaxed, energetic, and stronger. This is the difference between convulsion and seizure-type Kundalini experiences and medical conditions like epilepsy, seizures, tremors, convulsions, loss of consciousness, etc. People with such medical conditions feel fatigued, tired, have loss of energy, altered mental status after such episodes/attacks.
4. Physical activities and Kundlaini activities are the opposites.
5. Chakras have nothing to do with your physical body. They are the ethereal/spiritual nerve centers of your spiritual body. You should not feel energy passing through base of mooladhara to Ajna all the time. You will definitely not feel them during waking state/while awake and doing physical activities. There is some problem with your flow of energy in Chakra locations. Stop Chaka meditation and thinking about Chakras. Never concentrate/focus on Chakras. Don't pay attention to Chakras.
6. No point in talking about meditation, spirituality, Kundalini to people who are not meditating.
7. MEDITATE ONLY ON SILENCE. NO CHAKRA MEDIATION. NO PAYING ATTENTION TO CHAKRAS OR CHAKRA LOCATIONS. If your attention goes to Chakras or Chakra locations during meditation, then open your eyes, look left, right, up, down and divert your attention. Keep your eyes open for 5 minutes and then close your eyes and meditate on silence. Repeat this whenever your attention goes to Chakra locations.
8. Don't make any gurus or take any deeksha—present day Gurus are all pure businessmen. "Guru Vyapari, Shishya Bhikari"= Businessman Guru, Beggar Disciple. The proverb means a guru who has made meditation/spirituality a money-making business will make his/her disciples/followers beggars by looting their physical, mental, financial, spiritual wealth.
9. Feeling energy for 24 hours? Are you not sleeping? THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG HERE. YOUR EXPERIENCES ARE NOT RELATED TO KUNDALINI. THEY ARE SIDE EFFECTS OF CONCENTRATING ON CHAKRAS. GIVE UP CHAKRA MEDITATION. Read all my posts (28) once. Then every 10 days, read the posts related to meditation only (there may be <10). The links to my posts are here:

10. If you are interested in Kundalini awakening, then end your comment by "Jai Kundalini Mata" and don't use ellipsis (...) unnecessarily.

Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

There is another apt proverb for modern-day money making gurus and their propagandist disciples/followers.
A thief guru who is legally, in the name of meditation/spirituality, robbing people will always have the company of wicked/evil/scheming disciples/followers.

"A man is known by the company he keeps." "Like meets/attracts Like (Law of Attraction): A guru teaching harmful/dangerous/useless/manipulated money-making meditation techniques will attract only nonspiritual/money-minded/pleasure-seeking disciples/followers. You can know the character of a person by the guru he follows, and you can know the character of the guru by the people/followers/disciples he/she keeps in close proximity.

histerija h said...

hello, i'm a little confused now. i understand that concentrating hard on something while meditating is bad, listening to any teacher is bad. but you also say that people should meditate. so, what is the proper way to meditate? would it be just by myself, thinking of nothing? counting breahts, thinking about relaxing my body? or should it be with the one chosen real teacher, that i will never find- so i actually shouldn't meditate at all? do you think that meditation is for everyone or only for some chosen people in a temple in india?

histerija h said...

hello, i'm confused. it seems that almost all ways to meditate are wrong. what is the proper way to do it? can i do it alone, just realxing and thinking about nothing? are youtube meditations bad? like some where they tell you to relax, to forget your daily life, to breathe deep or to just be. i tried some of those meditations and some are really nice, some i didn't like very much. i never did a meditation to open my 3rd eye or any specific chakras or to hear sounds, see pictures.. even thought sometimes they say to imagine that you are on a beach or in a forest- is that bad practice? should i imagine nothing and listen to absolutely nothing while meditating? last week i did a meditation about "just being there" and afterwards i felt a nice preassure on the top of my head. yesterday i felt it, too. in those meditations nobody mentioned to focus on my head or something, i didn't think about my head, it just came. and these days sometimes i can feel a tingling sensation on the top of my head. it's actually nice, not scary or aching. is that due to good or bad practice? should i go on with meditation or stop immediately, because it could be dangerous? :(

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Hiserija,
You are confused because you have preconceived notions about meditation and spirituality. The posts of my blogs are simple and to sum up my blog:

No spiritual knowledge without meditation, and meditation is spiritual practice.
Meditation = Silence.
Kundalini experience/awakening = Meditation experience/Spiritual awakening (purpose of meditation).

You can find 100s of meditation techniques in the internet/books/scriptures, and I can tell you about 1000s of meditation techniques--concentrating on/focusing on/thinking about objects, one's own and others' (humans, animals, etc) body/inner or outer body parts, bodily activities (movement of energy/breath, pulse, etc), chakra locations, sounds, mantra uttering/thinking (letter/s, word/s, sentence/s, etc), thoughts/ideas (worldly, spiritual, scriptural, etc), imagination/visualization (objects, pictures, ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc.), etc. ALL THESE ARE PHYSICAL/MENTAL ACTIVITIES AND THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU HAVE A REAL MEDITATION EXPERIENCE.

What is a real meditation experience?
Meditation experience means experiencing a heightened level of spiritual awareness during meditation (due to Kundalini/spiritual awakening). Meditation experiences are not the ordinary experiences that are apparent to the senses and obvious to the intelligence. Transcending such apparent/ordinary experiences during meditation and having an supernormal/spiritual experience is a real and a true meditation experience.

Peace, joy, peace of mind, mental calmness, happiness, "living in the present," feeling of “here and now,” not thinking about the past and the future, JUST BE/BEING state, crying, laughing, and any other mental or physical activities/states without Kundalini or spiritual awakening are not mediation experiences. Children have all these states and do these activities without meditation, and we have all been children in the past. Did you realize anything spiritual about you with such activities or states? Such states can be experienced by relaxing and doing little changes in your thinking pattern. Any experience without meditation is not a meditation experience. Any experience without Kundalini/spiritual awakening is not a spiritual/meditation experience.

Everyone can desire, aspire, try, put efforts to create an Olympic record but only few people achieve this feat. Why? I hope you know the answer. EVERYONE CAN MEDITATE (ANY TYPE OF MEDITATION), BUT MEDITATION HAPPENS (ABSOLUTE SILENCE+LETGO+SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE) ONLY TO A VERY FEW PEOPLE.

Why it happens only to a very few people and not all is because:

Achintya Idam said...


If you are not aware that all types of meditations were basically designed to silence the mind so that a person can have spiritual awakening, then you will remain under the delusion (throughout your life) that meditation is practiced for physical/mental benefits. It's not your mistake for such a misunderstanding but it's due to delusion-mongering/money-making/ignorant people (who call themselves gurus/teachers).

You will find that all long-term meditators have tried many types of meditations.
Reason: A person will learn meditation type A from guru A initially. This person starts feeling some physical/mental benefits due to meditation and he goes gaga over his guru/meditation A. After some time, you will find this person doing meditation type B from guru B, and then he will go gaga over guru/meditation B. After sometime, you will find this person practicing meditation type C from guru C......(internet/youtube/books/blogs/forums, etc., contain meditation techniques of this or that past/present guru).

Do you think this person ever got any real benefit from any type of meditation or guru?

If this person had really got any real benefit from meditation type A, why would he learn, try to understand, or practice meditation B or C? You will find all long-term meditators have practiced many types of meditations and are inquisitive about many other types of meditations. Persons keep changing their meditation techniques/gurus/ideas or learn different meditation techniques because all their presumed initial meditation benefits were pseudo-states due to their imagination. You ask any person who has been meditating for more than 10 years and that person would tell you that he/she has tried at least more than a dozen meditation techniques (you should know the reason why). You will find that this person would be going gaga over his/her current meditation technique and recommending everyone to follow that technique. This is a delusional person and avoid becoming one.

People who seek physical/mental benefits through mediation will get, over a period of time, disillusioned with meditation because it won't be working all the time (You cannot be happy, peaceful, feel good, have good health all the time).

ALL PHYSICAL/MENTAL ADVERSE EFFECTS OF WRONG MEDITATION START MILDLY--MILD UNNATURAL SENSATIONS, INCLUDING YOUR TINGLING SENSATION. Repetitive unnatural sensations are signs that in the long run you are going to damage yourself due to your wrong meditation technique.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Psuedo-mental states and physical/mental side effects are due to wrong meditation practices and misconceptions about meditation, religion, and spirituality. Keep reading my blogposts. It helps you get rid of all the ignorance spread by past/present fake gurus/people about meditation, religion, and spirituality.

Achintya Idam said...

Google - Nigerian scamsters cancer herbs india

In India, many students and tourists from African countries are involved in internet scams, drug peddling, gold smuggling, etc. Very few come for actual studies or to see and appreciate India.

Jack Taylor said...

Hey so I've gave up meditation for maybe a month and then came back to it, I had previously had odd physical experiences but nothing like this, the only difference this time was I tried spinal breathing. I sat down in the usual position and about 15 minutes in my arms start moving which is usual but this time my body sways left and my right arm lifts and my palms turn to face forward and vice Verda with the other side I then violently began to spin in circles while seeing unclear faces in the blackness of my eyes at the this point I had to stop as it was getting too much and afterwards I had twitches for around an hour, any idea what this is!?

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jack,
Why did you try spinal breathing? What did you want to achieve by spinal breathing? What makes you think you could breathe through your spine? Do you want to play with fire? Do you think Kundalini and Kundalini experiences are funny? Do you think meditation is for fun? Why do you want to do queer/odd/dangerous meditations when you can have Kundalini/spiritual/meditation experiences just by simply sitting in silence? Do you want to invent a new meditation technique? Do you want to look/feel/become/sound crazy/strange/unique/special/abnormal? Do you want to brag to others about your meditation practice and experiences? Do you want to get cocky about your meditation experiences? Do you want to try meditation adventurism? Do you want to end up in the hospital?

People who have had initial Kundalini awakenings/experiences also end up having various physical/mental problems mentioned in my blog due to misconceptions about Kundalini, meditation, spirituality and wrong meditation practices, lifestyle, food habits, thinking, not knowing what to do and what not to do during a particular stage in their meditation practice, etc.

Body shakes/swaying/circling/arm lifting/hand movements/violently spinning in circles are normal Kundalini experiences, and seeing of faces is due to your mind accessing your subconscious (Re-living and Relieving stage) as mentioned in the following post:

By twitching if you mean sudden pull/push/jerks/trembling/quivering/shaking of your hands/arms/feet/legs/neck/trunk/body, then it is normal. If you are having spasmodic muscular contractions as if twitching of eyes, then it is abnormal.

Avoid nonveg, sexual activities, alcohol, and meditation on the spine. NEVER MEDITATE ON THE SPINE. Do some bending and stretching exercises, jogging, play some sports where physical activity is involved, sleep well during the night, avoid dangerous meditation techniques, stop meditation when you feel it's too much or you can't go further, and most importantly keep reading all my posts on mediation/Kundalini again and again until you are clear about Kundalini, Kundalini experiences, meditation and meditation process, dangers involved in wrong meditations, common do's and don'ts, etc.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Jack,
Your experiences are really good, not many people can have them, and they are actually due to achieving a) b) or c) as mentioned in the comment dated 26/02/17 of the following link.

Fraction of a second is also momentary. You will know the secret truth of a) b) c) only when you have 100s of varied meditation experiences. Ignorance that spinal breathing/concentration on the spine awakens Kundalini leads a person to practicing more of it, which is very dangerous. People end up having spinal problems, not due to Kundalini of course but because of normal air/energy getting concentrated in the spine.

If you want your spiritual progress, you should give up all the bad habits of your past, if any, and start cultivating good habits. Celibacy/avoiding all types of sexual activities and saving vital seminal fluid is important for youngsters. Loss of semen due to over-indulgence in masturbation/sexual activities leads to loss of physical, nervous, and mental well-being/strength. Extreme loss of semen results in a person becoming a nervous wreck.

Don't get frightened with your real meditation/Kundalini experiences or my above comment :)

Continue meditation, only silent meditation or meditation on silence, and let me know if you have any queries.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Hello Achintya
Glad that you again after a long time.
I am much better than the situation. last time we spoke.
I sleep well, very careful in my diet together with the use and orthomolecular medicine and follow your dietary advice I have seen great improvement.
The discomfort and pain in the forehead and the eyes have fallen too much and the period of great depression and desperation have fallen also very much.
Most of the time I feel blissful, calm, cheerful without cause and without any desire.
In the job I have very good clarity and effectiveness.
I exercise and do not engage in ANY meditation technique only relaxes enough within silence.
I had only 2 to 3 times some symptoms in my body in moments of relaxation in bed in the couch in the state before sleep.
When the luck I had befriended light intensity music (Kundalini tones) felt strong vibrations and spasms all over my torso .Fovithika not xanascholithika with such things ..
The same felt rarely in bed but with a smaller intensity and duration of symptoms .No with Newsflash Awakening Kundalini nor deal unless I happen .....
I read simply to relax teachings of the Buddha mainly without any pursuit and purpose ..
I wanted to ask you something in however curiosity.
It is said that the waking Kundalini bring about physical health problems to those who have come to enlightenment.
Mentioned examples of enlightened who died at a young age from cancer as the Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, 16th Makarpa and many others ..
Also reported that the Buddha had a life near the staff doctor bags with medicines.
Stand the shock of enlightenment the Buddha and Mahavira because they had strong body because they were warriors .Etsi explains ...
Yesterday I read about of disease caused by waking Kundalini.
I got the debate and asked him out of curiosity.
Quote the dialogue:
-Very Few people have a direct, conscious experience and a vast majority have no awareness of such an experience at all while at the same time, still being active inside. They have zero, I say, Zero awareness. How many of you are aware or in the know-how of what actually causes Heart Attacks? Do you have any idea that K awakening, after 15-20 years results in Cancer? [In many cases] Another that comes close is Type 2 Diabetes, which is the silent killer? The Supreme K or bloody damn K, is directly responsible for all these things? You do not have to fear Her, She is somebody who is so close to you, you owe Her very breath you are breathing now. Is she a Bitch, may be Super Bitch !!!
-Anyone Who has a wide experience awakening Kundalini will die of cancer;
-Yes. Awakening is like a second birth. And you have certain unmistakable qualities that makes you feel very special. After a certain time, if you do not 'rise further' and maintain the flow of that Energy through the proper nerve channels, the Energy 'slowly' or 'suddenly' hops into other nerve channels, that's when the health becomes a casualty. And if this state continues and deteriorates further, after a few years, cancer up shows. Well, what's Cancer in the first place? "Uncontrolled growth of cells". One quality of K is its ability to create in 'near Infinite abundance' or extraordinarily large amounts. I myself am experimenting and things are not so good for me.

What is your opinion about all this;
Can you name names TRULY enlightened people and what was their physical health.
With interesting to hear from you what was in your opinion the true secret in history that had a true experience awakening Kundalini.
Thanks again for the help you offer more in psycho pieces to improve my health.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Gio,
I am happy to hear that you are doing good!

"Most of the time I feel blissful, calm, cheerful without cause and without any desire." Good! Spirituality should make you feel good. If any spiritual practice makes you feel bad physically or mentally, then it is not the correct spiritual practice. It should be give up immediately.

"In the job I have very good clarity and effectiveness." A spiritual practice should make you effective in your worldly activities as well as in your spiritual activities.

Relax with silence. Good!

"...some symptoms in my body in moments of relaxation in bed in the couch in the state before sleep...." "felt strong vibrations and spasms all over my torso.." It's ok. When the body relaxes, you may have them. It should not happen in the same location all the time.


People torture their body and mind for Kundalini awakening. That's the problem. The body has its rules. The nerves have their rules. The mind has its rules. Anybody tortures them, they will break down. Even if an enlightened person cuts his finger with a knife, he/she will bleed. All miracles and miraculous people are fake.

People torture their bodies, nerves, and minds for Enlightenment. That's the problem.

There is no shock in enlightenment. PEOPLE WHO CAN HANDLE ENLIGHTENMENT, GET ENLIGHTENMENT. People who are ready for enlightenment, get enlightenment.

KUNDALINI IS NOT ALWAYS WAKING. After Kundalini experience/awakening, Kundalini comes back/drops to its normal position in Mooladhara. If Kundalini awakens, nobody can walk or talk. When Kundalini sleeps again, people can talk and walk.



The person who you debated with is STUPID AND IGNORANT. That person has only bookish knowledge. ALL KUNDALINI BOOKS ARE WRITTEN BY IDIOTS/FAKE PEOPLE.

Kundalini is not female or male. Is breath/air male or female? Is your heartbeat male or female?

"Anyone Who has a wide experience awakening Kundalini will die of cancer":) So all cancer patients' Kundalini is awakened? Nobody knows the cause of all cancers.

"the Energy 'slowly' or 'suddenly' hops into other nerve channels, that's when the health becomes a casualty." :)

Don't debate unnecessarily with people who give all kinds of stupid logic. These are all intellectual fools. Our physical body generates millions of physical nerve currents. Similarly, spiritual body also generates spiritual nerve currents when Kundalini awakens. There will not be any harm with either physical nerve currents or spiritual nerve currents. Nerve current is nothing but energy. Everything in the the body is energy. Everything in the whole cosmos is energy.

Knowledge of meditation, Kundalini, and spirituality should be gained through direct Kundalini experiences. Otherwise, such knowledge becomes comedy of errors or tragedy of logic.

One Kundalini awakening is not enough. Enlightenment happens when a person has 1000s of Kundalini awakening/dropping and loosening of all the knots of the heart with spiritual nerve currents.


In the following link, I have put a comment on Buddha's Enlightenment due to Kundalini awakening (3/06/2017):

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

γιωργος γιαννακης said...

Thank Achintya you that you are always willing to answer.

Achintya Idam said...

You are welcome!

Spice and celibacy:
Turmeric is anti-cancer and immunity boosting agent, and spices are very good for physical and mental health.

You can google - "Ayurveda benefits of turmeric" "Ayurveda benefits of ginger," Ayurveda benefits of garlic, "turmeric anti cancer agent," "ginger for arthritis," Ayurvedic use of spices, Ayurveda anti-inflammatory spices, etc.

If you are not adding spices and cooking them in food, then you should know how much to take and how to take because spices generate body heat. Taking too much of a spice is also not good. Indians use a many spices in food and pickle.

British first came to India just for spices. There was a spice route from India to the world.

Spices are very important to the brain and mental health. Spices keep the brain and mind sharp. Very few Indians go mad in old age because they eat a lot of spices. In old age, very few Indians develop mental signs/symptoms/illnesses as compared to the Westerners. Mental illness doesn't mean fully going mad. Common old age mental signs/symptoms/illnesses are dementia, anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD, forgetfulness, amnesia, memory loss, depression, confusion, disorientation, sad and other mood disorders, social withdrawal, problems with concentration or decision-making, feelings of worthlessness, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, etc.

The percentage of people above age 60 developing such mental signs/illnesses for the first time is very very low in India as compared to the West because Indians take a lot of spices than Westerners. Even in India, people developing mental signs/illness above age 60 are mostly from big cities with wrong food habits (less spices), lifestyle, and too much brain work.

Scientists can do the following experiment: If they teach a hallucinogenic meditation, hallucination-inducing MAD MEDITATION to a group of Indians and Westerners between 20-30 years of age, more number of Westerners will start hallucinating. The reason is spices! Westerners don't take spices like the Indians do!

Similarly, if they teach MAD MEDITATION to youngsters who have practiced celibacy and those who have indulged in masturbation/sexual activities, the percentage of people who will hallucinate will be approximately 2:10 ratio (2 celibates to every 10 masturbating/sexually active youngsters). If we compare the ratio of celibates with those who have had extreme loss of seminal fluid due to over-indulgence in masturbation/sex, it will be 1:80.

Moral science: Spice eating people can tolerate a lot of mental stress than those who don't eat spices. Celibates can tolerate more mental stress than people who indulge in masturbation/sexual activities. People who have over-indulged/indulging in masturbation/sex should not meditate. They should first practice celibacy, get physical and mental strength, and then meditate.

The reason why some meditators hallucinate, develop mental signs/symptoms/illness, or go mad/crazy is because of:
1. Wong MAD meditation technique.
2. Lack of celibacy.
3. Wrong food habits and lifestyle. substance abuse, increased brain/mind work.
4. Misunderstanding/misconceptions about meditation experiences, religion, spirituality.

Indian aged babas/sadhus/monks/renunciates (who took sannyasa/monkhood when they were young and did not indulge in sexual activities) don't have any mental signs/symptoms/illnesses. They don't go mad at all! They die in very good mental health.

It is better to die of cancer in good mental health than live for many years with mental signs/symptoms/disorders/illnesses.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Kevin said...

Hello Achintya, very interesting posts, you have certainly presented a different view of things - probably what I have always suspected! I am working my way through your blogs but just have a couple of questions. Does tinnitus affect silent mediation at all and will the results be the same as somebody who does not have tinnitus? also, I'm still a bit confused about how to perform silent meditation? how do you stop all thoughts? I've looked at many mediation methods over the years, but nothing has stuck because I have never been convinced (or gave it enough of a go). Any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kevin,
Real silence comes on its own. It's like sleeping and waking up. You go to bed to sleep, but sleep comes on its own. You wake up when the mind wakes you up. You can't tell the mind "ok mind, wake up at 5 am" and the mind wakes you up exactly at 5 am. You can't say "ok, mind sleep now" and it sleeps, or you say "ok mind sleep after 15 minutes" and it sleeps exactly after 15 minutes. But yes when you make it a habit of sleeping and waking up at a particular time, your mind wakes you up at that particular time.

So first you should practice reducing the number of thoughts and trying to be silent as if you are sleeping (but without sleeping), then EXPERIENCE SILENCE, and if you have really experienced silence without sleeping, you will definitely have a a real meditation experience. If you fall asleep during meditation, then you should continue your meditation after waking up. Once you have a real meditation experience, it becomes easy to get into silence and have more meditation experiences. It's all a habit, like making a habit of waking up at a particular time.

Again taking the example of sleep, when you are too tired because of too much physical work or a very tiring day, you will sleep instantly even if you don't want to sleep. Similarly, a spiritual person who has less number of thoughts or less mental disturbances due to less craving for worldly pleasures/physical enjoyments/sex/name/fame/ego satisfaction, etc., will get into silence without much effort/time and will have real meditation experiences.

As I have mentioned in my blog posts, some people will have meditation/Kundalini experiences even without mediating. I have seen people having Kundalini awakenings when they are standing or sitting on a chair with folded hands like Indians' "namaste" and silently praying for a minute. The next moment, without their will and any knowledge of Kundalini/mediation, they will have shaking Kundalini/spiritual/meditation experiences. These shaking spells are not due to physical/neurological problems.

As for tinnitus, I don't have tinnitus. I know a very advanced meditator, who developed tinnitus, vertigo, and a host of neurological/physical problems due to torturing his body and mind while doing his wrong spiritual practice. When he started his spiritual practice, he never took food in a plate but always took it in his hands (as in begging), ate very little, ate only in temples, and slept outside temples (although he had a house, money, and family). This he did for several years. He says that he is fortunate that he is still alive; so/very torturous/intense his spiritual practice was. He used to teach his dangerous techniques to me, and I used to condemn all his dangerous techniques and teach him real meditation and spirituality :) I was a novice then :) He is a staunch devotee of a god and believer of all gods. He used to get wild at me. However, he has changed now and looks healthy, happy, and strong in his 70s. He gets into Samadhi now and then. So, it means tinnitus is not a problem to get into silence/Samadhi.

You can always find out for yourself by meditating to be silent. Make sure you don't concentrate anywhere on your ears/head/breath or external sound/noise. Try imitating sleep during meditation because sleep is your everyday habit, and you can only sleep when you don't hear any sound/noise caused by tinnitus. You can always stop your meditation when you begin to hear noises.

Read the general posts of this blog once or twice, but read meditation related posts more than twice to understand them clearly.

Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Kevin said...

Hi Achintya, thank you for your quick response. I have quite bad tinnitus from an accident as a child. Its always there but I have managed to to have some good meditations in the past and didn't even hear it . A bit like you just said about when falling asleep, you don't hear the tinnitus when you sleep. Don't a lot of meditation techniques all have the same goal though i.e to eventually silent the mind? I've previously found a mantra to be useful and even passage mediation by Eknath Easwaran (are you familiar with this? It literally uses prayer to quiet the mind to get you into a state of silence). One of the problems I have found (which I am sure everybody does) is that as soon as you realize you are silent you have just had a thought which upsets the silence!? How can you be aware without being aware? I'll keep going through your posts (albeit slowly as I want to take it all in) and see if I can work it out. You mention many times to unlearn and not read books, but is there anything at all you might recommend to assist in the process (Gopi Krishna for example?). Great Blog by the way! Kindest Regards, Kevin

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Kevin,
Mantra Japa (mantra recitation) and Dhyana (meditation) are 2 different things though people club mantra and meditation together. Read all the blogposts every 6 days x 2 months to unlearn and get rid of your theoretical/bookish knowledge.

"Don't a lot of meditation techniques all have the same goal though i.e to eventually silent the mind?" If so, why not directly meditate on silence? Aren't they crazy who say you can achieve silence through repetitive mental/physical activities? Do you need a guru to learn silence?

Meditation induced tinnitus/vertigo/ Meniere's disease:
The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that process the sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. If disease or injury damages these processing areas, vestibular disorders can result. VESTIBULAR DISORDERS CAN ALSO result from or be worsened by genetic/environmental conditions, or OCCUR FOR UNKNOWN REASONS. Common vestibular disorders: BPPV, labyrinthitis, MÉNIÈRE’S DISEASE, and secondary endolymphatic hydrops.

The inner ear (cochlea) contains hair cells (microscopic hearing nerve endings) bathed in fluid. Inner ear fluids move the hair cells which in turn transmit sound energy to the brain via the hearing nerve, where it is interpreted into sound. A disturbance in the inner ear fluids or hair cells may result in Meniere's disease, vertigo, sensorineural hearing impairment, tinnitus, etc.

Meniere's disease causes episodes in which you feel as if you're spinning (vertigo), and you have fluctuating hearing loss with a progressive, ultimately permanent loss of hearing, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), and sometimes a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear.

A person who starts observing the floor moving around, the room spinning, losing balance if he suddenly gets up from a sitting position, getting jolted awake from the sound of a slamming of door/blast/explosion/sounds of chainsaw, hearing roaring sounds, hearing buzzing/humming/whooshing/ringing sounds, etc., will end up with tinnitus/vertigo/Meniere's disease.

WARNING: Concentrating on the crown of the head/forehead/ears/head, Zen/Zazen/Mindfulness/Vipassana/Who am I/Here and Now, etc., which involve constant thinking/brain frying, constant observation/focusing will lead to an over-heated/over-concentrated/over-focused/overworked/overactive brain/mind. TOO MUCH MENTAL/BRAIN ACTIVITY = DANGER.

TRUTH: Over-concentration on a body part results in the breath/air/energy getting concentrated there. Too much air/energy pressurizes/disturbs that part, fills that part with extra air/energy, or ruptures minute blood vessels/nerve endings of that part. A meditator knows one of the UNKNOWN CAUSES OF VESTIBULAR DISORDERS what medical researchers/scientists don't know.

Spinning causing loss of balance due to disturbance of inner ear fluids = Normal.
Inner ear fluid disturbance causing a spinning sensation during meditation = DANGEROUS.

Head and neck/whiplash injury due to accident results in tinnitus because of pressure, damage, disturbance of inner ear fluids or hair cells = Normal.
Sitting and doing observation meditation resulting in tinnitus = DANGEROUS.
You are paying for zen and other books/masters to get tinnitus/vertigo/Meniere's disease?! Karma!

Infants get umbilical hernias often, and most of the time, they close on their own by the time the baby is 1 year old. Medical science, however, still doesn't know how to repair umbilical hernias without surgery. So they have a long way to go in finding a permanent treatment for inner ear problems.

The person in his 70s with tinnitus, vertigo that I referred to in the above comment was a staunch devotee of a god. Do you think he wouldn't have done intense Mantra Japa/mantra meditation?

Avoid BAD/MAD/DANGEROUS meditation/spiritual practices/gurus/books!


Kevin said...

Thanks Achintya for your very comprehensive answer. Regards Kevin

Achintya Idam said...

You're welcome!

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