May 06, 2016

Brahm, Parambrahma, Naad Brahm, Veda Brahma, Shabda Brahma, One Syllable or One Letter (Eka Aksharam), Supreme Sound/Vibration, OM, Pranava, Ek Omkar, Consciousness, Purusha, Anahata Naad, Aham, Koham, Soham, Hamsa, Aham Sphurana, Supreme Word (Parama Pada), Word of God, God Particle, AUM Mani Padme Hum/Hoom, Divya Shabda/Nada, Yam, Lam, Ram, Bam, Kham, Hrim, Klim, etc., Abraham, Abram, Shalom, Shalom alaichem, as-salam-alaikyum

All refer to the same Supreme Sound/Vibration, which is the essence of our cosmos.

Caution: Indian spiritual terms ahead.

Brahm according to Vedas is the Supreme Creator of the cosmos. Brahm refers to the Cosmic Reality.

Brahm =  Br+Ahm = "Br" means to say or to grow/expand, "ahm" is the Supreme Sound/Vibration.

Thus, that which says "ahm" is the Supreme Creator/Cosmic Reality. Ahm has grown into this cosmos. The cosmos is nothing but Brahm/Supreme Sound or Vibration.

Ahm is the Supreme Sound or Vibration that scriptures and science talk about. The whole cosmos is nothing but vibrations of the subatomic particles or subatomic particles which are nothing but vibrations.

According to Brahmajnaanis (Seers), the entire cosmos (Brahmandam) is generated by (copied/lifted/stolen by Big Bang theorists from Indian scriptures) and vibrating with a Supreme Sound. They said that this Supreme Sound is an eternal, continuous, self-generated, and self-emanating vibration, which is the cause and reality behind the veritable cosmos with all its living and nonliving beings, including you and me. The direct experiential knowledge of the source and nature of this Supreme Sound leads to Self-Realization.

The Brahmajnani I met gave the following method to have an idea about the quality of this Supreme Sound:
Close your mouth, do diaphragmatic breathing (similar to kapaal bhaati) and expel air forcefully through the nose, making a loud nasal utterance of "Dam or Dham" like that of a noisy drum beat. In other words, try to produce a sound like that of a drumbeat through your nose, a forceful/powerful/loud one.

Now utter any single letter or syllable with the above method, ex., a, b, a-z, aa, ba, tan, man, kan, yam, ram, lam, sam, sum, kham, hrim, klim, vam, hum, aum, om, hoom, phat, dhan, etc. You will observe that uttering any letter or syllable will produce a similar sound because nasal utterance of any letter or any syllable of any language will sound the same. If you try to write the nasal sound that you just produced, you could possibly write it down as hmm, umm, oom, amm, ohm, ahm, hum, ham, omm, oum, aum, hoom, aham, etc. If you record this sound and listen to it, you will feel that you experienced a much more intense vibratory sound inside you.

A nasal sound cannot be accurately spoken (orally).
A nasal sound cannot be accurately written.
Different people will write the sound differently, some may write this sound as hmm, some as omm, some as aum, some as ahm, some as ohom, aham, ham, hoom, etc.
You cannot express the vibratory effect of the sound to others in writing.
If you write down whatever sound you produced and ask others to read it, they will read it differently. They will never understand the vibratory effect accurately until they themselves utter and feel the internal vibration.

Ufff!!! What's the big deal?
It is a big deal! This is the reason why different religions talk about creation/cosmic reality/spirit/soul/creator/god differently.

The Brahmajnaanis who experienced the Supreme Sound in their meditation said that the Cosmic Reality is Eka Akshara (One Letter), which cannot be accurately written, spoken, or thought about (Anirvachaniya, Vakmanas-Agochara, Manovagatita). They said you need to experience it yourself to really understand it. It is an unthinkable letter/syllable (Achintyakshara) to those who have not experienced it. 

[Eka Akshara/Ekakshar = An Imperishable/Eternal Sound the quality of which can be known by uttering one letter/syllable (of Sanskrit) with the above nasal method.]

The Brahmajnanis said that if the Supreme Sound is tried to be written, spoken, or expressed, then different people (who haven’t experienced it) would understand it differently (like in our analysis above). This is the reason why God, spirituality, religion, Kundalini, Prana Shakti, Atma, Soul, Self-realization, Spirit, meditation, Pranayama, Yoga, etc., is understood differently by different people. One can understand all these only through Direct Experiential Knowledge (Aparoksha Anubhuti) that's gained through deep meditation/Samadhi. Those who have understood these through direct experience will not fall in doubt until they die; others would keep changing their views from time to time and live and die in confusion, doubt, delusion, or ignorance.

All vibrations sound like AHM/OM/AUM/HMM, etc. This simple cosmic truth was directly experienced by Indian Seers long, long ago. No scientist can experience the vibration of subatomic particles; scientific instruments can give some numerical data, true or false.

The Brahmajnaanis also said that the Supreme Sound is all-encompassing, everywhere, ever-existing, inside you (pinda), outside you, in all directions, and at all times in the entire cosmos (brahmanda). The best way to know it is by searching within yourself because it is ever-existing in you and you don’t have to go anywhere, break your back, or do something extraordinary to know it. It is simple, easy, and free.

"Seek Within," "Know Thyself, All Else Will Reveal Itself," "MEDITATE."

"In Silence, the Supreme Sound is Heard."
This Supreme Sound is the veda-vedanta-upanishad's The One Letter or The One Syllable (Eka Aksharam), Brahm, Pranav, Om, Mandukya upanishad's Amaathra Om (that which cannot be pronounced orally), etc.

This Supreme Sound is also called by other names like Pranava (to utter or shout a humming sound); Omkar and Ahamkar (doing, making, sounding Om and Aham, thus self-generated), Anahata Shabda/Naada (unstruck, unbeaten sound, i.e., nobody strikes or beats to produce a sound, hence self-generated; undying, hence eternal), Aham Sphurana (flashes, vibrations, throbbing, pulsations of the sound "Aham"), etc. All mean a self-generated sound or vibration which is eternal.

Soham/Saham or Hamsa = He/That is ham or ham is He/That. Ham refers to the Supreme Sound.

Disciple: Who or What is that Purusha (Supreme Creator, Cosmic Being, Cosmic Reality)?
Guru: Soham/Hamsa, i.e., He/That is ham or ham is He/That.
Ham means Supreme Sound. The Guru would not mean "I am That Purusha."

Disciple: What is the Reality about me?
Guru: Aham iti – Aham is.
Aham means the Supreme Sound.

This Supreme Sound is also called the Supreme Word (Parama Pada/Paramapad) when written not as a symbol ( ) but with letters in Sanskrit like aum, om, aham,  (ओम्,  etc.,). Bhakti yogis believe that their beloved God resides in the highest place (Paramapadam) and they will attain that highest place/position/His abode due to their Bhakti or grace of God.

The Supreme Word is also the Word of God.

BIBLE: JOHN 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

BIBLE: "Be still, and know that I am (Aham is) God."

Brahm=The Supreme Creator/Vibration that has grown into this veritable Cosmos/cosmic multitude of names and forms.
Abraham or Abram (Hebrew meaning father, many, multitude = thus One which has grown into many, multitude) is the patriarch of Jews, Judaism, Islam, etc.

The entire cosmos is Om. Om and ShalOM mean the same. Hebrew meaning of Shalom is whole, complete (whole cosmos). Shalom alaichem and as-salam-alaikyum are the same. Amen, Ameen, Oman are derived from or mispronounced OM.

Scriptural allegories (Indian and other countries) can be understood with direct experiential knowledge through deep meditation/Samadhi. Four-headed God Brahma, Trinity of Gods and their functions, Holy Trinity, Satan, 7 planes of higher and lower existence, 7 heavens, 7th heaven, 7 Rishis (seers), 7 Chakras, 7 Lotuses, 7 aura/prism colors, 3 Lokas, Shodasha Kala Purusha (Cosmic Being with 16 attributes), Sri Yantra, Swastika, hexagram (star of David) and other designs/diagrams, etc., can be understood only through meditation experiences. 

The Supreme Sound is the Udgita of the Upanishads. Ud – up, upwards, arising and gita – hymn, song. This hymn/song or sound arises from the spiritual heart at the right side of your chest and moves upwards to your Sahasrara and then spreads to the whole body and your surroundings.  Believe it or not: This is my experience.

If you want to know about the spiritual heart, click the following:

Food for thought: Is it possible that the Aham of Bhagavad Gita (famous verse of "Aham (I am) in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end"), the Aham of Ashtavakra Gita and other such Gitas refer to the Udgita of Upanishads?

Q: What exactly is Aham?
A: Aham has two meanings:

1) I or I am, the individual ego or the conception of one's individuality.
 This is the common usage of the word.
2) The Supreme Sound, the cosmic reality of vibrations.
Aham Sphurana (vibration, pulsation of the sound Aham). The entire cosmos is made up of this divine vibration "Aham." When one hears it vibrating in oneself, it is called Ahamkar vritti, and when one hears it vibrating in the entire cosmos, it is called Akhandakar vritti. The goal of spirituality is realizing the Chaitanya or Consciousness with which this Akhandakar Vritti is witnessed/experienced. This Chaitanya or Consciousness is your True/Real Self. This is the real Knower (Jnaata, Kshetrajna) or Witness (Sakshi). This is the answer to the question who am I?

Thanks to science, everyone now at least knows that the entire cosmos is nothing but subatomic particles of energy, vibrations, or waves.

The vibration that science talks about is this ahm, aham, om, hum, hoom, aum, etc., the Eka Akshara. The Indian Rishis had found the reality of the entire cosmos a long, long time ago. The God Particle is also this Akshara.
To know how the veritable cosmos was created with this Supreme Sound, click the following link:

Whoever directly experiences this Supreme Sound THROUGH MEDITATION gets a glimpse of Brahmajnana (Knowledge of Brahm/Self-realization). Mediation is A MUST because you cannot hear the Supreme Sound with your physical ears and to get spiritual ears you need to awaken your spirit, Sookshma Sharira.

You will never hear this Supreme Sound with your physical ears. It can only be heard in SAMADHI through your spiritual ears/mind/consciousness.

Warning: If you are practicing any meditation technique to hear the Supreme Sound with your physical ears, you will definitely damage your ears. You will end up having tinnitus, vertigo, dysequilibrium, etc.

Believe it or not: Kapaal Bhaati is a meditation experience. It is a swabhavika kriya/pranayama done by Kundalini when she/it awakens. This is how Pranayama and Kriyas came to be known.

To know about the dangers involved in Pranayama and Kriyas to awaken Kundalini, click:

Q: How can I realize the Supreme Sound?
A: "In Silence, the Supreme Sound is heard."

"Be still, and know that I am (Aham is) God"

"Meditate on Silence."

Story told to me by an old phakkad baba (vagrant, roadside sadhu): There was a Brahmajnaani in North India, who used to meet visitors/followers only between 4 am and 6 am to answer their questions and then he used to lock himself in his room until the next day's darshan. Most of his answers would not be understood by his followers. His followers in order to get some simple instructions and to keep his teachings in the form of a book for future reference (or maybe to make him famous or maybe to check his knowledge by comparing with other people's books) requested him to write a commentary on Bhagavad Gita. After years of persuading him, he relented, wrote commentary, gave the manuscript to them, they read and asked him as to why his book is different than others, why God has not been glorified, and why it is not easily understood. He answered: "Whether you understand it or not, whether you like it or not, my words will be in Akasha; those who can understand, will understand."

Brahmajnaani: "You cannot know the Supreme Sound or get Self-knowledge without meditation."

Without Kundalini Awakening and consequent spiritual experience, your meditation will be as good as a physical or a mental exercise.

To know the experiences you may have when Kundalini awakens, when meditation really happens, real Vipassana, or the swabhavika kriyas of Kundalini, click:

To know about Kundalini as it is and the myths surrounding it, click:

WARNING: It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized Seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen to You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING. Ignorant/unspiritual people think that the physical body/mind/consciousness is the real "I" or the real Self and that's all there is to know.

Your real Self, SPIRITual Self, soul, real BE+ING, Atma, or the real "I" is not your physical body. It is your SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS.

Brahmajnana (knowledge of Brahm/Cosmic Self/Cosmic Reality) means expansion of your spiritual body/mind/consciousness into cosmic consciousnesses. Let's not go that far. You should strive to have one real meditation/spiritual/Kundalini/superconscious experience in this life.

You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!! If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

Veda means revealed knowledge/wisdom through mantras, which is Apaurusheya (not revealed/produced/uttered by anybody). Mantra is a word/utterance/sound with a transcendental meaning. Thus Apaurusheya Veda is a Self-generated mantra/sound/utterance which reveals transcendental knowledge/wisdom (Self-generated OM/AHM/AHAM/AUM/Supreme Sound/Vibration).

The central teaching of rik, sam, yajur, atharv is Veda (OM).

Mantra-Drashta (Seer)/Mantra-Jnaata/Jnaani (Knower) = Seer/Knower of Mantra (OM).
Shruti means directly heard/experienced word/utterance/knowledge/mantra (experiencing OM in Samadhi).

Mantra Drashtas (Seers) said that the veritable cosmos is nothing but a Self-generated (Apaurusheya) mantra/sound/vibration (Tarang/Waves). This sound cannot be written, pronounced accurately and can only be directly experienced through deep meditation/Samadhi. Since their followers found it very difficult to understand such a word/sound, the Seers called it Brahm = BR+AHM - "Br" means to say, grow, expand and "Ahm" is the sound/vibration of the cosmos as discussed in this post. The revelations, wisdom, and knowledge of the Seers were collected, compiled, and made as scriptures. Every major religion is born out of one or the other such scripture.

Time passed. Ignorant gurus started saying that every letter, word, sentence, sloka of the scriptures are sacred mantras which can be recited/repeated as a form of meditation for God-realization. Since such ignorance was deep rooted and could not be argued, some Brahmajnaanis convinced others that the Ekakshar (One syllable) of the Vedas is the Beeja/Seed of all Mantras. They said this Bija Mantra has profound spiritual principles and meditating on this monosyllabic Om/Aum/Bija helps realize the truth about Vedas. They said this Bija/Seed/Om Sound/Vibration has really grown into this entire cosmos, similar to a tiny seed growing into a huge fig/banyan tree.

(Real spiritual meaning of peepal/Ashwatha/fig/banayan tree:

Time passed. Some ignorant gurus in order to be different than the gurus who taught the real One Seed/Bija (om) started inventing many seeds/bijas. Tantra practitioners added o, ha, ya, ra, la, va to "Ahm" and made om, ham, yam, ram, lam, vam as the sounds of mooladhara , swadhishtana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, ajna chakras and said that Sahasrara/Crown Chakra is beyond all elements/sounds or contains all sounds. The chakras are the places where all the colors, planets, auras, planes of existence, lotuses, lights, etc, are stuffed by the modern gurus.

Other gurus not to be left far behind came up with gam, gham, kleem, hreem, shreem, vroooom, etc., as bija mantras. Others (Jains) made it Kshveem. Others added "namah" and deity/god's/goddess's names to monosyllabic OM and came up with thousands of "namah" mantras. Others got rid of OM and added other bijas. Some gurus got rid of the Vedic/Tantric Bijas and started chanting mantras without them. Some gurus got rid of the Sanksrit language altogether and started local language mantras with/without bijas.

Now we have rich modern samsaric science gurus saying that MMMM is a Bija mantra that helps produce nitric oxide. Some say binaural beats instead of mantras help in meditation. Some say frequency of earth (Schumann resonance) and OM is 7.83 Hz and the whole world is waves hence meditating/listening to 7.83 Hz Binaural beats helps in synchronizing your brain waves with the cosmos. This synchronization gives equilibrium, balance of the body/mind/brain leading to peace, happiness, positivity, and many other physical/mental benefits.

By the way instead of 7.83 Hz, people should start publicizing the frequency of earth/OM as 7.86 Hz to validate the ancient knowledge of India's OM 786 and Islam's 786. When scientists/people believe that oil and other fossil fuels came from buried dinosaurs and plants, no harm in increasing .83 to .86 (maybe it is .86)


Achintya Idam said...

Dinosaurs ran our vehicles and factories :)

If scientists believed fossil fuels were due to buried dinosaurs, then volcanoes must be due to buried fiery dragons.

Whether OM/earth's frequency is 7.83 or 7.86 Hz, the following will not help you experience the REAL "sound/s of the universe/cosmos/Pinda/Brahmanda OM/AUM/BR+AHM" or help you have a REAL meditation experience:
Gamma, high-mid-low beta, high-mid-low alpha, high-mid-low theta, delta-wave frequency stimulation or mental states, binaural beats, frequency following response, brainwave synchronization with Schumann resonance/heart beat of the earth/frequency of OM (7.83 Hz?!), monaural beats, isochronic tones, Solfeggion frequencies, white noise, brainwave entertainment, mind programming……, etc Modern-day gurus’ ordinary mantra, special mantra to transcend, pranava japa (or humming/MMMM to produce nitric oxide), yantra, tantra, trataka, yogasana, pranayama, vipassana, chakra, prayer, kriya, laya,……., etc., also will not help you have a REAL meditation experience.

All the above are physical/mental exercises. People claim that such activities help in meditation, relaxation, stress relief, advanced/improved/sharp energy focus and concentration, easy/super learning or studying, ultra recall or super/sharp memory, sleep induction or sleeping, lucid dreaming, astral projection, healing, therapy, chakra stimulation, chakra healing, remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, …, etc.

Meditation is about physical and mental silence that helps awaken one’s spiritual SENSES/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS through which the reality about oneself (pinda) and the entire cosmos (brahmanda) is known. It's only through SPIRITUAL SENSES you can experience real AHM/OM/AUM.

The brain is the moon and the spiritual heart is the sun. The sun illuminates the moon. Meditation and Spirituality are about the spiritual heart, the illuminator of the brain. This is the source of BR+AHM in an individual.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

My brother i live in north america the land of sex and money.
How can i find a Guru?
I meditate concentrate on my chest and progress on the path.
But i seek a realised masterr and the one i am about to go see in 2 week is probably not self realised but he is experienced

Edouard Pierre Bate Mebande said...

Please help

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Edouard,
You will not find any self-realized master who can become your guru; don't waste your time searching for one.
Stop meditating on your chest or any other body part. Avoid dangerous meditation practices.
I have already told you to keep reading my blog and avoid meditation until all your side effects have gone.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Achintya Idam said...

You start experiencing the Supreme Sound repeating endlessly in the right side of your chest. This sound starts spreading up your throat and then you may experience breathlessness. If you continue meditating on this sound, it spreads to inside of your head and then the whole body reverberates with this Supreme Sound very loudly. The whole body vibrates with this sound as if every pore of you has started shouting this sound. This may be a frightening experience as the whole body is reverberating with this sound. If you persist in meditating on this sound, it spreads to the surroundings and everything around you resounds with this Supreme Sound. You will lose consciousness of your body and the surroundings.

WARNING: If you are hearing some sound/voices with your ears, then it is not a real meditation experience. It is an early sign that you are going to damage your ears or your mind. STOP MEDITATING FOR A MONTH WHEN YOU START HEARING SOUNDS/VOICES WITH YOUR EARS.

Achintya Idam said...

Not many people know/will know the truth about the above comment, even after reading it.

If you tried silence as a form of meditation, you could also EXPERIENCE your inner sound/AHM/OM/Supreme Sound/APAURUSHEYA VEDA/Anahata Naad. Apaurusheya veda (word spoken by nobody) is nothing but the Self-generated cosmic creating/sustaining/destroying sound/vibration of OM/AHM/AHAM/AUM.

Believe it or not/like it or not/want it or not/know it or not:

When Kundalini reaches your spiritual heart (not your physical heart), you will EXPERIENCE Anahata Naad/Shabd. Anahata means unstruck, unbeaten, undying and Naad/Shabd means Sound. Anahata Naad is an eternal (undying) sound which is produced by none (nobody strikes or beats anything to produce it), hence it is a self-generated eternal sound. This is the real VEDA. The teaching of rig, yajur, sama, and atharva is this VEDA or APAURUSHEYA VEDA. Vedanta is all about this VEDA or Eka Akshara.

CENTRAL TEACHING OF VEDA/VEDANTA: "Ekaksharam Parambrahma" AHM/OM/AUM/ is Supreme Cosmic Creator.

Veda = Apaurusheya Veda = Eka Akshara = Brahm = AHM/AUM/AHAM/OM/Superme Sound/Vibration = Generates/Organizes/Destroys = GOD = Creator/Sustainer/Destroyer

This Sound/Vibration is reverberating in you and the whole cosmos 24/7. Due to Samadhi, you will get into your spiritual body/senses/mind/consciousness and this is why and how you will hear/EXPERIENCE this sound.


To know what Samadhi is, click:

To know how one enters into Samadhi, click:

WARNING: Many people who try to hear divine, OM, supreme, supernormal, subtle, inner, or other sounds through their ears will end up damaging their ears.

Never meditate on your ears.
Don't try to hear/listen to Om, inner, or other sounds through your ears.
Don’t close your ear/s with finger/s or thumb/s and try to listen to some sounds.
Don't close your ear/s with your finger/s or thumb/s and utter "hmmmm" "ommmm" or any other sound/mantra.
Don't close your ear/s with the thumb/s and press your forehead with your fingers forcefully and move your head up and down to see some light.

ALL THESE ARE DANGEROUS PRACTICES that will result in ear problems, tinnitus, vertigo, dysequilibrium, dizziness, loss of balance, etc.

Meditating to hear a sound with the ear/s will initially lead to hearing of some vague sounds and then some wind blowing, beeping, buzzing, humming, whooshing, ringing of bells, etc. With continued practice, you will start hearing such sounds all the time; IT IS TINNITUS (a chronic/lifelong medical condition) and not a meditation/spiritual/OM experience. You may also have frequent falls/loss of balance due to damaging your inner ears, dysequilibrium, vertigo, etc. All these problems are because of concentrating/focusing/meditating on the ear/s. Concentrating on the head/forehead may also lead to such problems.

AVOID PEOPLE WHO ENCOURAGE YOU TO MEDITATE ON YOUR HEAD/FOREHEAD/EARS. Those who say ringing in the ears is a common/normal/ok meditation experience are IGNORAMUS. Shun such gurus/disciples/followers/people immediately because these are FAKES and will encourage you to damage your inner ears permanently.

If you are hearing divine or other voices during meditation with your PHYSICAL EARS/INSIDE YOUR MIND or WITHOUT SAMADHI/Kundalini awakening, then you are hallucinating and may end up with psychiatric disorders as mentioned in the following post:

deepti said...

Hello sir, I've got a question for you. Since, I haven't read all your blog posts and I'm still in a process of reading them, hence I dont know if you've answered this question in any of your blog. So the question is, is there any such thing like transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy? Any such thing that will help one to direct the path of sexual energy towards the brain for an increased consciousness? So that one can avoid the distraction caused due to sexual desire. Sorry, if this is a silly question.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Deepti,
Real spirituality starts with spiritual (Kundalini) awakening. You cannot have a spiritual awakening without enough sexual energy. These days every tom, dick, and harry calls himself spiritual without experiencing spirituality.

deepti said...

Thank you so much for clearing my doubt.

Anonymous said...

Good morning,Achintya Idam.

Have you experienced the Truth? Could you share the method/s adopted by you?

I have ,met many who claim to grant Shaktipaat.Fortunately,they were cheating themselves.Never charged me or anything.However,my parents also had met some people who did not swindle them but couldn't grant them what they aspired for.There was only massive theory being told.A supposedly great Guru at that juncture was using ganja for samadhi or imagined samadhi and these people can always cite Patanjali's Yogasutra where Oshadhi is mentioned.His lineage still grants Shaktipaat(?) in the U.S. and elsewhere,quite a movement. However,many scandles have been associated with this.Regards,

Achintya Idam said...

Sink the following truths into your subconscious first.

Sexual shaktipat, sex to supeconsciousness, and money in the bank is the goal of all shaktipat/sex tantra and other fake gurus. I have already mentioned in some other post that shaktipat is fake. Read the whole blog, all the posts.

By telling nonsense and lies, if a person can make you and your parents believe in shaktipat, the objective of that person is achieved – he/she knows where to find foolish people and how to fool people.
Whoever teaches shaktipat to the Westerners is the fakest of all fakes. Whoever believes in shaktipat is the biggest fool among all spiritual aspirants and meditators.

There are various methods gurus adopt to take advantage of (sooner or later) naïve, ignorant, and stupid disciples and followers. Shrewd/fake gurus who have organizations/ashrams (permanent location) are like businessmen and politicians who will not cheat openly. They first make people believe that they are enlightened, know a lot about spirituality, and are teaching THE TRUTH and THE METHOD to get to THE TRUTH. Are fizzy/soft drinks good for health? Is lead in packaged food good? Is it good to consume genetically modified organisms (GMO) and chemical pesticides? Are infant formulas necessary for babies? Can spirituality be ever taught as a 10-day Vipassana course or beginner's/advanced Kriya/Pranayama course or Kundalini awakening/meditation retreat? Can anybody become a spiritual guru by attending Vipassana/kriya/kundalini, etc., teacher's training course and by opening a franchise/branch? Can ganja ever give Samadhi? If taking marijuana results in Samadhi, why do babas who smoke handful of ganja per day are still after sex and money?

By the way, some gurus take good care of (some even pay money to) white skinned beautiful girls/women for acting as disciples/followers so the gurus can take advantage of others, sooner or later.

Shubhamastu – Let Good Happen To You!

Damon Lloyd said...

Why do you not have a video on how to mediate correctly? Written word does not seem to be enough

Raghav Grover said...

स कोचं कणयध ो् कृ ा धो ारे तथिै च ।
अन कमहऱं ायविश े सनातनम ॥् ११४ ॥ Contracting (or closing) the openings of the ears and also the lower opening (reproductive/excretory organs) in the same way, and then meditating on the palace of the anahad (unstruck) sound within, one enters die eternal Brahma.

I found this written in Vijana Bhairava Tantra, which has Shiva describing 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness.

Please comment on this.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Raghav,

Concentrating on sleep state/remembering sleep is the best for beginners.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!