June 06, 2016

My First Meditation Experience, My First Kundalini Awakening, Utility and Eligibility, Best Book-Place-Guru-Method for Kundalini Meditation/Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is a must for Yoga (union of individual self/consciousness with the cosmic Self/Consciousness), Brahmajnana, Atmajnana, Self-Knowledge, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Kaivalya, etc.

Kundalini Yoga is not a type of meditation or a spiritual practice. It means Self-realization or Enlightenment (Yoga) through Kundalini Awakening. Those who are enlightened without Kundalini awakening are fake.

Enlightenment by faking/imagining/pretending/bookish-knowledge is rampant now.

Any type of meditation can awaken your spiritual power/Kundalini, provided your mind becomes still, your breath becomes equanimous, or a momentary NATURAL cessation of breath is achieved during meditation. For any of these 3 (which are not different but complementary to each other), you do not need any book-learning. Silence is the best among the 3. Silence is not a subject to be studied. Whether you meditate at home or outside doesn’t matter but whether you had a meditation experience or not does matter.

Books on Kundalini are filled with many fundas, mumbo-jumbos, theories which are really not true—all figments of someone’s imagination. They will delude you. All books on Kundalini are written by fake people, people who haven't had a single Kundalini experience.

Many drunkards, drug-addicts, marijuana smokers have written/are writing books, blogs, websites/internet content about Kundalini/meditation/spirituality. Such substance abusers have/are answering in internet question and answer forums like reddit, quora, etc. They have explained their hallucinations after abusing substances as Kundalini/meditation/spiritual experiences. If you believe/follow such idiots, you will remain in delusion throughout your life about meditation, Kundalini, spirituality. If you seriously practice what such idiots preach, then you will definitely end up in the hospital, either general or mental hospital.

To know about books on Kundalini, Kundalini myths versus truth, click the following:

My First Meditation Experience, My First Kundalini Awakening, My First Kundalini Experience, My first Spiritual Experience:
I had a Kundalini (meditation/spiritual) experience without knowing what Kundalini was. Forget about Kundalini, I did not even know what meditation was. I had not even read a single page of any book on spirituality or meditation.

Following is the story about my first Kundalini experience:

There was an advertisement in a newspaper, something like this -- “Get relief from your stressful life… positive thinking… peace….. Divine Light Meditation….. contact…… 108.
I called up the number; spoke to a lady. She fixed the date, time, and place for the meditation session. I went to the place, met the lady, listened to all the advantages of Divine Light Meditation, started 30 minutes of meditation.

I had a frightening experience, frightening because I got scared by the way it happened and also because nobody had told me what would happen during meditation or how an inner power takes over/seizes you when meditation happens. I was just not ready/prepared. Now I can say my first experience was a beautiful vision of all the colors of the prism and whiteness, but back then when I had zero knowledge of meditation, spirituality, vision, Kundalini, etc., it was not beautiful but scary.

While meditating, I was seeing a very small oval-shaped floater, like a small dot. The background colors were changing from red, yellow, orange, etc., but this floater remained the same, fixed. All of a sudden a force took over/seized my entire body from the inside and the outside that made me immobile. I tried lifting my hands, moving my legs, shouting, closing my eyes, etc., but without any success. My breath became very rapid and heavy. I had horripilation in the entire body, and then the body went numb. After struggling for sometime, I gave up, then my entire concentration/attention shifted to the cloudy whiteness I was witnessing. The floater had disappeared. Then all of a sudden I started seeing the colors of the prism encircling, one upon the other, like that of a shooting target sheet. After the circling of all the colors was complete, the colors started rotating in a dizzying speed. After sometime, the colors started getting zoomed and then vanish gradually one by one and the middle part of the colorful circle, the pure whiteness, started expanding, expanding as if it is getting zoomed, coming closer and closer, and going to envelop or devour me. Everything was becoming a void—full whiteness everywhere. “Now I am finished!”

During this intense frightening experience (as per me back then), I started hearing somebody shouting from very far first, then from very close, then in my ears next, and then somebody forcefully pressing my forehead (Ajna Chakra); I thought, “how dare you press my forehead, who the hell is this…” I opened my eyes and was surprised to see the lady instructor Guru in her desperation, she had been desperately trying to wake me up from my deep meditation. Only then did I realize where I was and what was happening around me. I was in a ladies’ beauty parlor. This was the first time I meditated in my life.

This is how my guru helped me in my meditation, by being an obstruction. She had no clue about what meditation really was. She had never heard from her guru or her guru's guru about deep meditation and what would happen/what should be done when someone really meditates. All modern gurus are clueless about meditation/Kundalini awakening experiences. Some people may shake you and wake you up if you have gone into Samadhi.

A Sadhu told me the following story: Some disciples of a famous guru kicked the hell out of a person who started shaking due to Kundalini awakening. This person was meditating in the ashram of the famous guru. It was a guided meditation session by the guru. Many people were there. During this session, a person started shaking and started uttering unintelligible words. All other people were getting disturbed. The guru and the disciples thought that she is possessed by an evil spirit. On guru's instruction, other disciples lifted, took her out, and started kicking her. Beware of such modern gurus and their disciples!

I hope now you know which is the best place and who is the best guru. As for the requirement of a Guru for Kundalini awakening, my so called Divine Light Meditation lady instructor Guru became an obstacle in my first Kundalini experience. She woke me up from my deep meditation. This incident can tell you whether you require a Guru or not for spiritual awakening.

Back to my experience: The above-mentioned frightening experience was a Kundalini experience. I had a Kundalini experience without knowing what Kundalini was. Forget about Kundalini, I did not know ABC of meditation.

The second time I meditated was after 6 years.

Now after many years of meditation, I know for sure meditation is for spiritual awakening and Self-realization.

For spiritual people, the effect of meditation is that they get a glimpse into their higher/inner Self or spiritual/higher nature of their existence. For those who are not spiritual, meditation helps them gain positive thinking, relief from stress, peace, etc.

If you really want to have a spiritual experience, do silent meditation. BE SILENT. That is the BEST method. Could there be any procedure to be silent? Stop mental activities and what remains is SILENCE.

To know process of meditation/Kundalini Awakening and to know more about SILENCE, click the following:

My Search For a Guru:
A couple of years ago, I started having strange meditation experiences and I wanted to know what they really meant or where I stood in the path of Self-realization. Therefore, I began visiting all kinds of saints and gurus, who lived in as small as a hut to as big as a star hotel questioning them about my meditation experiences. The usual answers from such saints and gurus would be:
"Don’t pay attention to any meditation experiences."
"Just be aware of or observe the Here and Now; all experiences are modifications of the mind."
"Only after washing the guru's langot (loin cloth) and serving him for 12 years will a disciple know something about spirituality."
"You cannot know anything about spirituality unless you become a disciple of a guru, even if the guru is as stupid as an donkey."
"Fly like a bird rather than walk like an ant; we take flight to Self-realization without meditation."
"Live in the present and enjoy the God-gifted life."
"Life is not a mission to accomplish something. Why should you try to acquire something, which is ever-existent in us."
"It is naïve to think of becoming something which we already are."
"Meditation experiences will come and go, you need to know who is experiencing."
"There's nothing to experience, nothing to realize, there is nothing to become; Just Be; we are already Self-realized."
"Once you see the beauty of my God, you will forget about meditation and become mad due to God intoxication and Bhakti!"

All the above answers were given by Ajnaanis, ignorant people, without having any experiential spiritual knowledge. They were just blabbering whatever they had heard, read, or thought about – purely second-hand knowledge.

One size can't fit all, and with such answers, a person who has never had any meditation experience can’t impress upon another who has had many. I continued my intense search lasting several years and was fortunate to meet a Brahmajnani, a Self-realized saint. He answered some of my simple questions. Though I had my own reservations and doubts about his Brahmajnana, I was extremely satisfied with his answers.

The Brahmajnani I met used to live in a small hut built next to a cremation ground beside a river.  He used to speak very little even with his regular visitors.  He used to simply sit and watch/observe the river that was flowing at a distance or the space in front of him – all his time went like this.  During my first visit, I asked him a lot of questions, like his name and birthplace, his type of Sadhana (spiritual practice), which sect he belonged to, etc., to which he never answered.  He did not even look at me.  After an hour or so of observing this observer who was observing something else, I told him some of my meditation experiences and asked him their significance.  He turned towards me from whatever he was observing, looked at me tenderly and said "Good."  Good!  Nobody had ever told me that my experiences were good.  This was enough for me to shoot questions after questions.  Though I asked him several questions regarding meditation and Self-realization, he answered only a few.  I met him thrice and got only a handful of answers.  I was satisfied with all his answers and resumed my meditation.  I started having more meditation experiences and wanted to know about their significance.  Therefore, I went to meet him, but unfortunately, he had left his place without anybody's knowledge.

Brahmajnaani: "There is nothing new to learn. You just need to unlearn. Spirituality is about unlearning. Spirituality is about direct experiential knowledge of oneself. You do not need books, gurus, or others to tell you how to know or experience yourself. The maximum these can do is to direct you toward your Inner Guru. Your Inner Guru is your real guide."

Brahmajnani: "Unless you forget everything and silence your  monkey of a mind, you cannot meditate. There is no Self-knowledge without meditation."

Sadhu: "If one could have spiritual knowledge through bookish proficiency, with my Paanditya (proficiency), I could make anybody turn in his grave. Spiritual knowledge cannot be experienced through book learning. Spiritual knowledge without experience is as good as a man thinking him to be the biological father of a kid without having sex with the kid's mother."

Question: How to know a true guru? How to differentiate between a true and a fake guru?
Answer: By a guru's lifestyle! A lavish lifestyle and a true guru are like water and oil, they don’t mix!

You need to use common sense to differentiate between a fake and a real guru.

If you have had meditation experiences, it becomes as easy as drinking water to differentiate between a true and a fake guru.

Without one's Inner Guru's grace, the best of the best scriptures or gurus will fail to give you a single Kundalini or meditation experience. A good external guru is one who helps you turn toward your Inner Guru for spiritual guidance. Whoever gets the grace of one's Inner Guru is the best disciple and the best spiritual aspirant in the world.

Brahmajnani: "Fake gurus are like dogs and foxes. You should be cautious."
All kinds of animals live in this world. We need to protect ourselves from the dangerous ones.

Q:  What is the use of spirituality, meditation, or Kundalini awakening?
A:  Spirituality, meditation, and Kundalini awakening help you get a glimpse of your true/spiritual nature and then ultimately help you gain Self-Realization/Knowledge. 

Loosening all the knots of the heart leads to Liberation, Freedom from the circle of births and deaths; eternal peace and happiness, Nirvana; and all the benefits that you have read or heard about Self-realization or Enlightenment.

Utility of these lie in understanding the phenomenon called "YOU" in its entirety. Self-knowledge, Self-realization, Atma Jnana, Brahma Jnana, etc., is the ultimate result of Meditation, Spirituality, and Kundalini awakening.

Q:  Who is eligible for Kundalini Awakening, Self-realization (Atma Jnana), Self-knowledge?
A:  The only eligibility criteria for realizing oneself is the NOBLE DESIRE to know the Supreme Self/Reality/Consciousness in oneself and translation of such desire into right efforts.  Just having desire but not exerting or putting the wrong efforts would not lead to Self-realization.

Bhaav bina Bhakti nahi
Bhakti bina Dhyan nahi
Dhyan bina Gyan nahi

Without a spiritually-inclined mind, you cannot have devotion/dedication toward spirituality.
Without devotion/dedication toward spirituality, there is no spiritual meditation.
Without spiritual meditation, there are no spiritual experiences that will ultimately lead to Brahmajnana or Self-realization.

Intelligence, shrewdness, cunningness, smartness, cleverness, or money/muscle power which works wonders in the world does not work here.  The greatest and legendary individuals in all walks of life; the richest, the powerful, and the famous; and all and sundry will not be able to enter their own inner realm with any of their intelligence, achievements, or possessions.  This inner kingdom of heaven can only be entered with an empty mind and with empty hands!  Self-knowledge is the most perfect knowledge in the world!

Atma/Brahma Jnana is for ALL and the very BEST!

To know about Kundalini awakening/meditation experiences, click:

It's okay if you don’t meet a Brahmajnani (Self-realized seer) or realize yourself in this life, but never ever meet or follow a BHRAMjnaani (fake guru who will make you delusional).  If you do, then you will suffer your entire life.
Shubhamastu—Let Good Happen To You!


Achintya Idam said...

You have a SPIRITUAL BODY/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This is your real "I," Self, BE+ING.
You can directly experience your spiritual body in meditation within a short period of time. You just need to practice silence for 1 hour a day!!!
If you have any one of the following experiences, then know for sure you will definitely succeed in experiencing your true Supernatural Spiritual Self in this very life.


Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ramandeep gour said...

Hi Sir, Pranam
I recently found myself inclined towards spirituality and self realisation. So I thought about searching about everything I need to know about it, then I came to your post about, how following a fake guru and incorrect meditation practice can harm you permanently without gaining anything. Thank you so much for saving me. Is there any way I can contact you and learn about meditation from you. I shall be very thankful to you. Please reply what can I do. I have been through a lot in my life lately and after much stress and thinking I landed on this conclusion that there is nothing like going back to self realisation. Please help sir. Thank you again. God bless you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramandeep,
I turned to meditation to get relief from stress (a lot of stress in fact due to 8 years of difficult time), but ended up knowing spirituality but did not pursue it as I did not want it.

As long as a person is happily/unhappily enjoying the world, he/she will not turn to spirituality though he/she may be practicing meditation/spirituality for time pass or as just another additional activity. Many persons become Sadhus/Babas/Sannyasis because they cannot handle their worldly/family difficult situations--these are escapists and they will not succeed in spirituality. Almost 90% akhada babas, buddhist monks, and other sadhus/sannyasis fall under this category (I call them circumstantial babas/sadhus). Many people become sadhus after retirement/old age as they don't have anything else to do. Others become sadhus because they want to become gurus and live a easy and happy life doing nothing but by teaching some bookish/scriptural wrong knowledge. These oldies will make many disciples so that they can get free labour (seva/service) and money (dakshina/donations).

Only those young people who are resourceful and manage all their family/worldly difficult life/situations effectively and who take to meditation/spirituality only for the sake of understanding the reality behind them (not to become guru/make money/escape from family's tough times/get physical or mental benefits, etc) will succeed in meditation and understand spirituality as it is. Such kind of people after managing/settling/discharging all their worldly/family responsibilities effectively will eventually become sadhus/monks. The percentage of such real sadhus is minuscule, may be less than 1% of Indian Sadhus/gurus/monks/sannyasis/babas.

Apart from the info in my blog, there's no extra information required for you as far as meditation/spirituality is concerned. You can comment in this post or any other post after reading all the blogposts (28) if you need any further clarification.


Don't comment/seek clarification unless you have read all my posts because all your queries/doubts/questions would have been answered in one or the other post. For example, if you want to learn meditation from me, I would teach the following meditation technique to you:


Whatever I would tell you in person is what I have written in my blog, so no point in contacting me.

There's no one on earth who doesn't face difficult times. Nobody can handle life's difficult situations perfectly all the time, always. All good/bad/difficult/easy times will pass. It's just a matter of time. So bide your time. Do whatever best you can.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ramandeep gour said...

Hi sir, Pranam🙏
I have been meditating since I wrote to you last time. I am not following any kind of technique and only doing silence meditation. I have recently had very very frightening experience and I got very scared. it wasn't any kind of pain or body ache and thought if was doing something wrong So I stopped meditation for now. Then I thought about going through your blog to understand what stage this was. I think I am still struggling at TakeOver Let Go stage. I achieved ultimate silence in my mind and body both, and some kind of force was trying to expand in my head and I got scared as if my head will be blown away. Frightened I opened my eyes and felt anxiety for about 2 to 3 hours after this. I want to know if this is normal and what should I do? I feel like meditating from my heart but I don't want to lose the balance of my brain as I felt very anxious that whole day and night too. Thank you again for everything.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramandeep,
Your experience is normal. People get scared in a variety of ways when meditation really starts happening. Now you know that if you open your eyes during meditation, your meditation will be broken and you will find yourself to be normal. Your anxiety is due to fear--you are afraid that something bad will happen to you. Don't worry nothing will happen to you.

The dangers/side effects involved in wrong meditation techniques, which I have mentioned in my blog, start with minor signs/symptoms that develop into illnesses/disorders/diseases over a period of time. You are not doing anything wrong. Do some jogging/physical exercises, make your body and mind strong, and don't fear silence/Takeover. Your fear will gradually disappear with continued deep meditation.

Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

Ramandeep gour said...

Hi sir Pranam 🙏
Thank you so much for having kindly responded to my concerns and queries. Really appreciate your time and support. I am feeling very relieved now. Actually I have a toddler to look after and I am normally very busy during the day with him and household chores. Also I have been running on treadmill everyday for 30 minutes. I hope it will help. I will continue with meditation again. Thank you again for everything. God bless you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramandeep,
You're welcome! Meditate casually. Running on treadmill helps.
In the midst of heavy/tiresome physical/mental daily activities, if a person is spiritual and attains silence during meditation, Kundalini awakens and re-energizes that person. This is a little secret.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

shwethashri said...
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Ramandeep gour said...

Hi Achintya sir
Hope you're doing well.
I have been meditating but very casually. And sometimes just once a week. I am able to achieve silence in my body and also sometimes a momentary silence in my mind too, but the problem is when the mind starts to become silent then again it tells me "oh I am getting silent " and that's how it starts thinking about things again. And this really is infuriating me. When I wrote to you last time I did progress a lot at that time and then I got scared when it started happening. Now I am not reaching that stage again and I am so angry and don't know what to do. But I do have a few experiences every now and then for e.g. my heartbeat goes very fast and I would become very very hot that my hands and feet would literally sweat.I have also realized that ever since I have started meditation I am feeling good physically and mentally and my night sleep has become so much better like never before. Also I have stopped jogging as it is winter season in the country I am living in because I developed a mild bronchitis after I had a baby. If run or exercise then the cough becomes severe and and I have discomfort in breathing. I keep reading your posts once every week, just to stay inclined towards this. Thank you for everything.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ramandeep,
Avoid activities that result in bad health.
Do activities that result in good health.
Food/activities should be adjusted according to season/requirement.
As for meditation experiences, don't be in a hurry. Many so called saints/yogis/santa/sadhus/babas/renunciates of the past and present (crores in numbers) have died/will die without having a single real kundalini experience.

Sudha said...

I feel drilling pain on my third eye area from a very long time and my therapist said it can be due to the sudden activitation of Ajna chakra.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Sudha,
Both of you are deluded and will suffer. You will suffer for following a wrong meditation technique/teacher/therapist. The therapist will suffer for teaching wrong meditation technique/therapy and for making people like you suffer. Sooner or later.

I guarantee that anybody who meditates on the third eye will have pain/ache/pressure/unnatural sensation in the head and will suffer - sooner or later.

Common sense: Pain/ache/pressure/unnatural sensation is related to Kunndalini or chakra activation is an utter nonsense.


Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Achintya
I have read that once kundalini awakens one can express the full power of "self" with the body. With the awakening of kundalini certain abilities like psychic powers, telepathy, reading another's mind ,telekinesis etc.are automatically develops. Is that true? Have you ever experience any of these powers on kundalini awakening?
Also i have heard that certain meditation like candle meditation or mirror meditation helps better in your journey to self realization.Are these techniques safe to perform? Are there any dangers involved in it?

Achintya Idam said...



Shobs said...

in the pictures u use a lot of snake idols which we mostly seen in the south india. does the idol have any special meaning related to kundalini

Mohit said...

Hi Achintya,

I have just started reading your blog and finding it really helpful in gaining a better understanding. I have a couple of queries which I will be grateful if you can answer:

- I have been practicing silence meditation for 3-4 months but never had any spiritual/meditation experience. Though my concentration and focus abilities have certainly improved, also the mind has become relatively calm, I cannot say I have become successful at meditation yet. FYI, I am meditating on the sound of silence (source: Sandeep Maheshwari). Please let me know if I am following the right approach.

- Also, I have observed myself becoming uninterested in a lot of things which did interest me earlier. This is something that I could not understand. I am unable to see meaning in a lot of things which made sense earlier. Feeling a bit lost and confused to be very honest. I have read a great deal on spirituality but I am afraid that is just theoretical knowledge. Please come up with your suggestions and if this is completely normal. I am at this stage wherein neither can I go at enjoying worldly pleasures genuinely nor am I able to commit completely towards spirituality.

Your insights will be really helpful. Thanks in advance!!

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Mohit,
Meditating to listen to inner sounds leads to tinnitus.
Meditating on heart to listen to heartbeat leads to increased BP, hypertension, and other dangerous heart related problems.
Plugging the ears with earplugs to listen to inner sounds is nonsense, height of stupidity.

Check this research:

"Out of all of the 527 respondents who are able to listen to Inner Sound describe it in a way as demonstrated by the below mentioned figures:
 28% of the total (148 people) listen to a sound that resembles to that of a Grasshopper
(called as ‘Jhingur’ in Hindi)
 18% of the total (95 people) describe their inner sound as a ’Thin Line’ or a ’Beep’
 17% of the total (89 people) listen to the sound of their Heartbeat. They describe it as the sound of ’Drum Beats’
 6% (32 people) describe their Inner Sound as humming or buzzing.
 5% (26 people) listen the sounds similar to ringing of anklets, tinkling of Bells and ringing of anklets, tinkling of Bells and
 Remaining 19% (100 people) happen to listen the inner sounds that resemble the sounds of Bumblebee, conch shell, flute, gong, siren, waterfall, rustle of leaves, chirping of birds etc.
 Many people also say that they listen to a very soothing ‘Beep’ sound even without putting on ear-plugs and throughout the day.

 Many people report that the intensity of the Inner Sound increases during the night and
that too when they are alone (in silence)."

MANY PEOPLE REPORT THAT THE INTENSITY OF THE INNER SOUND INCREASES DURING THE NIGHT AND THAT TOO WHEN THEY ARE ALONE (IN SILENCE). This is a classic sign that a person will develop lifelong tinnitus. With tinnitus, a person will hear the above-mentioned sounds without meditation/silence, day or night doesn't matter.

STOP ALL SUCH NONSENSE PRACTICES AS INNER SOUND MEDITATION/HEARTFULNESS, ETC. Every modern Tom, Dick, and Harry guru has come up with unique meditation technique to damage the physical and mental health of his/her gullible disciples/followers. The naive disciples/followers don't even know that by following such ignorant/dangerous gurus they will never gain any physical/mental benefit but will DEFINITELY/SURELY damage their physical/mental health.

Dangerous medical health signs are publicized as meditation/kundalini/spiritual experiences by such ignorant/dangerous people/gurus.


Hearing repetitive sounds made by bumble bee, flute, harp, bell, sea, chainsaw and other objects, whistling, beeping, buzzing, whooshing, roaring, etc., are all signs of tinnitus.



Shubhamastu - Let Good Happen To You!

shubham tiwari said...

Hi sir,
I had read your article and it was very helpful.but sir if we lose our control from the entire body so how we re gain it I had such experience when I was meditation after 10 or 15 min later my eyes were started blinking rapidly and tingling sensation were happening at the same time I had on control on it my body started heating up I stopped and break my meditation I was very scared at that time after that experience I don't continued meditation when I started to lose the control over my body sir please reply to my comment

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Shubham,
You will lose control of your body when Kundalini rises and you will regain control of your body when Kundalini drops.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!

premak47 said...

I am prem. It was quiet insightful ur explanation about meditation and it experiences. I have this feeling of movement in between my eyebrows even after meditation sessions and i feel a current flowing through my spine suddenly even after meditaion. I meditate 30c minutes in the morning and 30 mins before going to bed.i have been meditating for 2 years these symptoms are happening for past 6 months what am i doing wrong.i did experience kundalini like you have told in your blog. I cdont trust these gurus they care just wolves cheating people in the name of spirituality. i feel kundalinic rise when im in deep sleep where i close control of my body it just takes place ancdc just resides automatically.
What is happening to me what are the precautions i need to take. In one of cmy meditation session there was this sudden rise of energy with in me wher i lost control of myself my body my conciousness and everything only thing i felt was this 5c hooded golden snake above my head. so am i doing anything wrong i just keep getting this jerks in cmy body and the swirling of the energy in foreheacd even after meditation. thank you.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi prem,
"movement in between my eyebrows even after meditation sessions and i feel a current flowing through my spine suddenly even after meditation." "i felt was this 5c hooded golden snake above my head." "swirling of the energy in foreheacd even after meditation." THIS IS A COMMON AND DANGEROUS SIGN OF WRONG MEDITATION TECHNIQUE. STOP ALL MEDITATIONS FOR 2 MONTHS.

Read the whole blog and practice silence during meditation after 2 months.

shubhamastu = let good happen to you!

premak47 said...

thank you will do it :-)

Anonymous said...

Achintya sir, can you please give me a detailed path to get into that deep meditation, nowadays I am listening a mysterious vibration/sound like many bells ringing at a time Sandeep maheshwari says that it is sound of silence,is it enough to get into deep meditation,sir please answer I am craving to get answers of my questions.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Anonymous,
Already answered in the comment section of this blog. Read the entire blog, you will get answers to your questions.

Atul cool said...

hello sir,
I started meditating on my breaths in compete silence. After some time, I started feeling as i was running out of breath, some other days beats in my body parts, and muscle rotating above stomach on left side but never felt again.
After feeling, i cannot bear anymore i came out and everything stops.
I just want to ask am i doing anything right or wrong.
Please help.

Ankur Singh said...

Please pardon me for commenting on every blog in same day.its just I read them all the same day.u must be an exp.soul since u attained it in one meditation experience.i live in hyHyderad and the story that happend to you is happening to a lady living downstairs she went to meditation teacher as she could not come back from meditation by herself and that yoga teacher thought she is lying and after meditating in her class she was unable to return by her own .the yoga teacher freaked out and said she is mad(doing dhong) though I believe in her.and like you she has done least meditation..she is just having a high thresold start.like you....
Doing vipassana is easier at centre at home to focus on each body part with noice and other environment condition it becomes difficult.so I was meditating on silence (without reading ur blog ) because it's easier to shut thought--vipassana taught this. And I was not scanning the body as they said.BUT BUT the problem is as a biggner though i am able to maintain silence the existence of mind persist (I try to keep mind where it is ) but after that there is small movement of worms at the back of my head.while and after meditation...I am going right.please guide to AVOIDE the existence of mind.u are at higher state this idea might seems foolish.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Ankur,
DON'T PRACTICE VIPASSANA! Absolute silence leads to Kundalini awakening.
Don't be in a hurry. Read all my blog posts slowly, once every week. You will get answers to all of your questions.

Ch said...

Hi, I've always been a spiritual person and now I am in a journey of enlightenment. I've always experienced natural silence and moments with no thoughts through out my life, days.. recently, I've experienced meditation- where I lost control of my breathing and lost control of my arms, random crying, head movements, and speaking. I know this was my connection with my kundalini.. I left this experience feeling loved, love for others, and wanting to meditate more. My question is, what can I expect or what will happen as an end result of my journey? Are you at your end of your Kundalini? Or do we hold on to the rise until we leave this body?

Bina said...

Hi Achintya, who can help me in awakening kundalini?? Any contact

Maggie said...

I have been meditating for some years now. Due to having cancer, I was 'led' to follow Raj Yoga, and found that profound but after doing it for several years I began experience headaches. I realised it was time to stop as my cancer was successfully removed and therefore, I no longer needed the meditation again. Is it not possible that if you are an old soul that you are guided and protected from the dangers you speak of. As reading your blog, even though I've meditated for a while, I am still wary, hesitant and I don't want to pull anything bad to me.

Achintya Idam said...

Hi Maggie,

Just sit silently and relax for 30-60 mins a day without expecting any physical/mental/spiritual benefits. That's silent meditation for you. Nothing to lose and nothing to gain. No side effects.
Shubhamastu = Let Good Happen To You!